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Michelle Obama Is The Best Thing About America

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A few weeks from now, the country will decide if Donald Trump — a unabashed bigot, racist, misogynist, xenophobe, charlatan, and chickenhawk — will be our next President; the person we choose to be America’s representative to the rest of the world; essentially the most important motherfucker on Earth.

He will probably (hopefully) lose the election. And those hopes are based on polls indicating that he’ll receive roughly 45% of the vote (instead of 50 or 51) and that he’ll lose a few crucial battleground states. While those numbers are reassuring, they’re not particularly comforting. All they tell us is that we exist in a nation where forty five percent of the adults voting are either completely unbothered by his litany of fuckshit or (most likely) voting for him specifically because of it. Which ultimately means that almost half (half!) of the country wouldn’t terribly mind if we  — and “we” in this context are “Black and brown people, women who don’t look like Ivana or Melania, anyone who isn’t Christian, anyone who isn’t straight, and Lester Holt” — disappeared up the steps forever like Judy Winslow, never to be seen again. This isn’t just Trump’s America. It’s America’s America.

At the other end, of course, is Hillary Clinton; the Lisa Simpson of American politics; the human personification of an “Eh, I guess” emoji. These are our options. The world’s rapiest vat of cheese wiz or a person whose most effective campaign strategy is “Yeah, I’ve done and said some fucked up shit. But at least I’m not a vat of rapey cheese whiz. Vote for me and not the cheese whiz, please!”

But, if you’re feeling particularly down and dark about all of this; if 2016 has left you nearly devoid of hope and definitely depleted of fucks, remember that this is also the place that produced Michelle Obama. Watch her speech today (which starts at the 25 minute mark) and remember that she is our First Lady, and has been our First Lady for the last eight years. Know that the same land that grew Darth Cheeto somehow found a way to birth and cultivate her.

As we spend the next month stuck in the muck of the worst parts of America, be reminded that she, who she is and what she represents, is the best of it.

Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for GQ.com And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at damon@verysmartbrothas.com. Or don't. Whatever.

  • WenzelDashington

    A former First Lady can run for president. This doesn’t have to really really be the end of Michelle’s White House shining. She absolutely could get elected in Illinois of all places. Who knows maybe she’ll run out of Hawaii just because pineapples.

    • Aunty Chelly and Uncle Barack has already shut that down.


    • TeeChantel

      But I don’t think she wants it. And after these 8 years and dealing with Drumpf and all that he’s been throwing out, Barack and Michelle need a break.

      • I believe this more than anything…

        April 2012
        While speaking at a “Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day” event at the White House, Obama was asked by a child whether she plans to run for president.
        “Absolutely not,” she said. “Being president is a really hard job and it’s an important job. And when my husband is running for president, we’re right in there; we’re serving, too. And I think that once his terms are over, we’ll go on to do other important things because there are so many ways that you can help this country and the world, even if you’re not president of the United States.”

        • TeeChantel

          I agree. I definitely don’t think we’ll see the last of her, but she will very well shine whether she is in the White House or not.

      • wypipo

        Barack doesn’t need a break – he needs to be put into that Supreme Court vacancy! I have my fingers crossed that’s why Democrats haven’t been putting up much of a fight about getting stonewalled by Mitch McConnell.

        • mr. steal your costco samples

          I would be delighted.

          But I don’t think he has the chops for it tbh.

        • TeeChantel

          Let the man get a smoke break at least. He deserves it.

          • NonyaB?

            Sheeit, he needs a 6mth vacay, 3 of which should be spent just sleeping. Honolulu Slim needs extensive rejuvenation therapy, mayne.

            • mr. steal your costco samples

              kobe need to lend him the hyperbaric chamber

            • TeeChantel

              You gotdamn right!

            • Mary Burrell

              Cackling @Honolulu Slim

              • Michelle

                To be honest, this will be one of the things that I will miss about his presidency: the appropriate “Honolulu Slim” references.

              • grownandsexy2

                I cackle every time I hear it.

