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No, Seriously. What The Fuck Happens On A $700 Date?



After hearing about the $700 date heard ’round the internet, I was initially going to do a forensic examination on each of the details about this situation; a deconstruction of all the indications that these people live much, much different lives than I do.

I was going to note how Dede Damati (the model who outed @realbenjo for running out on a $700 bill while he was out with her girls) said “...mind you, it was only $700” in her takedown of him. And, I’d then note how the words “It was only $700” — a reference to something being cheap (!!!) — would only come out of my mouth if I was talking about a new car or an all-expense paid trip to motherfucking Saturn. 

I might have said something about how anyone agreeing to meet someone somewhere on a first date that expensive is very obviously either very thirsty — like, “just ate three entire packets of salt” levels of thirst — or very willing to show off how much money they want everyone to think they have. (Or both.) And also how a woman suggesting I take her on a date worth more than my first apartment’s monthly rent and one of my kidneys is a sign this aint a chick I need to be dating. (And is likely the mystery protagonist in at least two Drake verses.)

And maybe I’d say something about how sad @realbenjo’s Instagram page is. I still do not know what his real name is or what he does. But I do know his main contact address is an Outlook address and that if I tried to send an email to him, my email would get the gout.

Instead, I’m just going to leave everyone with one question:

What the fuck happens on a $700 date?

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Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at Or don't. Whatever.

  • Sahel

    Small talk,a tour of the city and off to pound town i suppose

    • Lea Thrace

      “and off to pound town i suppose”

      I should not have laughed. But I did.

      God is still working on me.

  • iamnotakata

    The thing is he’s wearing a bucket hat and then she should have known. I’m sure he was talking that cash sh*t but niece, there are always warning signs and apparently she missed them. I thought those type of chicks had radars for money. You mean they don’t come equipped with the bloodhound nostrils to detect whether a man has money or not? I’m surprised. and she from Miami…

    • Sahel

      Shots fired at Miami mamis,lmao

      • iamnotakata

        Not really though…she is from Miami they be about that life so, she messing up.

        • Sahel

          So is this only a miami trait ? Are NY women more reasonable or maybe Carolina birds are better

          • iamnotakata

            I couldn’t tell you, I am not specialist on that $700 date life, but I’ve been to Miami a few times and most the chicks out there are the same

          • I’ve lived in Carolina, Miami, and Philly/NJ so it’s all about context. You could spend this money in all three places

          • Trust me there are places in SC where you can drop $700 if you felt the need to do so but I’m not sure an IG model would even be aware of these places.

          • Daddynate

            In my experience the big midwest cities like detroit chicago and cleveland are the worst for gold digging black chicks. While LA Ny Dallas and Miami are universal with the gold digging chicks

            • Please do not slander the Midwest.

              • Daddynate

                Lol, my experiences tell me this, many friends who’ve traveled and lived elsewhere concur.

          • Daddynate

            The most easy going black chicks i found were in San Diego when i was in the Navy out there. They just loved a fun guy for the most part and werent all name brand centric

    • Lily

      Where is the lie?! The minute I saw that hat (and I won’t even acknowledge his artsy shirt), I was like, he ain’t got it.

  • Lashuntrice

    Well I’d say a fight out of town somewhere, two nights of hotel stay, and a couple places to eat at while on this date that really turns into a vacation.

    • Now that I wouldn’t mind. Still, I’m not dropping that bread on someone I just met. Besides, if you’re dull, then I’m stuck with you.

    • Thats the e-bae special

  • They said it was 4 people…in Miami that’s $700 easy at a good restaurant on the beach if you’re drinking. If you’re in Bal Harbor, South Miami, Aventura, or Coral Gables you can also spend that easy. Now that I think about it I should be a bit sad about the money I’ve spent on meals when I lived there but it was good food. I did the same in Philly when I lived out there too. So this is possible in any big city with a nice restaurant or upscale club scene

    • I mean aside from weekend vacays I’ve spent that many times over on shoes, food, or concert tickets so it really doesn’t seem to like a lot in context…

    • ??Jessica??

      Yh but a date with a girl u just met? Why tf you paying for 4 ppl? If he aint f@#king al 4 at the end of the night its nt worth it!

      • jess-s

        exactly, that should have been her first clue.
        no real dude is paying for you and all 4 of your friends.

