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Panama’s Favorite Things for 2012 And Stuff

It’s funny because it’s true.

Welcome back! we hope your Turkey Day was wonderful!

Oprah released her list of her favorite things nearly a month ago. Of course, white women every where lost their mind because the closest thing to a rap memoir on this year’s list was the Macy’s Hotel Collection of MicroTowels because if there’s one thing that rappers know, it’s hotel towels. My guess is that Jay-Z put her up on that game.

Moving on.

Well since I never find anything on her lists to be something that I’d call a favorite OR actually spend my money on (though these high-tops are totes to die for), I figured, “hey Panama, you’re a real cool cat…perhaps you should list some of your favorite things of 2012!”

After wracking my brain attempting to determine what the best gifts that I would personally endorse could be, I realized, the present is a gift, and I just want to be. And since that doesn’t work, here are some things that you can send to other people that Panama personally loves. Or just things that totally rocked my socks in 2012. That I’d love to receive as a gift.


*Giada de Laurentiis tiny hand clap*

1. Trinidad James “All Gold Everything”

“…popped a molly, I’m sweatin…WOO…” Need I say more? Probably. But still, I appreciate my ignorance unbridled. And anytime a rapper looks like both Otis and Big Gipp from Goodie Mob at the same damn time, well, I think he needs to be shared with the masses. Share Trinidad James. Oh, and it’s not just because he totally stole my naming steez even though HE TOTALLY DID. By the way, if the nation of Trinidad doesn’t come out with a press release stating that they do not support the overuse of their flag in his video I will totally think they’ve lost all control of their affairs.

2. Jordan 4’s

There are certain Jordan’s that are just doper than the rest. Well in 2012, we saw the release of the 4’s, one such pair of Jordans that are nothing short of beautiful. If you can get you a pair. Do it. (You can’t, their unavailable everywhere)

3. iPhone 5

Sure the Samsung Galaxy III came out and might have a bigger screen and better commercials. But nobody is whippin’ the iPhone 5’s arse. I don’t care what else is out there. It looks better than the Galaxy III and that’s what matters above all else. WHAT!!!!?!?!?!? WHO WANT WHAT?!?!?! Apple Blocc.

4. Carly Rae Jepsen – Everthing She Touches

First it was “Call Me Maybe”. And you know what, I totally got my white pre-teen on when that song came on. Then it was the Owl City assist with “Good Time” – my vote for greatest song of FOREVER – and you have two totally solid songs that are the apex of happiness. And do you know what people love more than anything during the holidays? Good times. Carly Rae is a good time. She’s ALWAYS a good time.

5. The Boxer from Z Gallerie

This picture is so crazy dope that I don’t know what to do with myself. This would be one of my favorite things in any calendar year. It’s 2012. It definitely works for this year.

6. Knit Hat with a beard (you want to click that link)

I own one of these and let me tell you, not only is a conversation starter and but it keeps your face and upper lip warm. And who doesn’t need a lip warmer.

7. Emperor’s New Clothes Hand’s Off Tshirt

Mostly because it’s got boobs, Micky Mouse hands, and Lee Press-on nails.

8. Crosley Performer Record Player

It’s aesthetically beautiful and makes people think that you’re cultured. And who doesn’t want to look and feel cultured. PLUS it allows you to buy records – ya know, vinyl types – and pretend that you are reliving High Fidelity.

9. Michael Jackson’s Bad 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Box Set


I was going to come up with 10, but honestly, 9 is enough. Actually 8 Is Enough. But call me, maybe. So, with the holiday season in full swing…what are some of your favorite things for 2012? Help us folks who need to buy some gifts for folks.

What would be on your list for this year?!


Make sure you RSVP for Reminisce this Saturday, December 1, 2012, in DC. Free before 11pm with RSVP and OPEN BAR from 930-1030pm. All 90s hip-hop and R&B. RSVP here:

And for those who weren’t in DC for our Election NIght Watch party at the Washington Post with Urban Cusp, Impact, and The Root DC, peep the video below for a recap!


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Panama Jackson

Panama Jackson is pretty fly (and gorgeous) for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. He refuses to eat cocaine chicken. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future. You can hit him on his hitter at

  • Jay

    DUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE… I never would have connected the dots myself, but YOU DO kinda look like Kid/Christopher Reid sans high-top. Wow.

    • Personally, I would have said a member of the Hieroglyphics…but that’s just me…

    • You do really!!! You do and pictures don’t lie

    • Yeah, I know. the first time I heard this I was sad but i did laugh out loud.

  • Beautifullyhuman

    I’m surprised you didn’t include the Hillman T-shirt.

