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Maybe Black People Aren’t Feeling Bernie Sanders Because We’re Tired Of People Saying We Should Be

Bernie Sanders’s recent “ghetto” gaffe is the latest in a string of race-related misunderstandings and misjudgments experienced by the senator during his presidential campaign. There was the #BlackLivesMatter thing. And the multiple times he — either himself or through his campaign — brought up his presence in the Civil Rights movement, which is starting to feel suspiciously like a man attempting to convince a woman to date him by producing letters he wrote his girlfriend in 7th grade.

Of course, if we (Black Americans) waited for a candidate to be pitch perfect on race, we’d be waiting forever. The American racial morass is so deep and so labyrinthic that it’s virtually impossible for any of us (Black Americans included) to do and say the right thing on race every time. And, to his credit, Sanders does seem to be making a sincere effort. Unfortunately for him, the effort seems to be for naught, as the distance between his support from Black voters and Hillary Clinton’s seems to get more cavernous by the day.

This — Sanders’s standing with Black voters — has spawned myriad incredulous articles, segments, blogs, status messages, tweets, and annoyingly millennial emojis from Sanders supporters; all wondering aloud why Sanders struggles with Blacks when he should be the Black person’s BFF.

“Yes, Sanders might not be perfect on race” the piece will assert “but they should realize he’s a much better candidate for them than the others.” 

He’s progressive on crime” another piece might state “and he looks just like Larry David. And Larry David had Wanda Sykes and J.B. Smoove on his show, so you know he loves the Blacks!

And while I get it — Sanders’s political views do seem like they’d be more favorable for Black Americans than the other candidate’s — these people are ultimately treating Black voters like we’re sick toddlers refusing to take our Bernietussin.

This will be good for you, Little Jahiem. Trust me. A spoonful of Bernietussin will stop your sniffles.”

This bit of parental admonishment is even implied in many of the “Why don’t Black people support Sanders?” pieces that don’t outright condescend. Because just the act of crafting a piece around that premise implies that Black people should be supporting Sanders, but there’s some mysterious reason preventing us from doing so. And not only is this infantilizing, it has the potential to actively turn potential Black voters away. Because White people — and yes, liberal White people too — convincing Black people to do something with “Trust me. It’s for your own good” has never really worked out very well for us, historically.

Also, who’s to say we (Black voters) aren’t looking out for our best interests by supporting Clinton? Maybe Sanders is the best option in a vacuum. But maybe we’re a bit more politically shrewd than we’re given credit for; a bit more in tune with the idea that, for myriad reasons, Clinton just has a much better chance of beating Donald Trump in the general election than Sanders would. Maybe we’re fully aware Clinton doesn’t deserve our vote, but we’ve done the mental calculus necessary to grudgingly accept her as maybe not the best option, but the strongest one. Because maybe supporting someone we don’t like who can beat someone we hate is a bit smarter than supporting someone we kinda like who can’t. And, well, maybe we’re just as turned off by the hipster racism exhibited by many fervent Sanders supporters as we are with the palpable racism from many of Trump’s. There are many very valid reasons for Black people not to support Sanders. (Just as there are many not to support Clinton.) Us not knowing whats good for us isn’t one of them.

Of course, if you share any of this with that type of fervent Sanders supporter, you’ll likely get hit with an avalanche of pie charts, policy papers, and selfies with Killer Mike. “Please, just listen to me” they’ll state; conveniently ignoring their refusal to do the same.

Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at Or don't. Whatever.


    My only thing is: Political scientists are actually more confident that Bernie could beat Trump.

    • nin10doegames

      This is true. While there’s no great candidate for black folks in this election, Sanders outperforms Clinton versus every republican candidate in the field. Last is saw, Sanders was +12 on Trump in the general election polling.

      • mr. steal your costco samples

        against zero oppo though

        that’s the calculus. nothing else these cats can say about HRC

        • nin10doegames

          That’s true. Sanders hasn’t had a national campaign run against, so those numbers will definitely change. Its all we have right now, though.

      • I mess with Nate Silver and only Nate Silver after last election’s Mitt Romney numbers.

    • My bet isn’t on the Political Scientists hehe

      • LKNMRE

        They’re the same ones who predicted Obama’s win even when Clinton had the majority of superdelegates pledged in 2008. I’m betting on them, lol.

