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Negro Supercriminal Michael Brown Apparently Deserved To Die

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This title is not hyperbole. There is also no sarcasm here.

Well, let me rephrase that. For rational, clear-thinking, and thoughtful people, the sentiment expressed in the title is not true.

This is also not true for Americans — Black, White, whoever — who’ve learned not to believe everything — or, in some cases, anything — the police say in regards to any type of interaction with a Black person. Specifically, any type of interaction with Black males between the ages of two and 102.

This may not even be true for people who believed it was true until this week, when the images and stories reported from Ferguson finally made them get it.

It’s definitely not true for the multiple eyewitnesses who saw exactly what happened.

But, once you move away from these people, you’ll find that there is a segment of the population — an uncomfortably large segment — who believe Michael Brown was a supercriminal who deserved to die. They have no doubt that Brown — who had no prior criminal record — decided one day to violently rob a convenience store, wrestle with a cop, attempt to take that cop’s gun, and attempt to shoot and kill the cop. For them, there’s no doubt about any of this. And since there’s no doubt about any of this, he deserved to die.

When you think about things this way, it makes sense that Ferguson police chief Thomas Jackson would hold a news conference in front of a burned down convenience store, a not-so-subtle reminder to all the true believers of what Negro Supercriminals like Michael Brown are capable of.

Of course he’d mention that Negro Supercriminal Michael Brown was a robbery suspect. Because Negro Supercriminals are all guilty of all crimes. And when you’re guilty of all crimes — and you happen to be a Negro Supercriminal — you deserve to die.

Of course he’d use the word “robbery” in place of what might have been a case of a shoplifting. Because, when Negro Supercriminals are involved, shopliftings become robberies.

Of course he’d wait six days to release the name of the police officer who killed Negro Supercriminal Michael Brown. Because, the safety of the police is more important than that of Michael Brown and the community of potential Negro Supercriminals he came from. Because, of course, the Negro Supercriminals would have done some supercriminal shit if they learned the name earlier in the week.

And of course, the Super Criminality of Micheal Brown is easy to accept once you believe that all Michael Browns — all Black men and women  — are potential Negro Supercriminals.

Which is what all of this is about. The militarization of the police, the (non)freedom of the press, the hundreds of thousands of comments on news stories and Facebook pages from our neighbors, co-workers, and “friends” (It’s time to stop looking at “internet people” as “internet people.” Those people leaving racist, trollish comments everywhere are real actual people you work with, live next to, and might even be “friends” with in real life). It’s all about that belief an uncomfortably large segment of the population holds, that all Michael Browns — all Black men and women, including those reading this right now — are potential Negro Supercriminals who need to be stopped.

One thing is true. There is nothing we — the potential Negro Supercriminals — can do about that. We can pull up our pants, pull off our hoodies, put on a smile, and put into the idea of America. We can graduate, vote, pay taxes, get married, raise our children, and tend our lawns. We can, have been, and will continue to do all of those things. But it’s not about us and what we can or need to do differently. Respectability politics have been, and will always be, a fucking fraud. Martin Luther King Jr. was killed in a suit.

It’s on them to reach out, to change their minds, to educate themselves, to listen, to be curious, to expand their horizons, to overcome their fears, to join us. Because between working jobs and raising children and making friends and going to school and ordering pizza on the weekend and just being human, being a mythical supercriminal can be exhausting.

Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at Or don't. Whatever.

  • panamajackson

    When I saw the “Teen killed by Ferguson, MO, officer had stolen cigars from convenience store shortly before shooting, police say. ” I almost threw my phone across my office. Because like you said, apparently he deserved to die. The non-sensical causation implied there is f*cking ridiculous. But hey…if you’ve seen this article then, well…

    • Yep. Totally agree.

    • IsitFridayyet?

      There was a case in my hometown where a mother was killed and her husband shot during a home invasion. In an article summarizing the incident, the picture they included of her was a mug shot taken in 2007, six years prior to her death. At first glance she appeared to be the perpetrator of the crime and not the victim. She was called everything but a child of God and her death was viewed a justified because she had a mug shot six years prior. Only after a week of emailing and calling the station to complain was the picture replaced and the fact that she was returning to school in the fall revealed. This happens too much.

    • Kema

      Wow! Read some of the stories associated with the headlines. Smh!

    • Paradigm

      I haven’t compared the photos yet, but during the press conference this a.m. a lady asked Capt. Johnson why the guy in the “robbery” video’s gear didn’t exactly match what a lifeless Micheal Brown was wearing in the middle of the street.. The local cops are already on their way to being caught in one lie regarding the shooting itself.. But if it’s not him in the video tho.. maaaaaannnnnnnnnn

      • Andrea

        I don’t want to look at his uncovered body. But you see these side by side images. And my mind can’t even begin to process. So many of these insane images. He is wearing pants. Right? My mind can’t even believe my own eyes anymore.