    And i must agree, the 4s are the best Jordans. I gave away most of my kicks, but I still have my 4s & 13s. I don’t think we’ll ever part. lol

    Btw, your #1 is pure f*ckery. LOL. I saw this video on Thanksgiving and it was a hot a** ignorant mess. SMH. Trinidad & Tobago does not endorse this.

    • Beautifullyhuman

      I just peeped the election party video…ya’ll were mad hyped!! I love my people. We know how to turn anything into a function. LOL

    • I’m not a big Jordan head like that but 4s, 7s and 13s >>>>

    • LeonieUK

      ” BTW your #1 is pure F***ery* my exact thought, and my favorite swear word EVER. Grenada and Jamacia and the little island called Great Britain does not endorse this either.

    • I want me a pair of 4s so badly. But it aint meant to be b/c I’m not waiting like the rest of the world or Black America with bated breath to get them.

      And let me tell you about that Election Party. It went from serene and anxiety to pure pandemonium. And as soon as the DJ dropped “I’m a Boss” all that education and properness went out the window.

      • BeautifullyHuman

        The key to getting a pair of J’s online, as per my sneakerhead homeboy is to constantly refresh your browser right before they drop. It helps if you can have access to two laptops…LOL. The things folks do, but he seems to always manage. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of him waiting in line, but he always gets whatever shoe he covets.

        Fortunately, I don’t have to deal with that BS. My size 6 in boys comes in handy. I contemplated getting those 4s you hyperlinked, but I’m going to fall back. $110 on a sneaker is so damn outrageous to me as I get older.

    • LeonieUK

      The hillman T-Shirt post got sent out thousands of times and holds as one of the best nostalgic event EVER.

  • kid video

    I was the “Kid” of my school at the time they were poppin…did the dance and everythang…

    • If you went to either Selma High or Southside in the late 80’s-early 90’s, chances are I may have seen you, LOL!

      • kid video

        Nah…never went to school in Selma.
        I went to Bush (in Ensley) during that era.

    • I actually have a picture in my house where I hav ethe hightop fade. I just decided it was better to not Instagram that for the world to see. lol

      • kid video

        Dawg…i got a school photo wit a high top and a British Knights sweatshirt.

        We both from alabama dawg…whatchuwanna get into…

        • Sweet GA Brown

          Ijs yall should change your avis so i can check it out.

  • nillalatte

    I’ll remember 2012 as one rough f’n year, but it got better with age. I’m feeling pretty freaking content with life right now and very warm with my degrees at night ;) lol…. a couple of my favorite things has to be where I have landed in the relationship realm and professionally being recognized as an asset in informatics. It’s been a challenging year in both areas, but when I decided what I wanted and went for it with a positive attitude, it all came my way eventually. I attribute that to deciding to believe I deserved what I wanted.

    shout out to beautifullyhuman.. u and I shared positive energy and it has worked amazingly awesome for me.

    and finally vsb as a favorite thing… all y’all kept me sane without even knowing it. props to the vsb fam.

    • Beautifullyhuman

      That’s awesome!! I’m glad to hear everything you’re affirming is coming your way. I’m genuinely happy for you!

      This is just really plastered a smile on my face. :-)

    • Beautifullyhuman

      You know Nilla, I needed this. Thank you. This was right on time for me. I needed to hear something like this. What you wrote lets me know not to waver in the things I want even if they don’t come immediately. Sometimes it’s uncanny how things work.

      • sincereluv4life

        “but when I decided what I wanted and went for it with a positive attitude, it all came my way eventually. I attribute that to deciding to believe I deserved what I wanted.”

        This comment was just awesome. I needed this as well.

    • love positive energy. i’m bottling it up and selling it for 19.99.

      it’s called Posergy 3000.

  • My favorite things for 2012:

    1. My new job that I got in summer 2012.
    I’ve never been so happy to show up at work in a long time, LMAO!

    2. “The Wonder Years” became available for streaming on Netflix.
    (Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!!- and shout out to them for updating their movie library for streaming…it’s about damn time!)

    3. My five favorite albums in 2012:
    Van Halen – A Different Kind Of Truth
    Donald Fagen – Sunken Condos
    Bombay Bicycle Club – A Different Kind Of Fix
    Curren$y – The Stoned Immaculate
    Rashad – Museum (How is it that a free R&B album ended up being much better than the ones everyone had to pay for? LMAO!!!!)

    5. Morroccan women
    Meet one and you’ll know why…

    • Beautifullyhuman

      Can I add “A Bronx Tale” and “Coming to America” to your #2? Lol. Netflix is slowing stepping their stream game up. Slowly.