    • He’s an old white man with 30 years experience vs a real Estate mogul who speaks in 9th grade term paper, he’d better.

    • Question

      Political scientists were also certain Mitt Romney had it in the bag…

      • Rayjulian85

        I think you’re thinking of the pundits.

        • Question

          You’re right. Definitely not the same groups of people.

        • orchid921

          Karl Rove is not a political scientist. ;)

    • CheGueverraWitBlingOn

      Exactly, which is why when I read these articles that start from the point of he “can’t” win, I’m like

  • Django Fett

    LOL, anyone black not voting for Bernie should become a Dixiecrat so they can end up back in chains.

    The “mental calculus” is flawed, Clinton and her JP Morgan/Walmart-sponsored machine has no shot at beating Trump outside of stealing the election like Bush did in 2000.

    If Bernie loses the nomination, Trump has my vote.

    Anyone with common sense knows Trump has been trolling the media to drown out his competition, and its worked like a charm. In terms of policies, he’s a former Reform Party member (before Buchanan destroyed the party), so that’s all you need to know.

    This is the year for the anti-Free-Trade movement…and anyone from Pittsburgh/The Rust Belt should know better.

    Don’t be surprised if it’s Trump/Sanders after the primaries (with or without the party affiliation).

    • Damon Young

      Hmm. A piece about Sanders supporters being condescending attracts…a comment from a Sanders supporter being condescending. Who’d a thunk it?

      • mr. steal your costco samples


        AND FOR MONEY!!

        • Nick Peters

          Hillary “Super Predator” Clinton?

      • Django Fett

        You ever hear of the Talented 10th?

        Perhaps those that aren’t backing Bernie should shut up and follow their lead.

        • mr. steal your costco samples

          regarding talented tenths, in terms of the tenth in which you appear to reside allow me to quote a certain sage:

          you thinking you are first when you really are tenth.
          you better wake up and smell the real flavor.

          • Django Fett

            The tenth, making $150K a year? Having grown up in the projects with parents making $14K?


            Smells like fried chicken.

            • mr. steal your costco samples

              you only make $150K a year?

              • You two keep it up and I’ll rob both you ninjas. #BlackPoverty

                • mr. steal your costco samples

                  /nas skimask . gif

                • -h.h.h.-

                  listen you wanna be future VP, Joe Biden didn’t do it by telling folks this…he aint do it the fair way, did it the skimask way, n**ga ransom notes #HappyBirthdayChristopherWallace

                  • mr. steal your costco samples

                    low key Joe black as the ace of spades

                    he’s my favorite political figure of the last eight years.

                    malarkey nyukka DO YOU SPEAK IT

                    • I couldn’t be Obama but I could do Joe Biden all day.

              • Django Fett
              • KNeale

                I know right!!! I bet you live in a measly middle class neighborhood too! Tell us your address so we know what you say is true! Also, what type of job do you have? And when will you not be ho…I mean…what are your hours?

                • Django Fett


      • KNeale

        it started out with, if youre black and dont vote for bernie you’ll be in chains then quickly moved on to if bernie doesnt win i’m voting for trump……?????

        • Asiyah

          This guy is an uneducated moron telling us we’re stupid. FOH.

    • mr. steal your costco samples

      your thoughts are special thoughts. thank you for those special thoughts.

      my brain is too washed to understand you though. but i understand your thoughts and feelings to be special.

      • Django Fett

        Based on your punctuation choices, and my punctuation choices, I believe the problem is with your English Comprehension.

        Were you in Special Ed?

        • mr. steal your costco samples

          political advocacy at its finest. thank you for being you.

        • Wild Cougar

          Lemme break it down for you since you’re here and talented and full of money and ish.

          YOU *claps*
          CANT *claps*
          CONVINCE *claps*
          SOMEONE *claps*
          OF *claps*
          YOUR *claps*
          POINT *claps*
          OF *claps*
          VIEW *claps*
          BY *claps*
          INSULTING *claps*

          If you want votes for Bernie, get TALENTED and get your humble on like somebody with some sense.

          • mr. steal your costco samples

            it would be sweet if all retailers operated this way though.

            Nissan dealer: fk you bullet headed ninja
            me: where’s my checkbook?

