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President Obama and The Same-Sex Marriage Stance

So today, Obama said in an interview that he supports same-sex marriage. This is a stark departure from his stance in 2008 when he pretty much opposed same-sex marriage but over time has stated that his thinking on the matter was evolving.

Evolving in this context is such a funny word. Evolution by definition alludes to continued growth. To say that his thinking is evolving almost implies that he had to grow as a person to acknowledge the truth of the situation, which is that marriage is for two people who loved and supported each other. The sex of those people should be secondary, if considered at all.

Let me state up front: I’m all for same-sex marriages. I have no qualms with it whatsoever. I think its a travesty that people are willing to fight SO hard to keep marriage “as it was intended” by the Bible.

I don’t mean to get all heretic or anything, but in my opinion, the Bible is a great book full of a lot of great stories. It’s the greatest quote book ever and the life lessons involved are definitely intended to help one live a fruitful and righteous life. Basically, the Bible is the extended version of the poem entitled “All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten” I feel like nearly everything in the Bible is subject to interpretation. I’m also not alone in this thinking since nearly every religion and denomination has seen fit to interpret scriptures to fit their own leanings.

Granted, the Bible is a bit more clear when it comes to homosexuality and marriage. However, it’s a man-made document. And plus, what if I’m an atheist? (I’m not). But if I don’t believe in the Bible or God for that matter, why should I be constrained to the principles therein. A government that purports to separate church and state altogether gets to decide my martial status, effectively based on religious traditionalism? I have big problems with that.

And hell, what if I do believe in the Bible but still can’t help but be who I am? Gay people don’t think that being gay is a choice. So if God made me this way, is God also saying that he created me as an abomination and I’m effectively a reject from God’s kingdom? Hey God, it’s me Panama…inquiring minds would like to know.

It’s very big of Obama to make such a statement. I’m fairly certain that he’s the first sitting president to make such a bold statement about such a contentious issue. Though he did temper it a bit by immediately stating afterwards that it shouldn’t be a federal issue but a state issue. I’m not sure I agree with that. I’m aware that each state has its own set of rules, but marriage seems like such a cut-and-dry thing. Either you can or you can’t. Why fiddle with states rights in an issue as loaded as this; instead, just make a blanket across the board stance. That could be my Big Brother hat on though. I’ll acknowledge this.

I realize that there are significant numbers of people, probably even people who read this blog who think that same-sex marriage is religiously wrong (arguably true), and spiritually amoral. And everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I don’t think that same-sex marriages dilute the institution of marriage anymore than allowing 19-year-olds into the NBA dilutes the quality of play (debateable).

Are there lingering issues that needed to be sorted out? Sure. But it seems like gay people want to get married for the same reason straight people do….love, tax breaks, and benefits. Everybody should have a chance to the game the system, not just straight people. Plus, straight people have been f*cking up this whole marriage thing for a while now….shouldn’t we let somebody else have a chance?

Anyway, what do you all think about Obama making such a bold statement as President? Does it matter? Do you think it could ruin his chances come November for re-election?

Thoughts? Opinions? The floor is yours.

Talk to me.


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Panama Jackson

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  • Cali Mink

    Love who you want when you want. I dont need a politician to cosign that fact but it goes a long way to have the POTUS support

  • A Woman’s Eyes

    I am very proud of my president & I think he finally found some cajones in making a public stance for marriage equality for the LBGT community. I am thrilled. I am looking forward to a huge celebratory joyous wedding of 2 loved lesbians in my family. I look forward to many more gay couples experiencing the joy of wedding, a marriage and the legal rights that entitles them to each other’s property and life or death health care decisions & taxes.

    I also am hopeful that more people in the Black community will come out of the closet. The strong & vocal tide against gay marriages in the Black community, I truly believe is from closeted Black people who have internalized homophobia & self-hatred. I do not believe that people who claim to be against gay marriage for religious reasons are actually concerned that gay people will not make it to heaven with them. I think they are concerned about not being found out as gay or a family member of theirs not being found out as gay & “embarass” them or their family name. Just as racism can be internalized so can homophobia.

