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Who Are Your Writer Crushes?

Because people never get the flowers while they can still smell em.

A Letter To The People Who Share News On The Deaths Of Celebs Who Already Died Years Ago

Please stop doing this. And by "please stop doing this" I mean "don't ever fucking do this again."

Cheekie Does SXSW: Part 3

Cheekie is done doing Austin. Cheekie is sore now.

Someone Please Tell Deadline.com That White Folks Gonna Be Alright

Despite its oft-publicized recent increase in diversity, both on screen and behind-the-scenes, TV is still overwhelmingly -- and, some would argue, intentionally -- White

It’s 2015. Which Means It’s The Future. So, Where Are The Flying Cars???

Forget accidentally running over squirrels. I want to sideswipe a sparrow. I want wings, motherfucker.

It’s A Boy!

Yesterday afternoon, the newest and youngest member of Team VSB was welcomed into the world.

It’s Great Mo’ne Davis Had It In Her To Forgive That Guy. But Still, Fuck That Guy

There's nothing to be happy about -- no feel-good takeaways -- when a middle school girl gets insulted by a man and has to be the "bigger person."

Intimacy Compatibility: The Most Underrated Part Of A Happy Relationship

Because the only thing worse than an interrupted shit is a shit interrupted by a bottle of Pantene thrown at your spleen.

Why Baltimore Raven/Mathematician John Urschel Is The Blackest Person Who Ever Existed This Week

Math isn't here for your post-racial bullshit. And neither is Blackness.

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Literally Everybody (Including You) Helped Kanye West Write “All Day”

Kanye's new song "All Day" was helmed by virtually everybody alive.

McDonalds Auctions Off (Not So) Special Sauce For $23K

Ya'll remember the McDonald's Big Mac commercial jingle? I (barely) do since I was a young cheeks when those commercials were poppin'. It w...

Comcast’s Gon’ Comcast: Cable Company Renames Former Customer “Asshole Brown”

Raise your hand if you need any other reason to hate Comcast other than it being Comcast? Exactly. But, since Comcast is clearly an ove...

2 Termzzzz: 2 Chainz Wants To Run For Mayor Of College Park, Georgia

Remember that recent debate between 2 Chainz and Nancy Grace about marijuana legalization? Well, clearly the natural follow-up to that is to ...

Michelle Williams Tells Mike Huckabee “You Come At The Queen, You Best Not Miss”

Apparently on an episode of The View (they still make those?), Mike Huckabee appeared and theorized in his book that Jay-Z was pimping out B...

Toni Morrison To Release New Novel, And I’m Preparing To Pretend To Understand It

There are not enough superlatives to describe the work of Toni Morrison, America's greatest living novelist. The Bluest Eye isn't just a gre...

Man Buys 99 iPhones To Propose; Girlfriend Says “iDon’t”

We might as well get the obvious joke out of the way. My man has 99 iProblems and a bitch aint one. That felt good. Apparently, a du...

When “Taking A Picture” With A Black Man Means You’re “Throwing Gang Signs”

Taking pictures while next to Black is a crime now, apparently