            Telemarketer: we calling to offer you a better rate on your mortgage, incidentally eat the balls
            me: that’s wonderful! thank you!

            but no, political advocacy is on some other isht

            • Django Fett


          • Asiyah

            For real. Bernie is more humble than his followers. Why don’t they take a cue from the man they want to vote for?

            • miss t-lee

              Really though.

            • Django Fett

              Same reason why politicians often don’t trash talk – and their wealthier SuperPACs do?

          • Django Fett

            Nope. I’ll just vote Trump and see some of you guys on the news in a few years ;)

            Black lives matter… ok… then act like it.

            • Wild Cougar

              Nobody cares who you vote for, troll. Go get your attention where people serve bottomless iced tea.

        • Asiyah

          Stop being a jerk. You’re clearly not that intelligent yourself if you wrote this sentence:

          “If Bernie loses the nomination, Trump has my vote.”

          And then talk about a Trump/Sanders joint ticket. You’re intelligence seems pretty nonexistent.

          • Django Fett

            Sigh… let’s not compare penis sizes, in terms of intellect.

            If you don’t see similarities between Trump and Sanders, you’re either not well-read or not a big thinker.

            I bet you still see Obama as a progressive. Ha!

            • Asiyah

              Yes, let’s not compare what exists to what not exists. Makes no sense.

              I don’t see Obama as a progressive. Never have. Never will. Stop assuming you know my politics because you don’t. If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m a hardcore leftist. Have been my entire life and will probably be until the day I die. Neither Obama nor Sanders are progressive enough for me.

              You speak with such confidence in your biases. Check your ego at the door sweetie because your p*nis size isn’t something worth bragging about.

              • Django Fett

                So… you’re a communist? FEDS!!!!!

                I don’t care what your views are. The fact you don’t see both Sanders/Trump are both populist protectionists shows you don’t know what you’re talking about. Trump is a little more hawkish and ignorant, but his message is a hardened version of Sanders.

                Why do you think the GOP wants to kick Trump out?

                • Asiyah

                  If you don’t care what my views are, don’t belittle them. That’s exactly what you’ve been doing the entire time you’ve been on VSB: putting other people down for having differing opinions. If you’re so “above” us, why not uplift us to your level? You can’t because you’re down in the ignorant mud with the rest of us homie. You’re not a special little snowflake. You’re not woke. Ain’t nobody more asleep than a person unaware of his own stupidity and right now you’re in a coma.

                  • Django Fett

                    And yet, you belittle to tell someone not to belittle? That’s real big thinking at work over there!

                    Like Trump: you hit my hornet’s nest, and you’ll get stung. You fired the first shot.

                    And trust me, I’ve been “out the mud” for the better part of 15 years.

                    • Asiyah

                      I’m definitely going to belittle a person who decided to be arrogant enough to say that a Black person not voting for Bernie will be back in chains.

                      LOL at out the mud ok buddy you’re so smart come teach the rest of us and free us from our mental slavery by telling us what decisions to make and what to think!

                    • Django Fett

                      Um, last time I checked, blacks are in chains – look at the economic numbers, the education numbers, and the crime/prison statistics, the #BLM bitching.

                      Why don’t you go back to your black middle class home and anthropologically figure out why these topics don’t apply to you?

                    • Asiyah

                      I’m not Black or middle class. Again with the assumptions?! Making assumptions about people who happen to think differently from you isn’t going to make them “wake up” and “see the light” that you supposedly see. Tone down your hubris and speak like a person with some sense.

                      Blacks are in chains but voting for Bernie doesn’t guarantee that they will be free from their chains and you know that. Of all the candidates I feel Bernie the most and if I choose to vote will most likely vote for him if not a third-party candidate but to AGAIN act like somebody is this physical embodiment of hope is going too far. That’s what we heard in 2008 and Black people still remained in chains. It is unrealistic. While I don’t have a problem with your support of Bernie and see why you (or anybody) would, the problem here is in your delivery, lack of logic, condescending tone. If you have to go to such lengths to prove a point then you secretly don’t believe in it. Clearly you don’t if one minute you say you’re voting for Bernie then you say you’d vote for Trump if not Bernie. Going from one extreme to the other is a sure sign of ignorance.