      • Eh…when you go party in Miami, and with 4 women he invited out, those bills add up

  • Meridian

    I don’t understand why this is so appalling. Some people just have money like that so I don’t understand why people get in such an uproar about high budget dates. A LOT of sh*t can happen on a date with $700. By the looks of it, maybe a good table, a group dinner, and the right bottles of alcohol happened on this particular one.

    • Sahel

      I think the outrage stems from it being a first date and she brought her girls. Maybe dude was expecting only her

      • Meridian

        Don’t think I saw any outrage over that.

        • uNk

          I was a bit outraged at that lol

  • SimplePseudonym

    Dinner for two at Alinea in Chicago will cost you more than $700.

    Not sure what these people did, but if you go to a nice restaurant and buy dinner for two and order a bottle of wine, you can easily get to $400-500. Then go out for drinks afterwards- perhaps bottle service at some club/lounge? When you have money to blow, it can easily be done. Also, there were friends mentioned, so there were more than people. Easy.

    • Unless you’re about that gourmand life, I wouldn’t take a woman to someplace like Alinea or Le Bernadin. I wouldn’t mind going there because I’m intrigued by the food and wouldn’t mind sharing the experience. That said, that’s more like “broad, I’m thisclose to proposing to you, dammit” date, not the first one.

  • James Ja-Mes Azibo Bell Jr.

    *walks in*

    *looks left, looks right*

    Uh, who is Dede Damati???

    *walks out*

  • Nicholas Peters

    Sex…at least if I’m paying for it (I never would)

    – On a side note:

    Being a Redskins fan must be like being a woman in love….I love them, I am emotionally tied to them and I could never give my heart, time, and energy to another. They treat me awfully and do not reciprocate what I give to them and I could never love another…My only choice is apathy and that really isn’t an option…

    • Sahel

      A true fan.I salute you

    • Lord. I’m not trying to ever be a woman in love if the definition is what it’s like to be a Skins fan.

      • In the very ratchet corner of my heart I was proud of Bashaud Breeland for fighting Andre Roberts during the Washington football clubs practice yesterday. Way to represent home!

        • I watched the little shoving match they had. I enjoyed it.

    • Take this from an Oakland fan…just pull a Donald Sterling and love them privately. Win or lose they will never love you back.

  • I could see a $700 date being the norm or even lower tier, for any woman who actively seeks out sugar daddies or men who are in that upper echelon tax bracket. I think she was doing a bit too much by entertaining the thought of $700 being chump change though lol She hasn’t been around money long enough to not know that $700 is a lot of money to be spent on food.

    • Sahel

      Exactly,belittling 700 dollars like it’s chump change is amazing.

      • It’s interesting to watch these “self proclaimed socialites” who somehow found ways to profit off of social media. All of a sudden they don’t know what not having money is and all they know is high end labels and passports and country clubs.

        • Sahel

          Change we can believe in i suppose. But instagram as a medium is doing wonders for young women everywhere lol

        • LadyIbaka

          She is a model for heaven’s sakes! How you goin to disrespeck her ‘career’ by calling her ‘self proclaimed socialite’ . Don’t you know she is in the same category as Chanel Iman, only difference being her runway is digital(Instagram) not in Paris, London, NYC, you name it.

          • These millennial models have self made business gmails and post their “professional” shoots on the Gram for free

            • Sahel

              Get it anyway you can

            • Sigma_Since 93

              “millennial models”

              So weak right now……

          • No, she’s not to be put in the same category as Chanel Iman lol At all. These women on Instagram are not “models” their pictures end up on club flyers and stay on Instagram where they are overly filtered, not in Jet or Ebony or any other print magazine.

            • LadyIbaka

              Tell her she is not one, watch your face be re-arranged over #facts

            • Sahel

              Print is dead. Long live the internet model #badbit*h

              • LadyIbaka


              • Be that as it may, Chanel Iman ain’t out here all over IG “posing” as her main source of income

                • Val

                  Okay, y’all need to leave IG models alone. I’m a fan of quite of few of them. ;-)

        • Profit is probably a really generous description. Half the income they make all has to go back in physical and beauty maintenance.

    • These instamodels got the game twisted, they want sugar daddy money but want to date dudes who look like undergrads.

      • Sigma_Since 93

        The fact that she, or anyone else, that say’s “It’s just” when I’m paying gets voted off the island.