        • Paradigm

          Yeah it’s hard to process b/c if that’s really how it’s going down then even w/ Michael Brown being executed, this situation is worse than they even coming close to acknowledging

      • Animate

        Are you effin serious?

        • Paradigm

          I kid you not.. I had to hit rewind b/c you never really get real questions like that at press conferences.. When she asked the question folks started applauding her for pointing that out.. Capt. Johnson responded that they would be reviewing everything but if she’s right then how flagrant would that be

  • JoJoLove

    I was waiting for this post. As I entered my workplace this morning, the TV in the lunch room was set to Fox News as it always is. (Ireally want to hit the power button every time I go in there to get coffee) LOL…I noticed the photo of a strong armed robbery suspect that was allegedly Mike Brown. My first thought was they had to find something to justify what was done. My second thought was this is worse than I could’ve ever imagined and why wasn’t
    this information released sooner?

    • LMNOP

      I’m guessing this information wasn’t “released sooner” because they hadn’t made it up yet.

      • Shut your mouth and keep on talking. That right there is the absolutely truth! Six days later and we are just now hearing about this alleged robbery?

        • niksmit

          I heard on day one that he was accused of stealing candy, then later cigars. However, I still need more info on why he’s now dead.

          • Exactly. Regardless of what he lifted, he did not deserve to die. I personally don’t think anyone has the right to take a life, but that is a different topic for another day.

            When it comes to Michael Brown the punishment does not fit the crime. Especially when there are people out there who have committed murder and may be on trial right now or “being protected” by the police.

  • sigh. i just cant anymore.
    just when i thought the clouds were breaking.. FPD comes with this day after tomorrow polar vortex of boolsheet.

  • My heart dropped when I read that on CNN. I just knew someone, anyone was going to tarnish this boy’s image in whatever way they can.

    I just posted this to my facebook page earlier today:

    “Michael Brown, a high-school graduate and college-bound student, allegedly stole cigars from a convenience store…shot 8-10 times and died a few moments later.

    Eric Garner, a father and neighborhood “peacemaker,” was previously arrested for selling untaxed cigarettes…however put in a chokehold which resulted in his death a few moments later.

    James Eagan Holmes, killed 12 people and injured 70 others during the movie theater shooting in Aurora, CO…police escorted him out of the theater and into a cop car. Trial is set for December 2014.

    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the brothers involved in the Boston Marathon Shooting, killing 3 people and injuring almost 264 others, was later apprehended by police…graced the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine and is still on trial for this brutal crime. Trial is set for November 2014.

    What am I missing here?”

    • LMNOP

      This is pretty much the perfect response.

    • Paradigm

      Not condoning his actions – But don’t forget about Chris Dorner.. They had no intent to take him alive and they quickly swept that story under the rug w/out addressing anything

      • Right and look how quickly that swept under the rug.

    • Dzhokhar killed a cop, ran over his own brother and still got a day in court WITH PEOPLE STILL CLAIMING HIS INNOCENCE

      • Tristan, you’re absolutely right. Thanks for pointing that out! But let’s not forget, when you encounter an a black boy, who is unarmed, that stands over six-feet tall, and weighs 200+ pounds then everyone is in fear for their life.

      • Asiyah

        It’s cuz he’s a White Muslim. Bottom line.

        • and looks like a member of One Direction

          • Asiyah

            yeah! I once read this very interesting article about young women’s fascination with serial killers. I didn’t know that was a thing. I see a serial killer and I don’t go, “oh wow, he’s hot.”

  • Vanity in Peril

    Amen and ashe and amen again.

  • Val

    Meh, I’m not surprised. It’s just America’s normal racial propaganda. Football player Richard Sherman, who has no history of violence, goes on a rant and he’s labeled a thug. NASCAR driver Tony Stewart, who has a history of violence, actually kills a guy and the word thug is never used to describe him.

    In order to counter negative propaganda we need our own propaganda machine. Unfortunately we Black folks don’t own a significant amount of national media outlets to create our own positive propaganda. So we’re stuck constantly putting out these sort of fires instead of playing the game on the same level as the racist mainstream media.

    • “Football player Richard Sherman, who has no history of violence, goes on a rant and he’s labeled a thug. NASCAR driver Tony Stewart, who has a history of violence, actually kills a guy and the word thug is never used to describe him.”

      Val for Threeeeeeeeee

    • Suuq Madiq

      You’re on point!

