New Web Series: “Ask A Black Man” Featuring Panama Jackson

Hey strangers!

Liz here. We’re skipping our regular entry today because your very own Panama Jackson was featured in a web series talk show that debuts today on MadameNoire.com. The show is called Ask A Black Man, and it’s all about love, dating, sex and relationships from the male perspective. I happen to be the Executive Producer on the series, so you know if 2/3 of VSB is involved it’s gotta be halfway decent! Ha.

This episode is called “The Life of A SIngle Man” and Panama will also be featured in The Sex Episode premiering on April 11. Make sure you tune into Ask A Black Man every Wednesday for new episodes.

Anyway, press play below or head on over to Episode 1 and watch over there.


Tell us what you think about Panama’s Participation! Did he represent well for the 3s?


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  • Pretty nice! Keep up the good work!

  • Jay

    Definitely a good look…

  • Iamnotakata

    Can I say I love it ! And I wish it were longer! This confirmed a few things I already knew!

  • Awesome Panama! good look my brother.

  • Is that a thing with men who become fathers? I mean do we as men want to be the guy our daughters want to date? or are we (as men) suppose to be the one to teach them to go for someone better than us?

  • WayUPThere

    Did Panama really say “Are people still asking that” when scoop said the body count question? Every vsb reader knows that topic finds a way to appear–in the comments at the very least–about once every two weeks here.

    Hell, I feel like there was a discussion thread about it under one of champ’s posts last week…

  • Sooo…if most of them said they wouldn’t want their daughters to date them, why would us as women want to? And most of them are in their late 20s, early 30s!. At that rate, I’ma die an old lonely spinster or have to resort to the swirl. Le sigh.

  • A. Marie

    I liked it! I will say that I was touched by Panama taking about how much he has grown from having a daughter. I have asked that question of men before. If you don’t have a daughter, would u want your neice or sister to date a man like you? This should make men have better character. Thanks for posting and keep it up!

  • MJoy

    Great post! One thing I took from the video that I would love to take a man pole on…

    What IS more important when it comes to marriage? The right one or the right time? Obviously both are important but will “the one” make you get married before you thought you were ready?

  • PJ is really coming into his “three-ness”

    I still think “Ask A Black Man” should be called “Askin Y’all Negroes,” but that’s just me

    I see celibacy has made Liz hella productive. *claps*

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