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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 2: Episode 8 Recap

Hey…y’all notice its like the Miles and Milan storyline…then the rest of the storylines? Like their storylines never intersect with other castfolks?

No? Just me?

No biggie.

Anyway, so last week, Amber found out that the love of her life has another life to live of his own. She lost her shit. She rolled around on sidewalk. She talked to her grandma. She’s basically done. Enter this week, where Amber who has been hurt is not angry at being lied to and with her sisters, puts Miles on speakerphone to ask him – assholishly – about Milan.

I hate when folks do that shit she did. Like, they are hurt so they decide to play the mean “fuck you, you gon’ tell me what I want to know or I’m gonna burn your house down” role? You want answers? Cool. You want to know the truth? Also cool. What is the point of being mean about it? Miles came clean with the most significant news of his life. I’m not saying cut him slack for not being honest with their situation; I am saying to stop pretending like you don’t understand Amber.

Then again, she probably doesn’t. Have you heard her talk? Why does she sound…special? Even when she’s talking to her family she sounds like she’s reading scripted cue cards in the dryest way possible. I have no idea what Miles saw in her. She’s odd looking and doesn’t talk good. In fact, she talks just like “don’t talk good” sounds. She is the “talk good” of human existence. I mean, between her and Milan I kind of understand why Miles decided to get on team Milan. Which is not about Milan, but about her. You know what? This entire paragraph is going in a direction I’m not happy about. Let’s just move on.

Miles says he’s been dating Milan and Amber decides she’s going to have to see him to get some answers. You know what that means? Girl fight.

Speaking of girlfight, heavyweight contender Teairra Marie and lighweight contender Hazel E are back being cool which is nice because Hazel ┬áneeds a friend. Apparently she was out in Dubai, booked to perform that one song nobody’s ever heard, and went out into the desert on an ATV and caught the fade, mushing her face into something that turned catastrophic real fast. She had to be flown back to America for emergency plastic surgery to restore her nose. And because this is LHH, the haters were apparently saying she lied about being in an accident and was using it as a cover up for the plastic surgery she got on her nose. Which, if she did, she’s like the chick who has an A-cup and gets a boob job to go to an A+ cup. Either way, Hazel has to get her face back together and she’s sad that this is a thing, which I’m sad about too because they’re really trying to stretch the necessity to have her on the show. I’m not saying Mona Scott-Young manipulated her ATV, but I’m not saying she didn’t either. Shit, she’s paying Hazel-E for something…YOU GON’ FIND A REASON TO BE HERE HAZEL.

Moving onto another of my least favorite people of all times, it turns out that The Tiny Insanity herself is part of a rap group called Queens that is signed to Nick Cannon’s NCredible Records label. Because of course she is. Apparently her rep outside of the studio is just as destructive INSIDE as Nick is pretty much like, “your shit is on hold because nobody wants to work with you because you’re the most difficult person on the planet and your last resort is your husband, who you’re lucky is on this show further creating a reason for you to have a storyline as we try to leverage vh1 for some coverage for my label that nobody knows I have.” Hubby, Max Lux, seems hesitant to work with his wife – for good reason, he knows her – but then again, if he doesn’t work with her nobody will and I’m guessing she’s been short on the light bill lately. So he agrees to do it, which FORESHADOWING we all know is going to be a disaster.



Brand is trash.

Max says so.

Brandi is mad.


Just joking. She didn’t hulk smash anything. But she’s really pissed that he’s not encouraging of her while she’s in the booth but he IS encouraging of the other chick in the group, Milli Moto, who apparently is One Take Tony out this bitch. So she’s in her feels, and Max is like, fuck yo’ fort cuhz! Take these notes and criticisms and do better. Which, let’s be real, this is why husband and wife duos are hard to work out. Jay and Bey bring TOTALLY different things to the table; also, Bey is better on every single song that they’re on together. Jay doesn’t care, they’re counting stacks of money together while lighting cigars, fires, and Blue Ivy’s birthday candles with Benjamins. Max and Brandi? Not so much. Also, she sucks. There’s that. Like, you nor I are ever going to be on the look out for that new Queens album. Even Nick Cannon isn’t on the lookout for it, and he owns it. He had on some nice shoes though. Nick Cannon that is.