    • Desean

      People are often labeled thugs for things like dress and manner of speaking. If you are trying to portray yourself as a “thug” or tough guy as many young african americans do, they shouldn’t be offended when someone calls them one.

      • Bluberry01

        So, if I follow your thinking than EVERY football player – including the white ones — must be labeled a “thug” because Richard Sherman was “wearing” the same attire as any other football player that day. Secondly, he was asked a question after making an influential play which ultimately lead him and his team to the Super Bowl. Was he supposed to whisper his response like he was attempting to put a baby to sleep?

  • GemmieBoo

    the observation in this post is spot on and its so well crafted. thank you.

  • jolly

    This right here is indication that this Black in America problem is so systemic and deeply rooted it’s a disease. It’s disgusting. Humans are being taught to fear humans by the system. Store owners need not call the cops on the next shoplifter because he/she may be killed? A damn shame. This is actually ridiculous because swisher sweets stolen or not it’s becoming more clear that cop shot him because he was black and had deeply offended him in that “car scuffle”. Like is this the land of make-believe or what? What is the value of black life here? Wouldn’t he have even been more valuable to the “system” in our lucrative prison industrial complex? But no, this here seems to me to have been a straight hate crime the more it unfolds. That cop just lived out the same aggression pundits point and label black youth in the inner city with. The same hate, the same reckless devalue of life manifested because of some visceral offense in the moment … like you went to town on a ball fight with an 18 year old and you Murdered Him for what????
    his hate overtook him,smh

    • Kema

      “That cop just lived out the same aggression pundits point and label black youth in the inner city with.”

      This!!! That’s all it was and now everyone wants to make excuses for his thugish behavior.

  • The idea that a black kid can “rob” a convenience store unarmed, nearly subdue an officer and run away is absolutely ridiculous. The idea that the masses can suspend disbelief enough so they can rest gently knowing a “thug” is off the streets is terrifying.

    • Wild Cougar

      This is why racism is a form of insanity. Their minds do not have contact with reality. Fantastical scenarios in their imagination are more real to them than the real world in front of their faces. The cognitive dissonance that emerges when true and false collide will be overridden time and time again to support confirmation bias. This is mental illness. And yet we continue to try to reason with crazy people. We need to stop trying to get them to see truth. There is an emotional core at the bottom of this that is the foundation of their very identity. They will do anything to protect it. Dialogue will not solve it. Integration will not solve it. Education and awareness will not solve it. We need to give up on that effort and fight this like a war. Malcolm X was right.

      • NomadaNare

        WC I’m usually with you, but if you fight it like a war it will be ended like a war. We need to be smarter than that and than them. We can do all the things X said without resorting to violence, because if we do, our wide scale elimination will be justified as necessary. I mean all the evidence we need is Israel/Gaza. Asymmetric force/warfare is the name of the game.

      • Val

        I considered that racism might be a mental illness. But, after thinking about it I realized that it’s not mental illness. It’s simply Whites creating an environment where they are favored in every aspect of life. That’s not craziness, that’s considered and thoughtful strategizing to effect a desired result.

        Calling racism a mental illness lets racists off the hook.

        • And racism is just a form of humanity. If Black folk managed to get to the Americas first and managed to enslave White people, we’d be on the same foolishness. Power has a way to rendering itself invisible.

          • Kema

            I’ve always thought about this.

          • Val

            “racism is just a form of humanity.”

            Is it? White Europeans invented the concept of race. Also, as White Europeans made their way around the world they were almost universally met with offers of friendship from the non-White people they encountered. It was Whites who subjugated based upon “Race”.

            You may be right but the evidence suggests that before White Europeans introduced and exported “race” around the world other groups, even when there were differences between them didn’t deal with each other that way.

            Also, if you study African history, since you mentioned Black people, even when there were differences in appearance between groups of Africans this was never a basis for conflict. And, there are pretty extreme differences in appearance between the peoples of Africa.

            So, as I said, “race” and racism seems to be something unique to Whites which they have spread around the world for their benefit.

          • Racism and nationalism are simply derivatives of tribalism. They’re created to expand the tribal instinct to a larger number of people to create an unnatural sense of unity that is usually reserved to small numbers of people. That’s why I can’t really swing with the whole idea that it was “invented”, more than it came about as an expansion of the nation-state. There’s a dark side to “unity”, that people don’t like to talk about especially when it’s on a grand scale.

            When you mix racism and nationalism with the concept of “The Great Chain of Being” which Plato first coined, and likely developed from his travels and studies in Egypt and India as well as other ancient societies that preceded the rise of Ancient Greece, you realize that hierarchy, aristocracy and feudalism are the forces and end goals of all forms of tribalism and collectivism, which always lead to violence and oppression, because most people just have a natural desire not to stick to their assigned spot.

