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Politics Schmolitics and Little Tea Pots

Like I assume most reading people of America did, I watched President’s Obama State of The Union speech and the following Republican response from Rep. Paul Ryan scary eyed Tea Party (though Republican) representative Michelle Bachmann. I thought Obama’s speech was pretty well done. In general, I always expect Obama to deliver well. He’s an orator and charismatic leader. His speech was heavy on story-telling  and focused on the future of America as opposed to any partisan wrangling. That was nice.

His speech also for the first time in a long time, avoided going for the moments that would require different sides to stand up and applaud. While some of that is to be expected, I appreciated him giving a speech that was more about listening, reflecting, and refocusing than it was about punchlines and ovations. I thought President Obama did a very good job of creating an optimistic environment for our nation. Though…

Though, I found his speech to be very short on specifics and ideas. Now, I read earlier today that Obama intends to specify his goals and plans in his upcoming budget request, so I can wait to find out what he’s got up his sleeve. Go Obama.

Let me be very upfront here: I find politics in general (speeches, grandstanding, etc) to be very uninteresting. For the most part, it all comes across as rhetoric and propoganda. I’ve never cared much for politics but the uber partisan nature of Washington right now and the Tea Party’s ascension to the national scene has made me realize that, well, people are pretty much insane. And this isn’t to say that I think President Obama is doing a bang up job. He’s doing a decent job as President but I do think his transparency could use some work. I read the health care bill. It was the most convoluted piece of legislation I’d seen in a long time. But I do believe in his vision and goals. But over all, politics doesn’t really move me. I wish it did, but it doesn’t. I do think that Obama has caused me to pay more attention, but at the end of the day, it’s all just the same…ole song. With a different beat since you’ve been gone.

With that said, Michelle Bachmann’s speech scared the living f*ck out of me. Or maybe it was just her. I don’t know. I can’t think straight. The hills have eyes and hers looked like she borrowed Satan’s contacts. Paul Ryan was political. Obama’s was visionary. Bachmann? She spoke in the language of the folks who don’t like to figure things out. She said quite simply, “Obama, you dropped the ball and are making America bad. Stop it.” And I think a large swath of Americans would be able to easily understand that message. She’s like Sarah Palin-lite. She even sounds like her. I can’t lie, people like her and Sarah Palin who are able to easily speak in a language of folks who don’t know any better in such a manner terrify me because those are people who like to vote and listen to non-sense or speeches that really don’t say anything but sound like they say a lot. Truth is, her speech was fairly benign. But something about her just really put me in a bad space.

I do find it interesting that Bachmann was able to give a message on behalf of the Tea Party when they’re all mostly Republican. To me, it kind of made the Republicans look a bit…disorganized to me even though the speeches weren’t that far apart. But it marks a combo of Ryan, who by all accounts i a very bright and smart guy, and Bachmann who looks like a renegade soccer mom who somehow ended up in Congress.

Overall, to me, they’re all just speeches and mean nothing until the wheels start turning.

Until then. A-ha, hush that fuss, everybody move to the back of the bus.

Good people of VSB (forgive my mental ramblings being a bit all over the place), what were your thoughts about the State of The Union address and the following messages from Republicans? Do you even care? How do you feel about this country’s prospects in 2011?

Talk to me.


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  • First of First!!!!

  • KMN

    Panama, I am going to read your post in the morning, because I know it’s gonna be off the chain. But I wanted to update VSB/VSSs on Tiana Hill. She actually got in contact with her family a few days ago via FB. But they haven’t physically laid eyes on her. I haven’t had any updates since but I think it’s good so far. I actually got the local paper to pay a little bit of attention to it (no article, but one of the journalists did contact some of his contacts).
    I just want to thank yall again for helping me out with the retweets. Yall have been a great help in this process.

    I’ll comment some more in the morning…I gotta finish my blog post now. LOL

    THanks again VSB/VSS


  • “I do think that Obama has caused me to pay more attention, but at the end of the day, it’s all just the same…ole song.”

