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Paula Deen Tried To Pay Me In Diabetes!!!!

This is the alleged quote at the heart of the Lisa Jackson racism lawsuit. But look at those teeth. She must say the n-word as many times as Paul Mooney does every morning.

This is the alleged quote at the heart of the Lisa Jackson racism lawsuit. But look at those teeth. She must say the n-word as many times as Paul Mooney does every morning.

Let’s talk about Paula Deen for a second, mmkay?

Over this past weekend, I’ve had no less than seven conversations about Paula Deen. They’ve ranged from “Paula Deen is the most racist white woman since Jessica Rabbit” to “Paula Deen is a product of her environment which was filled with a bunch of Black men in tuxedos”.

Oh, and, you can blame my environment but that ain’t the reason why I be buying expensive chains. Hold my mule.

There really seem to be two camps in the Paula Deen Jolly Nword Bank Fiasco of 2013. There is the camp that actually read the deposition (you really should read the deposition) and while proclaiming that she may be racist, though she is not nearly as bad as she’s being made out to be as a person. Then there’s the camp that’s heard everything second hand and has determined that its very likely that Paula Deen hired a bunch of actual monkeys to midwife her second cousin’s maid of honors daughter’s delivery because monkeys are better than n*ggas at all costs, but only n*ggas know how to have children. Or something.

A third camp does exist of people who both love and hate Paula Deen at the same time. I’m part of this camp because her clearly racist leanings do amuse me so. Just today, Damon informed that allegedly, Paula attempted to pay off some of her Black employees in beer and liquor. Upon reading the actual story, I felt like its entirely possible that this piece is completely exaggerated and/or made up…but because Paula is involved here and did say, outloud, that one of her employees was “black as that board” THEN attempted to prove this to a group of people, well, anything seems possible. Yes, Paula Deen MAY have reached Ron Artest levels of possibility.

Or more accurately, Paula Deen is the Bo Jackson of racist possibility.


Have you seen the Bo Jackson 30 for 30 ESPN special? It starts out with a quote that states, “when the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” The first 10 minutes of the documentary are about the stories people heard about Bo Jackson, not whether they were true or not, but because of what people HAD seen Bo do, nothing seemed impossible. Bo Jackson was romance…he was all about the possibility. Word to Darius Lovehall.

Well, I think Paula Deen may have reached this point. No matter how unfantastic some of the allegations are, somehow they get distorted and turned into the stuff of legend. The fact that a man named Bubba factors prominently into this issue is also not lost on me. Based on the conversations I’ve had this past weekend, if even HALF the stuff that was said is even 25 percent true, Paula Deen definitely doesn’t care about Black people. Hell, in the same video where she referred to her servant Hollis as blacker than the board, she refused to ever refer to slaves as, ya know, slaves. They were apparently all on payroll or something.

Funny thing is that I have no doubt that she’ll bounce back. So Black folks don’t rock with her publicly. Whoopty do. It ain’t like y’all gon’ STOP using the recipes that you’ve been using for years. Maybe you’ll cut back on the butter. Good job, you’ll now die 2 years later. It’s for this reason that I’m glad she FINALLY made the smart move of blowing off The View though she’s apparently going on with Matt Lauer on Wednesday. Thing is, would you be surprised if she called Matt Lauer a n*gger JUST to prove that she’s not racist and calls EVERYBODY that?

See? It doesn’t seem far fetched does it? Herschel Walker. Bo Jack.

LIKE WHY IS THIS A THING? Fox News Hires Paula Deen To Host Plantation-Themed Morning Show!!

So let me ask you all, is Paula Deen getting railroaded or does she deserve everything that’s coming regardless of when any of it may have happened? Is there any other circumstance where the possibility of something trumped the reality of it in your recollection? Hell, do you believe all of the stories now? What’s your Paula Deen opinion?


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Panama Jackson is pretty fly for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future.

  • nillalatte

    Sigh… Paula Deen is a 66 year old white woman from the South. Unfortunately, this predisposes her to a mentality that is prominent in older (and sometimes younger) southern white women and racist bigots. They most of the time see nothing wrong with the language they use (especially older women) because it’s really who they are. It’s rather disgusting to me, but trying to change folks like that ain’t happening, and punishing them for who they have become is probably not going to change the way they are. If you were a 60+ old man, whose gonna change you? Right?

    I have a 72 year old white mother from the South and one of the things I despise most about her choice of language is racial slurs. And, it ain’t just about black folks. Hell, she has slurred Arabs too IN FRONT OF MY CHILDREN. Yeah, their father is a a-hole, but you know what, keep that racist shyt to yourself. I have kids that have enough daddy issues without grandma throwing gas on the fire. We have constant battles about language. After she used the ninja word one night in my house, I straight up told her that her language was inappropriate in my home.

    So, y’all got it bad? Try living with a behavior you despise. And, don’t get me wrong… I love my mom’s. But, I despise the ignorance she exhibits about different peoples.

  • Inspector Ratchet

    I would weigh in. But I just got done engaging in a very exhausting and frustrating debate on race dynamics on my Facebook page. Which included some of my Black friends stating that White Privalege doesn’t exist, that America doesn’t treat tragedies that happen to White people differently than those that happen to Black people, and that the reason racism continues to exist is Black people’s fault (because we complain about it all the time, otherwise it would just naturally go away). The discussion was eventually tied into a neat little bow with a White guy stating Black people need to just suck it up and get over it (referring to racism).