    • Jay


    • You have a problem

      So the idea is ridiculous. You disregard the truth even if there is video of the robbery, and Dorian Johnson has admitted that Mike Brown is definitely the strong armed robber. Who is suspending belief. Brown just committed a strong armed robbery and is confronted by an officer who suspects this is the culprit. You think it is absolutely ridiculous that Brown might have assaulted the officer. Brown is a super intelligent person who was a week from starting college and committed a strong armed robbery, such a person would never be dumb enough to assault an officer who might arrest him. Give me a break, 90% of these posts are about racism and we have no evidence that racism was involved. This robber was described as a large black male, and Brown fit the description (and was the actual robber), we will learn more details when the full report is made but why do so many blacks jump to the conclusion that this was a case of racism.

      • jolly

        “why do so many blacks jump to the conclusion that this was a case of racism”

        Honestly since when do we execute suspected culprits of robbery or police assault in broad daylight? When is the last time you heard of a cop chokeholding a white man to death….all this and then feebly attempting to justify their in the moment rage and reaction with some stereotypical reference from the dead victims’ past?

        I’d say it’s just a series of uncanny fatal coincidences where the victims have been black and everyone other than black people could care less or don’t see the big deal…or worse automatically and without a doubt assume it’s that black person’s fault no matter how small or large the offense or dare I say it the color of the offender. You know that and the uncanny daily coincidences of institutional racism that I find are often invisible to those that don’t experience it. You know I hear you, we have no evidence that racism was involved in slavery, Jim Crow, or you know that small group of folks trying to impeach Obama right now either BUT history has sort of told us to be on guard lest we fall victim to ANYONE jumping to conclusions based on something like skin color.

        P.S- I was being facetious in terms of your claims for “evidence” because there is tons

      • Racism, in it’s simplest form, is discriminating people based on their race. The part of racism that many black people protest against and rally, is when it’s institutional in it’s nature i.e. in the police force, where the people who are entrusted in serving and protecting, as well as enforcing the law, do so differently when the color of the person in question is black. I realize that due to politics and media, most people view the word as an accusation of flat out evil, but at it’s core that’s what black people generally mean by the word and politics of racism.

        What has triggered the riots and revolts has been a. multiple eye witness testimonies that the police officer shot Mike Brown as he was surrendering, and shot him again once he was down and incapable of running anymore and b. that very little effort was made to save his life after he was shot, c. that if he was dead, very little respect was paid to his body, which wasn’t covered for hours but was left in the open for a crowd to see (Anyone with common sense, would know that that is likely to trigger backlash.) and d. that even after his family showed up, they weren’t allowed to see their supposedly dead child. It seems the police were more concerned about not letting people see the dead body than they were in following what their protocols are supposed to be. It seems that these police officers didn’t follow protocol, which is designed to prevent such things from happening, and many black people are of the opinion, that when it comes to many black people, there always seems to be a break in protocol that almost always ends in the deaths of black suspects who die before they get their chance in court. That’s what the claim of racism is about.

        As the case goes on, I’m sure a lot of misinformation will be corrected, and what people thought was right, will be revealed to be wrong and vice versa, but until the facts are all in, it’s likely people will build a story around the propaganda they find appealing, which is why the police station released that tape in the first place.

      • momoftwobgirls

        how many intelligent white people commit strong arm robbery a week before going to college? how many other dangerous thugs are shot as they flee? im just wondering

      • Yes, i believe it is ridiculous that even if Brown was the robber, he would then fight a cop and your logic that he’s dumb enough to do it is just as absurd. The prison is full of murderers and rapists who had more to lose than an 18 year old with no priors and a misdemeanor THEFT pending and howany of them you think went down swinging

      • Jane

        When Wilson saw Brown in the street several minutes after Brown shoplifted from the store, do you think that Wilson was even aware that the shoplifting had even taken place? I don’t think that Wilson was aware of any shoplifting, or was aware that Brown had just stole something from a store. I think that Brown thought that the cop knew what he had just done and was stopping him (Brown). I think this was a set of tragic coincidences. Just my thought.

  • Baba Olaitan Osagbemileke

    100% correct with this right here. The most glaring evidence supporting your claims brother is the way Barack Hussein Obama is criminalized from the day he stepped on the scene even though he has done everything a ‘GOOD NEGRO’ is supposed to achieve and more. The super criminal abilities he has been assigned are beyond amazing.

    • Wild Cougar

      We gotta stop trying to earn our humanity from these people and just treat them like the unstable hostile enemies they are. Stop trying to be fair and equal. Why give them the benefit of the doubt? Guess what being good, calm, fair and equal has gotten us. They will find any excuse, and when they can’t find one, they will invent one.

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