                    • Django Fett

                      No, the ignorance is on YOUR side. If you followed Trump AT ALL, you’d know his views border that of the now (pretty much defunct) Reform Party. Especially when it comes to trade agreements.


                      Bernie Sanders is also anti-trade and believes in fiscal responsibility.

                      There’s a reason why BOTH candidates served as independents prior to running for president. Their current party affiliation is a consequence of the fact you can’t win the presidency as an outsider. They’re BOTH gaming the system.

                      The only real difference between the two is that Trump, if he led us to war, would demand reparations in the case of victory – Sanders would rather us not go to war at all. And Trump is a little more xenophobic than Sanders.

                      Trump was on late night recently and heard a quote “he” supposedly made, and was shocked to hear that the quote actually came from Bernie Sanders.

                      Jesse Ventura, a former Reform Party member ALSO identified the similarities between the two and himself…and the fact that the establishment tried to mute ALL of them.

                      And voting anti-establishment isn’t ignorance, it’s KNOWLEDGE. The only way you can vote for change is if you don’t vote for the status quo.

                      And by the way, comparing Bernie to Obama is a false equivalency. Obama never had the record that said he was a liberal. Take it from someone who LIVES in Chicago and watched his rise. You can’t win office here if you’re not a Democrat – ESPECIALLY if you’re black. He voted “present” on most bills as state senator…which means he was just laying low until the next jump off. That’s what you do if you believe in one thing, but you can’t go in that direction because it’d jeopardize your future. It happens all the time in this state, we call them DiNOs (Democrats in name only).

                      Bernie Sanders has been ride or die since the 1960s and has a STRONG record to back his views up. So he IS of substance.

                      And trust me, I don’t think ANYONE will be MY savior. That’s why I decided on my own to do well in school and pull myself out my plight. I did exactly what the conservative Obama suggested OUR people do.

            • Kas

              They both tap into disillusionment with the establishment. But for completely different issues. They have absolutely nothing in common.

              • Django Fett

                They’re both anti-free trade. Trump’s been that way since the late 80s, and ran as a Reform Party candidate briefly in 2000 under that.

                Sanders, too, is anti-free trade.

                That’s the BIG thing in common, because it effects the economy.

                • Kas

                  Slightly contradicting myself since I said they have nothing in common, but how the EFF does anyone know what Trump believes (including Trump)?

                  • Django Fett

                    If you don’t know what Trump is about, you haven’t done any research.

                    In 1989, he was on Oprah saying he was anti-free trade, in 2000 he briefly ran as a Reform Party candidate – again anti-free trade. This election, prior to the insults, ran as an anti-free trade candidate and complained how Obama was terrible at negotiating trade deals.

                    See a pattern?

    • TheOtherJerome

      “If Bernie loses the nomination, Trump has my vote.”

      “Don’t be surprised if it’s Trump/Sanders on a joint ticket after the primaries (with or without the party affiliation).”

      That must be some potent crack they have on Django Fett island!

      …. AND i consider myself a Bernie “stan”.

      • Django Fett

        Both are anti-free trade, both were originally independents. Both side with democrats on policy issues.

        Lots of overlap once you remove Trumps bombastic attacks on people.

        Trump also stated that he needs someone who is a Washington insider as VP. So the idea isn’t too far left (or maybe it is!).

        Considering this may be Bernie’s swan song, he may say f-it and give it a go.

        We’ll see once the GE starts.

        • TheOtherJerome

          “Both are anti-free trade, both were originally independents. Both side with democrats on policy issues.”

          Both have hair. Both speak english. Both walk upright…..

          “Lots of overlap once you remove Trumps bombastic attacks on people.”

          And the bigotry. And the misogyny. And the crudeness. And the fascism. And the ego. and the mean spiritedness. And the general ignorance of the issues……. come to think of it, they might not be alike at all…..

          To be clear, Jeff Sessions more likely to sign a reparations bill, then Bernie is to be on the same ticket with herr trump.

  • Mary Burrell

    All black folks don’t live in the ghetto Bernie.

    • Django Fett

      Please, a lot of black folks weren’t voting for him anyhow – because they’ve been brainwashed.

      Brainwashed to think that (Bill) Clinton promoted blacks, when instead he outsourced their jobs to China.