      Congrats on the job! I will be checking out this Rashad fellow since I trust your music taste. I know you won’t let me down, PA. Lol

      Btw, love the avi. Can’t go wrong with the sultry Helen Folasade Adu. ;-)

    • Moroccan women…that’s something I’ve never had before, and my rap sheet puts a new spin on the acronym IHOP. (Makes note to find Moroccan women in the Tri-State.)

      • They’re lovely, always happy and very nice to be around…and they’re really short….

      • Asiyah

        Go to Steinway Street in Astoria, Todd. You can find them there.

    • kid video

      The Wonder Years was my show in HS…

      • kid video

        Oh yeah…Spitta Andretti mixtape is on point…i love the “Superfly” theme.

      • Yep- although it’s hard to believe that Jason Hervey AKA Wayne Arnold was one of the employees that got caught up in Richard Scrushy’s HealthSouth scandal in Birmingham a decade ago. (WTF?!)

        • kid video

          Not Wayne!!!

          I remember when Healthsouth imploded…

          Richard Scrushy is the Bernie Madoff of Alabama…lol

          • You know what’s funny as hell? When the public library in Selma received money from Richard Scrushy, they used it to build on another extension. The catch was they had to put his name on the building in order to get the money. As soon as he was about to get a court ruling, they took his name off. They didn’t even wait for the verdict, LMAO!!!

            • kid video

              Theres a highway exit(one that exited to my house,actually) that bore this name, but after the ruling, changed it back to Lloyd Noland Pkwy.
              Healhsouth brought Lloyd Noland Hospital in the late 90s and made it a doc in a box…

      • I still love that show when they re-run it.

    • LeonieUK

      Moroccan women I don’ know but Moroccan Men and food I will endorse…

    • Rewind

      That Stoned Immaculate is cool as hell…but I’m digging the joint he did with Harry Fraud too.

  • chameleonic

    my turkey day was it was cool though, i guess. i wrote some stuff about it and even about myself thatll never see the light of day but at the end of it all i just decided to relax. im STILL emotional. i sobbed over ‘we bought a zoo’ because how awesome is it to screamcry with your family, clear the air and pet a symbolic tiger the next day…i bought a fish. because….we went to the aquarium and i — anyway. there wasnt butter in the baked macaroni. i was emotional.

    my favorite food: baked macaroni and cheese (minimum five cheeses) a little crispity and with hot sauce

    i really like globes. i saw this one on ebay when i was pretending to decorate, it was like of constellations. like a universe globe. oh! like…maybe it was the stars as seen from the earth so it was a star globe. it was beautiful. any kind of globe though.

    i like anything atlantis because i really love water and marine everything. i wish i could live in the ocean and sing to divers like a whispery lullaby…no siren. a pleasant siren. because thats how much i love atlantis? i dunno. books, movie, folklore. i really enjoy it.

    i used to wanna be a tomb raider/treasure hunter/adventurist archaelogist so i really enjoy those sorta movies. animated sinbad legend of the seven seas. i so wish i could be there in that time.

    i really like audi. and infiniti. if they made pullovers id stock my closets. i have my eyes on the crossovers for when im a soccer mom.

    i like beauty products. the smells. aromas really do it for me. i want a supply of beauty products like a bathroom mart and i want scented air wicks and candles all over the house. i love that ambience.

    aaaand, oddly enough i may be addicted to the smell of car engine. the musk coming from the grill after a long drive. i just…dear god. and the smell of burning rubber? or smokey, unoiled heavy machinery…worn down breakpads…matches and burning coal. fireplaces. the fumes from disposable lighters. fire musk. i enjoy fire musk. completely common favorite thing…

    OMG! i totally just remembered i used to collect lighters! it was my thing. i wasnt even a heavy smoker i just like collecting those lighters youd only see once in a blue moon.

    wha’telse, wha’telse? favoritethingsdisguisedasachristmaslist wha’telse? i dunno!

    but i vouch for baked macaroni, globes, adventure/fantasy getaways, bed, bath and beyond gift baskets, lighters, and fireside scented oils. and even though oprah comes off like a millionaire, she says really touching and heartwarming things and i have her sleepover with paula deen on my dvr. she COULD behave like a billionaire but she does charity work for white women after robbing them blind. at least shes not robbin black people! eh? eh?

    • “she COULD behave like a billionaire but she does charity work for white women after robbing them blind. at least shes not robbin black people! eh? eh?”

      But she is robbing Black people- in two ways, at least:

      One: Healthy eating. Eating anything from Paula Deen is guaranteed to put you in the hospital. She fully believes in hig cholestorol intake, LMAO!

      Two: Those prices!