          • LMNOP

            True, true, but in 10 years or so that would be great. I think he’d be a great judge.

            • TeeChantel

              10 years is a nice long enough break

          • Mochasister

            Does he still smoke?

      • Nik White

        She might pull a Janet and give us Barack II or at least have fun trying .

    • NomadaNare

      I feel like those that hungry for power do not deserve it

    • Negro Libre



      Seems more and more true, the more I think about it, especially after seeing how much the presidency aged Obama. It would be worse if he didn’t have that Melanin protection, from the Kenyan side.

    • [Insert Creative Name Here]

      I think people who want Michelle to run/be President are being selfish. Yes, she’s awesome but her becoming President will be only for the benefit of those that admire her. Now look at how this country has treated her husband as President. Do we really want to be her in that situation? And say she doesn’t do something that the African-American community wants/needs…our respect for her drops down a few notches. Nah, I want to keep her on that pedestal. She looks good up there.

  • VDUB

    I’d like to make the case that the Southside of Chicago made her. Yeah it’s in America but it’s really a place that creates excellence like no other. :-)

  • TeeChantel

    Man, can I ramble on for a bit? I just love everything about Michelle. I can’t say enough about her. She is just marvelous. Her poise, character, what she does for young girls, everything. Just spectacular. Excellence. Ahhh, it is just too much. She got me doing work right now because she motivates me so much lol.

    If you didn’t catch her on the CNN Film: We Will Rise last night please watch it. I just loved how she touched all of those young girls in Liberia and Morocco. She hugged all the girls and said when she first meets someone she doesn’t tell them about her multiple degrees or accolades; she shares her humble story. She is simply amazing. Watching her here just takes me back to the AAMHC opening and she just walked out with her hair twirling in the wind. She’s such a lady with class and gotdammit she is our jewel! #blackwomanmagic #blackexcellence

  • Madame Zenobia

    I’m in the middle of this speech right now, but what I appreciate so much about it (and her) is that at a moment where she could have just soaked up cheers and love, she kept it real and gritty. This was a campaign rally. People showed up to cheer, do rah! rah! Hillary! call and response, feel good about being Dems and go on about their day. Instead, in true Black mama fashion, Chelly told them no. We have a problem and we gon talk about it today. You gon get these words and this truth.

    A lessor speaker would have hemorrhaged audience members with that serious of a subject matter. People would have gone to the bathroom, started playing on their phones, tried to whisper to their neighbor or whatever else. But not with Chelle. Mesmorized. They stood their transfixed as a Black woman gave the definitive speech of the century on feminism and the treatment of women. This is “Ain’t I A Woman?” for a new age and era. This and her DNC speech should both go down in history as two of the best political speeches in this nation’s history.

    In a world and certainly a nation that doesn’t understand or acknowledge intersectionalities of feminism, the most powerful Black woman this country has ever had or produced stood on a stage this afternoon and struck directly at the heart of American power – white, straight, rich, privileged males. Both in spirit and the living embodiment of it via the Republican nominee for POTUS without ever calling it or him by name. She is amazing and we’ve been blessed to have her service to this nation.

  • Courtney Wheeler

    Michelle Obama is like the Kendrick Lamar of political speeches.

    • Nik White

      Freestyling and slaying all over the place.

  • Other_guy13
    • CheGueverraWitBlingOn

      T.I. went in on that dude….like, he went level by level. I know they have personal issues, but this take down was clinical.

    • Janelle Doe

      “I aint looking to clown you; just to enlighten you” T.I. (or in a few years Melania :-))

    • Nik White

      No political ambitions and no filter either.

  • NonyaB?

    Remember that US election polls have historically never been accurate in comparison to actual election results. So, don’t believe or let the media’s hysteria around polls prevent you from voting because you feel that it won’t matter. Canuckia doesn’t want to have to disinvite y’all to the nations’ cookout or build a wall just to avoid nightmares from seeing rancid orange sandpaper face as y’all’s leader everytime we look across.

