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My Tyler Perry Problem (Hint: It Has Nothing To Do With Tyler Perry)


One of the great paradoxes in life is the fact that the more cable channels you have, the less there seems to be to actually watch on TV. I experienced this a few months back while at my parents, simultaneously amazed by the 700+ channels they have and flabbergasted by the fact that there was literally nothing attractive to watch.

Dejected and still possessing a few hours I needed to kill, I finally decided on Daddy’s Little Girls—the Tyler Perry vehicle starring Idris Elba, Gabrielle Union, and a dozen or so ONs (“Other N*ggas”) with their own Wiki pages. I’d seen bits and pieces of it before, but never had the opportunity to watch it from the beginning to the end.

Now, before I continue, I have to disclose something. You know those self-righteous, uber-Bougie Black people who don’t “hate” Tyler Perry, but kind of sort of think he’s the bane of Black filmmaking? The type that would write a 2000 word long blog post decrying his work, and might shake his head and sigh loudly if his name happened to be brought up in a positive manner while he was at brunch with friends? Well, I am one of those people.

Actually, that’s a bit misleading. I was one of those people until Daddy’s Little Girls showed me exactly why I was one of those people.

The movie itself was unremarkable and ultimately forgettable. This is not an insult, though. Most movies are unremarkable and forgettable. I kinda chuckled at a couple scenes and cringed at some others. On that scale, there is literally no difference between Daddy’s Little Girls and hundreds of other movies I’ve watched during lazy weekends.

I then thought about every other Tyler Perry movie I’ve seen. All (in my opinion) vacillated between “eh” and “eh, this sucks.” These feelings are far from ringing endorsements, but I didn’t hate any of his movies, either.

(Now, I have to say that I haven’t seen Temptation, a movie that may actually be the worst reviewed movie ever. I mean, there have been bad movies before, shitty, awful, cinematic train wrecks, but how many were so bad that people thought they were f*cking dangerous?)

Again, though, this particular form of ambivalence isn’t new for me. I have the same feelings towards dozens of different actors, movies, producers, and directors. That’s just human nature. You’re going to like some things and dislike some other things, but most things are going to fall somewhere in the middle. But I haven’t written articles and blogs about all of those people. I have about Tyler Perry, and the amount of effort I’ve put into thinking about him—someone who falls in the low end of my middle—just doesn’t equal how I actually feel about his work.

It then dawned on me: My “dislike” of Tyler Perry had nothing to do with his work and everything to do with the fact that there aren’t really any alternatives. Yes, you have your Spike Lees and your Ava DuVernays and whoever else you want to mention, but no other Black filmmaker is as prolific and popular. Basically, if he was just another popular Black filmmaker in a sea of popular Black filmmakers, I wouldn’t have thought so badly of him. I probably wouldn’t have thought much about him at all. I was allowing his lack of competition—and how he was received by other people—to not just influence but determine how I felt about him.

I suspect I’m not alone in feeling this way. Not just about Tyler Perry, but other movies, songs, artists, and even people. Basically, the principle—how we think a product should be received in relation to its competition—has a tendency to matter more than our feelings about the product itself.

Even looking back in my own history, I went through the same mental gymnastics a decade ago when formulating an opinion about 50 Cent. I hated what 50 “represented” (Don’t ask me to define that), hated that he was the undisputed king of hip-hop for a three or four year span, hated the fact that he ruined Ja Rule’s career and then turned around and made the exact same type of songs he clowned Ja Rule for, and hated that no one seemed to care about any of that. But…I liked his music (and disliked Ja Rule’s music). What Up Gangsta? is still one of my favorite rap songs.

Just as with Tyler Perry, my feelings about 50 had more to do with his prominence than the actual art he was producing. I actually thought he was “good,” but because he was so popular, too many people thought he was “great,” and this changed my “good” to “bad.”

Although the tone of this piece so far may suggest otherwise, I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing. We don’t live in vacuums, and sometimes the principle does matter more than the product. At the same time, its unfair to project your own hangups on how art should be on a person who clearly isn’t interested in creating the type of art you think they need to create, and this is exactly what I’d been doing with Tyler Perry. As I stated earlier, if he was merely the 3rd or 13th most popular and prolific Black filmmaker, I wouldn’t have given him any extra (or negative) thought, and it’s not his fault that no one is currently there to counterbalance him.