Then we get to the meat of this episode. Nobody likes “Player Fizz”, which sounds more like a bad pimp name out of Oakland than former boybander from a group that included dudes named Omarion, J-Boog, and Raz-B. But “Father Fizz” is a winner. We all appreciate and respect how much of a good father Fizz has has been to his son Kam because his ex, Moniece, is apparently a terrible mother everywhere except Instagram. Fizz is lamenting how he has Kam during the week and Moniece is supposed to get him during the weekends, but she’s flaked on Kam, three weekends in a row and its pissing him off…as it should. I don’t care what you have going on in your life, flaking on the kids is not the wave.

Anyway, Fizz talks to Omari about the fact that its hard for him to do certain things because he always has Kam, especially on those times when Moniece is supposed to and that he needs help. Let’s pause for a minute: this is why I like Fizz, the father. He’s very real about where he stands in relation to his son. He wants to do the right thing. Wants his son to have a relationship with his mother. He’s doing his level best, and he’s not afraid to say that he needs help, which is a real thing. Kids require a lot of work, and I imagine when you’re in the entertainment business, the ability to do appearances and shows – I mean we know he ain’t doing shows – but make events is important. So Fizz decides if he can’t get help from Moniece, who doesn’t answer the phone, he’ll try to get it from her family.

He meets up at a restaurant with Marla, who is clearly no advocate of Moniece. Backtrack for a moment. Marla and Richie D meet up for lunch somewhere for a do-over of sorts where Marla says something to the tune of being protective of Moniece but also protective BECAUSE of Moniece. I can’t remember the exact quote. But Marla hips Rich to why Moniece doesn’t have custody of Kam, a story that doesn’t jive with what Mo has told him. Because the rest of us watch the show, and apparently Rich doesn’t, we know that Fizz’s story is probably more accurate than not. And Marla recounts that Moniece’s anger basically got her locked up and handed custody over to Fizz, who has not gone to court to file for full custody, hoping that he can maintain a cordial dealing with Moniece and that their son won’t have to suffer.

Back to the Fizz and Marla lunch, where Fizz asks for help (not money, but time) and Marla is like we’re doing what we can and giving all we have to give, which is odd to me. Then again, this whole storyline is odd so whatevs. Marla, in an odd decision, accuses Fizz and Mo of not knowing what its like to be hardcore parents, which rightly pisses Fizz off, because he’s there. All the time. He’s the parent. And he’s further pissed that Marla is like, “fuck Mo” basically…take that nigga to the cleaners, Fizz. Make her pay you and hire a nanny. Fizz is decidedly non-plussed about this because at this moment, he realizes, Moniece may be fucked up, but she got it honest. Fizz sheds tears. Fizz is also an ugly crier.

Page turn to Fizz meeting Moniece at the studio where he is like, look, where have you been? Your son needs you. I talked to your mom. And of course Mo gets pissed about this because she feels like they are teaming up against her and he’s like, #ornah. You’ve been out here thinking I’m the problem and it turns out that I’m the only one seems to have your back. He could be a much worse dude than he is but he’s trying, on her behalf, to help her have the relationship with her son in real life that she has on Instagram. They both cry. It was an actual touching moment. Fizz for President.

And the episode ends with Amber going to the studio looking like a blue USB flash drive to confront Milan who is laying down vocals to another song nobody will ever hear.

Next week? Moniece confronts her mama and Milan and Amber fight over a man who only wants one of them.

Panama Jackson

Panama Jackson is pretty fly (and gorgeous) for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. He refuses to eat cocaine chicken. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future. You can hit him on his hitter at

  • These names are outrageous. Max Lux…Father Fizz…Rich D. LOL Like…y’all are not real people with these names.

    • Brass Tacks

      These names do sound like they were created after Mona Scott hired a Shaman to commune with the spirits of Sistah Souljah and Zane.

    • panamajackson

      To be fair, his name is just Fizz. I called him FAther Fizz. Though Fizz ain’t exactly better. In fact, carry on.

  • “Milan who is laying down vocals to another song nobody will ever hear.” My thoughts everytime I see someone in the LHH universe in the studio.

  • Pinks

    A USB flashdrive?

