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On Black Women As Birth Of A Nation’s Scapegoats, And Why Roland Martin Needs To Delete His Twitter

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At the time of writing, BOAN (an acronym for Birth of a Nation) is trending. Not because of the film itself. Or even directly because of the controversy surrounding Nate Parker — its star, director, executive producer, and head writer.

But because it performed below most expectations, which is being blamed on Black women collectively — Black feminists, particularly — whose criticism of Parker both dampened enthusiasm for supporting the movie and may have even influenced how it was critically received.

Which is both true and bullshit. Bullshit marinated in a “y’all got to be the dumbest motherfucka who ever lived” rub and dipped in a “shut the fuck up” pate. And both the truth behind and the abject bullshit attached to this claim can by synopsized by a back and forth between TVOne’s Roland Martin and The Root’s Yesha Callahan Monday about a piece Callahan wrote about BOAN’s opening weekend.

From “Birth of a Flop: Nat Turner Biopic Fails to Live Up To Its Hype

The historically inaccurate biopic about Nat Turner failed to bring in the big numbers that Fox Searchlight was expecting after the company paid $17,000,000 to distribute the film. The movie, which opened over the weekend, only took in an estimated $7.1 million and came in 6th place. Could it be that the low numbers were due to the controversy surrounding Parker’s rape allegations from 1999? Possibly so. It seems as though Parker became a liability for his own movie. No matter how many interviews he did, not only did he come off arrogant and rude, but also lacked remorse when discussing that night in 1999. Even his own co-stars couldn’t save the movie. Gabrielle Union, a rape survivor, penned a poignant post about her own sexual assault, but urged others to see the movie.

When the reviews came rolling in about the film, it was hard to find a positive one. From the historical inaccuracies, to the role black women played in the movie, it was true to some that it was a flawed endeavor.

Now, it is very clear from this write up that Yesha wasn’t particularly unhappy that BOAN underwhelmed. But there’s nothing she said here that’s even remotely untrue.

It was panned for being historically inaccurate — and with historical inaccuracies that were unnecessary and egregious. Considering the money Fox Searchlight put up for BOAN and put into promoting it, they surely did expect a better weekend. Not Avatar or Jurassic Park numbers, of course, but better than $7.1 million. The spotlight on and discussion about Parker’s 17-year-old rape allegations definitely didn’t help matters. And, when people — including Gabrielle Union and Oprah (Oprah!!!!!) — tried to help him out, his series of increasingly tone deaf interviews weren’t just train wrecks. They were train wrecks that grew sentient and searched for new trains and fresh tracks to crash again. It was train wreck bukkake. And most of the reviews from professional critics at national platforms (The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Slate, RogerEbert.com, etc) found it to be fair to middling. Not a terrible movie. But definitely not something worthy of any type of award recognition.

Again, no lies told here. But that didn’t stop Roland Martin from chiming in.

First he claimed that the piece was filled with a “litany of inaccuracies.”

Then he cited Rotten Tomatoes and Box Office Mojo as proof that the movie was received well.

Is it technically true that you’ll find more positive reviews of BOAN on Rotten Tomatoes than negative ones? Yes. But this is where nuance matters. If you filter for the top critics and actually read those reviews, even most of the ones who gave it a positive rating gave it with caveats. For a movie that was initially spoken of and promoted as a tour de force, a definite Oscar contender, a B-minus review is not a good one.

Of course, he didn’t stop there. He called Yesha out by name, and then tweeted at her boss, The Root managing editor Danielle Belton.

Now, did Yesha take a couple personal and unprofessional shots at Martin? Yes, she did. But he came at her first — basically calling her a liar and a shitty writer on his platform of 416,000 followers — for the crime of writing the exact same thing that 47433474 different outlets published Monday.

Don’t believe me? The very first page of results of googling “birth of a nation box office” shows the following:

From The New York TimesThe Birth of a Nation’ Struggles at the Box Office

From JezebelThe Birth of a Nation Kinda Bombed at the Box Office

From The Wall Street JournalBirth of a Nation’ Flops Badly, Opening in Sixth Place at Box Office

From Vanity FairThe Birth of a Nation Flops Hard at Box Office

From ForbesBox Office: Why ‘Birth Of A Nation’ Was Doomed

From VultureThe Birth of a Nation Couldn’t Overcome Nate Parker at the Box Office

But instead of going at these other mainstream (read: White) outlets, Ascot Jesus decided to go at Yesha and then included Yesha’s boss in an attempt to get her reprimanded. Perhaps even demoted or fired. And if that happened to me, I’d get personal and unprofessional too.

A larger form of this type of scapegoating is happening on the Internet this week. Which should be no surprise, because it happens every time something produced, created by, or featuring a Black male doesn’t get the support it was anticipating. Its the Black woman’s fault. Even if 60% of Birth of a Nation’s audience last weekend were Black women, it’s Black women angry at Parker for being accused of raping a woman (and having a White wife) who’s to blame for it torpedoing. Not the underwhelming reviews from the critics people actually pay attention to. Or Parker’s aggressive unlikeability. Or people (and by “people” I mean “Black men”) refusing to have higher standards of acceptable and laudable behavior for Black men. Or the fact that maybe the movie just wasn’t that good.