I’m glad I got over that, though. Now, when done watching Daddy’s Little Girls or Why Did I Get Married again I can finally do what I should have been doing the entire time: Forget about it.

—Damon Young (aka “The Champ”)

***We ended last week with a bit of roll call. Continuing that theme, I’m going to go down the list and name each of the VSB-ers I met at our 5th anniversary party Saturday. I might forget a name or two, but since my blood-alcohol content level was probably 16 times the legal limit, it’s not my fault.

Wild Cougar (Who engaged me in the deepest drunk conversation about Bougie Black People and Tyler Perry that anyone has ever had)

Tx10inch (Who I refused to introduce to others by his VSB handle. Not secure enough in my masculinity to refer to another man as “10 Inch.” According to me, his name was just “Texas.”)

Soula Powa (Who ended up doing the exact same thing with me he did the first time I met him—at our #threedeez book party two years ago—watching and debating basketball)

CNotes (Whose hair makes me feel like a White woman. Ok. That didn’t come out right. Lemme try again. According to many Black women, White women love to touch their hair. I felt the same way)

Shay D Lady (Who, considering how drunk she was, may not actually be alive right now. 11:14am edit: Shay D Lady has informed me that she is, in fact, alive. Since she’s alive, I have to say that she definitely wins the award for “VSS Most Likely To, By The End Of The Night, Either Have You Saying ‘That Was The Best Night Ever’ or ‘How The Hell Did I End Up In Prison?’…Or Both”)

Cheekie (Percolate deez)

The Sunk (Who gave me beard envy)

Aly (Who doesn’t think I’m very funny. To her credit, I’m not)

Yoles (Who made me see why she seems to be everyone’s favorite VSS)

Keisha Brown (Who I was pleasantly surprised to see again. Didn’t realize she was coming in)

Medium Meech (Who, along with Texas, seemed to make it a personal duty to grind for at least three songs with every VSS. They were definitely the hardest working men at Liv that night, pun intended)

Mad Scientist (Who I think I saw but didn’t get a chance to speak to)

Esa (Who had on some very nice pants)

Sweet Ga Brown (Who helped create a Champ sandwich with Wild Cougar)

Kema (Who was cheery as a motherf*cker)

Again, I was in a Smirnoff-induced haze, so some names will come to me as the day goes on and my memory continues to come back. So, if we met and your name is not here right now, there’s at least a 17% chance that it will be when you hit refresh***

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  • Tx10inch

    Tyler Perry?!? I was expecting a recap on the 5yr meetup….

    • Malik

      Who smanged?

      • Tx10inch

        Not sure…not me tho! lol

    • AfroPetite

      same here :-(

    • nillalatte

      Yeah, where’s the scoop?!

      • Tx10inch

        Miracle Whiiiiip! I see u. lol

        • nillalatte

          LOL… I got the “all-out Squeeze” bottle going on… with the tag line “tastes great, less waste” *laughing so hard I can hardly breathe!* I told you there was SO much we could do with that moniker, but pics are better! LMAO

          • Tx10inch

            LOL. 4sho

    • Dignan

      I demand gossip and stories of ratchetry!

      • Tx10inch

        It was straight. But I’ll let someone more….”animated” recap the night.

    • refresh the page

    • Brother Mouzone

      Tyler Perry: His movies SUCK!!! What I dislike more than his movies, however, is how many seemingly intelligent sistas are huge fans of his work. This disappoints me more than I let on when I meet a lady…it’s become almost a low key dealbreaker with me when I meet a potential SO( I know that seems extreme but I’m working on it). I guess it comes down to the fact that I like my comedy(and drama for that matter) a little more nuanced and less predictable. If two people share the same sense of what they think is funny, it makes for a much better relationship…Maybe it’s just me..lol

      On a side-NOTE..*see what I did there*
      I would have LOVED to attend the party just to run my fingers through C-Notes hair…My new E-cr…EDIT

      • CNotes

        “On a side-NOTE..*see what I did there*”

        I peeped that! LOL!!

  • iamnotakata

    I like Tyler Perry!! I love Madea (she’s actually my fav character) I never really understand all the disliking for him. Nobody helped him get where he is now so there really is nothing to say as far as I’m concerned in regards ti the type of films he puts out. He started from scratch, bust his as$ and now he is here. But I am glad you are able to take his movies for what they are..fictional stories of entertainment and move on.