    • Be more humble over there. Any nation is a couple of bad elections from our fate. Heck, didn’t you guys have a constitutional crisis a few years back where the Haitian Governor General had to try and squash the beef?

      • NonyaB?

        Bwahaha! You keep trying to drop digs at Canuckia but nope, we can’t get to y’all’s current level of claustrofxck even if we tried. Key thing in the incident you hint at (parliamentary prorogation by PM): it was resolved straightforwardly according to established procedures.

        • Understandable. Just don’t run for the border when Don Cherry messes around and becomes prime minister. Party leadership for Canadian federal parties can do some strange things.

          Then again, my legalize everything, stop the surveillance, do whatever you want libertarianism is going triple wood up North so…

          • NonyaB?

            Yeah, after still recovering from ejecting Harper, nobody’s sticking an 82-yr old Cherry in any PM slot. And I already told you before that libertarianism is less visible than a passing fart here: that “party” has zero seats in the House of Commons and zero in the Senate.

            • Don Cherry could win though. That man is legendary.

              • NonyaB?

                Oh, his smack talking is legendary; he’s managed to offend most people at some point. So, if he tried to run, it would just motivate those who oppose him to run individually and/or band together to run him off. Plus, key voting blocks (women, ethnic grps, etc) ain’t got his time. Ultimately, nobody would vote an almost 90yr old PM during next cycle.

            • Conrad Bess

              We tend to boot out the governing party every 8 years or so anyway just to keep it fresh. Regardless of Harper’s fu ckery, he was heading to the left to the left.

    • Tambra
      • NonyaB?

        Such unabashed reveling in ignorance. Misogynistic fxcktards.

  • Since my original comment is in moderation, all I’ll say is that the fact that our election has come down to the one where the racist who has been bought by Wall Street is somehow objectively the better candidate says a lot about America. We have approximately 172 million adults over the age of 35 in this country, and this is the best the two parties can do. I’ll take my pot head Aleppo ignorant a$$ candidate. Unless he’s holding down ALL the work west of the Rockies. Then screw him too!

    • Other_guy13

      I mean…2020 Kanye is an option now

    • [Insert Creative Name Here]

      “I’ll take my pot head Aleppo ignorant a$$ candidate.”

      Just want to make sure I’m reading this right- so you’re voting for orange face dude?

      • Tambra

        Todd’s a Gary Johnson man.

        • [Insert Creative Name Here]

          Ah ok. The Aleppo thing. Orange face dude doesn’t know anything about foreign policy either so I assumed Todd was talking about him.

          But I’m still baffled by the vote for Gary Johnson. It’s a waste of a vote. He’s not going to win.

          • Me

            What does it matter if he’s not going to win then? The assumption is that either Hillary or Trump has this so deep in the bag that it doesn’t matter if people vote third party. So why is the Democrat party so hard up on this “wasted vote” mantra. If that’s the case then you might as well be telling folks not to vote at all if they’re not voting for your candidate. Same effect right? So why the concern about wasted votes?

            • [Insert Creative Name Here]

              1) I’m not a Democrat.
              2) I don’t go by assumptions, I go by math. I’ve spent a few minutes searching for something that proves me wrong but I can’t find anything. All I see is something that says if you’re neither pro-Clinton nor pro-Orange Face Dude then vote for the person you really want- even if it’s 3rd party. Now, while on the surface I agree, taking votes away from Clinton to vote 3rd party could lead to a victory for orange face dude. If this election didn’t include the skeezeball that is orange face dude then fine but this particular election is way to important to “waste” that vote. If you can find me an article that mathematically proves me wrong then I will concede.

              • Negro Libre


                Have you ever “not” voted, when you were legible?

                • [Insert Creative Name Here]

                  I know you meant “eligible.” The one time I can recall vividly was when I had only been in Texas for a little over a year and didn’t realize that registrations expired so soon there. The registration period had already ended before I found out. To give myself room for error, besides that it’s possible that I have missed a handful. But never one with a candidate as disgusting and uninformed as orange face dude.