Nope. It’s Black women’s fault for BOAN tanking. Which now means no one will ever know Nat Turner’s story. And also that no Black movies will ever get made again. Drats.

Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for GQ.com And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at damon@verysmartbrothas.com. Or don't. Whatever.

  • “And also that no Black movies will ever get made again.” <—– So we'll never get to see Madea meets the Wolfman, huh?

    *spills all my emotions*

    • miss t-lee

      Madea meets the Wolfman mighta been a better movie.

    • Wolfman would probably get a perm at some point during that movie.

      • Jennifer

        There would be a scene where Wolfman is covered entirely in rollers. Pink ones…because comedy.

      • A Barry White level perm at that.

        • miss t-lee
          • brothaskeeper

            Sho’ you right!

            • miss t-lee


          • lkeke35

            Why you put that there?!

            • miss t-lee


          • CaribbeanGlow

            Lol at the roller mark in his hair at the front!

            • miss t-lee

              Barry played no games….lol

    • NonyaB?

      *Rushes after you with Roland’s cravat to wipe up them tears*

    • Lo

      The man keeps getting his these Madea movies backed by studios though….clearly, there must be an audience going to see that trash. Let me know how Madea’s Halloween is. :P

      • Chinasa

        He does have his own production company+ die hard core audience= $$$

        • Question

          Plus Madea flicks are super cheap to make, and have a built in audience. Few folks in the entertainment industry, Black or white, can say that.

      • Janelle S

        Listen… if people will keep paying Adam Sandler to make his trash movies, I’m not going to say one word about Tyler Perry’s annual Madea joint.

        • RagesAgainstMachines


        • Maaaaan listen…

        • NonyaB?

          Boom. ??

          Say what you will but the holy grail for any entrepreneur is finding and maintaining their target market. Where many fail, Mr Perry is excelling.

          • Cleojonz

            You many not like a Madea movie but you have to respect that man’s hustle. He owns his process including the studio and has built his wealth as a result.

        • lkeke35

          Yep! That’s called racial equality. The right and ability is to make crappy movies just like white men, and make a lot of money at it.

      • Mochasister

        For some reason people enjoy seeing Black men dressed up as women.

        • SRS79

          People enjoy seeing MEN dressed up as women, e.g. Tootsie and Mrs. Doubtfire.

    • Mary Burrell

      Cackling at Madea meets the Wolfman actually Madea does have a Halloween movie coming out it might do better than BOAN?????

    • Courtney Wheeler

      I have such an eternal conflict with myself every-time I slightly laugh at a Madea film.

      • lkeke35

        I don’t! Go enjoy the heck out yaself. Laugh Til you caint laugh no more!

      • Cleojonz

        I have probably only ever seen one Madea movie but seeing the trailer for this “Hallerween” movie kind of makes me want to see it. It’s ok to laugh just for the sake of laughing sometimes. Life is too heavy.

        • CozyVon

          This is true. But I’on wanna pay for it, tho.

    • Kae

      I hollered. ???

    • No Google

      LMAO No worries, Madea Halloween is coming to a theater near you.

    • Furious Styles

      Sadly enough people on my TL are declaring black movies dead because of BOAN. With no irony. I need new friends.

      • NonyaB?

        Yes, you need new friends. It is going to take a while convince Black people in the US that their influence is deepening, so no need to feel like if one black movie/product/service doesn’t make it, there won’t be any other “allowed”. Peep the changing demographics; minorities ’bout to own the whole joint.

    • Wise Old Owl

      My wife and I and all my friends, who actually saw the movie for ourselves without relying on a shady review by a biased blogger with an agenda, loved the movie. It is clearly one of the best and most powerful films that I ever saw and moved both of us emotionally. Moreover, before the rape allegations came to light, the early reviews stated the film was Oscar worthy. I take rape allegations very seriously and thus I don’t buy, support, watch, listen to convicted rapists such as Tupac, Mike Tyson and Rob Lowe. Nor do I support accused rapists such as Bill Clinton, Al Gore, the Donald, Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Kobe Bryant, Ben Rasenburger or Michael Jackson. However, I noticed that many people, regardless of gender and race, who called for boycotts of Birth of a Nation, are not calling for boycotts of Bill Clinton and Woody Allen. Furthermore, the vast majority of so-called historical and based upon true event films have historical inaccuracies, yet this is never listed as reasons why one should boycott other films. For example, Selma and Schileners List, have historical inaccuracies, but Yesha and her ilk did not call for boycotts of Selma… Lastly, the Root staff often engage in petty attacks on readers and commenters on the site, who disagree with their far too often biased personal attacks on certain Black Men…Stephen Crockett is even worse than Yesha, which is truly saying something….

      • “M”

        Oh, okay, so …it’s the fact that he was acquitted that distinguishes Parker from all those other men you list? You didn’t read the case, then, did you? How close he came to being convicted just like the manfriend he was with, and how it was an issue of evidentiary standards and hearsay that separated their fates?

        Did you read about how that woman committed suicide after that happened, and how at the press conferences all Parker could hyperfocus on was that “That whole incident wasn’t his fault, wasn’t his fault, wasn’t his fault?”

        Do you know how tired women are, regardless of color, of hearing that ish?

