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Poussey Too Bomb: Orange Is The New Black Writer Divorces Husband; Dates Samira Wiley

Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli (Rich Fury/Getty Images)


I’ve had many conversations about the Poussey Effect, which is basically the voodoo that Samira do so well that puts even straight girls in a spell. I’m definitely in that camp. It’s that mischievous smile, yo.

Apparently, OITNB head writer, Lauren Morelli divorced her husband after realizing she was a lesbian. She admitted that writing lead character, Piper’s sexual arc with Alex caused her to realize how much she could relate. Art imitating life like a mug. And of course, the specialized bonding that working on set formulates led to a romance with Samira Wiley.

Look, Samira is gorgeous and she has that whole androgyny thing going for her. She’s basically, the female version of Prince.

So, while this is quite the turn of events, I can’t say I’m surprised. There’s something about Poussey. Hell, I bet Samira and/or Poussey could steal your girl, your puppy and your Twix.

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  • Val

    “which is basically the voodoo that Samira do so well that puts even straight girls in a spell.”

    There’s something about the tone of this post that is bothering me. Maybe it’s because the writer talks about Samira being able to “steal your girl”. That comes close to promoting a stereotype that gay folks are out here trying to “convert” str8 folks. And while I can’t speak for all gay folks, I’m not aware of any large numbers of gay women trying to bed down str8 women. In fact the opposite is more true. That is the gay women I know tend to avoid inadvertently ending up with a str8 woman.

    So, Samira doesn’t have any lesbian voodoo powers. That woman just decided to act on feelings she was already having and Samira just happened to be there.

    • I agree that I don’t think gay people are chasing straight people, but a friend of my wife who is gay tried to make out with her AFTER we were married and it was very uncomfortable to say the least. That to me was an exception.

      • Val

        Okay, but, if you agree that it’s an exception why mention it?

        • More or less to say that it does happen, but its not as bad as straight people make it out to be sometimes.

    • I see your point, but just because a woman is becoming aware of their $exuality doesn’t mean they’ll hump the first woman they’ll come across. Pimp game is a different animal that sexual orientation, and apparently Poussey got it in spades. The writer for OITNB was just the Lucky Contestant.

      • Val

        I’m not exactly sure what your point is. Mine was that Samira didn’t have anything to do with this woman coming to terms with her chexuality.

        • Freebird

          or leaving her husband.

    • GemmieBoo

      i def hear what you’re saying.

      i cant help but think its a trend (?) that more and more straight women are being caught up in their “gay-adjacent” fantasies on account of other famous women – namely straight ones. most of the #WCW photos i see on IG are posted by women. its interesting.

      • Val

        It’s kind of like that Vogue article about big bootys being a trend. It’s all good unless you happen to have a big booty and you’re left wondering what happens to you when the trend passes.

    • Tonja (aka Cheeks)

      Seeing as how I don’t believe there’s only two ends of the spectrum when it comes to sexuality (I believe it’s much more fluid), I’m not sure there is much to “convert” either.
      Also, for me, I liken the allure of Samira with the fangirling of Lupita. It’s definitely a trend. Not sure if all the chicks “girl-crushing” on her want to particularly act on it. Still not sure on this one. But, I feel ya on the “trend” thing and that in some cases, can teeter toward “fetishizing.”
      On the flipside, women in general have always been more comfortable outwardly showing how attractive they believe a girl is. These “newer” terms like “girl-crush” can be likened to “no homo”, though… I can see it.

      • Val

        “But, I feel ya on the “trend” thing and that in some cases, can teeter toward “fetishizing.”


    • Wild Cougar

      Ehhhh……..May be rare, but lets say I’ve seen it. With my own two peepers. Actually had a woman try to convert me. I’ve heard about it on the male side, too, from men I’ve talked to personally. Being catfished by a gay man pretending to be a woman trying to get him to try something new. Maybe I’ve seen it and heard about it more than your average person due to my craigslist and…….ahem……..other adventures, but it’s not at all unheard of.

      • Val

        Your comment reminds me of when Black folks say something is racist and then some White folks come along telling us it’s not using some sort of anecdotal story as proof.

        • Wild Cougar

          Hmmm. Its offensive to say that gay people at times have tried to convert straight people? And that’s analogous to saying something racist, how? I’m not sure what’s offensive about it. Would it be offensive to say at times straight people have tried to convert gay people? Cuz I know that happens. I did that once in college. Didn’t work, but he was foine so I tried. So is your position that being gay means you never try to get with someone from the other team? Or is it just that suggesting it could be possible would make gay people look bad somehow (not sure how) and therefore we all need to deny that it ever happens. Just like we need to deny that some people choose. Like this chick Morelli here. For political reasons. Or something.

          • Val

            You’re being obtuse.

            • Wild Cougar

              No, I’m being honest. Tell me what exactly is offensive about saying gay people sometimes try to convert people. I don’t think anything is necessarily wrong with trying to convert. It might be obnoxious and presumptuous under certain circumstances but that’s how some humans are. Obtuse is denying that gay people have personalities like straight people and do obnoxious, presumptuous, opportunistic, and abusive ish

            • RewindingtonMaximus

              Val, I get your point, but you do have to understand, some gay people out there really do get a kick out of seeing if they have the magic touch of peeping out a straight person’s curiosity.

              Hell it happened to me when I was a teenager. I was sympathetic with this dude because he was gay and seemed cool. He somehow took that as me saying “i’m curious” and for two months straight, harassed me. Literally…harassed me. Even tried to do things like bring a female friend of his and say they were down with a 3-some. My days at Howard helped me see even more of those activities for both genders.
              So maybe the author could have used better words, I’ll give you that, but you can’t outright ignore that IT DOES HAPPEN.

    • Epsilonicus

      Reminds me of shark attack fatalities. There are only about 20 a year worldwide yet people are so fearful of them.

      • Val

        Great example, Eps.

    • Alicia Fiasco

      Agreed. It completely eliminates Morelli’s agency to say Samira has lesbian voodoo magic. It’s the same way they trivialize Erykah Badu’s appeal in the eyes of her lovers. Definitely fetishizing, which is ultimately dehumanizing. The whole concept of converting anyone, as if sexuality is a club that requires strict membership guidelines, is ridiculous. More unnecessary fodder.

  • Morelli was out there throwing her pie, huh?

  • skinnynow

    “She’s basically, the female version of Prince.”

    This is the best description of Samria Wiley I’ve ever seen. It’s funny…because it’s true.

  • Neptunes presents The Clones


    • Val

      Don’t do drugs.

  • Ben

    For the most part, VSB has the best comments section of any news outlet that I have ever seen. Healthy debates. Thank you!

  • PivotTable

    I can relate to Piper’s bisexuality.

    But Samira didn’t “steal” anyone.

    The writer was already “not straight.”

    You can’t be “turned out.”

    If you were “turned out” you were never strictly straight to be begin with.

    The writer’s personal story is giving me Jenny from the first season of The L Word.

  • Royale W. Cheese

    Morelli’s a-holedness towards her husband who has gone through hell and high water for her is more news-worthy than her bisexuality. The media is paying the most attention the wrong thing, IMO.

    • Freebird

      ain’t nobody trying to hear this. but you are right.

  • Kandis

    wondering how people see it in this light and not the fact, the writer, left her husband.. while discovering she was gay on set? is she even gay or just wrapped up in the show she’s helping create? its a little silly. i don’t think “Samira” hood-winked anyone. I think the writer is trying to fit into a predominately all gay set, and is trying something “new.” feel sorry for her husband.. and i feel sorry for Samira.. this lady sounds a little crazy.

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