    • Jelly Jam

      It’s not about Tyler Perry personally. Kudos to him for making it, but artistically, he sucks. His writing sucks. His storylines sucks. His acting (as himself) sucks. How do you make Angela Bassett look bad as an actress? I don’t know, but Tyler Perry figured out how to do it! The man has no concept of plot development or plot resolution. Aside from his own personal wittiness when he’s playing certain comical relief roles and his heavy reliance on stereotypes, he has nothing.

      • iamnotakata

        I suppose I just don’t have high expectations for his movies…I’m not really looking for a John Q level of suspense and all of that. I’ve seen his plays they are kind of ratchet but funny so that is my expectation of his movies.

        • I can get that he’s not going to be the black Martin Scorsese but at the minimalist of levels, make me laugh, make me care, entertain me, he fails to ever do any. Shrug life.

      • *shots fired*

    • IcePrincess3

      I’m witchu, iamnotakata. Tyler perry is aite with me. I don’t like his entire body if work. I don’t care for “meet the browns” (movie OR tv show), never seen “daddy’s little girls.” Whatever. But “family that preys” is one if my fave movies; I know it line for line. I also like “house of pain” once in a while. But none if it is that serious for me to spend any energy hating on this man personally. For what? He seems cool, funny, he loves God. Good enough for me *shrug*

      • LMNOP

        I was really disappointed with the family that preys because for some reason I thought from commercials that the familiar-looking old white lady was going to be evil, and I kept waiting for her to turn evil, but she was actually pretty nice. And dying. So then I felt bad for wanting her to be evil.

        • IcePrincess3

          Lol! Kathy bates is the bomb. If you want to see her be evil, watch “misery.” You won’t be disappointed!

          • Although, you will be when you see her nude scene in “About Schmidt” *shudders*

        • Nikki

          This is the reason I liked Family that Preys. I didn’t want to see it because I thought it was going to be another black people held down by white people with money movie, but I was pleasantly surprised.

    • Brother Mouzone

      Let me just say this about TP. I don’t knock his hustle, I admire his ability to come from very little and build such an empire. I just wish that that empire had been built with more quality material and less buffoonery, ratchetness, unfunniness, and stereotypes. I thought the brotha-in-a-dress thing was played out but apparently not.


      Of course you are a Tyler Perry Fan, Look at you.

  • minxbrie

    YES! I’m so ready for this conversation.

    I agree with that that currently Tyler Perry holds a monopoly on mainstream black cinema. Other than Spike Lee, I can’t name another black director – Does Salim Akil count? I saw Jumping the Broom and thought it was a Tyler Perry movie because it was SO BAD that I couldn’t think of anyone else who could get away with feeding the masses bad movies and STILL making money off of it.

    BUT the more Tyler Perry movies I watch, the more problems I have with the message that he sends. Because I’ve tried to like Tyler Perry. I admire that he has reached a great amount of success despite his trials. I loved Diary of An Angry Black Woman and I even gave Madea Goes to Jail a pass because I like stereotyped humour. If you want to get really analytical you could say that Madea trangresses that “Mammy” role that is typically given to black women because not only is it played by a black man,but her “maternity” skills are actually more paternal.

    However, he sends a bad message. Stereotypes are all harmful, but when used for humour, it can shed light on how stupid they are and open dialogue. But he is making stereotypes of his own that don’t sit well with me.

    Maybe it’s because I watched Temptation last Friday and I was unimpressed overall with the storyline, but his moral compass is WAY off. His characters do not allow for complex thinking, in Tyler Perry’s world, everything is in black and white. It’s like he’s playing God and if anybody makes a step outside of not being a devout Christian, he smites them. It’s very rare that someone who makes a mistake comes out of it without a disease or a death sentence.

    That being said…

    Good call on using Idris Elba in Daddy’s Little Girls because that man can GET ALL OF IT.