        Tell me — were you up in Color Purple screaming about “it’s all Black women’s fault” too?

        I’ve mentioned before that I’ve peeped your comments. You’re on some “Fair and Balanced” ish like you are Faux Noise incarnate.

        Just because ONE CONVERSATION focuses on what ONE MAN OF COLOR did that was wrong, that does NOT mean that fifty percent of THAT ONE CONVERSATION is required to be about how some WOC messed up!

        If you want that — “how women of color dun dun me wrong, dun dun the whole world wrong” to be your sad song, you can YouTube Hotep videos all day for that nonsense.

        In the meantime, please PIPE DOWN with that apologist stanning for Parker, though.

        It really doesn’t play well if you want to maintain anything remotely resembling credibility.


  • Creole Reasoning

    What’s the use in a historically inaccurate period piece? He might as well have just said “gather ’round negroes, I’m finna tell a story.”

    That’s why it flopped. People trying to blame it on everything but what it really was.

    • RaeNBow

      so many period pieces are inaccurate though. with credit to my friend who first raised this on her FB post, there are MULTIPLE movies that were based on a true story that were HIGHLY inaccurate according to historians, but were still critically acclaimed. such as:
      The Hurt Locker
      Elizabeth: The Golden Age
      The Patriot
      Pearl Harbor
      Shakespeare In Love

      So, the historical inaccuracy argument doesnt ring very true to me

      • The historical inaccuracy isn’t a real reason. Look @ Straight Outta Compton. Those people are ALIVE and will tell you some a lot of that is ish.

        • RaeNBow

          its like all of a sudden, people don’t want to admit they were the cause of the problem, LOL

          i’m like, “oh, naw!!!” you were SUPER adamant that no one should go see the movie cause you decided off of limited facts that Nate was a monster. and now that what you called for actually happened you want to blame it on something else. uhn uhn. own it. LOL its like the dang Brexit vote where people woke up and were like “i can’t believe it really happened”

          • Creole Reasoning

            I don’t think there were tons of women calling for people to not see the movie though. Not in large numbers anyway. I think most people were actually PULLING for dude until very close to the actual release date. I think that he made some strides in the initial interview and made things worse with subsequent appearances.

            I think the “cause of the problem” could have just as soon been a lack of interest. Scapegoating black women or *eyeroll* feminists is just disingenuous and…lame.

            • RaeNBow

              i can agree with that. from my perspective, i saw a lot of backlash from women withholding support because of the accusations from 17 years ago widely publicized so that has influenced my view on why it didn’t do as well as expected. I personally did not see many (or any) people pulling for NP, but since you did, i readily take your word for it and also agree that his unlikable a** was NOT good in the promo interviews.

    • I hate historical embellishment in movies.

    • Anonymous


      These mofos made a whole film about how Abraham Lincoln handled the issue of slavery, and didn’t even bother to include Frederick Douglass as even a minor character.

      • Brooklyn_Bruin

        They made one where Abe was a vampire hunter.

        • blogdiz

          And Harriet Tubman was Half Swedish

      • QueenRaven23

        You’re correct about that and I still love that movie. Same thing with Tombstone.

      • Jennifer

        Biopics with historic inaccuracies (from the dome): Lincoln, Selma, What’s Love Got To Do With it? Ray, JFK, Walk the Line, A Beautiful Mind, The Last King of Scotland. I could go on and on…

        Every biopic contains some historic inaccuracies. I don’t recall anyone getting their panties in a wad about this until Selma — when LBJ’s fanboys tried to discredit Ava for making their man look like less than a cheerleader for civil rights. Why is this suddenly a thing now? Directors have been taking artistic licenses on the lives of real humans forever and still winning critical and box office acclaim for it.

        • Anonymous

          YES. A couple white democrats fell out over the depiction of LBJ. A couple black ones looked at them and blinked. And everybody went to go see the film.

        • Ghettoprincess

          What’s Love Got To Do With It was so accurate that Angela Basset is now the real Tina Turner. Carry on.

  • Charles Johnson

    nate parker got assassinated. nuff said

    • Val

      Nate assassinated himself.

      • StillSuga

        He really did. As much as people became anti-him, there was a very loud chorus of people who wanted him to win.

  • miss t-lee

    As usual we’re the scapegoats in this. So f*ckin’ predictable. Not the fact that movie just wasn’t that great, or has two rapery d*ckheads as writers, and even a bigger d*ck making PR mistakes all over the place. Let’s just ignore all that and say that Black women tanked the movie simply because Parker is married to a white woman.

    I saw this all play out on twitter last night in real time, and I’m glad folks are still giving him the biz. I almost coughed up a lung laughing after somebody said he looked a human version of Russian nesting doll.

    f*ck Roland S Martin no neck having azz with a rusty screwdriver. F*ck his ascots, f*ck his career on a channel I couldn’t find if my life depended on it, and f*ck is brand of “journalism”.

    • NomadaNare

      I am not quite sure how you feel about this situation

      Care to tell them how you really feel

    • StillSuga

      Black women stay winning but in the court of foolish azz public opinion we just can’t win, smh. I wish we held the sway people thought. Then maybe we wouldn’t be expected to choose between Black and Womanhood all the dang time.

