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President Obama’s “Folks Wanna Pop Off” Is The Blackest Thing That Ever Happened This Week

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During a press conference this morning, President Obama used the term “pop off” in reference to people making uninformed and patently ridiculous claims about what should be done with France and ISIS. And, unless I go outside today and witness a Sojourner Truth hologram double dutching with Marilyn Mosby, I’m very confident in declaring that the Black president dismissively referring to his haters the exact same way Loretha Lyon or Draymond Green or your barber or your best friend or you would have will be the Blackest thing that ever happened this week.

So Black, in fact, that instead of attempting to determine and assess exactly how Black it was, I’m more interested in how “folks wanna pop off” found its way into the President’s lexicon. Does he possess a reservoir of culturally relevant slang terms and colloquialisms that he employs when White people aren’t around? We know he code switches — we see it with every seven-step handshake, and his rendition of Amazing Grace during Rev. Clementa Pinckney’s eulogy is a first-ballot entry in the Code Switch Hall of Famebut he’s also a 54-year-old man who hoops in Sam’s Club Nikes and tucks his shirt into his sweatpants. (No. seriously. He does.) He is, and will always be, cool in a macro sense. But, in micro sense, he, again, is a 54-year-old man who hoops in Sam’s Club Nikes and tucks his shirt into his sweatpants. This is not what cool people do. Cool people do, however, reflexively use “pop off” to address haters. President Obama is a paradox.

Anyway, this leads me to believe that at least one of the following is true:

1. He heard of one his daughters using it last week. (Probably Sasha. Actually, definitely Sasha. There’s no doubt it was Sasha.)

2. President Obama has a third unreleased and unshared #POTUSPlaylist that’s composed of nothing but SMACK/URL rap battles, and he listens to it before any press conference where ISIS and Ben Carson’s name might be brought up. And, if it would have lasted five minutes longer, he would have found a way to work “ISIS is gonna get this work” in there too.

3. We’ve kinda suspected it before, but President Obama genuinely gives no fucks at this point. He is fuck devoid. Fuck deficient. Fuck deprived. Fuck destitute. His cupboard of fucks is barren; his tank of fucks has been depleted. You know how, on cloudy nights, you might look up into the vast and endless sky and not find any stars? The same thing would happen if you looked at Obama and searched for fucks. And this, this total absence of fucks, is where pop off came from.

Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at Or don't. Whatever.

  • Courtney Wheeler

    I actually did a double-take when i heard that. I thought to myself “Wait did the President of the United States use a term associated with girls who are about to fight in a Waffle House parking lot?”

    • Bald Princess

      : )
      That’s all I’m saying. Glad I wasn’t the only one. LOL

    • KMN

      Dear LORD LMAO…I can see FLOTUS Chelly Chelle saying this but not POTUS…lol this is hilarious

      • JamesInstagram

        Where do you think he hears it from?

        • Brooklyn_Bruin

          She the Newark hood Whitney Houston to his Bobby Brown.

          • simon


    • JamesInstagram

      Got his Ampro gel and rubber band ready…

      • Courtney Wheeler



  • Michele Gilliam

    President’s “Pop Off” playlist:

    Knuck if you buck
    Trick Daddy “Shut Up”
    C-Murder “Down for my *****”
    Lil Scrappy’s “No Problem”
    That “If you ain’t got no haters you ain’t poppin is you” song
    I Ain’t Neva Scared
    Every Lil Jon song
    Every Movado song

    • heyheyno

      No Problems ultimate pop off! lol

    • “Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down” too.

    • IsitFridayyet?

      Boosie “Set it off” would make a nice addition to this list.

    • Avery

      Can I add F-U by Yo Gotti to the list? Lol

    • Sigma_Since 93

      I can see the POTUS using OBD’s Brooklyn Zoo’s first line

      I’m the one-man army, POTUS I never been tooken out, I keep Countries looking out!

      • Kenya Davis

        Do NOT forget “I don’t give a Fuck” by Boss.

        • NOLA_Shawn

          The Fuck theme is valuable, please add “I Don’t Fuck w/You” by Big Sean. I know that’s my go-to Pop-off song.

    • Natasha

      This list tho! You must be from the South? This list looks like my workout playlist. Lol

      • Michele Gilliam

        Nah I’m from NYC but my roots are southern. “Ruff Ryders” anthem definitely gets added on the playlist

        • Candace Driver

          He should walk in to press conferences to the I ain’t neva scared” intro. With pyrotechnics.

