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Pictures Of A Beautiful 33-Year-Old Black Woman Look Like Pictures Of A Beautiful 33-Year-Old Black Woman



I’m not going to pretend to not know why this story is a story. Beyonce is Beyonce. And seeing less than flawless images of a woman who’s known for being so perpetually and publicly flawless that she unironicially created two versions of a song called “Flawless” — a song that, if created by literally anyone else (including an actual flawless person like Jesus or Dr. Manhattan or Nicole Beharie) would not have been appreciated in an unironic manner — might be jarring. And by “might be jarring” I mean “might be jarring to those not aware what actual live human women look like.” Or “those who took Beyonce’s flawlessness literally, assuming she was the human version of the motherfucking Hope Diamond.

But Beyonce is not flawless. She looks to have some imperfections in her skin that might not look completely flattering in certain light. I’m 99% sure she can not dunk a basketball. Or gulp a half gallon of Honey Jack in one sitting. Or properly enunciate certain words. She’s apparently on some vegan shit now, which means her farts probably smell like wet dry dog food and Detroit.

She is a human being. And we will all be ok.

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Damon Young

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  • miss t-lee

    “Or properly enunciate certain words.”

    You ain’t shyt, Champie…lol

  • Smitty

    Personally, I think women’s wrinkles can be very beautiful sometimes. Especially when they don’t try to hide it.

  • She still looks better than the photo-shopped version of the Olsen twins. lol Folks are a mess. Let people live.

  • Thank god for clear skin. Beyoncé is still attractive though. Very few people have naturally clear skin with no bumps or blemishes.It’s life.

    • F u c k k k you Malik

    • January Jones

      I’m one of the few….no bumps, blemishes. Have never used anything on my face. No make-up, deep skin cleansers. Clean washcloth and warm water. A baby’s bottom.

      • CamCamtheGreat

        FOH with all that.

        • January Jones

          Awww, no experience hasn’t been with natural beauties?

    • Wild Cougar


  • Madame Zenobia

    A.) Love the Dr. Manhattan reference. B.) Nicole Beharie is one of my girl crushes, who I don’t think gets nearly enough love, so thanks for that reference too. C.) I have nothing to say on the actual subject of this article. I just like the Watchmen and Sleepy Hollow. Thank you for your time.

    • tgtaggie

      Nicole’s booty is pretty much perfectly round. I know she short but I would definitely wife her.

      • savant053084

        So would I, tgtaggie, So would I!

        • Rachmo

          Nice hair!

      • savant053084

        She’s lovely! So would I, tgtaggie, So would I!

      • LadyIbaka

        Add me to the list of wifing her up. I’ve noted you and I share the same taste in women!! :) #rounddonksbae’s!

        • tgtaggie

          I like bubble butts and I can not lie. lol

      • I have to concur on the wifing situation. Yummy!

  • menajeanmaehightower

    What am i missing from the picture?

    • tgtaggie

      That there’s proof that Beysus is actually human. And that her skin isn’t perfect (like most ppl)

      • Wild Cougar

        I’m scared for society that that is news

  • Some folks forget she made Flaws and All before she made Flawless. Still gorgeous, still slaying.

    • uniquebeauty79

      and Pretty Hurts…but she is still beautiful, yes

  • Sahel

    Time waits for no man..

  • Charlisia Nwachukwu

    Still looks great to me. No she doesn’t have Barbie skin .. this image makes me love her more. She human.. ‘Can she live?”

    • MeridianBurst

      Beyoncé gets better and more lovable the more human and fresh faced she becomes; though, it is pretty dope how serving perfection is her norm.

  • Lisa Harris

    Wet dry dog food AND Detroit? Couldn’t just be one or the other……lol…you are so wrong.

    Yeah, I don’t get why this is a story either. EXCEPT it highlights to a lot of young and impressionable women that the ideal that they set for themselves in terms of beauty is not real. And I think that’s good. People need to be reminded that the so-called beauty standard is not real. It does not exist.

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