      • miss t-lee

        Thing is though, I think we do have the sway.

        • StillSuga

          Is that why Roland Martin is still a thing? LOL

          • miss t-lee

            Unfortunately. I saw a lot of women agreeing with him.

    • MsCee

      All of this.

    • L8Comer

      “he looked a human version of Russian nesting doll.”

      i am so weak and unable.

      • miss t-lee

        Girl…I hollered and laughed until my stomach hurt, and laughed sommore.

        • charisma_supreme

          Somebody on Facebook said he was built like Teddy Graham. I lost it all and haven’t been able to find it since

          • miss t-lee


          • Hibiscus???

            The cracker? Omg!!!

            • charisma_supreme

              Yessss! The delicious after school snack of my youth!!!!

          • Mochasister

            Dang, Teddy Grahams used to be my snack back in the day! I haven’t had any in ages. I think I will buy some.

        • L8Comer


    • Rory said he was “built like a barrel” once twitter.

      • miss t-lee

        Oh sh*t! I don’t know how I missed this one.

  • Jennifer

    Then Roland blamed the BOAN flop on black women cuz Parker has a white wife. When Ascot Anderson cited a trash op-ed (by a black woman) on the petty cabal of black feminists as evidence, I shut down my computer and just listened to Solange for the rest of the evening. Self-care is necessary, y’all.

    • miss t-lee

      I saw that in real time last night.
      Pure d. trash.

      • Jennifer

        The trashiest.

        Between his homophobia and his misogyny, I just can’t deal with him…and I usually claim everybody from H-town.

        • miss t-lee

          Girl…you can’t claim that.

  • Phil GoBeGreat

    Roland Martin isn’t a bad person, but he is so derelict in his responsibility to his peers and even those coming behind him that liking him is hard.
    He is like the person who is on your side of an argument most of the time, but you hate that they are because they ALWAYS defend their positions with so much sassiness and “gotcha” platitudes.
    (His ascots make me wanna vomit too)

  • See I’m a lil salty cause I mentioned this on my facebook yesterday, and people were contradicting me. I mentioned the figures of the 17 mil budget and the 7 mil opening, and people were like “no it was the other way around” People were also acting like I was making it up that for some reason the failure of this movie was being blamed on black women…I’m like >_> I know how to read.

  • RaeNBow

    Roland was certainly wrong for pinning this on Black women feminists….having said that, he SHOULD have pinned this on the lack of real journalism in today’s society. Where anyone with a twitter and wordpress account can write a think piece, claim things as facts, and have little ethics in doing so.

    I believe the lack of real journalism around multiple facets of this film contributed SIGNIFICANTLY to its under-performance.

    It is when we come to social/commentary sites *yes, even like this one* and take these article for facts that we do ourselves a disservice. People do not place blogs, and community/opinion sites in their proper place. Misunderstandings about fact and opinion run rampant and groupthink gets out of control.

    But i luv VSB tho, LOL.

    Journalism is dead. And our need for entertainment skewed “news” killed it.

    • miss t-lee

      “Journalism is dead. And our need for entertainment skewed “news” killed it.

      “and that’s sad” (c) Hazel London

      • Malaika Jabali

        upvoted entirely for the hazel london quote

        • miss t-lee

          YES. She’s a national treasure.

    • I believe blogs are impactful, but the general movement at the beginning (from inception to the Sundance reception) is that people wanted this film to win. Nate Parker’s handling of interviews is what turned the tide completely against him.

      • RaeNBow

        oh, 100% he was unlikable in his interviews. he doesn’t interview well on combative subjects and not listening to PR folk did not help. but if we’re being honest, soooooooo many people had decided not to see the movie LONG before he gave interviews. this very sight was AWASH with “hes a rapi$t, so i’m not going to see the movie” statements. .. he just didnt help the matter. but calling a spade a spade: people were groupthink against this movie because of Nate long before he gave bad interviews.

        • StillSuga

          I’m always intrigued why a choice is considered “groupthink”. If someone chooses to opt out for whatever reason, it’s their choice based upon facts, assumptions, or which way the wind was blowing that particular day. We do it all day every day. I think that if this was a capital “G” great movie, it still may not have made money but it would be hailed as great more across the board than the “meh”, “it was okay” and “this is the best and only way to every learn about Nat Turner” reviews that came out.

          • RaeNBow

            i’d respectfully disagree about engaging in groupthink everyday. i do not think it should be confused with marketing and publicity. but rather held in its proper place as an actual response to the desire to conform with a group outweighing individual reasoning or thoughts on a matter so much so that a person will bend to what the majority in a group are thinking even when the belief was contrary to their own.

            • StillSuga

              Again, you say groupthink, I say choice. Is any choice that’s made even in part on a popular opinion automatically groupthink? That term removes a whole lot of agency from people and their decisions.

              • RaeNBow

                No, definitely not. I do believe however that because of the swift and strong nature of responses to the accusations against NP, (i recall people railing against him even the day that article with the telephone transcript excerpt came out) that decisions were made based on limited review of the facts and were influenced by the online/virtual communities where one view took a stronghold early on. (but these are just the conclusion i’ve come to based off of my social media/blog interactions and what has permeated my different newsfeeds) so we can definitely agree to disagree on the motivations.

