Dolphins, Tupac, Amanda Knox, And Long Walks In The Park: It Was An Odd Day

It's been one of those kind of days.

Some days just provide too much information and you have no idea where to turn. It’s like upside is down and inside is out. It’s like rain on your wedding day. The only thing I could think to do was to mention all of it because I didn’t know which way to go. I’m an ordinary people.

Let’s do this all good, bad, and ugly style. And let’s just start with the good. A young white girl who has been in jail for 4 years was found innocent and freed. Look, I don’t know if she did it or not, but gotdamn justice looks a whole lot different today than it did a few weeks back doesn’t it? Granted, this happened in Italy but it’s nearly impossible to not draw parallels between the verdicts in this case and the Troy Davis case. Doubt is a motherf*cker ain’t it? Maybe we could stand to learn a thing or two from Italians. Definitely not fiscally, but perhaps judiciously. Except maybe not. Hell, a completely flawed justice system is what locked her up in the first place.

In fact, the only good that came out of this is that SOMEBODY got out of jail. Other than that, this is all bad. Congrats Amanda Knox.

Speaking of odd..

…I know we weren’t speaking about anything odd, it’s been that kind of day, and yes I abandoned the good, bad, and ugly thing…

…if you aren’t convinced that Tupac is alive now, there’s no convincing you. Somehow, this dead motherf*cker HAD A SEX TAPE SURFACE 20 years after the fact. RIGHT during the time when sex tapes are how folks stay relevant. This reminds me of the scenes in The Other Guys where the captain keeps incorporating TLC references and pretends like he’s not doing it and all Will Farrell could say was, “come on…you don’t KNOW that’s a TLC song??” That’s how I feel. Come on Pac…now you’re just f*cking with people. But seriously…how in blue blazes does a Tupac sex tape manage to stay hidden for 20 years? Like who was sitting on that tape (which according to TMZ is really just him getting topped off in the most ignant way possible)?

Hmm…I could stick around and get along with you. Hello.

I suppose this is as good a time to mention this as anywhere but all rappers need to stay away from Puffy. He’s a charge waiting to happen. It’s been mentioned on twitter and various sites the altercation Puff got into at Compound in Atlanta because somebody was seen drinking Grey Goose. I’m sure a fight at a place T.I. is at wouldn’t bet he business. He just needs to keep his dumb arse at home for a while and far away from Puffy. Let’s do a quick recap of Puffy’s casualties of…hell, life:

Biggie – Shyne – Black Rob – G.Dep – Dream – 112…etc. Hell, he almost got J.Lo killed. Not to mention his own bodyguard got murdered behind some BMF beef. Just saying…while you’re on probation, Puff is probably not the chap to spend your nights with. Maybe he should hang with Tony Dungy or something.

Aha…here’s how real it is in these streets. Some chap was just walking along the road on his lunch break in Baltimore at the Social Security Administration and got motherf*cking capped. At 1145am. On a Monday. I know it’s Baltimore and all but damn.

Then we got the coup de grace. While this story is old(er), I just found out about it today. A man, Malcolm Brenner,¬† smanged a dolphin in the 70s…and then wrote a book about it stating that the dolphin initiated the encounters. And the dolphin? Died from internal injuries. Or a broken heart. Do you know what kind of sick f*ck you have to be to smang a dolphin and claim the dolphin started it? And why come this fool never served any jail time? HE’S BONING DOLPHINS!!!!! It’s illegal to eat dolphins!!!!! But he could bone? And then write¬† a book about it.

DF: Now in your book, you talk about how that led on to you two having sex. A lot of people would say that’s wrong, what’s right in your mind about what you did?

MB: What was right with it is that the dolphin initiated the whole sexual thing. As I mentioned, she was in isolation – she’d be using me to satisfy her sexual needs.

Today, well yesterday, was just one of those days where every single news item I read made me say WTF?? Too much information. If Tyler Perry had come out yesterday and said he was going to remake Malcolm X I wouldn’t have been surprised. What do you think was in the water? And hell what do you think about it all if anything? You got anything to add in WTF news?

And seriously…what in the f*ck would make a man smang a dolphin????

This is NOT what Ice Cube had in mind as a good day.