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And They Wonder Why We Say “F*ck The Police”

A police officer decided to tell it like it is from an officer's point of view. If you don't want to get shot, just do what a cop says and all will be well. All the time!

A Definitive List Of Every Bougie Black Girl Celebrity Crush Of The Last 20 Years

As we all know, a man with model good looks + social consciousness is to a Bougie Black Girl what cocaine + the shit you use to turn cocaine into crack is to a crackhead.

Ray J Reduced To “Kardashian Sex Tape Partner”. Probably Doesn’t Like That Sh*t.

Hey Wait A Minute Ain't That Brandy's Brother has managed to somehow stay relevant on his own merits. Some folks aren't recognizing this.

The Type Of Funny Anecdote Michael Brown Will Never Be Able To Tell

At EBONY, Damon shares a story about a shoplifting experience as a kid, and realizes the only difference between him and Michael Brown is that he was lucky enough to live long enough to tell it

Yep, Guys Really Are Just As Messy As We Claim Women Are

There are lots of things we learn from ratchets on reality television. One is that men can be messy as hell too.

5 Things Weed Makes You Do (Hint: “Attack A Police Officer” Is Not On The List)

Nothing has ever shown that "a want to attack and try to kill an armed police officer" is one of the side effects of getting high. In fact, it literally makes you want to do the exact opposite thing. Like sleep.

Lessons (Thus Far) from Ferguson: How Not To Handle Any Situation Ever

The happenings in Ferguson have taught us a few things. And all of them are what not to do.

Police Assassinate Michael Brown’s Character. Then Say They’re Not Assassinating His Character.

Ferguson Police decide to release information that has nothing to do with anything. Because the "media" asked for it. Thanks.

On J. Cole’s “Be Free” and Hip-Hop In Times of Protest

J. Cole released a song expressing his feelings about what's happening in Ferguson, Missouri. #RIPMikeBrown

Negro Supercriminal Michael Brown Apparently Deserved To Die

It's all about that belief an uncomfortably large segment of the population holds, that all Michael Browns -- all Black men and women -- are potential Supercriminals who need to be stopped.

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Don Lemon Definitely Will Never Invite Talib Kweli To Sunday Brunch

A conversation in Ferguson today between Don Lemon and Talib Kweli quickly got heated. Not "We're bout to fight" heated, but definitely "Don'...

T.I. Releases “New National Anthem” With Skylar Grey

T.I. released a new song in response to Ferguson along with an open letter about the history of violence against Black men in America. The song s...

Why Nick Offerman Is My Favorite White Man

Ok. That's a lie. Louis CK is still my favorite. (And yes, I know Louie CK is half-Mexican. But still. Just shut up and read.) But, Nick Offer...

Facebook Testing “Satire” Tag, And It’s All Because Of Your Cousins

One of the many micro-aggressions that regularly occur for Black folks on Facebook is having to witness several shock-inducing status updates wit...

Video: John Oliver’s Take On What’s Happening in Ferguson, MO

Watch John Oliver's take on Ferguson, Missouri, via his show, Last Week Tonight.

Unsettling Sunscreen PSA Puts People In Ultraviolet Light

A recent sunscreen PSA manages to be both enlightening and super uncomfortable...all while managing to keep a healthy hipstery glow and a sense o...

R. Kelly, World’s Weirdest, Most Disgusting Human, Releases Bump N Grind Remix Video/Cologne

Robert Kelly's record company recently released a remix to his Bump N Grind video about a nerd who transforms into a dancing machine after s...