      Bernie is right, black prosperity has fallen since the actions of Bill Clinton.

      • kenyadigit

        You are doing the same thing that Damon is accusing Bernie supporters of doing. Don’t assume just because they don’t agree with you that they are brainwashed.

        • Django Fett

          Most folks I talk to about Hillary know nothing of her conservative roots, or the fact that she and her husband were both pro-NAFTA, pro-outsourcing and pro-incarceration.

          I hear black folks complain about jobs and law enforcement all the time and the whole BLM crap, and yet, they vote for the problem instead of against it.

          That, my friend, is brainwashing mixed with ignorance.

          Folks need to do their homework, or stay home.

          • mr. steal your costco samples

            anecdata is of course the province of the talented tenth.

          • kenyadigit

            But black people were also pro-incarceration, at least in the late 80’s and 90’s. I’m not saying Hillary is perfect, far from it, but I think dismissing any black person who votes for Hillary as brainwashed is too simplistic.

            Some peoples lives improved economically and socially under Obamas direction and they would like to see those policies continue with Hillary. Sanders promises a revolution and who knows what would become of that. You cant really blame people for sticking what has worked for them.

            • Django Fett

              True, a revolution WILL be costly and the status quo could suffice for some.

              So tell me again why we should even vote for the left then?

              FYI, most of Obama’s big policies have been conservative.

              • kenyadigit

                ACA, Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, Dodd-Frank, Iran deal, Cuba… I could go on and on. What are ‘most’ of these big conservative policies are you talking about?

          • Jacqueline

            I am not sure how old you are, but most of us lived through the Clinton years and many people had their concerns and voiced their concerns. Similar to the way that I was an Obama volunteer during the 2008 campaign and and actual employee during the 2012 campaign and voiced my concerns about some things that he has done that I did not like.

            It is about being a mature voter.

            Also, you will find that many black people were dismayed (and still are) with type of crime that lead to the “super-predator” and would not necessarily disagree with the Clinton’s.

            Many of us may have a different definition of what is good for the black community than others. The 3 strikes law was a horrible law. Period.

      • Asiyah


        Perhaps there are Black people who are hardcore leftists who do not consider Bernie a significant change from the status quo.

        • Django Fett

          And Clinton and her yelling is?

          • Asiyah

            Did I say that Clinton and her yelling is?

            I’ll wait.

            • Django Fett

              So who do you vote for?

              Voting for no one is voting for the winner. So there really is no escape.

              And I’m sure most would agree a Trump presidency could change the status quo quite a bit.

              • Asiyah

                I vote on principle and if I don’t agree with anybody who is running I don’t vote at all. And when I do vote it is for third-party candidates. You have used the term “brainwashed” here often but the biggest brainwashing I can think of is the myth that only two political parties are important in this country and that’s what you seem to imply. Let us remember history and how the Republican party was the little party that could until Lincoln actually became president. There is an escape from the current situation and as a self-proclaimed revolutionist I would think you’d know that.

      • Jacqueline

        Actually Black people did very well under Clinton. It was the triple down on stripping of regulations during GW Bush’s two terms which caused the depression (and yes it was a depression) and that killed Black American wealth; because if YT America catches a cold, Black America catches Pneumonia.

        We have to deal with facts.

        • *looks at crime bill and school-to-prison pipeline*

          Yes. Very well…if you were already entrenched in the middle class.

          • Jacqueline

            While my family has been “entrenched” in the middle class for more than 5 decades, I do not that many low income people were able to buy homes during those years and move out of those neighborhoods.

            Yes, the 3 strikes and you are out crime bill was detrimental, but many of us in the black community had hoped that this would have knocked some sense into the people who were committing the crimes. In regards to the school-to-prison pipeline, there are many to blame for that and I would say it lays mainly at the hands of the states, which actually control their states education system.

            • kenyadigit

              Black people really did take the brunt of the 80s and 90s crime wave. The crime bill was supposed to help those communities unfortunately it had unintended consequences of.

              Did you live in a major city during Reagan term?

          • Kas

            A lot of us were though. BTW mass incarceration is more of a state level than a federal level issue, though the Clinton’s certainly helped to promote it on a national level. My guess is that the majority of the older people that post on VSB were supportive of the tough on crime laws at the time.

