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Seriously, If Shaneen Allen Goes To Prison, F*ck Everybody



I first read about Shaneen Allen, the Philadelphia mother who was arrested for driving through New Jersey with a handgun, a month or so ago. It was a ridiculous story then, but I assumed common sense would prevail and Allen — who had a permit to carry and didn’t realize it didn’t apply to New Jersey —  would be given some sort of probation.

I was wrong.

According to her attorney, she is eligible for a diversion program for first-time offenders that would avoid a felony conviction and mandatory 42 months in prison. But for reasons he has yet to articulate, New Jersey District Attorney Jim McClain has refused to allow her to take advantage of that program.

Now, New Jersey Judge Michael Donio has denied Allen’s request to have the charge dismissed.

She now will head to court, where she’s facing a possible 11 years in prison.

That’s more than a decade of prison time for a single mother who…

1. Legally bought the gun to help protect her family

2. Has no prior record

3. Was stopped for a traffic violation while driving through New Jersey, and volunteered to the police that she had a legally purchased weapon in her possession

So yeah. If this woman goes to prison, fuck everybody.

  • O_O

    • Val

      I know, right. I swear social media is great since we Black folks don’t really have a way of communicating with each other without a middle man but sometimes it just gets overwhelming. The injustices just never stop.

      • and i want to say where’s the support..but i dont want to be that person… right now…but…

        • MarkPA

          A campaign for $25,000 in contributions for her legal defense fund at So far, it has 1,138 contributors kicking in $39,000; i.e., it is OVER-subscribed by 50%. There are over 1,000 people who either support Shaneen or her right to the means of an effective self-defense. Probably both.

      • tech fan

        Don’t have a way to comunicate with each other? Every fast food restaurant, retail store, or any other place I go, I see black ppl with cell phones facebooking and instagramming it up.

        You wonder why nothing gets done or why you can’t get out of the vicious cycle.

        • Val

          Did you read my comment and understand the context? I said, yes we have social media. But, we do not have any mass media way of communicating with each other. We don’t own any national media outlets.

          • MarkPA

            You don’t need any national media outlets; in fact, they won’t help your cause (whatever it might be). Read the book: Rise of the Anti-Media: In-Forming America’s Concealed Weapon Carry Movement by Brian Anse Patrick. By coincidence, the political movement he wrote about was the right to carry guns in public. His insight is generally applicable to ANY political objective. His point is, in a nutshell, that the media can only “broadcast” the elite agenda of someone at the “top” (whether it’s a politician, an industrialist or a philanthropist). The “audience” will listen for a moment, then turn its attention to SOMETHING ELSE. An “audience” is NOT invested in the cause; so, it can’t really accomplish much. In contrast, members of a movement communicate collaboratively as more-or-less equals in a kind of “town-hall meeting”. This can happen in a church, a tavern, or now through internet forums and blogs. The community consolidates on an agenda and then musters it’s political force persistently until it succeeds. The “gun community” struggled in an up-hill battle for 25 years to get the right-to-carry by State permit in 40 States. Mostly, they did it on the internet. If you want to keep Shaneen out-of-jail, start blogging fast. If you want her means to an effective self-defense be prepared to blog for years – then put sneakers-on-the-ground every election cycle.

  • Irnise Fennell

    Not ok. Not acceptable. Who do we need to contact to put the pressure on them. Justice is not this at all.

    • MarkPA

      James P. McLain
      Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office
      4997 Unami Boulevard
      Mays Landing, New Jersey 08330
      (609) 909-7800

      Governor Christopher Christie
      Office of the Governor
      PO Box 001
      Trenton, NJ 08625

      New Jersey Attorney General
      John Hoffman
      Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex
      25 Market Street
      P.O. Box 080
      Trenton, NJ 08625
      (609) 292-8740

      • Irnise Fennell

        Thank you!

  • Tentpole

    Rodney King gets his butt whipped. Trayvon gets shot. Now when an Black person who is innocent beyond any doubt really needs help, where is all the Black power base?

  • jemgirl

    See if she was dishonest about the gun they would have a tiny leg to stand up on. However she is a hard working mom no priors and they want to treat her like this? New Jersey is Chris Christie territory and he doesn’t like blacks. You can tell by the work he’s done in Trenton.

  • Summer

    This is absurd especially since this is the same county that let Ray Rice go through the diversion program even though they apparently have him on camera hitting his then-girlfriend such that they charged him with aggravated assault, and here we have a victimless crime but they refuse to give her that same option. This is upsetting.

  • And this is what happened when gun laws get too hardcore. Banning guns isn’t the solution to violence, yet it creates BS situations like this all the time. Think deeper my friends.

  • Jim Smith

    If this woman goes to prison there will be hell to pay for prosecutors, judges and politicians.

  • Rod

    Can the District Atty be forced to disclose why he won’t let her enter into the diversion program as she would be an excellent candidate as she is a single Mom?

  • MarkPA

    Shaneen Allan’s story is a tragic example of NJ’s atrocious gun laws. 40 States allow law-abiding citizens to carry a gun after doing a background check. 10 States, DC and NYC deny all but the politically influential their right to bear arms. The means to an effective self-defense are denied to those in greatest jeopardy of assault. Guns for the elite; no guns for anyone who can’t afford a bodyguard. One reason for this last Jim Crow law is that law-abiding Blacks are (justifiably) torn by the gun issue. How does depriving Shaneen a gun reduce a criminal brother’s access? I’ve been moved by reading 4 books:
    1) Negros and the Gun: The Black Tradition of Arms by Nicholas Johnson;
    2) This Nonviolent Stuff’ll Get You Killed by Charles E. Cobb Jr.;
    3) Negros with Guns by Robert F. Williams
    4) Black Man With A Gun by Ken Blanchard
    Each in its own way looks at the role of guns in defense of self, and community. I leave it to each reader to imagine how history might apply to contemporary society or the future.

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