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My Five Favorite Characters From “The Wire”

Hello, everyone. My name is Damon Young (aka “The Champ”), and I am the biggest fan of “The Wire” you’ll ever meet. Actually, let me rephrase that. Because “The Wire” is the best thing that’s ever happened, well, on Earth — yes, it’s better than bacon, democracy, sunsets, kittens, women who squirt, Mike Tomlin’s shape-ups, Mary Magdalene’s hugs, Aretha’s voice, NBA basketball, unlimited mimosas, the entire Renaissance, the moon, The Bluest Eye, snow days in school, the entire internet, bacon wrapped bacon, bougie Black girls, and everyone who’s ever been named “Michael” — it is likely that there are other people whose love for “The Wire” matches mine. Not surpasses, but matches.

Anyway, I’m bringing this up because today is going to be devoted to all things “The Wire,” and if you’re a person who hasn’t seen it, plans to see it but doesn’t want to get spoiled, saw it and didn’t care for it, couldn’t really care any less about it, or enjoyed “The Wire” but don’t see the need in spending an entire day discussing a f*cking TV show that ended four years ago, today is not the day for you at VSB, and I will not feel bad if you decide to u-turn when you see this paragraph. Happy motherf*cking trails.

For those of you who remain, today I’m going to attempt to do perhaps the hardest thing I’ve ever attempted to do. Narrow down and list my five favorite characters from “The Wire.” To understand how difficult this is, I’d probably have an easier time listing the top five most arrogant things God has ever done. I’m literally sweating right now, drinking a half gallon bottle of All Sport (yes, they still do make that), and I think I just stopped a nosebleed.

So, before my body breaks completely down, I should just go ahead with the list.

(In reverse order)

5. Francis “Frank” Sobotka

Like most other fans of “The Wire,” season two’s shift in focus from the streets to the ports initially caused a prevailing sense of “Wait. What the f*ck is this?”-ness that was more due to my own expectations than the quality of the season itself. When I watched it for the second time, I began to appreciate how this season turned “The Wire” from a show about cops and robbers to a sobering, deconstructionist take on the drug war and the city of Baltimore. Basically, in season two, the “The Wire” got real.

At the heart of all of this was Frank Sobotka, a man who just wanted to provide for his family and stand for his occupation and co-workers and just got waaaaay over his head. Also, like Wallace in season one, his death further pushed one of the prevailing themes of “The Wire” — that there was really no place in the game — and, well, America, really — for good-hearted people.

4. Lester Freamon

Makes the cut because, as a person who always thinks they’re the smartest person in the room (and is usually correct), I appreciate others who also always think they’re the smartest people in the room (and are also usually correct).

Also, more superficially, Lester’s awesomeness is at least partially due to the fact that he bagged the best-looking woman to appear on any of the seasons, and he kind of reminds me of my dad.

3. Howard “Bunny” Colvin

In lieu of explaining why he’s so high on my list, I’m going to ask you all a question that Bunny Colvin would probably ask you all if he were a blogger. Let’s say drugs — all drugs — were legalized next week. Do you think more people would use them?

(My answer? No, because I don’t think the criminality of drugs is really what makes people not use them. I’d bet a week’s pay that people who’ve never done crack, smack, or meth have never done it because of the effect it would have of their bodies, not because it was illegal.)

2. Michael Lee

I’ve already spoken extensively about my love for season four of “The Wire,” so there’s no need to revisit that now. What I haven’t spoken about before, though, is the fact that the two minute long scene where Michael first meets Marlo gives me chills every time I watch it. It’s that good. In that one short clip, you see everything you need to see about Michael —  his lack of fear, his single-mindedness, his contempt for authority, the deadness in his eyes — and you’re forced to wonder what a 13 year had to have gone through to make him that hard that young.