    • AfroPetite

      Exactly! Moral of “Tempattion” is as follows:

      1. Any upwardly mobile man with money is the devil
      2. If you cheat on your husband you’ll get HIV, leading to full blown AIDs and ultimately D.E.A.T.H!!!!!
      3. Christian chex is wack and only happens in the well light sanctuary of ones bedroom

      • minxbrie


        -If you cheat, you will end up with a drug addiction and a man that beats you.
        – If you want a good woman, marry an authentic black girl and she’ll give you some beautiful babies AND only have sex in the bed (lights off, and only in the missionary position).

        As if I’m going to believe that Lance Gross only does it in the bedroom….

      • Sweet GA Brown

        Wait, did you just tell me what the movie is about? Thanks for saving me a download. Lol.

        • minxbrie

          I mean the only download available right now is dude taping in the theater with a video camera.

          And it wasn’t even WORTH the bad quality.

          • Sweet GA Brown

            Lol. Well I’ll continue to read these comments and piece together the story.

        • AfroPetite

          Yes, you’re welcome! I just saved you 111 minutes of wasted time.

      • my sister’s review of the movie as we walked out of the theater (verbatim) was “Soooo, if you dont cook and clean and have boring sex, a rich man will kill you with his d*ck? OH, OK.”

        That movie was so ghatdamn miserable. Its not even like she was in a HAPPY marriage and cheated…she was justifiably disgruntled and Tyler STILL killed her with the AIDS package…smh

        • Aly

          LOL. I love your sister’s review. I haven’t seen Temptation, but have read several reviews and that one seems pretty accurate.

    • You’re absolutely right about TP’s morals, but you forget one thing: the African-American community in the US has the highest weekly rates of attending service in America. While the Black Church isn’t the dominant force it once was, it has declined much less than with other groups. Simply put, that moral language you knock Tyler Perry on (and rightly, in my opinion) is the cultural vernacular of Black America, full stop. There’s no other way to appeal to a large number of Black people without maybe going full coon.

      • minxbrie

        Maybe it’s because I’m from Canada and I haven’t been to a “Black Church” since I was like 7 but is it really that serious? I’ve seen the memes; twerk on Saturday and worship on Sunday – SOMEBODY is finding the grey area.

        Maybe I’m just being ridiculous, because I feel like I could take something away from his films if his Christianity wasn’t starting to feel borderline fanatical (anyone who has seen Temptation will know what I’m talking about) and if he actually spread a message of positivity rather than “Let Jesus Save You or Die of HIV”.

        • Joanna

          I agree! I’m all for incorporating Jesus in my entertainment but I’m not for phony/legalistic Christianity in my face. People aren’t trying to see that in the real world, why would we want it in “fantasy” world?

          • mochazina


        • its so true…He’s always had Christian values in his movies–and thats perfectly fine. Its refreshing to see a movie that implies that if you are good and you do good AND you have a lil faith in Baby Jesus, then all will be great….but this whole “lets punish sinners with famine and death” is a bit much…hes the 5th Horseman of the Apocolypse….or maybe he thinks he’s Jesus’ right hand man, who knows. Ugh

      • Aly

        “There’s no other way to appeal to a large number of Black people without maybe going full coon.”

        I couldn’t disagree with this more. I think the success of Scandal, for example, has proven that Black folks appreciate diversity of themes and subject matter when it comes to movies and television.

        • minxbrie


          If we have managed to evolve past BET, I think we can have higher standards for movies as well.

    • emjay

      yassssss to all of this. I have nothing to add to this except to say diary of a mad black woman is my ish and then my relationship with tp went downhill from there

      • Just _Joi

        I haven’t seen Temptation and I probably won’t. As for Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Kimberly Elise KILLED that roll! Did you see her hit bro-man with the Nerf bat? It was Kimberly Elise, not Tyler Perry who made that movie. For Colored Girls was good but I’ll NEVER watch it again!

    • Joanna

      Yes! His characters are so shallow! They never grow (except maybe during his musical montage). Except maybe Lisa from Family Reunion but…idk.

      • People can question a director’s values or even their moral irresponsibility….but at least make GOOD movies!! Tarantino is a perfect example of a director who has questionable moral fabric, but his movies are so entertaining that its not painful to watch….Tyler needs to perfect his craft before he can start beating us in the head with his mythological bible..

        Serious question…is he a republican? Tea Party member?

  • Malik

    I agree. I greatly like the idea of a Tyler Perry or an Oprah. It’s a shame they don’t really ever produce anything of interest in addition to controlling the lionshare of mainstream exposure. I’ll give Tyler Perry credit in that he gives old talented Black actresses paychecks and steady work that they rightfully deserve for the work they’ve put in like Cicely Tyson.