        • MsSula

          So it was better to “GroupThink” and decide to see the movie, uh? Ok.

          • Leggy

            Seriously. I don’t understand his point. It’s apparent not group think if we just do what he wants us to do.

          • RaeNBow

            I never said that. And i’m unsure how you got to that conclusion.

            I made *no* mention that people *should* go see the movie. I simply called the thing what it is. The backlash when the accusations against Nate resurfaced was SWIFT and STRONG. They contributed to the general distaste for the director of the movie which influenced folk to decide not to see it.

            Again, i never said anyone *should* go see it. So do not ascribe that argument to me by way of sarcastic response. We can have a discussion about a thing without bringing up red herrings or putting words in people’s comments where they do not exist.

            • Jennifer

              Groupthink? OK. Nate’s initial interview also came out around the same time that court and telephone transcripts were released about the incident. I recall so many accounts from people (particularly black women) who needed to read the official details themselves because they didn’t believe (or didn’t want to believe) this was true. I really think our community wanted Nate and this movie to succeed. I can’t speak for the YT folks. I try never to speak for them.

              • RaeNBow

                Great point. & I get that all of our views will be colored by our different timelines/newsfeeds and what was most prominent to us around the topic. I did not see many people call for a thorough review of facts before jumping to judgment though. (but i can only speak for what i saw)

                and i say people instead of limiting it to Black women because I stand firmly of the belief that Black women are NOT to blame for the movie not doing well (Roland can kick rocks for that) but i do believe it was a lack of real journalism that was the biggest contributor.

      • Val

        Quiet as it’s kept, the people that gave the film kudos at Sundance were mostly people who had something to do with the film.

    • Leggy

      Journalism is dead because people didn’t want to see a movie by someone who probably rap ed someone? I personally have no interest in seeing this movie because
      1. It’s a slave movie and I’m done with them
      2. I personally believe Nate Parker is a rapist and I refuse to support him.

      It is not group think to make a decision on how you spend your personal 9$. So I really don’t understand what your point is. Go see the movie and leave people alone to make their own decisions on what to do with their own money.

      • MsSula

        My thoughts exactly.

      • RaeNBow

        Journalism is dead for a LOT of reasons. But the “reporting” on the resurfaced 17 year old case that was replete with misinformation and writing that was HEAVILY skewed to cast one person (in a closed and criminal proceeding that had already reached a final disposition) in a negative light with cherry-picked excerpts of transcripts? that is just a glaring example of why journalism is dead.

        1. I agree. When the film got rave reviews at Sundance I had not interest in seeing it. saw it on Monday evening because a friend wanted to go.

        2. I respect your belief and subsequent actions.

        the last paragraph, well… if you could not gather the point form my comment, that’s fine. the “leave people alone” portion is a bit hostile and combative. and for no reason. I have never once told anyone in this coment section that they *should* go see it. please do not project any things you’ev heard elsewhere as coming from me. i didn’t do it.

    • Anonymous

      THIS I agree with. This film reaching its full potential audience ended as a possibility when Deadline “broke” its story about the film–a story that was inspired by information that had been posted on Parker’s Wikipedia page probably since somebody thought he was fit to have one. That was literally the beginning of the end. At that point, even the possibility that he actually had not raped the accuser was a non-factor. “Rape” had been uttered, which made him guilty within the minds of a certain very vocal segment of the population. TBH, I don’t have a problem with that 99% of the time. But, this particular case bothers me because so many facts that legitimately call into question the credibility of the accusation have been completely ignored.

  • Lex

    I guess I can only comment from my phone now….ol hating azz job..anyway I am DYING at Ascot Jesus. That slid me OUT my chair lmaooooo

  • NomadaNare

    Nate Parkers hubris killed his film

    Why make a movie about Nat Turner but take liberties with the history

    Why not make another movie about a slave rebellion but make it a fictional slave People would have drawn the allusions to Nat Turner themselves

    Meanwhile adding in the extra ish brought up a whole lot of background he was clearly not ready to deal with like a grown man

    Heres holding out for the Toussaint Louverture biopic

    • Right.

      After the Ebony interview, plenty of Black women joined the BOAN train. I was never upset with Nate (more Jean the co-writer and credited producer) after reading the transcripts. But Nate was sent to be the super savior for the film, and his cape was full of bullet holes. It failed. The more he talked, the more agitated he became and arrogant.

      From a PR move, they should have had Gabby doing more promotions. But the NEW story on the “lower than expected numbers” is that Black women, after finding out he has a White wife, starting a new movie boycott. So, my question is the same. Where are all of the Black men in movie theater seats? OR Per the norm, are the sistas supposed to carry the weight.


      • KeyBrad

        If this was the case, we would be on a lifetime boycott of movies, TV and sports. Plenty of cats out here in the world married to WW. James Earl Jones, Eddie Griffin, Danny Glover, Henry Louis Gates,
        Ole dude that played Luke Cage….Kanye..the list goes on.

        • Ice Jones

          black male twitter is having a field day with this very thing as we speak. apparently we been protesting a LOT of black men/white woman relationships that i wasn’t aware of. i think they must get all of their proof from lipstickalley

          • Coco

            Black men on twitter have no shame. Their favorite subjects on twitter is bashing black women, and gay men. They stay praising white women for the smallest thing, then later complain about white supremacy. If WW are better than BW, then white people are better black people. Then white supremacy is correct, but They’ll never see it that way.

