New Features and a Live Event Starring The Champ

Hey VSBs and VSSs,

We have some exciting housecleaning announcements for you all:

1. Some of our readers asked us to get on Tumblr so they could keep tabs on us over there. Your wish is our command: Follow us here. For now it’s just an imported feed, but we might do some other things with it later.

2. A few of you were asking if you could subscribe to The VSB Files on iTunes. I’m happy to announce we’ve been added to the iTunes Podcast directory: Click here to subscribe. You can subscribe to the podcast’s regular feed over here. We’ll be back with new episodes shortly!

3. A new feature we’ve been trying out over the past week is AskChamp. The Champ really wanted a way to answer your dating questions via Twitter, but we thought adding a layer of anonymity (and more character space) would help people open up a little more, if you know what I mean. We hooked up a FormSpring account that feeds to our Twitter account. Our Twitter followers have been enjoying Champ’s answers, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and feel free to drop your questions in the AskChamp widget on our website’s sidebar. You can also enter your love questions directly on the AskChamp page.

4. If you can’t get enough of The Champ, you’re in luck because he is (finally) going on the road! I thought Champ had strict orders to never leave the State of Pennsylvania, but he’s coming to Washington DC for the Modern Day Matchmaker event, where he will be a featured panelist for the show! The event goes down Saturday, March 27, 2010 at 6:15 PM (ET) at Gala Theatre, 3333 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20010. Tickets are $20 for the show, and $10 for the after-party. FOR VSB READERS WE ARE OFFERING A $5.00 DISCOUNT ON TICKETS! Use the discount code VSB at checkout to receive your discount. The code applies only to the full access show & after-party ($25) and show-only ($20) tickets. We only have a limited amount of tickets to sell at the discount rate, so it’s first-come, first-served. Get your tickets now!

That’s it for now.

Feature requests, suggestions, complaints? You can keep them to yourself always e-mail us, we’re all ears.


Damon Young

California Girl turned New Yorker. MIT + USC Media/Comm nerd. Black & Navajo. I'm a laugher not a fighter. Follow me @calinative.

  • Sula

    Awww, I like it when y’all go super star like this! It’s a good look!


  • http://TheSunk.com The Hallway/TheSunk

    So im reading the formspring, the dicussion goes as the following,

    “Where do guys like you hang out? Your blogs crack me up. But, I seem to meet people who are lame and shit. Can’t find the secret hangout where all the witty black professional men are…

    strip clubs. and dungeons.

    -Some of the funny sh!t I’ve ever read but I agree with the dungeons part


  • http://codecipher.blogspot.com MeteorMan

    This is smooth… So what’s up with that VSB BBQ Champ? I think the A would be a perfect place. lol

    • keisha brown


      extra extra co-sign, with a side of co-sign sauce, sprinkled with co-sign.

      and since you can link your FB to your Twitter..how bout some love for the non can’t-no-box-with-a-140-character-limit-hold-me folk. (aka..me!). i wanna ask y’all questions and sh*t too.


      • http://lizburr.com Liz

        @keisha brown, lol you can enter questins even if you aren’t a twitter user. just go to formspring.me/askchamp.

      • MissingBerlin

        @keisha brown, triple-cosign on the VSB BBQ!

  • Wise Diva

    you ROCK Liz! They don’t appreciate you enough!

    • http://lizburr.com Liz

      @Wise Diva, aw thx :)