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Some Idiot Wrote A Couple Weeks Ago That Kanye West Might Suck At Music Now. Ha!

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13 days ago, VSB allowed a quasi-hipster and anti-Black feckless idiot space here to write a piece where he questioned whether Kanye West sucked at music now. Included in this self-important and insufferable motherfucker’s hackneyed screed was an imbecilic comparison of 2016 Kanye West to 1993 Tim Hardaway — a connection only a truly analog nigga wanting everyone to believe he’s actually digital would make — and sentences like “Or any other abstract entity even tangentially responsible for exposing me to that cascade of half-assed auditory fuckshit.” Which was a clever line the same way a black squirrel is a clever rodent.

VSB allowed this literary ass-juice wrangler an opportunity to share his thoughts because, well, being a more progressive space means you become an equal opportunity employer too. Which means, if a person on the Kim Jong-un end of the spectrum has an idea, we can’t exactly say “No.” Or “Where are your clothes?” Or “Why does your face look like that?”

Of course, this feckless idiot was me. And the piece suggesting that the single most important person in music today might not be any good at making it was a response to “Facts” — an unquestionably terrible song. But writing this was the equivalent of saying “You know, maybe the Cavs should cut Kyrie Irving” after he missed three consecutive shots.

Extending the analogy, “No More Parties in L.A.” — which isn’t just the best song I’ve heard this year, but the best song I’ve heard in the last calendar year — is Kyrie hearing me say that and then doing this the next time down court:

Coupled with last week’s release of “Real Friends” — a good, not great, but legitimately competent, enjoyable, and professional rap song — “No More Parties in L.A” is proof that Kanye West, in fact, does not suck at music now. And that anyone who dared write something like that needs to never write something for anyone again.

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Damon Young

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  • KB


    • Damon Young

      it is.

  • TeeChantel


    Also, nice pic, Damon!

    • Damon Young

      thanks and sh*t

  • Betty

    Still garbage.

    • Damon Young


  • Dr. She Who Reads

    You acting like a Gemini, twin brother Capricorn.

    #FlipFlop #OldNavy

    • Damon Young

      right is right

  • John Shannon

    At least you have the cajones to admit you were wrong

    • Damon Young

      i’ve always liked that word

  • Kat

    Bro….they get to ya?

    • nillalatte

      Right?! LOL

      First thing I’m thinking is someone at the barber shop tipped him off… ‘yo, man, you best be writing that take back or you know, I heard… ” lmao

      • Vibrant C. Mandate

        He scared the Kardashians might Lamar him? Or summa Kanye’s brothas??

  • Freebird

    Good song. Great beat. Great Kendrick bars. Not sure Yeezy has shook the writers block though.

  • New avi and everything. Look at you

    No More Parties in LA was dope. I was surprised at how long each of their verses were you rarely go that long on a Madlib production (ignoring his jazz works which only 1 person has ever successfully rapped on). I just want every track from Kanye this year to end with him complaining about his cousin that stole his laptop. That should be the them of this next album. It is weird hearing so many people co-sign a Madlib beat though.

  • nillalatte

    Champ was goin’ in! On himself?! lol

    Kanye can’t make music. WHO swept the Grammy Nominations? Yeah, those 11 weren’t Kanye. I’d vote for everything Kendrick over anything Kanye, maybe. ;) lol

    Edit: and the new avi is nice. :)

  • I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the new Ye tracks. I was starting to wonder if this was older, unreleased material. Sidenote: Erycah Badu’s remix of ‘real friends’ is fire, too.

    • CamCamtheGreat

      Erykah has been killing the remix game lately. She even has another mixtape coming out.

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