1. Preston “Bodie” Broadus

More than any other character, Bodie represented the heart of the show — the common man who’s too powerless, too engulfed by bureaucracy and station to do anything besides maintain a small portion of the universe, a portion of the universe that he doesn’t even own. I know it seems counterintuitive to refer to a murderous drug dealer a “common man,” but Bodie was Baltimore, and his life (and eventual death) showed the futility of being principled in an environment where principles are a valueless currency.

(Honorable mentions: D’Angelo Barksdale, “Cutty” Wise, Weebay Brice, Avon Barksdale, Prop Joe, Bunk Moreland, Randy Wagstaff, Vondus, and Bill Rawls)

Anyway, people of VSB, that’s it for me today. I’m curious, though. Who were your five favorite characters from “The Wire”?

—Damon Young (aka “The Champ”)

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  • Kristin Lansdown

    1. Omar
    2. D’angelo
    3. Bodie
    4. Lester
    5. Carcetti

    • Man f*** Carcetti, he’s the reason i cant trust politicians

      • Justmetheguy

        +1 Tristian- I don’t know y I actually thought that fool was actually bout to make a difference smh. Real talk tho when the city’s that broke there ain’t much u can do without screwing most ppl over. The management of city funds seemed like a d@mn seesaw. Still tho, he was too concerned about strategically mapping out his political career and becoming governor. That’s what turned me off from him the most.

        • That’s y he was so real…he does the smarmy politician so well, he flipped it medieval style on House of Thrones (put some pimp on it)!

          • He truly did nail the smarmy politician. He just had that LOOK and aura too.

      • I totally had a Wire Character moment (those who watched the show know this moment. After the Wire, the actors are ONLY Wire characters even if you knew the actors prior… i.e pre-Wire Bunk was that skeevy office dude from Waiting to Exhale… now he Bunk. LMAO)… in The Dark Knight Rises opening scene, I was like CARCETTI! Commissioner Ervin was in that joint later in the film too! LOL

        • Cutty played a robot on the Sarah Connor Chronicles (The chick who played Sarah Connor is on Game of Thrones and I call her Sarah Connor.) and called him Terminator Cutty.

        • Pretty much, well except Wood Harris. I watched an old SVU episode where Prezbo was molesting his stepson, never realized how molesterish he looked lol

        • WIP

          Yes! I also do this with Lost. Those characters will just always be those characters and I don’t care to know their real names.

        • “…in The Dark Knight Rises opening scene, I was like CARCETTI! Commissioner Ervin was in that joint later in the film too! LOL”

          LOL, me too. I was thinking “Damn, man. Bane definitely aint no Marlo. You might be in over your head with this one”

          • HAHA, right!

            • dabigpodina

              Yeah Champ, that lil joke about us folks who could give a damn about the wire, I laughed, but it wasn’t funny though. I watched the clip, came here to let you know, then made that u turn outta here. Happy MFn trails 2 u too Homey

        • DevyDev

          This! I watched Red Tails and all The Wire cast members made my soul glow! I was in the theatre like “Bubbles, my man!” lol. Cheese, Wallace (who is GADTDAMB FAHN! now that he’s grown up), Mike.. loved seeing them!

          • Just about every actor besides the A-listers was in Red Tails or Sparkle

          • Anastasia!!!

            haha! you are so right! I was like Bubbles was never effin with Cheez!

        • Kema

          Ive watched Pooty Tang to much so Bodie was Froggy to me. lol!

      • it’s interesting how each of the politicians in the wire were clearly based on real life people. Carcetti is Martin O’Malley, the mayor at the end of the series (i forgot her name) is based off of Sheila Dixon, and Royce was Kurt Schmoke (who actually appeared in the show)

    • Val

      I hated Carcetti. His character was the most unbelievable to me. He had no charisma what-so-ever.

      • That’s because you don’t know the real person. That whole story about the race for mayor is true.

        • Carcetti was based on Maryland governor Martin O’ Malley… imagine how we in baltimore felt for real voting for that dude….never trust politicians that also moonlight as front men for Irish bands

        • Chris Moore

          Right…did you see the Democratic National Convention? The guy who spoke after Deval Patrick that came off very plastic and uncharismatic? That was Martin O’Malley, the inspiration for Tommy Carcetti.

