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So Maybe John McCain Found Some Courage In Between A Couch Cushion

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Earlier this week, I wrote that by receiving government-funded health care to deal with his terminal brain cancer, and returning to D.C. to vote for a measure that would snatch benefits away from millions of people, John McCain — whose entire career is built on a maverick/hero narrative — exhibited a level of cowardice unique even for a city drenched in pervasive coward.

Considering his military history, there were quite a few people who disagreed with this characterization. Some vehemently. Because he has exhibited bravery in battle. But what those people fail to realize is that physical courage and moral courage are distinct concepts. Risking your body, your health, and your life requires a different type of bravery than ignoring peer and political pressure and saying and doing the right thing. And while McCain has possessed the former, the last decade of his political career — where he, among other things, shamelessly pandered to the worst of the right by making Sarah “My Arms Are Too Short To Box With Science” Palin his running mate and repeatedly swallowed his pride to support a president who exists as the antithesis to everything McCain wants us to believe he represents — has been severely lacking in the latter.

But early this morning, in a surprise to nearly everyone in Washington, McCain voted against the GOP’s skinny repeal plan, giving the Affordable Care Act a reprieve and keeping millions of Americans insured.

This, of course, doesn’t negate him giving Palin a national platform and the Darth Cheeto his support. But it does suggest that perhaps, in what may be the last year of his life, John McCain might have found the moral courage that has been missing for the last 10. We’ll see.

Damon Young

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  • Kemi

    This has been a completely bonkers week. I guarantee you, most people (including, apparently, the entire GOP) didn’t see this coming. Shout outs to Murkowski and Collins for being consistent, though.

    • I wonder what the Friday afternoon news dump will look like.

      He actually threatened the state of Alaska. Wow.

      • Kemi

        Yeah, I’m beginning to think Trump might be an ineffective and terrible president.

    • UrbanNortheast

      Batsh*t crazy. Between the Trumpcare vote, the Mooch’s interview (and divorce), Reince Preibus being out, and 45 basically issuing a call for police brutality, this has been insane.

  • Well sh*t! #politics

  • AKA The Sauce

    See….this is all I wanted. Now that we got this out the way…lets have some Friday fun.

    • LMNOP

      Happy Friday!!

  • Cheech

    Good morning!

    • nillalatte

      Yes, it is. Amen, yes it is!
      *sings…I’m walking on sunshine… yeah… and don’t it feel good?!*

  • AKA The Sauce

    Also…I aspire to be this petty when I’m older. I doubt this was about the vote and it was more saying a final F-U to the Trump man…and I’m all for it.

  • nillalatte

    Just read the news. I’m telling ya, I’d never play poker with McCain, but I would have enjoyed the opportunity. Now we see why they call him Maverick! He probably can’t be saved from his illness, but he saved a h3ll of a lot of others! Respect, sir.

    • siante

      his poker face is skrong lol

  • PDL….HE still working on me


    Hahaha, this blog gave him the fanga, all the eff u’s possible and planned a bbq. Folks were wearing him out on his Twitter page about having great insurance and making sure his needs are being met while placing a dagger in the medical backs of Americans. Wonder if that had something to do with it his vote. Back to being a maverick, eh?

    Tee hee hee

  • Wendy

    I’m not fooled by McCain’s theatrics, and he’s still no (political) hero to me. He could have said LONG ago, “We need to stop trying to craft this without the input of Democrats and women.” He ALWAYS “steps up” when he can come out looking like a hero. Murkowski and Collins are the heroes here – they have endured weeks and months of political pressure and have handled it like champs


  • siante

    Nice to see a Friday morning post.

    • Kas

      It is indeed

  • HouseOfBonnets

    ………….. So what does he want a cookie? I’m not throwing shorty a parade because he utilized what little common sense he has left.

    • PDL….HE still working on me

      Naw he ain’t fooling me either

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