      • Asiyah

        I agree with the myth that Clinton promoted Blacks, which is why I upvoted.

    • Just sayin

      Nah, he meant black poverty and white poverty are different. Which is on point.

      • Jgritty

        He was trying to describe intersectionality.

        white people: he didn’t mean you can’t be poor.

        black people: he wasn’t saying only your pigment of people represent all poor people.

        everyone else: Bernie cares about you too.

      • Mary Burrell

        That makes sense to me and that’s true

  • This election has not yielded the best options. It’s almost like we’re picking dodgeball teams and are trying to decided between two retarded kids. I can live with any candidate except Donald Trump. The fact that Donald has even made this far is a testament to how fucked things have gotten.

    • miss t-lee

      You summed up this election season well.

    • Wow ok. I was with you up until the retarded children comment. Just an FYI, mentally disabled individuals are more than capable of being excellent athletes, musicians, mathematicians, etc.

      • IsitFridayyet?

        Thank you for saying this.

  • skinnynow

    Word. It’s like dressing. I hate dressing. I love bread. I love seasoning. I love turkey. I hate dressing. People trying to convince me that I just haven’t had the right dressing isn’t going to make me try it. It’s going to make me hate the new dressing on principle.

    Trying to feed me Bernie dressing when I already know it’s not for me isn’t going to make me want to try it. It’s going to make me upturn a table and tell everyone to eff off.

    I’m not Hillary’s biggest fan, either. But trying to force-feed me Bernie isn’t helping.

    • mr. steal your costco samples

      i’m meh on both. both would do a good job protecting Obama’s legacy, and whichever one wins gets my vote in the general.

      i was meh on HRC in ’08 but definitely would have voted for her in the general if it’d come to that.

      • Cushite

        The only legacy Obama has is having brown skin and killing people in illegal wars.

        • Django Fett

          Oh and making NBC black again!

          It’s been a long time since OJ killed his bizzoe and MJ fondled Tommy’s jollies.

          Thanks Obama!

          • mr. steal your costco samples


            • 7thangel

              i saw someone say that hoteps love bernie too

          • Cushite

            Well, at some stage people need to look deeper and stop watching television. Being predictable sheeple isn’t progressive.

        • Gbadebo

          expanding healthcare? positive economic growth?

          • None of which are specific Black issues.

            How about keeping Black people from being innocently gunned down by police with impunity?

            I wonder how that beer summit went. {{-_-}}

            • Gbadebo

              Actually those are both significant issues in the black community. Just because they apply to more than “us” doesn’t mean they aren’t important to “us”. And if we’re going to talk about police brutality, at least we have a president who has shown progress. Who understands there is a problem and has publicly spoken about it.
              The president is one cog in this machine that we’re in. And even 8 years of the most liberal minded, black friendly president wouldn’t effectively end the series of “black people from being innocently gunned down by police with impunity” and similar effects that have been the structure of this country for just a few hundred years.
              So, yeah. Let’s ignore all of the good he has done because he didn’t retroactively end all racism in the US. In 8 friggin years.

              • Actually they’re not. Maybe in the community YOU live in but no one in any other Black community really cares about those things. Do they help? I’m sure they do. But we have OTHER issues which are NOT being addressed by our “Black” president (with a white Jewish mother). But you believe these are important issues to you because white liberals TOLD you they were.

                What progress? He says nothing about it, and when pressed about it, he says “We are a nation of laws” which means to defer to the corrupt police. And then he goes back to ignoring us like we do not exist.

                If the president is just a cog in the machine then why vote?

                8 years was enough for him to speak up for women, Latinos, and gays. But not for us. {{-_-}}

                • Gbadebo

                  I believe they are important issues because I see the impact that jobs and healthcare have on lower income communities, not because you think I heard some bs on the radio or TV. That’s some condescending bull S h I t bruh.
                  I can see this president has been far from perfect, however I doubt we’ll get much better in this system until congress and other branches of government start to move further left of center.
                  But if you want to make him the scapegoat for the lingering effects from hundreds of years of persecution, be my guest.

