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R. Kelly, World’s Weirdest, Most Disgusting Human, Releases Bump N Grind Remix Video/Cologne

r kelly

Robert Kelly’s record company recently released a remix to his Bump N Grind video about a nerd who transforms into a dancing machine after spraying — wait for it — Bump N Grind Cologne on himself.

Of, course the cologne intrigued me more than the video, so I had to ponder a bit on what I think Bump N Grind smells like:

1. The male version of “Love Spell.”

2. A fresh white linen shorts set, with Nike flip flops and Hanes ankle socks.

3. Teen spirit. (I had to)

4. A bag of Corn Nuts dipped in Drakkar Noir.

5. A bluetooth headpiece dipped in a bag of Corn Nuts dipped in Drakkar Noir

Apparently… my nose is telling me no.

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