            • Wise Old Owl

              And what do Black women spend there time on social media doing…Bashing Black Men for all the ills in the World. The Black Community is in disarray and engaged in a full on gender war on social media for all the world and White Racists to view and mock. I am fully aware that Willie Lynch was a fictional character, before I am accused of being a Hotep, but it is clear that an unseen hand has successfully pitted the Black Male against the Black Female and vice versa…it appears that we hate each other and blame the other for all our personal and collective failures. Yes, Black Men must do better, but so do Black Women…neither is blameless, because none are perfect and without fault. However, we both must keep our collective eyes on the real cause of and prevention of Black Progress and Liberation in America, White Supramacy.

              • Coco

                Black women it’s usually in response to black men’s insults! And BW are actually talking about real issues we face in the black community, particularly in the hands of BM, like domestic abuse, r&pe, misogyny… There plenty of twitter accounts specialized in insulting BW, and BM and WW go there to get their daily laugh. If somebody promised black men that white supremacy would only affect women, most of you would be okay with it. A lot of y’all take pleasure in BW’s embarrassment.

                Did you see how white people turned on trump for messing with WW, if it was BM on BW, BLack people would have laugh it off.

              • ladyfresh

                creating BLM, gathering hashtag critiques of racism, patriarchy, misogyny, supporting people through dealing with racism, patriarchy, misogyny, affirming and re affirming each other through public forums. Creating visible audience for the black experience and black content. But no what you see is clearly right and nothing else… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/90302e0b11f46996263dae56ccee7c0904bb809bcf38f40077babc353af25c6d.gif

                • Wise Old Owl

                  Certain Black Feminist engage in daily attacks on all Black Men on social media and practice Misandrynoir against Black Men everyday. If a Black Man has the audacity to disagree with their comments, posts and blogs and has an independent thought, he is accused of hating his Black Momma and all Black Women. They seem to believe that all the ills that affect Black Women are caused by Black Men alone and no one else. Just as there are sick sites and blogs of ignorant lost black males attacking and blaming Black Women for their baby mama drama and child support issues, there are numerous sites, blogs and black female writers that literally blame All Black Men for the myriad of issues that affect Black Women in America. I don’t hate my Black Momma or my Black Wife, so I don’t worry about the personal attacks from Black Women that I love, because I happen to disagree with them on a particular topic or issue. As I stated, there is no denying the Misogynoir and Misandrynoir in the Black Community…

                  • Duff Soviet Union


                    God, shut up.

                    • Wise Old Owl

                      This my point, how dare a Black Man have an independent voice or disagree with your ideology, I must shut up and be silent according to you…seems like Misandrynoir to me…

                    • Wild Cougar

                      I agree with him. The number of otherwise intelligent women now posting “men are trash” then trying to drag anyone who says not all men is getting annoying. I’m pro woman and all but we gotta call a spade a spade

                    • “M”

                      #NotAllMen is … a cliché for a reason.

                      And go through his comment stream, now. Old dude WILL NOT get off the topic.

                      At least the women whom he’s dragging have other topics on which they converse.

                      Perhaps that voice is so strong because there are in fact several million women with several million discrete men who have done several million discrete wrongs, and hence those several million women have several million discrete beefs.

                      But old dude only has that ONE topic, and he only has that ONE thing to say about ALL WOC.

                      And if that’s ALL he has to say, it might stand to good reason maybe that’s why that’s ALL he hears – those several million women are trying to stem or rebut that flood of his constant, one-note complaints.

                      Go on. Look for yourself; go through his comment stream. I did – because I didn’t want to be piling on or jumping in when I didn’t have a full sense of the way facts were trending.

                      But dude goes on and on and on and on and ON on some “Fair and Balanced” “BUTBBUTBUT WOC!” like he’s Faux Noise having a delusional episode.

                      He also uses that as a neat little deflection for discussing ANY part of the discrete wrong a given dude of color has pulled who is under the spotlight for some egregious ish, and part of me is … not a little curious at the psychology behind that.

                      But I’ll never know, because I got so sick of hearing him complain about the SAME THING, that ONE TOPIC, for THREE MONTHS, that I just blocked the noise.

                      Because this is a pre-Nov 9 conversation that was raw enough for me that I didn’t want to read it prior to this, and since then a whole lot of things have gotten a whole lot of serious on other fronts, so I really thought BM would’ve put the ‘BUTBUTBUT” in their pockets so we can deal effectively with what’s in front of all of us now collectively. But NO.

                      Dude still on that same old selfish ish like we haven’t plunged into an Orwellian nightmarescape and have to figure our way out before Iraq and North Korea come bombing for us.


                  • CozyVon

                    Nope, this IS true…there’s fuckery on both sides & I, personally, am so over it. With all the back & forth it’s sometimes easy to think BW & BM straight up hate each other…but I’ma just keep focusing on those of us who DO still have love for each other (because we ARE still in the cut). Laters for the rest of ’em.

