Lil Wayne Spoke, Stevie Wonder Listened, And A Dandelion Died

I ain't got no worries.

I ain’t got no worries.

For the vast majority of us, no matter what we try to do, Lil Wayne manages to be there for all of it. When I graduated from college, Lil Wayne was there. When Obama was inaugurated? Lil Wayne was somewhere doing Lil Wayne things. But the point is, he was there. He’s managed to insert himself into various conversations and become a part of the pop culture landscape.

His ghostwriters have all gone the way of the doo doo bird so he’s almost a terrible rapper now, but somehow, he’s relevant. In fact, he’s managed to be SO relevant, that what would normally be a cast off line in a song that nobody will give two f*cks about gets a motherloving message from the family of Emmett Till. Yes, in the song “Karate Chop” by the world’s greatest rap-sanger, Future, Lil Wayne drops the line, “beat the p*ussy up like Emmett Till”.

Yes. It’s extremely inappropriate. Yes. Rappers do need to think about what they say before they say it and it is actually nice to hear somebody being called to the carpet for their lyrics. But…le sigh…as inappropriate as that line is, it’s not even the most ignorant and ridiculous thing Lil Wayne has said. Why then is his Emmett Till lyric an issue now?

Well that’s simple. For the first time, somebody ASKED a person directly impacted by the line what their opinion was. The family, or at least a member of his family, drops the hottest eloquent 16 regarding a stupid rap lyric and all of a sudden its national rap news. Surprise, the family doesn’t like a line in a song and then the company pulls the song. Then Stevie Wonder weighs in? What the hell just happened here people?

Le sigh.

I’m one of those people who laments the current state of hip-hop while finding odd fascination and enjoyment with artists like Trinidad James. I know it sucks. But I’m entertained so like the debate about Scandal, I’m a hypocrite and I’m okay with it. Period. However, I acknowledge the sheer ignorance involved in much of what I hear in the club the few times I venture that way. And its terrible. Simply terrible. The misogyny isn’t even sugarcoated with euphemisms and metaphors anymore. Naw….now, it’s straight up “My B*tches Love Me”. While I know that calling women b*tches on record isn’t anything new, it does seem like the ease and aplomb with which it happens now is at unprecedented levels. The only time it was worse was with N.W.A. in my opinion. That’s some of the most indefensible music in hip-hop history…no matter how well produced it is. My guess is 2 Live Crew and Poison Clan would have something to say about that, but whatevs.

My point is, I find it odd that a line about Emmett Till is the point where its gone too far when its been “gone too far” for years. The self-esteem of women is not the responsibility of men or hip-hop, but you aren’t supposed to attempt to take all of somebody’s esteem at the same time either. Plus…we already KNOW Lil Wayne is and idiot…why the f*ck is THIS so deplorable coming from him.

Which brings us to his now extra stupid rant from All-Star Weekend where he claimed that he was banned from NBA games and festivities (a claim the NBA has denied) because of the Miami Heat.

Oh Lil Wayne, how I hate thee.

Not only do you claim to be the new ‘Pac, you THEN unnecessarily tell the world that you boned Chris Bosh’s wife. Why? What did that add to the world? For the sake of argument, let’s say you probably did bone Adrienne. That’s not hard to believe. It’s sad, but not hard to believe.

Sidenote: I think it’s fair to judge women who have slept with Lil Wayne. Why? I don’t know. I have no answer for you. But it is fair. Hell, I think its okay to ask women you meet if they boned him off break. I’ve got no logical or sensical reason for this. At all. Somehow though, I doubt anybody would disagree with this. Lauren London, I’m looking at you. You disappointed me. I haz the sads.

It’s highly likely that Lil Wayne did smang Bosh’s wife…before they got married which happened sometime last year. So whoopty damn do. Why in Sam Hill would you lob that out there, knowing that it would snag headlines when its one of the biggest non-story stories ever. What kind of sourgrapes is Lil Wayne on. Quick, somebody put him back on drugs so his music and decisions can be better.

Oh, and ‘Pac. You are not. I don’t even know what correlation you were making but it’s wrong. Inaccurate. Sh*t aint right. Stop smoking that boat.

I’ve lost my point. The Bosh thing is stupid and Lil Wayne is both messy and probably a little butthurt at what he perceived to be a slighting by the NBA….though he has managed to (fairly or unfairly) get himself removed from several NBA games last year. But to go in on a team…c’mon son. I’ll be there’s no Lil Wayne or YMCMB playing in the Heat locker room before games.

Anyway, back to the more interesting part…am I trippin’ or does it seem a bit extra that all of a sudden a Lil Wayne lyric is catching the ire of the Black community when nearly all of his lyrics are as much if not more reprehensible? Or is this just more proof that we don’t care about women? We only care about what people say when it offends our race but that’s about all that matters?

Talk to me. Petey.