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Panama’s Favorite Things for 2012 And Stuff

It’s funny because it’s true.

Welcome back! we hope your Turkey Day was wonderful!

Oprah released her list of her favorite things nearly a month ago. Of course, white women every where lost their mind because the closest thing to a rap memoir on this year’s list was the Macy’s Hotel Collection of MicroTowels because if there’s one thing that rappers know, it’s hotel towels. My guess is that Jay-Z put her up on that game.

Moving on.

Well since I never find anything on her lists to be something that I’d call a favorite OR actually spend my money on (though these high-tops are totes to die for), I figured, “hey Panama, you’re a real cool cat…perhaps you should list some of your favorite things of 2012!”

After wracking my brain attempting to determine what the best gifts that I would personally endorse could be, I realized, the present is a gift, and I just want to be. And since that doesn’t work, here are some things that you can send to other people that Panama personally loves. Or just things that totally rocked my socks in 2012. That I’d love to receive as a gift.


*Giada de Laurentiis tiny hand clap*

1. Trinidad James “All Gold Everything”

“…popped a molly, I’m sweatin…WOO…” Need I say more? Probably. But still, I appreciate my ignorance unbridled. And anytime a rapper looks like both Otis and Big Gipp from Goodie Mob at the same damn time, well, I think he needs to be shared with the masses. Share Trinidad James. Oh, and it’s not just because he totally stole my naming steez even though HE TOTALLY DID. By the way, if the nation of Trinidad doesn’t come out with a press release stating that they do not support the overuse of their flag in his video I will totally think they’ve lost all control of their affairs.

2. Jordan 4’s

There are certain Jordan’s that are just doper than the rest. Well in 2012, we saw the release of the 4’s, one such pair of Jordans that are nothing short of beautiful. If you can get you a pair. Do it. (You can’t, their unavailable everywhere)

3. iPhone 5

Sure the Samsung Galaxy III came out and might have a bigger screen and better commercials. But nobody is whippin’ the iPhone 5’s arse. I don’t care what else is out there. It looks better than the Galaxy III and that’s what matters above all else. WHAT!!!!?!?!?!? WHO WANT WHAT?!?!?! Apple Blocc.

4. Carly Rae Jepsen – Everthing She Touches

First it was “Call Me Maybe”. And you know what, I totally got my white pre-teen on when that song came on. Then it was the Owl City assist with “Good Time” – my vote for greatest song of FOREVER – and you have two totally solid songs that are the apex of happiness. And do you know what people love more than anything during the holidays? Good times. Carly Rae is a good time. She’s ALWAYS a good time.

5. The Boxer from Z Gallerie

This picture is so crazy dope that I don’t know what to do with myself. This would be one of my favorite things in any calendar year. It’s 2012. It definitely works for this year.

6. Knit Hat with a beard (you want to click that link)

I own one of these and let me tell you, not only is a conversation starter and but it keeps your face and upper lip warm. And who doesn’t need a lip warmer.

7. Emperor’s New Clothes Hand’s Off Tshirt

Mostly because it’s got boobs, Micky Mouse hands, and Lee Press-on nails.

8. Crosley Performer Record Player

It’s aesthetically beautiful and makes people think that you’re cultured. And who doesn’t want to look and feel cultured. PLUS it allows you to buy records – ya know, vinyl types – and pretend that you are reliving High Fidelity.

9. Michael Jackson’s Bad 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Box Set


I was going to come up with 10, but honestly, 9 is enough. Actually 8 Is Enough. But call me, maybe. So, with the holiday season in full swing…what are some of your favorite things for 2012? Help us folks who need to buy some gifts for folks.

What would be on your list for this year?!


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