                  • Jobs? Working for who? White people who can fire you at a whim? I’d rather own businesses so we can provide our own people with jobs so we won’t BE a low-income community anymore. I’d rather have our own Black cohesive community infrastructure so we can provide healthcare and other necessities to our own people without any help from the country that enslaved our ancestors and refuses to pay reparations.
                    THOSE are our issues. Not the ones white liberals told you to care about.

                    You’re letting Obama get off too easily. Remember: He had a SUPERMAJORITY in his first 2 years in office.

                    Hundreds of years of persecution doesn’t stop Obama from speaking about it. Sure didn’t stop him from speaking for (white) women, gays, Latinos, and Jews. {{-_-}}

        • ThatBadOpinionPerson

          You know Sanders is for drone warfare too right? along with 0 foreign policy cred.

    • she


    • I would upvote but it’s stuffing*

      • skinnynow

        I hate stuffing, too.

      • Me

        LOL I was debating in my head whether she meant dressing like the stuff that goes on salads or stuffing.

    • dadumdee

      The irony of you using a food analogy to throw shade on the only candidate discussing the issue of income inequality that disproportionately makes Black families food insecure. Some things are too serious for that bougie ish to be cute.

      • skinnynow

        1. HRC has also gone to bat to fight income inequality, especially the gender pay gap. So, there’s that.
        2. Don’t think I don’t know the facts just because I’m responding humorously to a humorous blog post.
        3. I wear my bougie badge with pride as well as rep for my city, especially my folks fighting the good fight back home in St. Louis. So you can miss me with that ish.

        • dadumdee

          You never went to bed hungry, prolly. My bad, my impoverished inner child was charged up. I just worked out and reminded my paid, grown self to remember my sense of humor. I apologize. I found the logic reductive and the humor pedantic and I overreacted because of my connectedness to the subject matter. Take care and God bless.

          • skinnynow

            You be well

  • Mr. quojo .

    Bernie Sanders is like Hot Sauce on fried chicken, Some Black people like it, some don’t.

  • DBoySlim

    The problem Bernie has is the myth that the Clintons actually care about black people.

    • mr. steal your costco samples

      The problem Bernie has is his supporters hawking Bernie like a damn unsolicited mixtape.

      this mfkr tweeted a pic from the MOVIE Selma in support of Selma. like, you gonna ignore and then get reeeeal thirsty now? nah.

      • They really want to recreate the magic of 2008…and they’re mad that it’s just not happening.

      • dadumdee

        Lol, ok, touché. But then again, you’re never going to be the next master P or nipsey hustle if you’re not popping up in the barbershop with your book bag filled with that work. Just like they be passionate about how the freestyles over the ‘I like to cha cha’ beat, so too am I about the 1% robbing us.

    • KNeale

      Yes. Because Bernie’s gaffe, is nothing compared to what Hilary has said or done but we just aren’t paying attention enough.

    • kenyadigit

      What makes you think Bernie cares about black people?

    • Question

      I’m curious – what does it mean for a presidential candidate to care about Black people?

      • Sandy Rider

        Why can’t this stupid racist country , and yes, it is racist, just care about everyone. I’m older and I’m just sick of it.

        • Question

          Let me guess – All Lives Matter?

  • Holley Clark

    Would I be a bad person if I don’t vote at all. I don’t like anybody and Trumps out of his mind. It all feels forced on to us.

    • Django Fett

      Sure. Just know that when you don’t vote, you vote for the winner by default.

      • cakes_and_pies

        And if you don’t vote your state and local government elections will give it to you with no Vaseline.

        • Jennifer

          Girl! Why don’t people understand this??!?! Can I borrow this line to express the importance of local and state elections? I’ll give you credit. “As Cakes and Pies so eloquently put it..”

          • cakes_and_pies

            Please be my guest. I have spent over a decade working at a place tasked for state legislation. I am ti-red of telling people the US President doesn’t set you property tax millage rate, doesn’t set local zoning laws, and didn’t create the state budget. I can’t even get folks to understand we have three branches of federal and state law.

    • PaddyfotePrincess

      *Sigh* I’m going to vote, but my heart ain’t in it.

    • -h.h.h.-

      considering that this year is not only a pres. election, but there are also House of Rep. seats that are up, 1 of your 2 senators may be up for a seat, along with representation at the state level…depending on your demographic/party makeup in your town/county….

      ehhhh no, you aren’t a bad person. your abstention of voting is a voice unto itself.

