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Damon Young

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  • Iamnotakata

    Umm LOL!! And ole boy was kinda cute! ijs LOL! I love it@

    • Mz Thang

      Agreed he is kinda cute….on topic I know Im bougie def said like 90% of the stuff in that video good job Champ…

    • A Woman’s Eyes


      It was those beautiful lips of his :-)

  • Alana

    OMG!!! HEEE-LARE!! I must say, Soy milk is out, it’s all about the Almond Milk!

    • Gem Jones

      i dont do soy milk anymore. and i dont do almond milk period. im on that RICE milk!

      • Alana

        I totally need to try that! Almond is just easy and until I hear they are genetically modifying almonds, I’ll stick to it and my wonderful coconut milk.

      • Leila

        Coconut Milk!

        • Imoteda

          Almond milk tastes like crap seriously. Soy or coconut milk please

        • xLadyTx

          Coconut milk is where its at!

          • J.ivy


          • erika

            Hmmmm…coconut milk is delicious. I take it in my coffee. Be careful consuming too much soy.

      • randomeffery

        yesssss to rice milk!


        i have been in denial of my bougie!!!!

        i seriously NEVER would have thought i was bougie…even though “i don’t do” cow milk, perms, or weave…. i have a mainly pescetarian diet, an ivy league degree, in school now for a masters, have lived abroad, am multi-lingual, real elitist about the music i listen to and the books i read…SOMEHOW…i STILL…did not see it…but O.M. EFFING. GEE.

        i’m bougie!!!
        wowwwwwww…i really get it now.

        ok. i’m done.

        • Alynrochelle

          OMG now that’s hilarious! But we live and we learn. Now you know you’re bougie, and learning to accept and live with it. Oh happy day!

    • Tea

      I agree…eww soy milk. It’s almond or rice milk!

      • KitKatCuty84

        Almond milk and soy milk are the most comparable to SKIM milk, but soy milk messes with your hormones, which is why I drink almond. Rice and coconut might taste good, but their fat content is MUCH higher than regular skim and I do Weight Watcher.

        • Iamnotakata

          I have to disagree as a lactose intolerant skim milk drinker, I tried almond milk and it is too thick. It is nothing like skim milk . And soy is yuck. Point of story I still drink skim milk because the alternatives are gross!

          • KitKatCuty84

            The most comparable in fat content. And for me, I don’t find almond milk thick. But perhaps it depends on the brand.

    • Medium Meech

      I think everybody is coming back to whole milk as the healthiest choice (if you aren’t lactose intolerant). I think that captures the bougie movement in a nutshell.

    • Hawaii

      Yay! :D
      ALMOND MILK! /

    • dodreamaisha

      Are we extra-bougie e-twinsies for having this same exact thought while watching? I litchrally had a conversation at length with a roomie who was persuading me to eliminate the soy for the almond milk.

    • T

      Agreed, almond milk… and yes, i’ve said several of those things.

    • RebelChicNYC

      Its all about the Hemp Milk ladies, Almond & coconut is so 2010,lol

  • xLadyTx

    OMG!!!! Ok, I’m just gonna stop fighting it. I guess I’m bougie LOL.

  • AI

    1. He was cute. 2. Do bougie Black girls wear weaves in unnatural colors?

    • SheWhoMustBeObeyed

      Do bougie black girls wear weave?

      • Tea

        lol…my immediate first thought when clicking play

      • AI

        They DEFINITELY wear weave.

      • KitKatCuty84

        Bougie black girls I know wear weave. I don’t know about unnatural colors, the more bougie the girl, the more likely to wear weave, at least in my circles.

      • chunk

        Yep, you just can’t tell. AKA, they wear it the way it’s supposed to be worn. Duh. lol.

        • A Woman’s Eyes

          *lmao* yep!

          None of that look like they stole the hair off someone’s doll and put it on their head.

      • Royale W. Cheese

        Yes! And only the 100% human hair weave from organically raised Indian girls.

        • randomeffery

          lmao. YES to the organically raised indian girls

          • dodreamaisha

            Exaaactly. And most likely their hair is natural underneath because they’re transitioning. Further, the hair was bought by a special “vendor” NOT the beauty supply store. If they’re going for broke, they are also keeping up some sort of documentation of their hair “journey.”

            • leogoddess

              lmao how’d you know??

            • s emm

              also the hair was bought by weight not by package!

  • Malik

    I paused my 50 Cent for this guys. I’m back to 50 Cent now.

  • Gem Jones

    you know i love it!!! EVERY single thing ive said at least once, if not A THOUSAND times. but im not bougie doe, im ratchet! LOL

    so glad i got to peep the vid before errybody else!!! bougie bishes be on that #exclusive tip! get like me :)

  • kaci

    Champ, I’m gonna need you to do better lol :P

    • Alana


    • Dee

      so..was about to say that!

  • Lady Ngo

    Clearly i’m far from bougie lol

  • brownivyx

    That.was.awesome. HahaHA!

  • Royale W. Cheese

    Amazeballs. I LOLed, ROTFLed and alladat. That made my night.

    • Royale W. Cheese

      As long as bougie girls don’t go hiking, I’m safe.

      • A Woman’s Eyes

        Oh yes they do go hiking. lmao

        • Royale W. Cheese