        • Its just $700 but you were pressed to post about it. K.

        • Sahel

          Lol,not the island lmao

        • LadyIbaka

          Her hair is probably $1000, her diverse investment portfolio that consists of LV bags, red bottoms, MAC only make up is significantly worth over $700…..soooo, she is more than justified to feel some type of way if Starbucks is all you can do for a first date. #getonherlevel #badbish #bosslikeRickRossminustherolls #aaaaaye

          • Sigma_Since 93

            It’s not my fault she chose to spend her disposable income in that manner. I’d rather have a $300 tailored suit than the $1,000 suit and have the difference making money for me……but that’s just me.

            I can see if dude held himself out as a $700 bill is chump change airing him out. Otherwise, respect my money if I’m paying.

            • LadyIbaka

              Sig, you do know that was said in jest , right?

              • Sigma_Since 93

                Yeah I know you and I are clowning but I still had to say it because there’s somebody out there that will not know you are joking. Sometime during the year, we talked about a $200 date and folks were scratching their heads about that. I was almost like when did $200 morph to $700??

                Baby I thought you knew I was a baller……..just like these guys


                • LadyIbaka

                  It really is very simple, no second date.

                  • Sigma_Since 93

                    I thought we had something??????

                    • LadyIbaka

                      With who, Sig? I been Loc’d for a minute. #loyal #ridebutnotdie

                    • Sigma_Since 93

                      You’ve been on lock??? With whom? *Gets like Lil Fizz all in his feelings and cries in his beer*

                    • LadyIbaka

                      Yaz.. With the one and only bae that makes my heart go boom mbooroondom like super bass.

          • Here’s my thing, any woman who is on that level of picking and choosing what kinds of men take her out know what kinds of questions to ask and what type of research to do on men they speak to beforehand. If she’s so used to dating men of a certain caliber, surely she’s figured out how to weed out the one’s who aren’t who they say they are based on a myriad of factors.

            • exactly, nothing about this experience lends credence to her ever having dated a man with wealth, August Alsina DMed her a watch and some new 100s and she was sold

              • Exactly! This is an example of a woman who wants people to think that she’s about this life. There are girls in college who get monthly allowances from men that rival yearly salaries. She doesn’t know what “chump change” is.

                • Some instamodel laughed at this rookie mistake from her fully furnished condo…be good or be good at it I guess

                • PhlyyPhree

                  Who are these girls and where do I apply? Sheesh I been living life wrong

                  • Just search #waisttraining lol

                    • BreezyX2


                    • camilleblu


                    • Epsilonicus

                      You are winning today sir.

                  • Daddynate

                    Dont do it. One day you’ll be 30 something lonely and ran through. Get an honest good dude by being an honest good woman. In other words earn your meal ticket the right way. Trust me you should see the women i came up with who were bout that life, late 30s dont hide that bullsh!t life anymore, shit catches up

                • Meridian

                  This is a good point. When these kind of conversations come up I automatically start thinking about the spending habits of upper class folks. These girls are usually broke college students who either seek certain men out or are in a scandalous line of work. I guess once you get used to it you can flex about it, even though you’re one or two break-ups from being broke and in the dorms again?

                  • These women out here asking men for Louboutins and rent money are asking for the equivalent of $20 to some of these men. They really aren’t flexing as hard as they think.

            • Naw. This type of woman is getting chose by dudes hopping in her inbox mentions.

              • That too. She doesn’t seem to have any standards above be attractive and look like you have money.

          • Daddynate

            In my experience those types are the worst. Women like her can keep that overpriced disease thot trap. Her pus is no better than the modest girl we all know from work school or something who would raise your kids and work with you as a partner until yall get old and die

          • uNk

            She was probably one of the voices in the Rick Ross “Bad Bish skit” too lol

      • Exactly, they want to date the men making the big checks and not the ones who cut the big checks. V.Stiviano should be the matriach heaux for women looking to be sugar babies.

  • Ray Jefferies

    It’s hard to take either of these flexes seriously (the dude spending the money and the chick lightly regarding it… like it was petty cash). This is a good illustration though of confusing cost with value. At some point you stop paying for quality and start paying for the brand. Anyway to answer the question – what happens on a $700 date? Same thing that happens on a $200 date, you just pay more to do it.

    • Word. They seem like some real insecure people. They deserve each other.

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