                  • Negro Libre

                    Yeh, my bad.

                    I’m just asking because I’ve always felt the argument from the angle of “wasted vote” has always bothered me. The most recent and fresh example that I’ve seen in social media is the 2000 election, where people said Nader “stole” votes from Al Gore. But if you look at the turnout, over 49% of eligible voter didn’t vote.

                    I mean, I get that people go forth over this, about wasted vote, a vote for this person is vote for that person, but honestly, a good chunk of people I know would rather not vote at all, than vote for either Clinton or Trump. The idea that people who vote third party isn’t mathematically accurate, it’s far more accurate to conclude that they were far more likely not to vote at all.

                    And given the unfavorable ratings both Clinton and Trump have, I think if anyone is voting for a third party candidate, it’s probably because they are extremely passionate about their vote, this year in particular. So I don’t see how telling them that voting for Gary Johnson for instance, is somehow guaranteeing Orange Man X a seat in the white house. It’d be more productive to tell them not to vote at all, because either way it makes no difference.

                  • The Resident Mexican

                    Texas is a sheet hole and is currently being sued for it’s voting ID laws violating the federal Voting Rights Act (see https://goo.gl/ZpzyD9)

                    But seriously, don’t live in Texas if you can avoid it. If the racism doesn’t kill you then the food definitely will.

                    • [Insert Creative Name Here]

                      Ha! I don’t live there anymore.

              • Me

                What people who keep repeating the “wasted vote” line are missing is that whether we get Hillary OR Trump, the folks who are voting third party are getting someone they don’t want. So, the objective is not to “take votes away” from one or the other. The objective is to vote for the person you actually want to win. What the millions of other voters do with their votes is within their right. The only wasted vote is a vote for someone you don’t actually want to be president. That’s beyond wasted, that’s voting against your own interests.

          • Big picture, this is a marker for when people get sense and realize that the Shame of a Borough isn’t president. They’ll have to rock with something, and right now, the only people moving units is Hills, Cheetos and US. Maybe we can have some freedom in our politics. (Bonus points if you catch the reference.)

          • And yet Black people voted overwhelmingly for Mondale in 1984. Everyone knew Mondale wasn’t going to win the election. He won exactly one state.
            Just because someone isn’t going to win doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t all express our political preference.

            • [Insert Creative Name Here]

              I semi-agree. I just don’t think in this election, voting your preference for the 3rd party candidate is the right thing to do for the country. I think I’ve said that in one form or another more than once.

              • But if enough people voted for the third party candidate, he or she would win. And for my preferences that would be the right thing for the country. I understand your fears but I am just fed up (not with you) with the idea that if I don’t vote for someone I despise then it’s the beginning of the Apocalypse. Democrat/Republican partisans (again not saying this is you) NEVER think the time is right for someone to vote third party.

                • [Insert Creative Name Here]

                  Democrat/Republican partisans (again not saying this is you) NEVER think the time is right for someone to vote third party.

                  I can understand that sentiment. So setting aside the candidates on the major party tickets, do you feel like Stein and Johnson are actually viable potential Presidents?

                  • Do I think that either will win this year? No I do not.
                    Do I think that I can vote for a person who is going to continue an overly militarized foreign policy, attack civil liberties at home, turn a blind eye to the Palestinians, continue giving military weaponry and training to police and do a whole host of things with which I disagree? Nope.

                • And the people of the Lord say…AMEN.

                • Gibbous

                  If the third ‘party’ candidate wins without a party to put forth and enact his or her policies, what is the point? That’s why Sanders ran as a Democrat, although he has never actually been a Democrat. Without a party in the House and/or Senate, willing to work for him, it would be a waste of time for his to actualy to be President.

                  I’m incredulous of the arrogance of Jill Stein, who without any governing experience at all, thinks that she has the experience to run for President of most powerful country in the world. WTF???

                  At the very least, Johnson has had executive experience.

