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Spoilers (and Spoiler Alerts) In The Age of Social Media

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Spoiler Alert. There are spoilers in this post about spoilers. Be aware. That’s all I got for you.

So Tommy killed Holly. About damn time. I can’t lie, I’ve been waiting for Holly to die since season one of Power, and as annoyed as I’ve been that she’s made it this long, I’ll take it. And I really didn’t know how I thought she’d go out, I just knew I needed her gone. Thank you, powers that be. That’s a pun.

Oh, that’s a spoiler.

Thing is, it shouldn’t matter at this point because if you spend any amount of time on social media…like ANY…then you saw meme after meme of spoilers about Holly being dead. It wasn’t quite the death of Stringer Bell in season 3 of The Wire (that’s another spoiler that isn’t a spoiler), but hey, it resonated all the same.

Me? I watched the show in real time. I typically block out my Sunday nights to watch Power and then The Night Of, which comes on HBO at the same time as Power, so I DVR it like many people do with the shows they love so that they can do things like live life and attend their children’s activities or do the family thing. Here’s the problem, as a culture, we really like watching these things together. If there’s one thing that we all learned from Scandal, it’s that watching Scandal with Twitter is A LOT better than just watching it for its plot. Communal viewing is just a thing now. So when you decide to live life you have a significant choice to make, fam.

Either you accept that you’re about to find out the key shit you didn’t want to know AS SOON AS you fire up Facebook or you harken back to quieter times, like 2007, and put your fucking phone down and remember what life is like without staring at your phone until you watch the show and see what happens on your own.

There’s no middle ground. It is outright fucking ridiculous to expect everybody that you know on social media to adhere to some arbitrary “be considerate” rule so as to not give away major plot points before you get a chance to see a show. That’s not how social media works. Sure, at this point we all hate spoilers, but if you run up on one, that’s entirely your fault. We all know what shows we don’t want spoiled, right? And we know them because they’re the shows that we are all watching. Typically you would watch in real time if not for that thing you had to do at the place with the people.

But since we’re all attached to our phones, the first thing we do when sitting at stop lights or on the toilet, or wherever, is scroll through various timelines. And if you know that a show you like – because everybody likes it – came on even 20 minutes prior to you hitting that app on your phone, there’s a better than 90 percent chance that SOMEBODY is going to say something that will piss you off about it. Sure, you can hope somebody will put the term “Spoiler Alert” at the beginning so you can quickly avert your eyes but the truth is they don’t owe you shit.

Just like you can put on your timeline anything you damn well please, so can they. Which means that me and you, your mama and your cousin too, pretty much need to suck that shit up. If you don’t want to catch a spoiler, then your monkey ass needs to put down the phone or stay off of the social medias until you watch whatever it is that you’re worried about seeing in the first place.

You can’t police people’s timelines OR expect them to think about you before posting. It’s unreasonable. Don’t put up spoilers. But do make sure you put up a status message indicating your wokeness or awareness about what’s going on in the world to show support for cause A or B or a lack of support for cause C. I personally subscribe to the idea that anybody who tells me what I can or cannot put upon my timeline can eat all of the dicks. However, I do understand where some of it comes from. We use, at least for social justice issues, our social media timelines as means of spreading information and awareness. I get it, if people with a voice don’t use it, it’s almost like condoning the status quo. But if you’re the type of person to use a person’s timeline to fully gauge who a person is, then you’re the problem, not them.

And I mean that.

But spoilers ain’t social justice OR the problem. It’s you and your ilk thinking that people owe you the common courtesy not to immediately do what we all do the other 99 percent of the time we’re on social media: share information about some shit we just saw.

So, you, person who is upset that you found out that Holly was dead before you had a chance to watch Power, too damn bad. Next time, do YOUR part and expect it to happen since it ALWAYS happens, and wait until you watch it to run your timelines.

Because you know what, the news ALSO comes on television.

Panama Jackson

Panama Jackson is pretty fly (and gorgeous) for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. He refuses to eat cocaine chicken. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future. You can hit him on his hitter at panamadjackson@gmail.com.

  • DomiMami


    I absolutely can’t stand you for this! ??

    This happened to me with this very same Power episode, no more than 13 unlucky seconds after I pressed the fackin’ blue and white “F” app on this here devise doohickey. I posted a mini rant and quickly deleted it when I realized it was my fault. But who the fack are you to school me? You’re not the boss of me!

    LMAO ???

  • Animate

    As much as I hate spoilers, Power is a unique beast when it comes to spoilers. While it airs Sunday nights it is available at midnight On Demand. People watch at midnight and then spoil it before the regular populace even watches it.

    That is not okay!

    • Klynnmac

      And that’s my real issue with Power! Like damn I haven’t even had the opportunity to watch it at it’s regularly scheduled time before mofos are posting. I was literally in the club at like 3am and checked my phone and someone said Holly was dead in the comment section of a totally unrelated post. Pissed off level 100.