    *Here lies Pinks. Time of death: 4:04pm EST. Please make sure her chirren get the collection of illegally downloaded ringtones and screenshots of facebook drama she sent to group chat, which have been accounted for in her will.*

  • Sigma_Since 93

    Let’s just nominate Marla for the worst grandmother of the year award. I’ve neva,eva heard of a grandmother who doesn’t want to spend time / spoil their grandchild.

    • PhlyyPhree

      Ehhhhh. I don’t know.
      We don’t know how often Marla really sees Kam. Spending/spoiling your grandchild on YOUR terms is different than spending time with someone else’s child on THEIR terms.
      I always wait for people to ask for my child (and they have to ask more than twice) before I will send her anywhere.
      Its a whole different feel when you’re doing something because you want to vs doing something because you were asked

      • Sigma_Since 93

        True. It would appear that would have come up in the conversation though. I mean Big Red told you what his office hours were; if Fizz didn’t bring Kam trough during the allotted time then shame on him.

      • Thank you. Being a grandparent means you have options. YOU pick and choose when you take them… My daughter spends the summer with my parents every summer but it’s because my parents say, “Send her.” not the other way around.. if they decide next summer that she will stay with my husband and I….. We will cry like biatches BUT we can’t say nada.

        Marla has raised her children and I loved her honesty. She gave him a solution even if folks acted like she snitched Moniece out to the feds… I can appreciate that she could call out her child’s bs. Moniece is a HORRIBLE mom.

    • mssporadic

      Oprah and Iyanla dealt with a similar situation on OWN. She had a show with 3 daughters complaining that grandma didn’t want to watch the kids or do a lot of family stuff. Grandma said she was single and trying to mingle. After working all week, she wanted to turn up with her friends. She was not trying to watch kids or do family stuff every weekend.

    • Allow me to introduce you to 2 grandmothers who are like that. The struggle is REAL in these streets. Heck, when I do get free time outside of visitation, I go HARD in the paint. It may or may not be the source of 84.27% of Hot Todding stories of the past 2 years.

    • PDL – Cape Girl


  • Samantha

    You know what… this may just be me…but I don’t think Marla is a bad person. While I get that the natural thought is ” Grandma should step in”, I’m not sure that’s right. My mom always told me when I was younger that if I got pregnant, that was my child not hers. Not meaning that she wouldn’t do what she could to help out but that she wouldn’t take on the responsibility of raising another child because it wasn’t HER responsibility.

    Now clearly their (Marla & Moniece) messed up relationship got dimensions and levels to that ish but I just don’t think we can justly assume Marla is in the wrong for not wanting to be made mommy number two when Moniece is clearly physically able to do her part and seems to just not be. I mean, she still didn’t tell Fizz why she been MIA three weekends in a row after all the tears and whatnot. Inquiring minds want to know.

    • panamajackson

      This is very fair. But I don’t think that Fizz was asking them to raise Kam. it seems like he was saying look, he’s your grandson, and I need some help sometimes…AND i need you to speak to your daughter. If he has Kam during the week, and he’s looking for SOME weekend help sometimes, I don’t see how that’s too much for them to do. I mean, Kam does need to spend time with his grandparents too right?

      • NaijaBeauty84

        Great review Panama. The way Marla was talking, it seems that the grandparents DO spend time with Kam. Just not as much as Fizz would like. I am on Marla’s side. She has been raising children since she was 19. Now at 47 years old, she wants (and deserves) to live. Moniece is busy chasing Rich Dollaz, jumping into fights with Teairra that does not concern her, and taking singing lessons. Even if Marla stepped in, Kam still wouldn’t have a relationship with his mother. Therefore, I cosign Marla’s advice. Take her to court for child support and hire a nanny.

        • panamajackson

          Y’all are cold blooded out here lol

        • GirlMelanie86

          My only thing is taking Moneice to court will solve what exactly? That broad ain’t got no money.

          • Brass Tacks

            Maaan No chill for #BaeMoneice

            • GirlMelanie86

              Eh, she used to be bae for me. She’s bad as hayle but your stock tends to drop when you’re a sh*tty parent.

              • No country for ain’t ish moms. NONE!


                • GirlMelanie86

                  Zilch, lol

              • Brass Tacks

                Hmm…I’m not too familiar with much of the goings on of this season (LHH is one of those shows I tolerate/appreciate when booed up). But between P’s breakdowns, and VSBs commentary. I feel pretty confident in my ability to deliver the Spark Notes version.