        • Val

          I meant the actor playing Carcetti.

          • Val! what US Charm City residents are saying is the actor was playing a real person so he couldn’t be unrealistic because we know the real person.

            • Justmetheguy

              Yeah, I actually thought that made his character believable. When he came off engaging to other people it was obvious that it took effort and looked contrived. That seemed realistic to me. Some politicians are like that though, because they all aim at either charisma ort he genuine and straightforward no non-sense persona. Honestly though it was what made me like him at first. He came off as genuine. Charismatic people (especially politicians) make me suspicious because I know how easy it is to hide corruption, manipulation, and greed with charm and social graces. I liked Carcetti at first because he seemed like he was gonna be honest, genuine, and transparent. Then he got the gig as mayor and the real Carcetti was exposed smh. I gotta look up the politicians that these characters are modeled after (including this O’Malley character). Sheeeeeeid especially Clay Davis lol

    • 1. Dookie – if you grew up on the “wrong side of the tracks”, you know a Dookie. Basically all the “kids” were my favorites. I know them. I grew up with them.

      • “Dookie – if you grew up on the “wrong side of the tracks”, you know a Dookie. Basically all the “kids” were my favorites. I know them. I grew up with them.”

        dookie’s story was just so sad. I actually think randy’s was even sadder, though. dookie never really had any hope, or any chance, really. randy, on the other hand, had it, and then had it taken away from him

      • DevyDev

        Aw man. i just choked up thinking about Dukie…

    • Val

      Question; is the guy that played Slim Charles a Go-Go singer in real life?

      • i thought he was like a radio personality or something

        • He does have a radio show now on 93.9 KYS ( I don’t listen to the radio much anymore, so I don’t know when it comes on or WHY) but he started as Big G from BackYard Band in DC.

          • Val

            @Tristan & Phlyy Girl

            Okay, interesting. Thanks.

      • VIA Glover
        He is the lead vocalist for a Go-Go Band in Washington, DC. The name of the band is “Backyard Band”.

        • Val

          @Soula Powa

          Thanks for the info.

  • Afroglobetrotter

    I’ve never watched this show, neither am I planning to. BUT, I can confidently tell you that Idris’ character IS THE BADDEST and BESTEST hands down.

    The rest——–>don’t care to know. IDRIS! Gooood lawwwwd!

    • +1

    • Yeah…. you gotta watch.

      • “TOO MANY 40 DEGREE DAYS!”
        Nothing else to add here

        • Triple T

          “N*****, is you taking notes on a criminal f***ing conspiracy?”

          This line made me love him.

        • Reasons I love you Phlyy Girl!!

    • Kema

      I think I have a bit of cougar in me because I started watching the show when I heard about this sexy Stringer Bell only to be disappointed. Watched a lil more and was introduced to Michael. All was forgiven.

      • Kema

        Oh… and I made sure he was of age b4 I started crushing on him.

      • Don’t worry Kema, he would be the one teaching you :)

    • You should watch it. It might make you more cynical, and there’s a lot that’s f#$ed up about it, but it’s still one of the better shows to ever be on television in my opinion. I say that mostly because the characters in the show were rarely black and white. The cops aren’t all good and the criminals aren’t all bad. They often were both good and bad in different ways. I like the fact that show wasn’t about finishing up a story in 60 minutes. There are little tidbits you’ll see that will remind you of things form earlier shows or seasons. The show assumes you have a better attention span than a gold fish. That’s one thing I liked about it. But there’s a whole lotta dysfunction too….lol. And you may feel some kinda way about how certain things are portrayed.

      • Afroglobetrotter

        awww YODIE!!

        I’ll make a point to TRY for you!! You actually LIKE something! #soundslikeawin

        By the way your cynicism is missed!