                  I live in NC and I’ll be voting for HC. I don’t hate her and I think she’ll do fine. I feel like for myself and the rest of my state, I have to vote for the person, of my actual available choices, who I think will do the best job.

                  • The Resident Mexican

                    “I’m incredulous of the arrogance of Jill Stein, who without any governing experience at all, thinks that she has the experience to run for President of most powerful country in the world. WTF???”

                    Isn’t this what Darth Cheeto is currently doing?

                    • Gibbous

                      YUP! Only difference is that should he win, he has an entire party to back his chicanery!

          • Negro Libre

            At some point if you want better options, you gotta show signs that you’re going to reward those who vote.

            It’s always much easier not to vote, which it seems this year, many think is more appealing than voting third party.

            • [Insert Creative Name Here]

              “At some point if you want better options…” Totally agree. That point should start way earlier and more locally than presidential election.

              • Negro Libre

                That’s shows you haven’t been paying attention to 3rd party politics for quite sometime.

                It actually makes more sense to start at the federal level than the local, because of the spotlight. Money and publicity can be used in non-election times to better establish a political party on a more local or state level.

                • [Insert Creative Name Here]

                  I think that issue can be argued well on both sides. What was the reason that Ralph Nader (referring to your other comment) didn’t raise the level/viability of a third party then?

                  Additionally please don’t mistake my comment of “wasted vote” to mean I’m anti-3rd party. On the contrary, I think it’s odd that in what is supposed to be beacon of democracy, the US only has two major political parties. But I also like to be realistic, especially in an election like this one.

                  • Negro Libre

                    Well, being realistic, is also a matter of perspective.

                    If every election 2 to 4 years is a matter of life and death, then yeah, it’s never realistic to vote third party. Yet, in 2012, both Stein and Johnson ran for president and finished with about 2% of the popular vote. Polls in certain part of the country today have them combining for close to 30% of the popular vote, which is in part why we’re having so many discussions about wasted votes and third parties today.

                    If Ralph Nader doesn’t run back in the day, is the green party in the position to be where it is today, or perhaps in the future? That’s the inherent defense of voting third party, regardless of the predicted consequences. The logic of voting between two evils, is the same logic behind procrastinating going to the gym: yeah, you might not lose all that weight all at once, but if you don’t start going, the only thing that’s guaranteed, is that things will not get better.

                    Part of the problem with the way things are today, is we don’t have long term policies views, and thus, as most millennials know, thanks to the baby boomers, the consequence of such thinking is sacrificing the future for the present.

                    • The Resident Mexican

                      “Part of the problem with the way things are today, is we don’t have long term policies views, and thus, as most millennials know, thanks to the baby boomers, the consequence of such thinking is sacrificing the future for the present.”

                      Imma just say f@ck the baby boomers. That is all.

                      I do agree with you, long term policy views is not something that politics in the US has going for it. That may be because of the incumbent system of electing someone for president for 4 to possibly 8 years, which in recent US history of the last 5 presidents 4 of them were elected to 2 terms. This potentially 1 term in office mentality gives rise to “getting the most bang for your buck” out of a president. Which can then subsequently lead to short sighted policies and, understandably, clashes is policies when the subsequent president is of another party.

                      President Obama was able to get the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare as it’s incorrectly known) passed in 2010 which is nothing short of a miracle on several fronts; 1) Reps in the House and Senate are still fighting tooth and nail to get ACA repealed, and 2) he was at the max of the honeymoon phase of newly elected presidents. Since then he has had a drastic effect domestically but I argue more drastic internationally. His foreign policy is atrocious, and yet so many people I’ve met traveling in Asia, Latin America, the northern region of Africa, and other regions love President Obama. They may not agree with his use of force in the middle east, but they love the man.

                  • At some point, words are meaningless. (And yes, I do vote libertarian locally when I can. It’s usually a 50/50 shot in my experience in terms of them getting on the local ballot.) Either you make an effort for other parties to have a voice or you don’t. Considering how often I get condescended to when I mention I vote Libertarian (with nary a mention about how voting for a major party could possibly help my interests), I’m thinking that people are full of it and simply want me to obey.

