Madame Noire Web Series “Ask A Black Man” Featuring Panama Jackson: The S.E.X. Episode

Two weeks ago, Liz and Madame Noire premiered the inaugural episode of their web-series “Ask A Black Man” where a panel of ninjas, including myself, were asked various questions about what life was like for a single Black male.

Shenanigans ensued. Hell, the comments section over at Madame Noire resembled what I’m fairly certain our forefathers were afraid of: democracy gone wrong. Yes, it’s true everybody does have a voice, but they really never should have given some of you ninjas freedom keyboards.

Well, because Liz apparently likes starting fires as much as I do [Liz's edit: LOL YES, I DO!], I’m back for a second episode, which happens to be the third episode. This is the sex episode where a different panel of hombres talk about coyotes mulattoes staplers economics sex. Also, as the series drops a new episode every Wednesday, for those of you who missed last week’s because we didn’t pub it here, feel free to go check it out. It features the homey Streetz from

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the vibe as Panama and a gang of ninjas wax philosophical about the three letter word we all love. Pressy play. Diddy. (Or go check it out at Madame Noire!)

P.S. The full and uncut version of this episode will air on Ask A Black Man at 6pm EST tonight. It will feature more questions, more answers and all around a fun time. Make sure you log on to Madame Noire to see it.

New Web Series: “Ask A Black Man” Featuring Panama Jackson

Hey strangers!

Liz here. We’re skipping our regular entry today because your very own Panama Jackson was featured in a web series talk show that debuts today on The show is called Ask A Black Man, and it’s all about love, dating, sex and relationships from the male perspective. I happen to be the Executive Producer on the series, so you know if 2/3 of VSB is involved it’s gotta be halfway decent! Ha.

This episode is called “The Life of A SIngle Man” and Panama will also be featured in The Sex Episode premiering on April 11. Make sure you tune into Ask A Black Man every Wednesday for new episodes.

Anyway, press play below or head on over to Episode 1 and watch over there.


Tell us what you think about Panama’s Participation! Did he represent well for the 3s?