    • demondog06

      you gotta give the show a try
      there are certain shows where the story telling is just bar none
      the wire
      sons of anarchy
      breaking bad
      the walking dead
      mad men…

      people say that game of thrones is that deal too, but i fell asleep trying to watch it

  • Vasha

    Bodie, Omar, Micheal, Avon, and Lester

  • Justmetheguy

    Wow, Bodie over Omar? I mean, Omar was a one man Taliban…and he’s the one character that straight black man and other homophobes will admit that “Him bein gay made his character even better”

    I agree with both Lester Freamon and Bunny Colvin though…Frank Sobotka..ehh, not so much. I would’ve went with Slim Charles in his place

    • Frank was a good dude but him dying did nothing for me

    • Rewind

      Bodie was the most human out of everybody on the show. He always thought he had a chance to be better, and he got left back each time. When he died, that shyte was almost as important as when Stringer Bell died. Even McNolte had to pause.

      • Anastasia!!!

        +6 – I still ache a little from his death.

      • Yeah, Bodie took Wallace out though. I saw him on a Fedex commercial and my lip curled up a little. His death hurt me bad though.

      • Sea Jay Bee

        The relationship between McNulty and Stringer Bell was a big theme of the show to me. From the first episode moving forward, there was this smart cop/ smart criminal dynamic where they respected each other but sought to best the other. They both needed to prove something to themselves, to be recognized and respected as the best but in the end they both ended up failing in their mission.

        String failed when he tried to dabble in the street a bit too hard and he found the business end of Omar’s shotgun and Bro. Mouzone’s walther. McNulty began to fail when Stringer died and he lost his goal of fulfillment and he REALLY failed when he lost his moral compass in Season 5.

    • ” Omar was a one man Taliban”

      And the one thing that scared me about Omar the most is he’s a dude with an actual brain on him. Like real talk if that dude was on a battlefield somewhere he would be the Solid Snake of that ish. Even better, all he gotta do is whistle a song and folks start running like he Godzilla in the hood! That’s power folk.

      • Anastasia!!!

        you know though, the one thing I didn’t like was the way they took Omar out. Maybe I wanted something more dramatic?? Or I don’t know, As stealth as Omar had been ALL FIVE SEASONS, something seemed off about that little kid offing Omar….

        • + a BILLION!!!!!!! How they gon do my man’s like that!?! I’m still hurt watching that ish!

        • b sweet

          I agree. Very anticlimatic

        • “you know though, the one thing I didn’t like was the way they took Omar out”

          i thought it was perfect, actually. perfect for the show, perfect for a character like that

          • Justmetheguy

            Me too Champ. At first it p!ssed me off, but then when I thought about it I was like “Yeah that was the best assassin they could’ve chose” He remained untouchable to all those that he actually had beef with. It was fitting for someone who wasn’t on his radar to take him out. The fact that it was a kid made it even better honestly…

            • Triple T

              Yes to alladis!

        • IMHO, I think that the rough story that the writers were trying to tell with Omar’s death was how the ignorance of youth and the element of surprise and even get the King murked out. That boy had little clue who he was messing with and didn’t really care. Meanwhile, Omar got caught slipping.

          *shrugs* I didn’t have a problem with it.

        • luvtheshoes

          I think Omar getting off-ed so anticlimatically was the point, though. Everyone expects the big dogs to go out in a blaze of glory but in reality, it is usually some simple moment where you are slipping that you get got.

          • Justmetheguy

            @ Soulpowa and luvtheshoes- Exactly! The kid didn’t realize what kind of pedastal Omar was on and didn’t care. Plus all it takes is one simple moment where you get caught slippin. That’s usually how it happens. Hell the crocodile hunter got killed by a sting ray that he wasn’t even f*ckin wit (for once) and didn’t even see….as the honorable Juvie would say “That’s how it be happenin” lol

    • veryaveragebrotha

      Wow, Bodie over Omar?

      Omar was exciting and different, but ultimately an extremely one dimensional character – throughout the show he was the same person doing the same shit, with us having no idea as to what exactly motivates him……
      Why did he stay in the game? What were his goals? Why did he have a ‘code’?