                    • CheGueverraWitBlingOn

                      Honestly, I know the stakes are high, but I don’t see how black folk particularly can swallow hillary or the democratic party in general. I know the republicans are worse, but can we be honest in the fact that if Chicago Slim can’t even openly work toward helping our communities (substantively), we aren’t getting much juice from the Democrats.

              • HoneyRose

                Jill Stein, at least, has run for local and state office multiple times. Actually, Negro Libre is probably right – she’ll get way more name recognition running for president and may have a better shot at her local politics afterwards.

      • No, I’m voting for Gary Johnson. I’m weird, not stupid.

    • Leggy

      Tell me objectively why you’re voting for Gary Johnson without mentioning the other candidates, what makes him qualified to be president?0

      • mr. steal your costco samples

        not a got dang thing. he’s the white Bill Richardson or Bobby Jindal

      • Well, there’s his track record where he tried to legalize weed and push for gay marriage in the 90s before it was cool. He seemed to manage the budget well, and he didn’t brown nose with the legislature about the typical Matlock Gimme Gimme Gimme BS. More importantly, it’s libertarianism in the real world with real results. I’ve been waiting for a moment like this and I can’t wait for the future of the movement.

        • Leggy

          You’re voting for a man because he wants to legalize pot? Interesting.
          Let’s talk about actual issues shall we?
          On the minimum wage : your candidate doesn’t believe it’s a problem because according to him nobody earns minimum wage anyway.
          Your candidate is so out of it he thinks no one earns minimum wage. Here’s his exact quote – And I just think it’s much to do – minimum wage is much to do about nothing. I mean, nobody works for minimum wage [anyway]… [Just] showing up on time and wearing clean clothes gets you way above the minimum wage.”

          Your candidate is opppsed to medical and family leave.

          Your candidate doesn’t believe in gun control.

          He’s planning to repeal the affordable care act.

          On your claim that he’s good with budget, the good people of New Mexico would disagree because he entered with a debt of 1.6b and left the state with a debt of 5b

          Your candidate also wants to legalize all drugs. Not just weed. Every single one of them.

          Your candidate would sign a law banning burqas if he becomes president( can someone say islamophobia?)

          He also doesn’t think vaccines should be mandatory. (Anyone who doesn’t take a strong stance on vaccines to me is just stupid)

          You can vote for whoever you want. It’s your right but please get off the high horse.

          • He retracted the vaccine thing, and I think the burqa ban is stupid. Past that, I have no issues with the rest of that. Especially when the alternatives are worse.

            • Leggy

              I think it’s very disingenuous to say the alternative is worse. Your guy has no knowledge at all of foreign policy, he left New Mexico in ridiculous debt, he’s islamophobic, he’s unaware that people exist who work minimum wage. Is he even a real person?
              Seriously, vote for who you want but get off the high horse.

            • LMNOP

              A burqa ban is a really bizarre position for a libertarian to take. Like let’s get government out of people’s lives, except for a federally imposed dress code. Because that makes sense.

              And that’s not even getting to the hatefulness of it.

              • Negro Libre

                I think Gary Johnson is more a moderate than a libertarian (as loose a term as it is, covering so many groups of people including Noam Chomsky). But as far as the Burqa ban, I think he apologized for his suggesting it almost a year ago, and dismissed it. Then again, context is something few people pay attention to nowadays, which is why gaffes gain an excessive amount of attention, even among those who claim they pay deep attention to political issues.

                It also doesn’t help that Gary Johnson is trying way too hard to steal votes than state his basic principles. He was a much better and consistent candidate in 2012.

            • Duff Soviet Union

              I think Johnson’s a pretty bad candidate (better than Trump, worse than Hillary, maybe equal with Stein), but I could definitely get behind decriminalisation of all drugs. They’ve done it with heroin in Portugal and it’s been a success by all evidence. But for some reason, people act like it could never happen in America.