    • amber l

      I agree about TP giving actors work but the problem is that it’s generally bad work. So he’s doing somewhat of a disservice to their craft. I generally like TP for his hard work & perseverance & enjoy his play more than his movies because with his movies I expect him to step his game up & sometimes falls short.

      I read an interview that Lance Gross did &he said that TP likes to move quickly he wants one take, he’s not obsessed with every little thing I think that’s the problem, even the great actors he uses he doesn’t let those character develop organically.

      • Just _Joi

        Wow! Seriously? He doesn’t GAF about the quality of the movie. With Temptation, it felt like he had been sitting on it- waiting for a slow movie season, so that he could make a quick buck. Like a penny stock investment or something. It was so obvious!

  • BlueWave

    The cold part about it is, if not for Perry a lot of black actors wouldn’t even be getting work. There just isn’t enough projects out there being greenlit for the amount of talent available.

    And where are the new black film makers hiding? Where are this generation’s Spike Lee, John Singleton, or Matty Rich?

    • Sweet GA Brown

      “And where are the new black film makers hiding? Where are this generation’s Spike Lee, John Singleton, or Matty Rich?”

      On youtube waiting for someone to call them off the bench.

    • “And where are the new black film makers hiding? Where are this generation’s Spike Lee, John Singleton, or Matty Rich?”

      Here’s the following:

      George Tillman, Jr.
      (Soul Food, Men Of Honor, Notorious, Faster)

      F. Gary Gray
      (Friday, Set It Off, The Negotiator, The Italian Job, A Man Apart, Be Cool, Law Abiding Citizen)

      Antoine Fuqua
      (The Replacement Killers, Training Day, Tears Of The Sun, King Arthur, Shooter, Brooklyn’s Finest)

      Thomas Carter
      (Save The Last Dance, Coach Carter)

      Kasi Lemmons
      (Eve’s Bayou, The Caveman’s Valentine)

      Tim Story
      (Barbershop, Fantastic Four, Hurricane Season, Think Like A Man)

      • Sweet GA Brown

        Antione Fuqua also did Olympus Has Fallen.

      • Dignan

        You left out Jessy Terrero. :D

        • “Soul Plane”? Nah, that was intentional, LMAO!!!

          • Jazzbabe

            Soul Plane was hilarious! Not every black film is supposed to be a cerebral “message” film.
            Sure, Soul Plane was full of stereotypes, but it was really funny

    • Malik
    • Erika

      There are a lot of talented black filmmakers. Unfortunately, they don’t have the financial clout and power that Tyler Perry has. It’s not a lack of filmmakers. It’s a lack of interest from studios and financiers to make more projects. Also, Spike Lee and John Singleton might be better filmmakers than Tyler Perry but they’re not better moneymakers. Bottom line, they don’t have the devoted audience that he has. His films make money thus he gets more money to make films. If black people want to see better movies, they need to go out and support those films.

      • minxbrie

        Maybe it’s because Tyler Perry puts his damn name on EVERYTHING?

        “Tyler Perry Presents…Diary of a Mad Black Woman!”
        “Tyler Perry Presents…Temptation!”
        “Tyler Perry Presents His Drive to Church, Complete with A Family Sing-A-Long!”

  • nillalatte

    I have always enjoyed TPerry movies. And, yes, my favorite character is Madea hands down. A lot of folks I know, one black woman in particular I used to work with, H.A.T.E.D. the Madea character. Shyt, I’m from da souf, we have folks like Madea all day er day.

    “amazed by the 700+ channels they have and flabbergasted by the fact that there was literally nothing attractive to watch.”

    OMG yes! I’m so sick of television. And, that is the reason I rarely watch it myself because THERE IS ALMOST NOTHING WORTH WATCHING EVER ON! Dude, I had a free 3 months of HBO, Cinemax, Starz and I don’t know what else, but, I called the television company and to keep all those movie channels was going to cost me $60/mo. I was like, “shyt, it ain’t worth that to me. Hello Redbox.” I actually analyzed how many movies I would have to watch (if there was actually something on worth watching) and how much time that would be v. two movies from Redbox every weekend. Needless to say, that shyt got canceled.