                Moneice seems like walking probable cause; if “probable cause” meant a probability to wreck some shi t or scorch the Earth etc… She’s attractive, and doesn’t have the face by way of Madame Tussaud like a lot of her fellow cast members. Parental skills are lagging, yes. And I think P wrote eloquently on the whole er ” messiness” of their particular situation. Guess money really doesn’t buy happiness.

                • GirlMelanie86

                  Yeah I pretty much keep up these days with P’s recaps. Sometimes I read them and go watch the episode if it sounds like something I can tolerate, which isn’t much with this show so my actual watching has been rare this season, lol.

                  You’re pretty dead on in your assessment. She seems unstable to me. She is attractive, beautiful to me actually, but when you get past that and really look at her face, she looks….. troubled. Her eyes and face are always blank, her smiles don’t seem genuine. She just seems to have a lot of problems.

                  • QuirlyGirly

                    You might a point with NM..she do got that blank nothing behind the eyes stare…hmmm

                    • GirlMelanie86

                      She never looks happy to me. She seems to be better with Meek- surprisingly they look like they’re in love- but maybe she has some other stuff going on.

                  • Hey, there are a lot of women who are attractive but have nothing behind the eyes. It’s all about how much remains to power the brain after it drains down to the D.

                • Guest

                  Not showing up at all to see your precious baby boy isn’t a case of a lagging parental skills. It just makes you a rotten self centered b*tch.

                  • PDL – Cape Girl


                • Kema

                  Haha! Do you also read without watching the show?

                  • Brass Tacks

                    Yep! I’m not familiar with anyone outside of last seasons regulars.
                    I like P’s recaps and the commentary y’all provide in the comment sections are always entertaining.

                    But reality tv in general is not something i’m going to actively watch unless i’m with a someone. Then at the very least it allows for an open discussion on what possibly could work and wouldn’t work for our relationship.

                    • Kema


                    • Brass Tacks


                    • Kema


          • Guest

            Sometimes taking people to court makes the situation real to them and they wise up.

            • PDL – Cape Girl


            • PhlyyPhree

              And sometimes it does nothing but make a bad situation worse.
              Moneice knows she has a son and I’m pretty comfortable in saying that she knows she needs to do better. She’s already made it clear that she’s not really in a position to do better. The singing lessons, the hot d ildoes… None of that means she has any money. Money is what the court is going to try and get from her. No court in the land is going to be able to make her a good parent if something mental or emotional is holding her back from that

              • Guest

                The majority of men who don’t want to be bothered with their children know they need to do better. They will sit on the phone or text and *baby baby please, you know I love my children* the heck out of you……Doesn’t mean they will. People who are self centered and cruel aren’t always aggressive in every action….that I’m sorry I won’t do it again rollercoaster of lies and pretend remorse is a ride manipulators take people on all the time. It’s no different than the man who hits a woman, blames her or someone else for his rage, then deeply apologizes for his wrongdoings and says he will do better. It’s like the cycle of abuse. You keep hope alive, manipulate people’s emotions, victimize yourself, hurt someone, and then do it all over again. Taking her money puts her in a position where she is forced to take care of her responsibilities. Kids don’t eat air and Moniece gets the same check that Fizz does from LHHHollywood.

              • GirlMelanie86

                “No court in the land is going to be able to make her a good parent if
                something mental or emotional is holding her back from that’

                This is all I’m trying to say.

              • ??Jessica??

                But its NOT the money that Fizz is stressing about. It’s the fact that you should be picking up your child on Friday evening, taking him to your abode, feed him, hang with him, help with his homework and then drop him off back on Sunday.

                What have you been doing the past THREE CONSECUTIVE weekends why you have missed this time? Were you out making money? And if yes why cant you schedule it all in the FIVE days you DONT have your son?!

                I just dont get it man. I just dont!

            • GirlMelanie86

              Sometimes, yes. But then what happens after that? Do you take them off child support when they wise up? I’m unfamiliar with the process but it seems like once you put someone on child support it would be a difficult process of getting the state to stop it. I could be completely wrong though.

