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Shit Bougie Black People Love: 18. Being Upset About Kanye West

Kanye West (Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)


No one was happier for Kanye West’s early career than Bougie Black People. While others merely enjoyed Kanye’s music, Bougie Black People were enchanted by him. “Finally” Bougie Black People exclaimed, between sips of green machine Naked Juice, “a rap artist who speaks to me.

To their credit, the parallels between Kanye West and the typical Bougie Black Person were uncanny. He worked at the Gap, he had a mom with a Ph.D, and he secretly hated White people. When you combine this with his affinity for blazers and his slightly detectable lisp, its easy to see why Bougie Black People felt such a connection, and why they’re so distraught about Kanye today.

Bougie Black People have always had a complicated relationship with rap music. They grew up appreciating and admiring it — sometimes even reciting Big L lyrics in the passenger seat of their mom’s Dodge Caravan on the way to SAT prep — but that Toni Morrison book they almost finished reading their freshman year of college gave them mixed feelings. They still enjoyed rap, but felt bad doing it. This explains their experimentation with things like “African-American Studies” and “music White people listen to.”

Kanye’s music allowed them to embrace rap in a way they never had before. “He’s conscious AND he likes Louis Vutton, just like me.” they’d say. They also appreciated Kanye’s soul-sampling production, music that reminded them of their regular Black aunts and uncles.

Unfortunately, Kanye began to change after the death of his mother. They convinced themselves they loved 808’s and Heartbreak, even making “Say You Will” their ringtones and quoting “Robocop” in their Master’s thesis. Still, Bougie Black People felt less connected to Kanye, and this disconnect became even more apparent when he left one “sorta, kinda” White girl Bougie Black People liked for a “sorta, kinda” White girl Bougie Black People don’t.

We let the first White girl slide” Bougie Black People said “But her? It’s almost like he’s not the exact same person he was 10 years ago.

So now they’re upset about Kanye West. So upset they’ll tell anyone who asks them a question about anything that they’re upset abut Kanye West.

Did you get that email about happy hour later?

Yeah…I just. I just can’t…I mean…Yeezus? What the fuck was that?

Being upset about Kanye West has also become a way for Bougie Black People to self-identify. They bond over memories of the first time they saw the “All Falls Down” video, and write thinkpieces about losing Kanye to whatever they lost Kanye too. Of course, they never lost Kanye. Because Kanye never belonged to them. Or anyone, for that matter. But, that doesn’t matter, as Bougie Black People believe he specifically spoke for and belonged to them.

If you see a Bougie Black Person on the street today, give him a hug, tell him not to be sad, and reassure him there are other rappers — Rowan Pope, for instance — ready to carry the Bougie Black Person’s torch. “I just miss him so much” he’ll likely say, between tears and sips of acai machine Naked Juice “I just want to Touch the Sky together, again.”

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  • Sylqué

    “this disconnect became even more apparent when he left one “sorta, kinda” White girl Bougie Black People liked for a “sorta, kinda” White girl Bougie Black People don’t.”

    This was too much truth.

    • menajeanmaehightower

      What white girl was he dating before Kim?

      • KKay

        Maybe the racially ambiguous Amber Rose?

        • menajeanmaehightower

          I thought she was biracial.

          • KKay

            I’ve heard she’s white and I’ve also heard she’s biracial. She’s never said one way or another as far as I know.

            This debate has caused many a blog post to implode. I have no idea.

            • Anonymous

              She’s black. I saw her mama.

            • Barbie

              I think she part Cape Verdean and part white.

        • RewindingtonMaximus

          Her masturbation video leaves no question as to how Black she is

          • Epsilonicus

            What? When did this video thing happen?

            • Lea Thrace

              you need to know for research purposes right?

              • Epsilonicus

                Of course. I am doing an anthropological study on self s*xual human stimulation behavior in western society

        • No one really knows what she is…. Like an animaniac

          • KKay


      • cakes_and_pies

        Depending on which blog you visit, Amber Rose is considered White.

        • Andrea

          Is Kim ‘kinda, sorta’ white? Ain’t she just white? What else are White folks and Armenian’s claiming on the Census?

          • Soula Powa

            Kim K is Caucasian. Dassit.

            • Kimye

              Shole is

          • cakes_and_pies

            From what I can tell in real life yeah, but let the Interwebs tell it, nationality and race doesn’t matter if you have dark hair and a big booty..

  • Andrea

    I took this picture. It makes me sad now.
    #Never Forget SOB’s

    • Chyna

      I too share in your sorrow…

    • Maya K. Francis

      Yasiin “Bae,” indeed.

    • RewindingtonMaximus

      Don’t be sad. You were a part of history. It was never going to last, that’s the reason why the picture exists.

    • Epsilonicus

      Why the sadness?

    • Dae Esq


  • Chyna

    The only song I can tolerate on Yeezus is “Blood On Leaves” and that’s ONLY..ONLY cause he bit the kick from “Down for my Ni**as” with C-Murder.

  • Anonymous

    Your definition of “bougie” is teetering into the “bourgie,” dear!

    • Damon Young

      teeter into deez

      • Anonymous

        Your angst is palpable.

        • I’m only upvoting for the use of “palpable”

  • @bakaripace


    -Rowan Pope

  • The regular black people have similar feels about Blu’s music output.

  • BreakingChains

    It’s like falling in love in a relationship, and then finding out that you have either been deceived or that the person has changed so drastically that you have no choice but to leave.

    Then they married a white girl.

  • kia

    I like the article. I think a lot of people fell in love with Kanye despite his affinity for Louis and various brands he couldn’t pronounce. We weren’t bougie, there just wasn’t a conscious rapper putting it down with flavor and production like he could. I like how Common stepped up his production choices after he got down with Kanye tho. It just sucks cause Kanye had the magic touch and didn’t really appreciate what he had. Still waiting for someone to truly fill that soul sampling void the brotha left.

  • miss t-lee

    Yeezus was a hot mess.
    Folks keep trying convince themselves that it’s hot.

    • RewindingtonMaximus

      It was hot

      • miss t-lee


    • I want a divorce

  • RewindingtonMaximus

    I’m sorry. I can’t follow this one. It was always clear Kanye would never stay humble.and in one box. That boy’s ego was a problem from Day 1. You give a semi-Bougie dude as much money, fame, and industry connections as Kanye had and tell me he wouldn’t be rapping on the moon and finger banging the only Kardashin to challenge Lisa Lampinelli for the most black D consumed in a year. I’m just saying

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