    • “Wow, Bodie over Omar? I mean, Omar was a one man Taliban…and he’s the one character that straight black man and other homophobes will admit that “Him bein gay made his character even better”

      omar was always just a bit too contrived for me. for a show that was all about “realness,” he seemed like a character from another planet.

    • BlackDiamonds

      YAS! Anwan Glover played that role.

  • Where the hell you find All Sport at lol…besides the obvious ones (Stringer, Omar, Bunk)

    5. Kema- I still thought it was grimey how she sold out Jimmy and Lester but she was my favorite of the cops

    4. Prezbo- When he pistol whipped the kid i was rooting for him to die but Prezbo grew on me as a teacher

    3. Slim Charles- He’s the survivor

    2. Michael- Like you that Marlo scene was it for me, also when he smacked Naemon he catapaulted to my top 2

    1. Bodie- Like Slim, Bodie just adapted to whatever surroundings, and Bodie killed me with the one liners

    • “Where the hell you find All Sport at lol…besides the obvious ones (Stringer, Omar, Bunk)”

      theres this newspaper shop across the street from my barber that still carries it. now, the bottles may actually be 10 years old — who knows — but they still taste the same

      • at least we know when the end comes, All Sports and Twinkies arent going anywhere

  • Huh Bruh

    I hate coming in on an epic show after it’s already been on for a few seasons. That’s what happened to me with The Wire. My favorite radio station (The Ticket in DFW- a sports radio station) used to dedicate segments to this show. But alas, I’m unable to really comment because I still haven’t seen the show’s first few seasons so I’ll just sit back and watch y’all get after it. Salut

    • netflix!!!!

      • Justmetheguy

        I’m pretty sure it’s not on netflix though. Try HBOGo…if that’s feasible for you that is

        • SweetMaggiB

          I caught the first few seasons on Netflix a few years ago. More like 4 or 5 so it still may be available.

        • legitimate_soul

          It was. Not streaming Netflix, but the DVD’s in the mail Netflix. For a while, I didn’t have HBO and would watch a season at a time when it was on break. I couldn’t imagine having to wait an entire week for the next episode!

          • Huh Bruh

            Aha…that explains it.

      • Huh Bruh

        I tried! I hijacked my sister’s netflix account for that very reason but it’s not on it. Hmmm…maybe I’ll sneak off to the piratebay…

  • Leslie

    I gotta say I agree with your list, plus your love of the show! But I have to say my man was OMAR! Micheal was my favorite character, I loved little man, I loved Snoop, I love Clay Davis (SHITTTTTTTTTTTT)….I mean I cant even see how you narrowed it down to five! I also loved McNulty….who couldn’t love crazy, damaged goods McNulty! Anyway, I loved the WIRE so much i would go to the local hotel lobby every Sunday Night to watch for free, cause a sister couldn’t afford no HBO! That’s Love. Oh yeah, And Stringer Bell…and Prop Joe….man, i could go on…best show on TV! And Marlo he was so gangsta…..okay, okay…im’ma stop!

    • “Anyway, I loved the WIRE so much i would go to the local hotel lobby every Sunday Night to watch for free, cause a sister couldn’t afford no HBO! That’s Love. ”

      Wow. I think I might have just met someone who surpasses my fandom.

      • Leslie

        It was such a regular occurrence, it’s like they grew to love me, had cookies and popcorn ready for me! That’s real! Shout out to the Holiday Inn Express! Hooked sista up! I wasn’t causing no trouble, rarely did they have a sunday late nite check in, and they had all the channels! Sometimes, depending on who was working, they came from behind the counter to watch with me….but then I would have to try to catch them up yada yada yada….you know how that goes!!!!

        • Justmetheguy

          “It was such a regular occurrence, it’s like they grew to love me, had cookies and popcorn ready for me! That’s real! Shout out to the Holiday Inn Express! Hooked sista up! ”

          Lmao! U seem like someone I’d have drinks wit lol

          • Leslie

            I like drinks! sounds like a plan!