              Anyway, what I’m saying is that this is just another example that you can’t force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do, including being a parent the child that they carried for 3 quarters of a year. If Moneice wanted to be a better mother to Kam, she would be. Child support or no child support, money or no money, nothing would stop a parent from being with their child if they wanted to be with them.

              • Guest

                Usually after six months you can sit down together with a mediator and talk it out, if she then realizes that not having access to the baby at all was something she truly didn’t want, she could pledge her intentions to be a better parent, then they can modify and agree on a new custody and support agreement. Right now is her mind she thinks she has the best of both worlds, her own money to spend and access to the baby when she feels like it. Take away both and it and it may change her perception. Men do it alot after court orders to pay support, suddenly they want to show that they are around alot so their support is reduced.

              • PDL – Cape Girl

                My kid’s dad (way back when) thought the courts were playing. Kept showing up empty handed and with a bunch of excuses. They worked with him and gave him plenty opportunities. He’d buy stuff, which I would report, but the courts knew that was a ploy to not pay. Well, we’re in court, he’s telling the judge that he bought sneakers and other “stuff”, the judge said thanks, appreciate it, but where is your court ordered support? She then gets fed up and asks “haven’t I seen you here before?” She goes on further to say, “I tell you what, how about I take you into custody and see you next year.” This was during the month of October. She said “Merry Christmas, Happy New Year” and told the attorney , “dont’ bring him before me anymore until next year.” He stayed ten months. Not my fault.

                Too many excuses. How are you (Moniece) eating, bathing, doing all the essentials (maintaining) and it never crosses your mind that your kid requires (at least), the same things you’re doing to maintain? Not whooping it up, just maintaining? I have zero tolerance and sympathy for folks that shuck their responsbilities on to others. Like I said, even animal instincts kicks in with their young. Folks want to work through and work things out, kewl? All these other games, nuh uh

                • GirlMelanie86

                  I’m sorry you went through/are going through that, that’s some BS. I don’t have any children of my own but I can empathize in your situation and I feel for you, honestly.

                  Same here, zero tolerance for bad parenting. And you are proving my point in a way. If it takes me going to the courthouse and putting you on child support, you don’t want to be involved in the first place. Child support forces the person to support financially, which I’m 100% in support of. And I agree she should be paying it since she appears to not be taking care of this child in any way- whatever check she gets from LHH or wherever should be be used in part to assist in raising her child. But financial support is likely all Fizz will get from her, if he gets it at all (for some reason she seems like she would have a lot of debt that that check is also going towards) and he’s asking for more than that. Someone said it above or below me, but she does not appear to be interested in caring for her child AT ALL, PERIOD. People like that, like what you’ve described, will always have excuses for not being around and money is all the other parent&kid will get. She’s not worried about Kam eating, bathing, etc. She knows he is getting all the essentials you mentioned because she knows who his father is.

                  If money was all Fizz was frustrated about, child support would be my number 1 answer. He needs time and help with general kid-raising everyday stuff, and that is what she doesn’t seem willing to give.

                  • PDL – Cape Girl

                    Well I had a reply. Guess it will show up eventually. Lol

          • but if the roles were reversed, wouldnt we tell Moniece to do that?

            • GirlMelanie86

              Sure, but I’d probably follow it up with the same statement.

              • PDL – Cape Girl

                The court is there to enforce what a parent should know naturally….that if you make babies they’re your responsiblity. Even animals know this. The court’s stance is cry me a river or go to jail. I here for it. Support your kid or get neutered. We (tax paying, law abiding citizens) get stuff doing what trifling folk won’t do. Kids can’t survive off air nor wait for parents to get it together.That chick is doing everything but raising and spending time with her son. Always talking about smashing, getting married and booed up ain’t helping her case of the whatevs, when it comes to her son.

            • Guest

              Of course
              …….girl get your money. How many of us would tell a woman to stop chasing a man around, trying to make him parent a child he refuses to pay attention and go get some child support?

              • PDL – Cape Girl

                Raises hand.

        • PDL – Cape Girl


        • exactly

      • I see your point, and I’ll elaborate in another comment. What I’ll say is that from my experience, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. If you think the mama isn’t there for their kid, where do you think they got it from?

      • SimplePseudonym

        I would understand if Fizz wasn’t spending his precious weekend time on…Nikki?