  • Meisarebel

    Bold statement? Very much so. Ruin chances? Nah. I don’t really think it matters either way. From what VERY little I know about American politics, the super conservative are probably the only ones who still strongly oppose same sex marriage anyway, and I doubt Obama got their votes the first time around, so don’t see how this is gonna hurt him anyway.

    On a personal note, I’ve “evolved” into being indifferent. Coming from a culture where popular music is anti-gay, I was pretty homophobic before coming to America. And even my first year here was a HUGE cultural adjustment in regards to homosexuals. But now I’m like “whatever.” Do I support gay marriage? No. Am I against it? No. Do I really care anymore? No.

  • Prof Chris Chambers

    Its not about religion away. It’s about who is a citzen and what are your ciil rights as a human being, and the 14th amendment to the constitution (which gave we black folks our legal personhood). Funny the Lovings heard the same religious crap when thy brough their case I the Suoreme Court. If they’d have listened to it, Barack Obama definitely wouldn’t have been a legal baby, and thus never have President.

  • That Ugly Kid

    So, another incident where people make stupid decisions on the basis of religion? This is nothing new. At all. Though it’s alarming how people have no mind of there own. They will base their choices off of book. The same exact book, in fact, that condones slavery, misogyny, rape, and forced marriages. This is why religion is a problem in society. Because people have the power to affect someone else’s life like this. And why? Because it’s an “insult to my religion?”. Really? So your beliefs come before someone else’s right to happiness? Bullsh*t.

    Glad to know to can do bullsh*t in this country and get away with it because “it’s in the Bible.” Awesome. So if someone gets gangraped and the culprits are arrested, can I jump up and say “Nope, let em go. Rape is quite alright. Arresting these fine gentlemen is an insult to the Bible. However, I saw two guys down the street holding hands, fire at will.”

    But, I promised myself I wouldn’t rant. So, I’m good.

  • It’s cool. There are more pressuring issues for Black gay people than marriage though.

  • A gay man called into NPR today and was crying so hard I could barely understand but I realize he said, “For the first time… a President recognized my humanity.”


  • I’m proud that the president took a stand on such a divisive issue. I don’t think he’s risking his campaign because anybody that would NOT vote for him based on this issue alone is likely ignorant and deserving of having RomBot become their fearless leader.

    My personal views on marriage in general are rather negative but if gays want to be as miserable as straights I say let them. It doesn’t affect me personally so it’s not my place to say yea or nay to what two consenting adults want to do with their lives. And if the Bible is the only reason you are against homosexuality you need several seats and a few books not full of bullsht to occupy yourself.

  • I salute the President for taking a stance that was a long time coming. Whether you believe people are born gay or become gay is irrelevant, but I feel that for a country that’s “based” on freedom and tolerance, why can’t same sex couples be married? A heterosexual couple can go to Atlantic City and get married and have it annulled within a week at Atlantic City, whereas a same-sex couple have very limited options. I never understood the idea of the “sanctity” of marriage, so I was wondering if someone can explain it to me. Considering that the rate of divorce and adultery are pretty high in this country, I hardly see the sanctity of it. On Easter, I went to a friend’s church since the racism started popping up at the normal church my family attends and I was asked to sign a referendum against same sex marriage. Imagine the lady’s surprise when I told her no because I feel that they should have the right to be called a family with the spousal rights that they are often denied. My friend at 22 yrs of age also told me I should sign it because the Bible is against it and Sodom and Gomorrah burnt down because of it. That was when it really hit me how stupid the argument against same sex marriage was. I do think a Bible is a good book but it seems kind of dated…

  • b sweet

    If same sex couples are interested in throwing away their hard earned money for a ceremony in an industry that currently yields over $50 BILLION, to be recognized in an institution with over 50% failure rate, to be acknowledged in an antiquated religious and societal practice with no hint of evolving to become relevant to the current needs of modern Americans, then, by all means, have at it and have a ball!!

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