    • Lo-Lo

      Meh :P

  • A.G.

    Oh man. Great piece, Panama. Maybe I agree because you didn’t spoil “The Night Of.” (Thank you!) have to catch up on Episode 6 tonight–I’m hooked.

  • RaeNBow

    I was SUPER salty when i effed up and read a spoiler status about Power. I mean, dang! can those of us on CST have a decent nights sleep/go to church on Sunday mornings and NOT have our tv shows ruined?!?!

    but even though i knew they were finna Cancel Christmas on Holly a** the show was so good that i was STILL shocked and torn up when it happened. so i forgive you “watch-it-on-demand-at-12:00AM-EST” groupies. Till next week at least #SideEye

    • Sweet Potato Kai

      You need to move to the east coast. Dassit.

  • PDL – Cape Girl Shero

    Lemme tell you…..I watched at work Monday. I COULD NOT SPEAK AFTER TOMMY KILLED HOLLY!!!! Grant it she was rotten but I was NOT expecting that!!! Lawd!!!!

    • R.J.

      It was perfect. She tipped him over the edge when she kept running her mouth. My mom had her jaw to the floor lol

      • PDL – Cape Girl Shero

        I didn’t know to do with that! I couldn’t stand her janky butt, but that was um extreme. Laid her out in 30 seconds. Mom’s jaw on the floor was evident that NONE of us saw that coming. I was immobilized, even with the closing credits, was still sitting here. LOL

        • R.J.

          LOL! I think there’s a nationwide dislike for her. Every week, my friend and I would be waiting for her to get got. My thoughts on how she would get murked didn’t include that tho lol….I’m ready for the next episode!

          • PDL – Cape Girl Shero

            Yeah, she was toxic, but when her toxicity trumped Ghost and Tommy, it’s time to be “offed.” I HATE having to wait for the next episode….LOL

            • R.J.

              Me too. My friend gets in On Demand and sends a text Sunday morning saying ‘Power was good’ I just give the side eye lol

  • Ally_B

    I just came to say – I’m now reading all PJ’s posts in the buttery soft baritone from the olive oil video and I’m all the way here for it.

  • brothaskeeper

    SO glad Holly’s Christmas was cancelled. How’s Tommy gone ack when he finds out she was knocked up? And why does Lobos crack me the he ll up? To me, Holly was the most irritating character in the history of TV, ahead of Lori Grimes and Piper Chapman.

    • QueenAnnaT

      I was torn by the way Holly died. I REALLY wanted her to go, but she could have gotten hit by a bus during a stupor high. I wasn’t feeling the domestic violence scene. I know… this is same show where Tommy does blow with his mom, but it left me feeling some type of way.

      I also can’t keep thinking about how he will react once he finds out he killed the baby. I mean, people hated Holly so much that no one poured out liq for the baby.

      • Epsilonicus

        In some ways, it had to be Tommy. Otherwise her hold on him would not have been broken

    • Helga G.Pataki

      Lobos needs more screen time, he is a true shade queen!

    • LadyJay?

      Lobos IS THAT dude! My God! He is a talented actor. He comes thru, every damn time!

      • Nik White

        LaLa is now the worst. RIP Baby Tommy.

        • LadyJay?

          She CANNOT act!

    • grabo2003

      I think the actress who played Holly (Lucy Walters) did a very good job to be an annoying character and wrench in the works in trying to break up the tommy/ghost bromance!

    • Mika

      Is it bad that I want to be Lobos’s bestie? He is wildly inappropriate and I think it is so funny.

      • LadyJay?

        He and I go together, already. Sooooo

      • Jennifer

        Friendship is cool until you toast his pop tart and he decides to kill you.

    • Jennifer

      No one will ever be as annoying as Piper Chapman. Fight me.

  • AJACs

    I have a smug sense of satisfaction that I have no friggin idea what you are talking about.

  • I’m the exact opposite of this post. I hardly watch tv anyway, but I do keep up with a few shows via #Kodi (Google it). I’ve never had cable and I don’t frequent #TheTwitter but I can still catch shows online whenever. I absolutely avoid any post that even remotely looks like one of the shows I’m following. Mind you, I don’t watch shows that most people watch anyway. H ell, it took me two weeks of binging on Game of Thrones to catch up. Other than that, I’m either reading or writing or working. hashtag shrugs.

    • QueenAnnaT

      “The Twitter…” I see what you did there. ;-)

    • Lo-Lo

      Kodi for the WIN!!!

    • MsSula

      Fellow Kodi user here!! My g-box stays happy. :)

  • Wizznilliam

    Lol.. I was just wondering yesterday if people in here were going to be mad because I mentioned something about the end of Breaking Bad. Now I don’t feel so bad.. To reiterate… Walter White went out like a straight G!

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