          • Question

            With pyrotechnics in sync to the beat.

        • DJSlim

          “Who Shot Ya” needs to be on this list. Can’t forget about Biggie

      • ?

        • Natasha

          Georgia boy! I was born in Savannah. Grew up in Jacksonville, FL. Which some still consider it Georgis since it’s so close to the border. Lol!

          • JayWill


            • Yasss! #duuuuuvvaallll! #theville #hometownhood! Lol

          • Peaches

            C-Port living via Atl

    • KishanoH

      This is a perfect hashtag for Twitter lol. You must start this lol

      • Kelley

        done #obamapopoffplaylist

    • Courtney Wheeler

      He totally listened to this song before the press conference.

    • Dani

      Adds Hit Em Up to list

    • Courtney Wheeler

      Obviously the fans of VSB should create a special Obama “Pop-Off” playlist…we really should

      • LocalHeathen
        • Courtney Wheeler

          Um…you’re incredible.

        • Mika

          OMG!! I just thought about doing this, but clearly you are a genius and should be the next president. LOL

        • BlueSteele

          Two snaps to this one for the playlist though!

        • Jada G. Hoskins

          Yes! I wish you make it available to add as a playlist.

          • LocalHeathen

            The Playlist is now collaborative. Feel free to add to it!

          • LocalHeathen

            Done! Check it now!

        • LocalHeathen

          Its now collaborative folks! Feel free to add your picks!

          • Mark Syman

            What a shameful bunch of people on this page, that your cheer when Obummer doesn’t care about doing his job to fight terrorists.

            • Dana

              Wondering just where in the Constitution it says it’s the President’s job to fight terrorists.

        • CC

          I have been at work for over 15 hours now and this playlist was just what I needed!!

        • Did you create a playlist on Soundcloud, too? I only ask because there’s one on Soundcloud right now that was created a few hours after the Spotify playlist. I need to know if I should feel some type of way that the person created bit the idea from the comments section here lol or if that was in fact you who created the Soundcloud page as well?

          • LocalHeathen

            Nah, that wasn’t me!

        • Avery

          Okay, I’m weak! Who added the Boom Boom Bag song from Empire to the playlist!? Lmao!

      • Please do!

      • Question

        “The Blackest Thing to Happen All Year” award goes to the first person to get the POTUS (or a member of his team) to acknowledge/respond to said playlist.

    • Mookie GP

      Or the one that goes ” I ain’t gone let em, no I ain’t gone let them haters get-to-me oh no no. They’ll never get to me! ” can’t remember the name

      • ChiefbutnotA_Keef

        Ain’t gon let up- DG Yola

        People at every club, party, and kickback in Atlanta go CRAY-ZY when this song comes on. I think ‘knuck if you buck’ is the only other song that’ll elicit more enthusiasm lol

        • JayWill

          That DG Yola went hard in the paint……

        • Mookie GP

          I’m from the A but for the LIFE of me I couldn’t remember the name or artist…. Too gone!!

          • ChiefbutnotA_Keef

            Lol you good. I knew the name, but had to Google the artist lol

    • PhDivaLife

      The “walk around the club, eff everybody” song –Throwed Off

    • TD

      Please add to the list “Hate Me Now” – Nas

    • Brass Tacks

      “Don’t come in my face”-Chalay, ft Jayco, DG Yola

    • Chiara

      Yes to this playlist!!!

    • SirKnows DevoidofPunk

      Get at me dog.

    • Courtney Wheeler

      I’m surprised no one has mentioned M.O.P.’s “Ante Up”

      • CheGueverraWitBlingOn

        It above a couple of time. . .a necessary anytime you need to put people in their place when they wanna pop off.

    • Might as well add “Get On My Level” – Trillville
      I Declare W.A.R. – Pastor Troy
      Ante Up – M.O.P.
      Stand Up – T.I.
      You Don’t Want Drama – 8 Ball & MJG

      • Kelley

        oh “You Don’t Want Drama” good one. #obamapopoffplaylist

        • Art.Dealer.Dean

          Buss a nicca head! Smack a ho! Shoot da club up!