    So, I don’t have the capacity to discuss Paula Deen and her racial antics. Although I will say, that some good did come frome this. And that was Black Twitter’s reaction to it. #PaulaDeenDishes and all other Paula Deen inspired hashtags produced some of the funniest sh!t I’ve ever read.

  • Tx10inch

    How can Paula Dean be a racist bigot?!? Such a sweet lady. Just last week she made me some delicious Nigs in a blanket with a side Coon on the cob!! Mmmmmm mmmmmm! #PaulasBestDishes

  • WIP

    A little OT- I did see the Bo Jackson special and it was pretty darn good. Bo has retained quite a bit of girth…

    I read a lot of the deposition. I guess they thought once they took the girl up out the country to the big time, they could take the country out of the girl. Really, I think it’s no different than what happens to a lot of celebrities. They find it hard to realize that once they get money they can’t stay in that hood mindset.

    Anybody with sense knows you can’t be looking at pr0n at the work place. I believe she and her brother said all that yit because she kept making excuses for it in her testimony. Country a$$ people that can cook but can’t run a business.

    I think whether or not she said the “n-word” is neither here nor there- at what point would one assume that a 60-ish white woman from Georgia has *never* used the word? Be for real. I guess the only surprise for me is the lack of professionalism. You think a chick with 3 TV shows, books, restaurants would have it together. Hell, she had Oprah to the house! Don’t you have to have it together to get an Oprah interview?

  • Wild Cougar

    Paula Deen is my mother’s role model. She watches her all the time and fancies that she could one day be her and have a show and award winning cook book, blah blah. My mother is from SC and cooks very southern food. She is also a liar. Oops, did I let that out?

    See, Paula Deen has diabetes and is paid by diabetes drugs and pretends to be sweet as the sugar she is stuffing in the cake. But its all a big fat lie. The irony of having my mother’s hero go down in flames during this particular big ass full moon in the month of June…..you know the big ass full moon that is causing all kinds of craaaaaaazy conflict in my life, including my decision to finally call my mother out as a liar……..is real ironic.

    Burn baby burn.

  • SweetSass

    Screw the Paula Deen issue… the big news today is the fucking racist ass Supreme Court taking all of the steam out of the Voting Rights Act. I need to quit the internet. Seriously. So much rage right now.

  • http://brown-c6h12o6.tumblr.com/ RubyWooWho

    I just want it to be known that tomorrow, regardless of the topic, I will be ranting about Justice Clarence Thomas and his highfalutin arse. He’s the worst type of knee grow there is. No loyalty.

  • Msdebbs

    I totally agree with you but I don’t think she a mean go back to Africa kind of bigot more like black ppl are cute lil monkeys I can treat any kind of way bigot. Either way her big mouth got her big arse in big trouble.

  • nillalatte

    You know what… I’m really bad about the ‘white people I assume are racists until they prove me otherwise’ thinking too — and I’m white! Whereas some white folks will smile in your face and talk shyt behind a black person’s back, nawl, they just come right out with their shyt in my face, and I DON’T LIKE IT. If you gon’ be racist in my face, be racist in anothers face. Don’t hide yo’ shyt. But, they do. Until they get busted. See that’s what I call a fake arsse coward and I ain’t got time for dat!

    OMG….. this new system knows how to spell check for English spelling! I can’t use my favourite English spelling of arsse correctly anymore. :( LOL and I can’t reply to myself. Oh, the fun!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/pervertedalchemist1 Perverted Alchemist

    That’s a hell of a career turnaround, if you ask me.

  • SweetSass

    Um, slave owners also clothed and fed their slaves. I hardly think that makes up as ‘affection’. They often says things like ‘they were part of the family’ but would have a conniption if one of them was to marry their children.

    You cannot force people to change, yes. But you sure as hell can condemn them and call them out. If they feel bad being called a racist, they can stop being racist.

  • Epsilonicus

    And during that dysfunction, a whole bunch of bad shit could happen…

  • Epsilonicus

    I’d rather them be neutral that to mess stuff up. You know Scalia and Thomas’s Uncle Ruckus looking arse wants the US to return to the Django-era

  • Epsilonicus

    2. I look at it like this. Your ass knows that food might taste good but it is bad for you. So blaming Paula Deen for getting hers gets no sympathy from me. Even if someone paid her to do it. Ask your damn doctor and go from there.

    3. Amen.

    I need Black folks not to participate in those types of parties. I could see if someone was doing this for like an educational reason (as part of a re-enactment for a museum. Even then it makes my skin crawl.) For a party though? Not enough money could get me to tdo that.

  • nillalatte

    LOL… I went to Dallas about six weeks ago. I stayed in Duncanville because it was on the South side of the city so I could get on the road to my next destination in the a.m., and because they had a Cheddars restaurant. The GPS kept passing the restaurant because there was no exit from the highway. I finally visually navigated my way to the restaurant. I think I was like the third white person in the place. Black folks kept looking at me like, “Do you know where you are? Dis white lady must be lost.” LOL I ordered my drank, chilled, and watched the game. Went back on my way back out of town and the server looked all surprised again, like, “you back?” LOL Girl, tell your friend to go have a good time. He’ll know if he’s in an area he shouldn’t be. ;)

    Why am I all of a sudden in moderation all the time and I ain’t cursing? Disqus is racist! :'(

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