      • nin10doegames

        Also a Supreme Court nominee on the line too

        • -h.h.h.-

          honestly i think it will clear up before the elections…but then again…this is congress. *shrug* (i was born with hope)

          • mr. steal your costco samples

            agree on that.

          • nin10doegames

            This congress(the republicans) have no interest in giving Obama his 3rd Supreme Court appointee. Thats why i just assume its not happening.

    • Asiyah

      I’m not voting at all. I don’t know if that makes me a bad person or not but I am not going to compromise my principles. Maybe I will another time but right now, no.

      • vote in your local elections please!

        • Asiyah

          Hmmm…I’ll consider it. I’m not opposed to that at all.

        • Lea Thrace

          Yes. At the very least vote locally. Cause honestly, voting locally is how change is affected. It’s also how knuckleheads move up the ranks to get to national campaigns. Stop the idiots at the local level and you wont end up with idiots nationally or as your governor.

          • Jacqueline

            Thank you Lea for stating this! I have spent the last decade trying to explain this but people are too caught up in the shiny Presidential races.

          • Asiyah

            I used to see local elections as pointless but you’re making me reconsider.

            • miss t-lee

              The local elections really mean more on a personal level than the national ones.

              • Asiyah

                YES! ok I’m going to change my stance and go back to the local polls.

                • miss t-lee

                  Good deal. :)

    • Cushite

      Holley we need you to vote for Bernie. Be brave.

    • Jacqueline


  • Courtney Wheeler

    Hmmmm I lean more Bernie than Hillary. But the in fighting between there supporters has been silly.. Either you’re being mansplained(Bernie-bros) or told I HAVE to vote for Hillary just because she’s a woman. But I also do wonder if the reason why Bernie isn’t getting the love from the African American community is simply because he isn’t Obama…or would a Obama endorsement change voters minds?

    • cakes_and_pies

      Like how you gonna twist you mouth to tel me I’m going to burn in Hale if Idon’t vote for Clinton?

      • Courtney Wheeler

        It dis-values anyone accomplishments if you believe others would support other JUST because of gender or race. If that was the case then where is all ours “Dr. Ben Carson is love” buttons?

        • CheGueverraWitBlingOn

          Right and we aren’t talking about fringe internet supporters (like the these Bernie Bros that Sanders has openly disavowed), but people she brought up on stage. C’mon now.

      • Albright has never pulled punches. I kind of like the old bird even thought we don’t always agree.

        • cakes_and_pies

          That is some #SolidarityForWhiteWomen non-sense. You don’t tell me to wait my turn and act froggy when my brown skin and ham wallet doesn’t grant Clinton an automatic vote.

          • Oh, I agree “aside from the term ham wallet”. It is a condescension akin to Bernie supporters to Black folks.

      • Asiyah

        For real. and when you deign to point out for VARIOUS AND NUMEROUS inconsistencies and how she’s a war-monger and practically a Republican by actually mentioning her POLICIES you are called a sexist.

  • I sincerely hope the democratic socialist movement does not end with Bernie. The country needs this but perhaps we aren’t ready for it now.

    • mr. steal your costco samples

      I agree. next presidential election will bring a more refined, electable version of Bernie if Trump wins…

      …and, sadly, a more refined, electable version of Trump if HRC wins

      • Forget the presidency. We need these people in congress. We need them in Governors mansions. We don’t need an electable Trump. We need the Republican party to get it’s ish together and nominate a rational person..

        • mr. steal your costco samples

          GOP got the states and districts on gerrymandered lock sir

          • The moment you realize that the DNC engages in this stuff too, is the moment that you realize that the game takes no prisoners.

          • I know. It’s another obstacle.

    • orchid921

      I’ve been thinking … maybe the best place for Bernie is in the Cabinet. I’d love to have him as Secretary of Education or head of the EPA. If we can’t have him as president, I’d still like to see him make a difference on a national level. You’re right … this movement is long, long overdue.

    • CheGueverraWitBlingOn

      By the time we are ready for it, it may be too late. It may already be. See the various main stream media articles citing economists and political scientist warning of the death of the American middle-class and increased income gap.

      • Yeah but we’ve known about this trend since the 80s. People are finally paying attention.

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