      • Junegirl627

        T.I. you don’t know me

      • Kat

        Neva eva eva

      • Najeé

        Ante Up and Stand Up = perfect additions to this playlist.

      • MostlyMax

        +100 for Ante Up. That song makes me want to knock stuff over

    • Kelley

      Trillville “Neva Eva” ….get on my level ho!

    • DCbornGAbred

      Visa versa! Hellooooo

    • Mika

      I legit just asked some friends the same thing!! LOL

    • cbo

      Hilarious!!! Definitely knuck if you buck and no problem ???

    • Junegirl627

      The entire Wu-Tang “Enter the WU – 36 chambers” LP

      • CheGueverraWitBlingOn

        Mystery of the Chessboxing off RZA’s joing too…


    • ReNika Kenan

      Add Trick Daddy Thug Holiday and Bi***** ain’t Sh** but hoes and tricks

    • Donna Frazier

      Let’s not forget old school….
      Run DMC….You Talk Too Much
      Tupac…Hit Em Up
      Curtis Blow…It’s Like A JungleJungle
      Kool Moe Dee… How Ya Like Me Now

    • Gary Van Liew

      You Forgot Incarcerated Scarfaces , and Hit ’em Up

    • Mika

      Thank you for letting me get my entire life today. all the 2520’s on my TL were so aggy today, lmao.

    • Skye

      Every Vybz Kartel song.

    • jrsygirl

      you said every Movado song…. I’m can’t lol

    • ChellZ

      I support this playlist 1000trillion percent

    • Michael Hanley

      Youngbloodz- Damn HAS to be on there.

    • PiscesChista02

      Might as well add Pastor Troy’s “We Ready” and “Vice Versa” (That’s when isht is really gonna get real if he resorts to “Vice Versa”. I call Oct. 2016 when he’s gonna roll up with that as one of his intros into a press conference. Lmbo)

      And though slept on elsewhere in the country when I was in college, Maceo’s “Hoe, Sit Down” was one of those tracks you had to play as a looping ringtone to warn some folks. Lol

      And I’m quite sure the FLOTUS has a playlist that includes Crime Mobb’s “Stilettos” (because she’s jazzy and classy, but don’t get it twisted…) and Miss B’s “I beat that B**** with a Bottle”. Lol

    • Melody Thomas

      OMG! LOL!!! I can’t!!

    • Jennifer Jencredible Johnson

      No 3 6 MAFIA? LOL

    • Let’s add “I’m A Thug” by Trick Daddy as well!

      • mzpw2015

        All day, ehry’ day…..

    • Antonio Valor

      No “Ante Up”?

    • danni111972

      Momma said knock you out!

    • RightCoastLexSteele

      If reggae makes the playlist, I’d sub Bounty Killer for Mavado. If this is a pop off playlist, the Warlord has to be in the mix.

    • NotYourTypicalNegro .

      “If you ain’t got no haters you ain’t poppin is you” song is Rico Richie | “Poppin”:

    • Danger

      dope playlist doe

    • PrettySouth

      Kncuck if you buck!!!!!

    • pjean07

      Top shotta nuh miss!

  • MsKitty

    I keep telling folks that at the last presser in January 2017, PBO is gonna have Millie Jackson’s “F*** You Symphony” blasting as he walks in.

    • KayMac


    • miss t-lee

      OMG, this would be epic.

    • PhlyyPhree

      I. Would. Be. Here. For. That. ALLLADAT.
      As a matter of fact, I think I should probably start calling in favors now, because this is something I’m going to need to witness live and in color.

  • -h.h.h.-
  • heyheyno

    Ha I thought he said pop up lol

  • kid video

    U peeped that pop off line…it will be mentioned on The Daily Show.

  • As soon as I saw him say this I knew it would be the blackest thing this week.

  • Thank you to whomever it was that posted this gif last week. It describes President Obama’s last couple years in office precisely.×200.gif.734b4848e3094c10b7f5a3ec17fcc07f

  • RU Scarlet

    “Lame Ducks and No Fucks” mixtape dropping soon. Make sure you cop it! #supportblackbusinesses

    • Sigma_Since 93

      Be sure to buy the one with Luther the Anger Translator on the cover; it’s the official version.

  • miss t-lee

    I loved every second of it.

    That’s my prez.

    I feel like he must have been listening to “Run Up, Get Done Up” before he went out to give this speech.

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