      • Hey, I don’t mind Paula Deen’s fattening food save for one thing: b1tch stole the Fat Darrell from my alma mater. Rutgers invented the Grease Trucks, and she had the audacity to not only jack it, but remix a sandwich w/o following proper protocol. How dare she!

        (For the record, proper protocol would have entailed going to a Grease Truck on campus, ordering whatever she wanted from the truck and eating 5 of them in 30 minutes. Do that, and your sandwich gets added to the rotation throughout the greater Rutgers area wherever Fat sandwiches are sold.)

        • Rayne

          I miss those 2am R U Grill runs for those fat bitches.

      • chameleonic

        paula deen HAS to cook with that level of unhealth so that shell be the undisputed woman of all cooking. no one in their right mind would eat like that everyday but she gives millions of women something to shoot for. personally? someday my cooking ability will be of her knowledge but i prefer to have relatively healthy versions of southern delights and ish i made up staring at food in the grocery store.

        some of the stuff on oprahs list is expensive but i think BM/BW can afford it every now and then. its all about the lucrative hobby and extra income. anyone can afford anything if theyre clever enough.

      • sincereluv4life

        “Paula Deen is guaranteed to put you in the hospital. She fully believes in hig cholestorol intake”

        Can’t take nunna dis Paula Deen hate lol – everybody knows you can’t eat like that every day :-) you gotta treat soul food like it’s alcohol or junk food: indulging in excess will kill anybody.

        • Yeah, but I live in the South- we just don’t do that down here. Why do you think we have so many fat folks? LMAO!

          • sincereluv4life

            yeah – most of my fam moved & is in ATL now & ALL my aunties & cousins who moved down there swelled up a good 20-30 lbs within months. ya’ll do be gettin’ it in.

            • chameleonic

              no bull though, i ate a feast every morning and every night when we lived in alabama but thankfully i was really active. paula deen and large southern black women are just too serious with fatback and lard (god bless their hearts for the homey, lovely meals) nowadays though ill take my corn grilled, not fried.

          • Because thanks to the historical legacy of evangelical Christianity, people who would have ended up alkies and fiends instead drowned their sorrows in sweet tea, peach cobbler and fried chicken. The whole soul food is like alcohol or junk food isn’t too far from the truth.

            • sincereluv4life

              although I can’t get with you blaming Christianity on gluttony, this comment almost made me piss my self- LMAO!

        • WIP

          Exactly. Ain’t nobody tell you to put three and four scoops of that macaroni and cheese on your plate and have two slices of cream cheese pound cake for dessert, LOL. It has to be in moderation.

          I don’t fvck with Paula though; she steered me wrong. Made me destroy a batch of collard greens. I no longer trust her recipes.

          • sincereluv4life

            so interesting you say that- I usually don’t f^ck w/ recipes for soul food staples: collard greens, candied yams, mac & cheese, potato salad, sweet potato pie, etc. etc— cuz I already KNOW mine taste better than anything the Food Channel could think up.

            It’s when she starts finding new ways to put bacon in ERTHANG that I start experimenting & I have had no fails yet – sorry to hear about ur greens tho :-/ wasting greens is a crying d#mn shame.

            • chameleonic

              yeah, im pretty good with soul food by way of having ten course breakfasts everyday growing up, smh. im not good with recipes. i watched A LOT of the food network so i ended up just coming up with new dishes or meals based off the inspiration. i cook by how my thought of the end product is supposed to taste cuz i AM swell at taking random ingredients and making stuff. like, apple, chocolate, flour and somehow i make pizza out of that. one day ill have a personal kitchen and i can let loose and see how master chef: home edition goes…but for now ill just make do with my 57 versions of a burito.

              i had some greens over thanksgiving that tasted like straight hamhock and had bacon chunks. but no hamhocks!! man look…dont do that. put the got d*mn hamhock on the table.

          • Off to Google. I want to see how a native Southerner could fvck up a batch of collard greens and live to tell the tale.

            • WIP

              Ya. It was ugly. Next time I’m going to just call my Noni.

          • BeautifullyHuman

            “I don’t fvck with Paula though; she steered me wrong. Made me destroy a batch of collard greens. I no longer trust her recipes.”


    • for some reason, “pet a symbolic tiger” actually made me bust out laughing.

      Symbolic Tigers need to be everywhere.

  • Here’s my list of favorite things for 2012:

    1. Outings with my daughter. Of course, some of the circumstances where I had to make some trips were less than ideal, but they were fun nonetheless. Plus I finally got to go to the Bronx Zoo with my daughter. That was alright.

