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Yes, Black People Can Be Privileged. Because Blackness Is Fucking Awesome.

It's fucking awesome that Blackness is so pervasive and panoptic that Soledad O'Brien and Kevin Garnett check the same race box on the census.

Dressing Vs Stuffing, Decided

Because words mean something

Dear Black People: Please Stop Spreading The Lie That “Bad” Blacks Are Holding “Good” Blacks Back

Because making blanket negative statements about (relatively) powerless and voiceless people is just as bad as what you're accusing these powerless and voiceless people of

On Believing In “Black Love” But Not Really Liking Black People

We (collectively) believe in Black Love. Or, want to believe, rather. But we (collectively) don't seem to like each other very much.

Facts About Blacks: The Concert I Just Attended Edition

Panama attended a concert last night. While there, he managed to make some observations that doubled as facts and he'd like to share them with you. Sharing is caring, after all.

The Definitive List Of The 20 Best Times To Be Black

There are hundreds of thousands of times it's great to be Black. Here's the top 20

Exactly How Racist Was Atlanta Hawks Owner Bruce Levenson’s Email?

What I read here is a man who might not be a racist, but lazily drew racist conclusions to an issue that goes much deeper than any cosmetic racial concerns

Watch: No Black Person Is Ugly, By Lil B (The BasedGod)

Lil B (The BasedGod) debuts "No Black Person Is Ugly." (True fact: The original title of the song was actually "Black Blog Thinkpiece Bait.")

The Burden Of Writing (And Reading) While Black

After all, we are the freest Blacks in the history of free Blackness. Not everything has to be, or should be, a story about overcoming some shit.

On Giving No F*cks About What White People Think

There is an epidemic of White male/Asian female couples in Pittsburgh's East End. And yes, I'm a...

Why “Black Middle Class” Is The Ultimate Oxymoron

While buppies have taken on the sacred ritual of mimosa toasting during brunch, they also drive to their grandmom annem’s on the south side when it’s time for the whole fam to get together.

On Kobe Bryant And Collective Black Thought

The idea of better and opportunity-filled lives for ourselves and our loved ones is something w...

40 Million Ways To Be Black. What’s Yours?

While talking to Panama a couple weeks ago about the reaction to the post about Pharrell's GIRL ...