                    • Wise Old Owl

                      Sister, that’s my concern, it appears that we truly hate each other and are engaged in a gender war fought on social media that is full of trolls and race baiters, who enjoy watching us infight instead of fighting white supremacy and institutional racism, sexism, classism and all the other isms…that affect the Black Community. Although, I must admit by the vitriol displayed by some commenters on this site, they truly hate the opposite gender, because they have their own agenda to promote

                  • Lifeisgood!

                    And certain black males are thugs and rapists. Using your logic, they all are. Can’t have it both ways, idiot.

                    • Wise Old Owl

                      You are the bitter idiot, because you can’t fathom the idea that an intelligent Black Man can actually think critically without agreeing with your Black Man Hating agenda. And Certain black females are thugs, sexual predators, domestic abusers, child abusers, gang members, prostitutes, Crack heads, strippers and Internet Feminist, who despise all Black Men, because of penis envy…

                    • Wise Old Owl

                      It is clear why you hate Black Men…and why you are an idiot, however, I am not Roland Martin and you are not going to intimidate me, because it is clear that you can not engage in a discussion without using personal attacks and calling Black Men derogatory names.

                    • Wise Old Owl

                      And many white males are thugs, child predators, wife beaters, sexual predators, see Bill Clinton and Donald Trump for prime examples, gang bangers, drug additics, mobsters, kidnappers, war mongers, drug dealers, and every other disgusting criminal type you can imagine in these United States of America…however, with your idiotic logic, only Black Males are rapists and thugs to justify your dating agenda…

                  • “M”

                    Do you have ANY other topic to talk about? Or is your brain just … *stuck* on this??

                    Blocking you now. This content has to go.

              • PinkRose

                MEN are supposed to lead and it seems that MANY have forgotten their roles.

                • Wise Old Owl

                  Tell that to the Feminist, who will accuse you of Misogynoir and supporting the Patriarchal system of oppression Black Women in America…I agree with Feminist that America is a Patriarchal society that marginalizes women and especially Black Women…I disagree with Feminist that the entire Black Community is Patriarchal, because our West African roots allow and support a strong Matriarchal family structure in the Black Community…the issue is often the Patriarchal and White Supramacy systems collide to prevent Black Women from gaining and maintaining the necessary resources to support their families. You may also be attack for assigning leadership roles based on gender…

              • “M”
            • Den Un

              They’re trolling for blood.

      • Kas

        If ya’ll didn’t carry the weight, where would we be?

        • Mochasister

          Up s***’s creek with no paddle.

          • Kas

            Black women are to black black men as black people are to the Democratic party.

            • Mochasister

              In other words taken for granted and unappreciated. Gotcha.

              • Kas

                We appreciate y’all when we need you.

      • Mochasister

        Why are Black women always expected to support everything and everybody? We are only half of the Black community. Like you said Black men weren’t in attendance either. And what about white women? Why didn’t they support the film? After all Nate Parker’s wife is white. If Black women are expected to support Nate Parker because he’s Black, then white women should support him because he’s married to one of them.

        • Ifasebee


        • Lifeisgood!

          Part of the reason black males treat black women like trash is….YALL STAY TO BE TREATED LIKE TRASH. Stop being there. Leave. Go away. Go live your lives. I don’t understand why you sisters STAY to let them treat you bad. Go. Be free.

          • HoneyRose

            Are you…are you blaming women for men treating them like trash?

            100% of the reason why a man (or anyone) treats a woman (or anyone) like trash is…because that man decided to treat someone like trash.

            • Wise Old Old Owl

              Maybe white males treat white females like TRASH, because according to twisted Black Man Hating logic, white females have all the eligible Black Men…so maybe white males need to treat white females better, so they can stop chasing Black Men…

              • “M”

                Needs a citation.


            • hello!!

      • Cleojonz

        I honestly didn’t even know a thing about Nate Parker’s personal life like that to know he was even married let alone to a white woman. The Rape allegations and the fact that the reviews were pretty sh*tty were enough to keep me away from this film.

    • miss t-lee

      “Heres holding out for the Toussaint Louverture biopic”

      Oh how I hope this gets made. Like…can we crowdfund this or something?

      • Jennifer
        • miss t-lee

          I knew Danny had been trying to get it made for a bit.

      • Val

        That’s the film I want to see.

        • miss t-lee


      • Fidel Hoggard

        If it is ever made VSB will probably do several negative articles on it and its writer right before it comes out.

        • miss t-lee

          I bet you’re a real hoot at parties.

          • Fidel Hoggard

            Trust me I would love to see one made. I just know the politics of having a movie that powerful hit the masses without any attempts to sabotage it. Not sure if your response was meant to be cheeky but whatever I stand by my statement/shade at VSB for its obvious smear campaign against BOAN

            • miss t-lee

              It wasn’t meant to be cheeky. I said it with my chest.
              Ain’t nobody sabotaged that movie except Nate Parker, himself.
              Point. Blank. Period. Point that blame in the correct direction.

              • LifeDelishUs
              • Fidel Hoggard

                So why didn’t he sabotage all the other movies he was in before this one. I guess its all just a coincidence huh. Why didn’t VSB attack all his other movies. If he had made the cliche slave movie about us being docile and singing negroe spirituals would all this hate have come his way? Its cool though, they sitting back laughing at us like always. I bet one thing though, ain’t no major black writer coming any where close to making anything this radical no time soon. The status quo is firmly in place, they made a example out of Nate Parker just like they use to back in slavery days when certain slaves got out of line. And just like back then they got assistance from little uncle toms to carry out their dirty work.