              • Nik White

                There’s too much money being made off of the “war on drugs”. Legalizing it would take money our their pockets and put in T-Bone, Skillet and nems.

                • Duff Soviet Union

                  Yeah, I know it won’t happen in my lifetime, if ever. But it should. Also legalisation is not the same as decriminalisation. Drug use is still illegal in Portugal, but it’s just treated differently. Instead of incarceration, you get a small fine, suspension of right to practice (for doctors, taxi drivers etc), withdrawal of right to carry a gun, a foreign travel ban and cessation of government subsidies. Addicts tend to get community service and rehab (while we’re here, the rehab industry could use an overhaul too).

                  It really seems to be working. Deaths are way down, treatment is up, HIV cases are massively down, street value of drugs are down, drug use among adolescents and “problem users” are down, and of course incarceration is practically non-existent (it’s still illegal to sell). The only negative indicator is that people are apparently more likely to admit to using drugs at least once in their life, and even that is more likely to interviewees being more honest in their answers due to reduced stigma.

        • chivalrous1won
          • TeeChantel

            This made me laugh out loud

        • Negro Libre

          Hmmm, as much as I’d like to be with Gary Johnson, I simply don’t think he’s that “Libertarian”, or better yet, I don’t think for libertarianism to thrive it needs to occupy the presidency, if it’s angle on political issues, especially in this climate of Alt-Right vs. SJWs, remains hidden in the dark.

          One of my major problems in American politics, is simply the utter lack of a long term perspective on anything. For instance, there’s a good book out, right now, by Gerald F. Davis (a progressive) – The Vanishing Corporation that pretty much shows that Corporations are “weaker” than they’ve ever been in U.S. history, I know right, “shocking, IKR” But check out the book, and listen to his “arguments” for making such an assertion, and see if you can disagree with what he says. If we’re arguing about raising minimum wages (a system that favors big corporations over small businesses) and yet, the zeitgeist and global economic demands are putting pressure on corporations to get smaller, we’re just setting ourselves up for another crises a decade or two from now, which will be a lot more worse.

          Furthermore, it’s well known in financial circles and financial media, that our economy is going to have a hard recession real soon. Given all the problems with Deutsche Bank; the slow down of the Chinese economy; high inflation rates and high debts in Emerging markets that were heavily dependent on Chinese demand and a whole bunch of other things going on in the U.S. point to a recession. Yet, we’re unlikely to even address the hard times that are going to be hitting whoever becomes the next president, regardless.

          My experience with Libertarians has shown me that though they do tend to get lost in moral relativism, they usually have strengths when it comes to economic discipline (aka looking out for future generations, by not squandering the wealth of today, and keeping that in the back of our minds that we are obligated to have an economic system based of such ideals) and going against the grain when large groups of voices are screaming for the limitations of liberties of people they despise (a common thing in all democracies) due to the short-sighted belief that you can limit the votes of citizens without it eventually affecting yourself.

          Whether, Gov. Johnson believes in those or not, he’s a little too carried away in trying to be all things to all people who hate Hillary and Donald, to point out the main reason why libertarianism is of any valuable outside of the election cycle.

        • HoneyRose

          He didn’t even know what Aleppo was! He couldn’t name a single sitting world leader that he admires (or in general). He also believes in ending the corporate tax and student loans and the minimum wage. I just can’t with him.

    • LMNOP

      My swing state self will be voting for Ms. Clinton, but I won’t feel good about it.*

      *They will give me a sticker and a Hershey’s kiss which will actually make me feel SO great and excited about voting and participating in the political process and getting a sticker, but not about Hilary.

  • RewindingtonMaximus

    Quite a motivational speech there.

    I hope she still has this vigor out of office. I want to see how her time in the White House has shaped her overall opinion of what she wants to be known for afterwards.

  • Other_guy13

    Idk whats better…hearing Aunt Shelley speak or some Valentino’s Pizza and wings from VA…i’m hungry so I may be biased.

    • Mr. Mooggyy

      ***Daps*** I’m not too far from Valentino’s….but the feds…..so….

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