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Michelle Williams Tells Mike Huckabee “You Come At The Queen, You Best Not Miss”

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Apparently on an episode of The View (they still make those?), Mike Huckabee appeared and theorized in his book that Jay-Z was pimping out Beyoncé. As in, Bey’s sexual expression freedom was not because she’s an independent woman and all’at, but because Jay was making her do something she apparently doesn’t need to do: express herself sexually.

Michelle Williams was having NONE of that. She laid the smackdown on Huckabee, letting him know that — no, boo-boo – Bey is actually finally expressing herself as she truly is instead of trying to uphold some “good girl” image so BYE, HUCKABEELICIA. Not a direct quote.

Michelle also made it clear that she’s not a spokesperson for the Carters (which, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t need one for his comment since they’re probably somewhere in Atlantis not giving a fuck about his comments), but she just wanted to defend her sister-friend.

Moral of the story, don’t come for Michelle or her peoples. Because Michelle is a survivor (WHAT!), she gon’ survive (WHAT!), keep on survivin’ (WHAT!).

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  • MeridianBurst

    – “Bye Huckabeelicia” has me ugly laughing. Goofy as h*ll.

    – People be like “shots fired!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSDw4tR4f28

    – I’m not sure how a grown woman becoming a s*xual being has anything to do with a man pimping her out. It was going to happen either way because it’s a natural thing for someone to go through, especially when you’re so conditioned to have yourself together and behave like a lady. It wasn’t like he is the direct cause of her having s*xuality. He’s just the one she accepted to act on such things with. That’s not pimping her, it’s a gift she bestowed to someone deserving.

  • Dougie

    This post is pure comedy. The combination of Michelle Williams and Mike Huckabee is pure gold. Some informed troll who works for The View needs a raise and a cigar.

    But on another note… Mike Huckabee has been on a rampage against Beyonce in the recent weeks. Definitely an uphill battle for him that he can’t win, but it brings attention his way (seriously, how often does Huckabee get headlines in VSB??). He has to have somebody on his PR team that understands the power in the BeyHive and he’s trying to sell some books with that power. Good for him?

    • Tonja (aka Cheeks)

      What’s funny is that his defense is WHY AIRBODY MAD AT MEEEE about a small insert in a 200+ page book. Like, let’s talk about why the insert is EVEN in there. He clearly did it for attention. Why even use Bey as an anecdote to whateverpointhewasmakingthati’mnotgonnabuyhisbooktosee?

  • Come through Michelle Williams!

  • craktactor

    The article was perfect, as usual. My favorite sentence, however, is “They both have big hair, but they are not the same person.” I love you Renee. :)

    • Tonja (aka Cheeks)

      Heyyyy I know who this is! <3

  • Skegeeaces

    Exactly!!! And I keep ON pointing out that in most of her videos and songs, she’s this way with her DAMN HUSBAND. If she can’t pour it out for him, then WHO?! And IOEN wanna hear all that bull about her displaying it, because Kim K. and Miley Cyrus- NEITHER of whom he mentions. Can you spot the difference? Things that make you go,”Hmmmmmm…”

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