    2. Actually getting paid to check out Serena Williams’ butt. Repeatedly. Show me an straight American man who isn’t feeling that, and I’ll show you a man that needs to come out of the closet.

    2a. The rest of the US Open job wasn’t too horrible either. It’s interesting to watch how the 10% lives. Yeah, I know it’s 1%, but there were people who were more comfortable than rich, if that makes sense.

    3. and Gainfitness allows me to remix workouts to my heart’s content without the need to ante up for a gym membership. Runkeeper allows me to keep track of my runs, plus gives me an easy way to map out new running routes. All very good stuff.

    4. P90X. I hate it, but I love it! Plus, I’m in the best shape of my life after nearly puking from my first workout late last year. Me likey.

    5. Actually having a job for like 2 months and change this year. Not great, but better than last year’s O-fer.

    6. Having a daughter that is somewhat toilet trained. Though I missed being able to hold her like a football, or having her lay down next to me while I played GTA4: The Ballad of Gay Tony. Still, she’s growing up to be a nice young lady.

    7. Mike D’Antoni no longer being the coach of the New York Knickerbockers. It’s just nice to say that. I was on the Fire D’Antoni movement from the second he showed up, and it finally came true.

    8. Nas’ “Life is Good” for letting the world know the NY hip-hop sound isn’t dead yet. Also, Curren$y’s “Stoned Immaculate” is surprisingly good. Not just fun, like a lot of Southern albums, but flat out good.

    9. Tumblr, for allowing me to Objectify women, thus expressing my tastes and anxieties about women. (Oh, and that like is NSFW. Like seriously, your HR rep is going to do to a George Jefferson strut to your desk if you click on it to fire you.)

    • What did I say wrong? Free my comment, free the world!

      • Yo, Tumblr is the devil.

        • Why? I wanna hear this…LOL

          • LeonieUK

            Me too, I lub tumblr

    • BeautifullyHuman

      ” Though I missed being able to hold her like a football…”

      The visual this evokes makes me chuckle…but it seems like it would be a very cute sight given she’s not in pain…LOL. I love when little girls have their dads wrapped around their fingers.

    • LeonieUK

      I love your whole list with a tissue on stand by…

    • chameleonic

      some of my best memories are of my father taking me places and teaching me about stuff as a kid. he always made life cool. the first time i went to the aquarium it blew my mind i was a marine biologist for a good year when i was six. ‘the snorks are REAL daddy?!’ [*studies the ocean*]

      your job sounds kinda high profile but not assured. like mercenaries. they get a job three times a year for 20k. the 10% is cool. LUXURY paycheck to paycheck living and all. [*flips through binders full of small businesses*] you live near manhattan right? i could give you an inside scoop.

      lol @ tumblr. i definitely used mine as an e-diary but then i discovered azz4days and i REALLY like observing how and why a woman is fine as all h*ll. i wish i still had my buddies. we would totally have pow wows dedicated to the women i found attractive. my tumblrs pretty inactive though. i probably go on it once every few months but when i do i go on and on and one about those beautiful booti — no homo though.

  • I too discovered Trinidad James over the hoilday. lol. He’s so ratchet, I was wondering if he was an actual parody. lol. See link for how he looks.

    I really don’t know whose worse Trinidad James or 2 Chainz. I’m still laughing about 2 Chainz at the Soul Train awards last night talking about he didn’t know he was even nominated.

    • He probably didn’t know because they didn’t say his name the way he says it- 2 CHAAAAAIIIIIIINNNNNZZZZ!!!!

    • Some rappers have gone so far on the gimmick train that its hard to know what’s even real anymore. Which is a shame considering that we’ve been wondering about this for years. It’s just gotten worse and worse.

  • SGIII (and subsequent versions) are for people who want to get sh!t done. It’s for people who don’t want to have to purchase an app just to turn the m%$terf#ck3r on. I tell my phone what to do, not the other way around :o) iPhones are for people who want to be seen with iPhones :o)

    • #TeamGalaxy (even though i still have the original galaxy s because i refuse to get a fully touchscreen phone)

    • WIP

      “iPhones are for people who want to be seen with iPhones”

      I got one for work and I didn’t understand the hype. I’ve grown to *like* it from hating it. I like my Focus much more.

    • Yo son…your hate is not becoming.

  • Alana

    I would just like to express how SHOCKED (yet pleased) I was to find out you actually know who Giada de Laurentiis is! She will be one of the many chefs who I will invite to cater my wedding!

    • LeonieUK

      Beautiful avi

    • she annoys me to no end. For one, her kitchetn is always spick and span. EVEN MID COOKING. two, she’s tiny as hell. just bugs me out.

      three. i hate her glee.

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