    I think that will be his everlasting impact on America. I always believed that people’s expectations of him were misplaced. He’s one man operating in the midst of a corrupt and convoluted system. The changes he can bring to the political machine are limited, but the thing he can change is us and how we look at it (even if it’s merely seeing it for what it is). For that I’m grateful and inspired. Still.

  • tgtaggie

    +1. I also thought it was a pretty good speech. I was reading on the Huffington Post that some folks thought it was pretty boring. Its the State of the Union. Its not going to be exciting. I just wished he would have gotten a little more in specifics (especially about cutting the deficit and small business).

    Also, didn’t John Boehner (sp?) either looked uncomfortable or was lit during the speech. I’m going with a little of both.

  • Bengemin Grehe

    Didn’t catch the Republican messages. What I did catch was very simple, our prospects for 2011 and beyond…


  • Keity Rich

    Your points are all valid. It amazes me that someone can get on tv and make baseless arguments but still sway large groups of people to follow them. People can be idiots.

  • I concur with your assessment regarding President Obama’s speech as he never disappoints being the great orator he is…And regarding the Rescrublicans & White Tea Party, I didn’t even bother to watch their responses b/c I already know they were going to take shots at The President plus I was ready to watch “The Game” (another disappointing episode btw) and didn’t want to get upset hearing the Repub BS!!! Nonetheless, I think he may set a record for vetos b/c I know these Repubs/Tea Partiers finna get out of pocket!!! #TeamVeto – Great post!!!

  • Nameless for Now

    Lol, Boehner looked like he was mad and slightly intoxicated….amused me greatly through the whole speech.

    I felt like you P, that the ideals were admirable, but there wasn’t a whole lot of talk on how we’re supposed to pay for this future…glad to know it’ll be revealed in the budget. He was pretty inspirational though and didn’t go on forever, so I was happy : D

    Michelle, Michelle, Michelle — two thumbs up for hair, jewelery, dress!!

    Last but not least, though some Republicans pander to the Tea Party, TP is to the right of Republican like Sweden (lol, couldn’t think of a party) is to the left of Democratic. TPers are mostly Libertarian : )

  • Michele Bachmann is why Jesus wept.

  • @milesfan79

    Overall night was decent, speech was ok, but nothing we haven’t heard before: we need this, we done that and going do that, etc etc etc

    The most interesting part of the night was the Tea Party response. On surface level it was comical and will make for great SNL spoofs lol, lets pray SNL spoofs tea party lady(yea i don’t care enough about her to remember or learn her name).

    On a deeper level it made me think about a few things that made me a bit sad/mad. We are all laughing and slandering the tea party, twitter was lighting her up!! But fact of the matter is, they mobilized their movement, have elected officials in congress and got major network to broadcast their message. in that regard i respect them in a sense(no i;m not tea party supporter or republican), bc they didn’t like something, got together and changed it. not only did that change it, they managed to win seats in congress and defeated democrats(and republicans that didn’t side with their views).

    I couldn’t help but think about black people, we often complain there aren’t enough blacks in congress, there are currently 0(zero) black in senate!! If you looked at crowd there was visible lack of black faces. So why haven’t blacks took same concepts of tea party and formed political party/movement that could get officials elected and get major networks to broadcast our message??

    So it dawned on me we are laughing and joking tea party, but at the end of the day they formed their party/movement, gotten officials elected and are being heard, if they weren’t we would be talking about them now. the last time i recall cnn broadcasting something regarding the black community longer than 5mins was “black in america”, which we all know really didn’t portray blacks in positive manner. Yet CNN knows tea party is crazy but they gave them 10mins of air time to broadcast their response/issue!

    interesting enough black ppl got together to petition and get “the game” back on tv(yea BET not broadcasting SOTU is a whole different post), but what political issue (or issue that benefits are well being) have we fought/petitioned for lately?

    Why haven’t blacks successfully formed political movement that could get individuals elected?

    these are just some questions i found myself asking and just food for thought

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