    • nillalatte

      Why is it only when I copy and post something Champ writes that I land in moderation? It’s a conspiracy, I say!

      • IcePrincess3

        Bwahahahaaa nilla u came wit the dope avi pic today! Hilarious!! Tx10 gonna LHAO. U stupid for that one girl.

        • nillalatte

          :D We gots to keep it fresh up in hurr, girl. LOL Just don’t try to throw me on no white bread! I needs that caramel, toasted wheat bread. ;)

          • IcePrincess3

            Lol! Your & Dignan’s avatars can get together & make a sandwich! All you need is someone to post a pic of some ham. Lets see if anybody does it lmao

            • Dignan

              But she already said that she doesn’t want any white bread, and that’s all I have on offer. :D

              Also, Nilla, the censor will hit you every time you say a n alyze, because of the first four letters in the word. I always laugh when that happens, but surely there’s a place in the software to fix that.

              • nillalatte

                I see. So WordMess won’t let me a.nalize? How we gon be ‘very smart’ anything without doing that?! smdh..

            • Sweetsass

              Turkey, the other white meat.

              • nillalatte

                LOL… now who’s foolish! I’ll take a 1/2 pound of sagey bear doe. ;) :D

    • AfroPetite

      omg Miracle Whip is everything to me! I hate Dukes Mayonnaise -___-

      • nillalatte

        LMAO — Thank Tx. I died when I read the tag line “Great Taste, Less Waste” ROTFL……….

    • LMNOP

      “Shyt, I’m from da souf, we have folks like Madea all day er day.”

      Really? I always thought people in the south were mostly anti-cross-dressing.

      • nillalatte

        Ha! U know I meant attitude not cross dressing. But I have a story or two on that subject too. There are drag queens in the south too.

    • WIP

      I think there is some good stuff on (I never catch it and always watch on On Demand.) I like the Mindy Show and Nashville.

      • Joanna

        I tried Nashville. I thought it was boring (which sucks because I LOVE Connie Britton). Maybe I’ll try again when it’s on Netflix.

      • niksmit

        I concur. If I try to just flip something on, I’m probably going to be disappointed. But if I start making a DVR/Hulu/OnDemand queue, it fills up with quality quite easily.

  • AfroPetite

    I wish Tyler Perry were a better writer. Temptation was tough to watch for me personally because of the crappy dialogue. In one scene Brandy, Lance, and an elderly pharmacist were engaged in a pointless conversation which centered around Brandy being hired and what her daily duties were to be. It was such an unnecessary 5 minutes that were spent on Brandy looking like a deer in head lights with various awkward pauses in the conversation.

    Actually, all of the conversations in Perry’s films seem forced and unnatural in general.

    Other than the lazy writing, Perry just loves portraying black women as these vapid creatures who’s saving grace is some blue collar black man with a Bible and a humble life. I’m not sure how many movies he’s going to continue to make with the same plot but hey, hey’s making money and black Christians seem to love it.

    • AfroPetite


    • minxbrie

      The old lady got a pass for me because she played Fran’s mom in the Nanny. That was the highlight of that whole movie for me.

      What I have learned from Tyler Perry is that I will most likely die of HIV because I refuse to set foot in a church…not only that but I will die alone because “light-skinned” women (I hate that term) are pure evil.

      • AfroPetite

        *nods head* Pretty much. HIV is the punishment for all the gentiles and sinners who are not of the cloth according to him.

        • minxbrie

          How about the way he killed off Gavin in Why Did I Get Married Too? Like what do you mean the man is just going to get hit by a truck?!

          • AfroPetite

            He just doesn’t have a firm grasp on how to create dynamic plots/characters lol

          • lets not forget the AIDS cough he gave Janet Jackson in For Colored Girls….and that wasnt even his story!!! How he managed to mess up an adaptation of such an amazing book is beyond me

            • AfroPetite

              I still haven’t seen For Colored Girls because he laid hands on it and I won’t see it ever.

      • Well, light skinned women ARE pure evil. :) Hey, I remember how you light girls teased me in school, calling me burnt. Tyler Perry is getting my revenge! *cackle*

    • “I wish Tyler Perry were a better writer.”