      • Leslie

        just thought i would add this little Wire Spoof…clearly, its still in the mainstream convo, cause its been a few years and this spoof just came out like a few months ago!

    • LLMFAO.
      THAT’S effen awesome!!!!!

  • msdebbs

    “yes, it’s better than bacon”

    Sorry Champ NOTHING is better than bacon!

    • Manny

      THANK YOU!!

    • Fivegirl

      yea, he lost me at snow days.

      • WIP

        LOL, never had one of those either

    • you’re right. my bad. sorry for the bacon blasphemy.

  • Rewind

    I have no order but

    1) Bodie – he was just the embodiment of the show…being powerless in a game you swear you’ll win, only to just end up as another causality after coming so far.

    2) Omar…come on son. A homosexual Robin Hood in a du-rag with a sawed off shot gun that put fear in the hearts of a whole hood. That shyte is the stuff dreams are made of.

    3) Clive Davis…..shyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyte. Nuff said.

    4) Bunk/McNolte/Kema…best collection of cops ever; 2 drunks and a sexy lesbian. Find me a better cop combination.

    5) Stringer Bell/Bubbles…. a reformed thug that overstepped his boundaries and a crackhead who reformed after being tested every step of the way…I like the redemption factor in both men.

    • Anastasia!!!

      You thought Kema was chexxy? Will someone explain this to me?

      • How could you not think Kema was sexy!?!

        • Justmetheguy

          Kema could TOTALLY get it! And I liked her as a person too.

        • Anastasia!!!

          Maybe it was her acting that was turning me all the way off ……

          • She’s a horrible actress. But a great person. She does slam poetry and ish.

            • Then you haven’t spent any real time with her. She can be moody.

              • yeah…she works out @ my local YMCA and I’ve seen her on the poetry circuit promoting one of her events…she seem real cool from my interactions with her.

        • Kema

          “How could you not think Kema was sexy!?!”

          Totally acting like this comment is about me

          • The Guy Formerly Know As Hmmmm

            you should….

      • How much I love Kema: I would let her do thangs to me and go specifically to a Catholic confessional and spill that ish to a priest! Tell him to tell everybody else in the neighborhood & church and would still roll up in there on Saturday for mass and praise dance up and down the aisles for the lovin that women would put on me.

        Ok I’m done. . . . . .

      • griffdamagician

        Kema was sexy as hell!! Long curly hair, that sultry voice, and that authority…..yea sexy!!!
        I can’t even front, champs list is on, I would have added Marlo, Naman, Prop Joe, and Wallace from season one: Coldest scene when Marlo shot the chick Avon put on him to set him up, Wallace because of the way he died and how there is no room for innocence in the world, prop Joe for just being prop joe in

      • Kema was sexy…she looked good when she went undercover then they gon shoot her ass

    • Val

      It was “Clay” Davis. That guy was so no good that it was crazy. I think they modeled his character after a preacher.

      • No they didn’t. They used a politician.

        • lol…I’m naming names..I think her was modeled after Sheila Dixon…..or Sheila Nixon as she’s known around my way…lol

          • You know we do have the inside track to who’s who when it come to the wire.

    • misstlb

      I loved THE WIRE i remember telling everyone they need to watch this show. One of my favorite memories is watching this show with my daughter. Both of us standing up screaming when they killed Brodie. We just looked @ each other and she said. Mom there is no hope i thought he might of found a way out!. I was like i know baby that is life. This is one of the best series every made.

  • Anastasia!!!


    Okay, hands down:::::

    Number one is Bodie. And that’s just it! When he was shot and killed, I genuinely cried and had a sad feeling for a week. Because he is what is happening to all the kids – they do what they learned, and in the end still get got,

    But he ain’t go out like no punk. :’-/ Hurts me now.

    And Wallace. Because when he got killed, everything got real for me.

    • Justmetheguy

      “And Wallace. Because when he got killed, everything got real for me.”

      YES! That’s when it hit me how unforgiving and heartless the whole game was. Made me dislike Stringer Bell honestly.