                • miss t-lee


                  This has been fun.
                  Happy trails.

                  • Fidel Hoggard

                    Lol…typical. Happy trails as well. Go get some sleep hun.

                • HoneyRose

                  This makes no sense. Why would VSB, a blog that is by and for black people about black culture and the black community, ‘sabotage’ a movie because it was focused on the black experience and black history?

      • Karine1976

        Danny Glover has been trying to make this happen for years. The French made a mini-series about him starring Jimmy Jean-Louis.

        • miss t-lee

          I remember the news about Danny. I didn’t know about the French mini-series though. Good deal.

        • Mochasister

          Did they include how the French also basically charged Haiti for their own freedom for years?

          • Karine1976

            A. I was made by black creatives. B. I ends at Louverture’s death.

      • LifeDelishUs

        Yessssss! Directed by Ava Duvernay. With Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje as Toussiant and Uzo Aduba as Marie-Jeanne

        • miss t-lee

          I could totally see this with your lineup and direction and everything.

      • Cleojonz

        Somebody send a letter to Oprah and Ava.

    • Jennifer

      Went to the NMAAHC yesterday. I’m holding out for a lot of biopics including the one for Louverture:

      -Harriet Tubman, just to have a sequence about her spy days of she and her bad bishes attacking plantations and freeing slaves.
      -Elizabeth Freeman (Mum Bett) – historical courtroom drama about how she got the best of Massachusetts and the system of slavery, and gained her freedom. Come on, her last name is Freeman.
      -Gloria Richardson – We all know the image, but I honestly didn’t know all of the details of her challenge to the Maryland government and National Guard. It’s such a good story. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/65ef99a59e7e46835f3ea9f85515c2dde985d7c948c4fd004ecf3bb85ee42d68.jpg

      • miss t-lee

        I would love a movie about Sister Gloria!

      • StillSuga

        These I would love to see!

      • Ari

        Fannie Lou Hamer

        • miss t-lee


      • NomadaNare

        The Tubman joint would be sooooo lit

        A Madam C. J. Walker would be dope (like they didnt just make Joy with Katniss)

        Maybe even a Sojourner Truth one too

        There is so much good black lit and so many historical figures to choose from

        • Fidel Hoggard

          So why haven’t they been made yet? Who’s not allowing them to be made? If they’re not made with a white savior character will they be sabotaged?

          • ladyfresh

            If they aren’t made with a black savior character that they don’t find attractive will black men gather their egos to peep it?

            • Wise Old Owl

              This Black Man, who doesn’t hate Black Women, is saving his coins for a Harriet Tubman biopic. She is my own personal Shero and had more courage than most black males during slavery…I just hope that Beyonce is cast to portray her, because I may have to boycott…

              • Wise Old Owl

                I hope they don’t cast Beyonce to portray Sister Harriet, because I may have to boycott….

              • if that happens ill be boycotting with you

                • Wise Old Owl

                  After the Nina Simone casting debacle, I would not be surprised if Hollywood casted a Beyonce or Rihanna type to portray Sister Tubman…..

      • HoneyRose

        I keep saying, if people want to make a black biopic why don’t they do one of Harriet Tubman? Harriet Tubman was a badazz HBIC. There are at least two discrete periods of her life that would make a great movie – her freeing slaves and her serving as a spy for the Army. Sh it, Joy Mangano made a mop and she gets a biopic and Harriet Tubman can’t even get one.

        • “M”

          A movie about Harriet Tubman would scare the ish out of wypipo.

          Especially now.

    • Anonymous

      Chile, we’re gonna get one about the Haitian revolution and folks are gonna invent a reason not to see that one, too.

      • Fidel Hoggard

        Thank you! Those same good white people liberals at huff post and other white owned media outlets will get their negro minion writers to do a smear campaign on it before it comes out. cough cough *VSB*

        • Wise Old Owl

          Preach on Brotha…speaking truth to power is frowned upon on this site…

    • Brooklyn_Bruin

      Rather they take that Danny Glover money and build a factory in Haiti.

      • NomadaNare

        You right

        Lets do both

      • and replant some trees too.

      • Betty’s Babygirl

        All week I’ve felt some kind of way about the first country of Resilients to free themselves from colonial rule is catching h$ll AGAIN. I hope one day the Resilient diaspora has created something akin to The Red Cross. Where we’d have boots on the ground expeditiously for them. Back in the day I used to make contributions to The Black United Fund as opposed to the United Way. Don’t even knowif they’re still in existence. Their website hasn’t been updated since 2014.

    • There was one back in 2014. Either that or a miniseries

      • Jennifer

        Do you have a link Ricky? The only one that came up in my search was the Danny Glover project.

    • Ifasebee

      “Why not make another movie about a slave rebellion but make it a fictional slave People would have drawn the allusions to Nat Turner themselves.” BravfuckingO!!!

    • La Bandita

      Yes! I read the book when Iam 12.

    • “M”

      Why don’t you make it?


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