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My Street Harassment Story

Instead of putting so much energy into defending your right to holla, ask a woman -- any woman -- to tell you a street harassment story. And listen.

The Definitive List Of The 25 Best Booties Of All-Time

A list for Vogue to peruse the next time they want to pretend like asses were first invented backstage at the 2013 VMAs

Dear Vogue: A Big Booty Is Not A Fashion Trend

What’s so maddening about appropriation is whenever the mainstream decides something is favorable or trendy, it’s snatched up immediately with no warning. The very thing that was an eye sore or embarrassment is now a high commodity

For Bougie Black Girls Who Appreciate ‘Anaconda’

Like manna from heaven, Nicki blessed us with some absolutely mindless, pop culture junk food right at a time when my sugar levels were dropping. Hungrily, I ate it up and was restored.

10 Things The NFL Cares Even Less About Than It Cares About Women

Don't fret too much about the NFL's apathy towards women, because women are far from the bottom of the NFL's totem pole.

The Cold War Between Straight Black Women And Gay Black Men

This antagonism and foolishness between Black women and Black gay men? It’s exhausting.

On Head Scarves, Bed Time, and Women’s Hair

The idea of retwisting my hair at a new man’s house makes my skin crawl, so I bring every product I need in a travel size in case I gotta start over in the morning. Straight hair means Maya’s wearing three—yes, three—scarves to bed.

From EBONY: Black Boys Need Lupita Nyong’o Too

***Damon's latest at EBONY on how Lupita's popularity can have an effect on who young Black bo...

On The Dangerous Thinking Behind “THOT”

(The following is from Justin Laing, a Pittsburgh-area educator and activist. This is a version ...

Two Thoughts About The Reactions To Pharrell’s GIRL Album Cover

1. It's been two years since Trayvon Martin was murdered. A couple weeks since a jury let Jordan...

On “Yoga Girl,” Race, Writing, White People, And Knowing When Not To Share

***Yesterday, I had separate conversations with Panama and Maya Francis about everyone's favorit...

My Ode To The Deltas

They say endless unsolicited ridicule and unprompted shade on a popular blog is the sincerest fo...

7 Reasons Why Men Should Watch Scandal According To An Actual Man

According to an article I came across while googling two separate things ("why men should watch scan...

5 Black Women Every Black Man Has Dated

Last week, the homie Demetria Lucas listed the "10 Guys Black Women From Anywhere May Actually H...