      I here you on Bodie, he was definitely a soldier (not as much as Slim Charles though) but I didn’t have as much sympathy for him because of how quick he was to put Wallace down then he got all sentimental and started feelin his own mortality when Marlo them killed his boy (the fat kid). I was like “How you think Wallace felt?” Smh

      I also felt like Prop Joe was an underrated character. I was glad that Slim Charles took over though. He deserved it. That man put in WORK. And f*ck Cheese. The way Slim popped him wit no hesitation was one of the most gangsta moments in TV history lol. He was gettin annoying though. He needed to go. I was sooooooo p!ssed when the lil kid killed Omar too smdh

      • Anastasia!!!

        Wait but it was a catch 22 for Bodie! You can’t be mad at him. Stringer basically gave Bodie a choice – Be a soldier and pop Wallace or he got killed (Or whatever the hood version of not being a true soldier is). You remember Bodie didn’t want to do it!! Remember he was like, “You shoulda stayed you *ss in the country, man.”

        O, my heart.

        • Tyrell

          You are right…Bodie didn’t wana kill Wallace but he knew that was the part of the game…that was his MOMENT for being “about that life” that shit hurt him like hell…his voice was cracking when he said “you should have stayed your ass in the country”

          • Justmetheguy

            Bodie didn’t seem to have much remorse about killin Wallace though. It was Poot that was crushed emotionally for having to do it. You could tell it tore him up inside. I feel you that he had to do it, but he didn’t seem to care that much (he was just annoyed and disgusted that Wallace got himself into that situation). Then when he found out they killed fat boy that’s when it hit close to home and made him realize that they would kill him for little to nothin too and that he meant nothin to the kingpins as a pawn. I don’t know, I guess he felt like Wallace really did f*ck up while the other dude got killed unfairly, but his (relative) lack of remorse when he killed Wallace rubbed me the wrong way. He was a soldier tho

            • Tyrell

              Ok….I see your point

        • you gonna make me weep all over again….

      • “I was sooooooo p!ssed when the lil kid killed Omar too smdh”

        That just wasn’t right. punk ass kid. glad they locked his lil ass up. baby Marlo in the making.

        • Val

          “baby Marlo in the making.”

          I think that was the point.

          • yeah, I’m pretty sure it was too. the game is cyclical.

        • Is it wrong that I wanted to punch that kid in the face every time he was on screen.

          • legitimate_soul

            No, because I did too.

        • Tyrell

          the Kanard (lil kid) killing Omar was classic…ANYBODY can get touched…you lasted 5 shows and you had the WHOLE city after you and when you get complacent you get slumped by a 10 year old…Kanard had no beef with Omar…he was just a lil kid that was tryna find his way in the game…Dookie beat him up, he stole Namond’s stash (AWESOME) and Michael kicked his ass since Namond was too much of a bitch to do so. So he saw his moment to shine and killed Omar…nobody expected it…that’s why i LOVED it

    • WIP

      Man, I was hoping Bodie was going to get away too!. When I realized he wasn’t my heart sank.

    • “Number one is Bodie. And that’s just it! When he was shot and killed, I genuinely cried and had a sad feeling for a week. Because he is what is happening to all the kids – they do what they learned, and in the end still get got”

      I have a friend who still hasnt gotten over this.

      • Justmetheguy

        I think people are so sentimental about Bodie because he was the only character in the streets that made it from season 1 so we felt more a connection with him. We felt a sense of stability like not quite all/everyone had been destroyed. Then he started losin it mentally (understandably so) and I knew his days were numbered. Deangelo’s murder messed me up more even though I sorta saw it coming. Dukie shootin up was a tragic moment to me also. There are way too many of those smh. The most emotional I probably got was when Michael had to split up with his lil brother cause he knew there was a bounty on his head smh. That was sadder than Bodie’s murder imo

    • misstlb

      This right here!!! I cried to and my daughter it was crazy i have never been so invested in a show as much or since.

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