      This has been my primary complaint with Tyler Perry. His stage plays don’t translate to films very well. Someone needs to tell him that what may work on stage will never work in a motion picture Playwright/director David Mamet figured that out a long time ago.

      “Other than the lazy writing, Perry just loves portraying black women as these vapid creatures who’s saving grace is some blue collar black man with a Bible and a humble life.”

      Or Black women with very verbally and/or physically abusive men…

      • WIP

        The singing saves the stage plays and they tend to go a much more religious route. Also you get the crows acting up which is also fun. I’ve been to one and had a great time. I think you’re so right- it doesn’t translate as well into film.

        • minxbrie


          He needs to go back to plays. Movies are not his thing.

    • Yonnie

      I agree that Tyler Perry’s writing sucks, but I think that Brandy’s awkwardness and deer-in-headlights look was the point of that scene. The old pharmacist needed some bases for her “something’s wrong with that girl” claim.

      • AfroPetite

        But there was something off about that whole scene. I understand that she was supposed to be the “new girl at the pharmacy”, but it was an extremely awkward exchange which could have used more ad libs or something.

        • yeah, it was def like watching a blooper reel rather than a final cut

    • Aly

      “Other than the lazy writing, Perry just loves portraying black women as these vapid creatures who’s saving grace is some blue collar black man with a Bible and a humble life.”

      Bingo. I think he secretly hates black women.

      • Ms. Bridget

        I think he secretly wishes he was one.

        • Yoles


          • camilleblu

            yeah…maybe his craft will get better when he embraces his true self…

  • Eb Z

    I agree with you Champ. I feel the same way about Nicki Minaj. There doesn’t seem to be enough balance in Black media. If there was, I doubt Mr. Perry would be as popular as he is.

  • Secret Sauce

    I’m not a Tyler Perry fan because his target audience is not aimed at me. (late 20s black male who hasn’t had the shared experiences the storylines in his films present)

    There is nothing wrong with that, of course. It’s just that I’ll never invest in what he produces.

  • It always amused me that no one seemed to notice (or maybe no one cared) that after GRODT, 50 was the new Ja- singin for hoes and sounding like the Cookie Monster.

    This take on TP is interesting, though, because I can never seem to pin down how I feel about his “existence”. He doesn’t elicit any cult like stantastic adoration, nor do I consider him to be Satan in a fat suit. At best, Tyler Perry rates a solid “meh” in my book.

    On one hand, I’m glad he’s in the mix, providing steady jobs to the Black SAG nonmembers who are usually used to meeting every 2nd Tuesday at the Hardee’s on Crenshaw. He keeps folks entertained, keeps others employed, and I don’t think he’s the huge threat to Black existence that some are making him out to be.

    OTOH, his works don’t do it for me…they’re like Luther hair in that they just don’t curl all the way over. I wish I could get excited, but he’s not speaking in my voice, so I find myself not caring when he’s dropping another “woman done wrong-finds JC & good D-now she’s singing a happy song” #1 box office smash.

    Long & Rambling, I know. It’s 1AM and this turned up on my feed as I called myself tapping out for the night. I’ll reassess and readdress after getting some zzzzzzzs.

    • “woman done wrong-finds JC & good D-now she’s singing a happy song”

      Consider this quote stolen. This is a CLASSIC! :) And an accurate depiction of Tyler Perry movies. LOL

      • Oh you didn’t know? JC + Good D = The REAL GetRight! :-)

    • Charlie

      50 was the new Ja- singin for hoes and sounding like the Cookie Monster.

      gwah ha ha, Cookie monster.

    • This take on TP is interesting, though, because I can never seem to pin down how I feel about his “existence”.

      His existence is the same as another director named Michael Bay. His films are box office draws but they have no redeeming value as a piece of art.

      • Yeah, but no.

        If I publicly state that I stopped watching Michael Bay movies after Bad Boys 2, some would agree, some would say I’m crazy and missing out on good cindma, but I wouldn’t be flayed to within an inch of my life for some sort of perceived betrayal.

        • That’s something I never understood with his fans. It’s like you’re not allowed to criticize anything he’s done- even if it’s constructive, no matter how bad the product happens to be.

    • Brother Mouzone

      I played one of the old Ja songs in my head, and cracked up laughing behind this comment…thank you for that.

      “50 was the new Ja- singin for hoes and sounding like the Cookie Monster.”

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