        He obviously can’t handle idle time responsibly.

    • Sigma_Since 93

      “My mom always told me when I was younger that if I got pregnant, that
      was my child not hers. Not meaning that she wouldn’t do what she could
      to help out but that she wouldn’t take on the responsibility of raising
      another child because it wasn’t HER responsibility.”

      My mom said the exact same thing but it never stopped her from asking to keep the babies or stepping in to watch the boys for an hour if I needed to handle things that ensured food was kept on the table. It appears that there is no contact with that side of the family and the option I just mentioned isn’t even in practice.

      I could see if she was doing this and he was asking for more.

    • Courtney Wheeler

      Yeah i agree I think Moniece’s mom had some valid points and Fizz as well. Clearly her being a mother has taken a backseat to her being in love/reviving her music career. It was telling how cold Marla was about her own daughter though. Obviously years of issues that we we couldn’t possibly digest in an hour. It’s funny how for once Rich doesn’t look like a A-hole.

      But on a lighter note…Teairra gets lypo..because she wants to feel thin…like RIGHT AWAY?


      • Sigma_Since 93

        I thought she was preggers when I came in the room and saw her face and her bewbs. It looked like she was 35 months in.

        • Courtney Wheeler

          Sadly that’s the only great thing about her as of late..her face and her boobs.
          Because her personality sort of sucks right now.

          • panamajackson

            Yeah, her personality is trash. I’m all the way off the bandwagon.

            • Courtney Wheeler

              Might I also add in the previews she gets her surgery but then they allude that Teairra might not be able to keep her side up of her and Nicki’s “lingerie/blazer global takeover?”


              • panamajackson

                I mean you can’t get the lypo two weeks before you need to be svelte publicly. You got to let that sh*t breathe.

                • Sigma_Since 93

                  This is a classic case study of the “I want it now” culture and folks don’t know the math on all that’s required.

                • At LEAST 6-8 weeks… lmao

                • Melissa

                  Yup! My ManFriend is a plastic surgeon and at the two-week mark, she’s still going to look she just went three rounds with…herself? Totally.

              • Guest

                I wear blazers when I feel fat or I need to go to court. Or if I am being Nasty Janet Jackson for Halloween.

          • PDL – Cape Girl

            Her face, cause I’m betting those boobs are strapped underneath her chin.

        • No, that’s the alcohol. Even if you don’t gain much weight, it’ll give you like 84% body fat. I had a similarly shaped woman hit on me recently, and it felt like I was hugging one of those 15 year old worn out pillows…and she was under 30 and not visibly overweight. ICK! (For that, and other reasons.)

          • QuirlyGirly

            Yeah TT needed to let the bottle go a long time ago. Im sure all that dranking messed up her voice and that is why she don’t sing no more

    • QuirlyGirly

      Monience know she threw the pity party in high gear to get out of answering why she didn’t pick up her son.

    • Leila

      I’m on Fizz’ side. If his son is not spending time with Moniece, it’s going to cause a lot of issues later in life and don’t think it was too much to ask Marla to pitch in. He was asking for time, not money and I don’t get her response, she came off really cold to me……Watching the episode made me sad for Kam. I’m coparenting with my ex and it’s not easy, but we’re always there for our daughter and make sure her needs come first.

      • Agreed. While Moniece may truly prove to be ain’t ish, he has to at least make that effort to reach out. It’s one thing if Moniece isn’t stepping up, but it’s another if Fizz is actively like F Yo’ Mama li’l man. And going back and watching the show after reading the recap, yeah…Marla is more #coleworld than a J. Cole stan. She’s talking about asking the father of her grandchild to take her daughter to court so she can be forced to pay for a nanny. That to me speaks volumes about the nature of their relationship.

        • PDL – Cape Girl

          “While Moniece may truly prove to be ain’t ish, he has to at least make that effort to reach out.”

          You are missing it. He reached out and she answered him within the rights of Kam is not her child. Again, while I can sympathize with his dilemma, he needs to understand that the ONLY obligated two are the biological parents. It’s the plight of most single parents and the one thing you usually don’t take into consideration when getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant.

          • You’re missing my point. My comment was aimed between Fizz and Moniece, the end. Now Marla isn’t exactly covering herself in glory, but you’re right about her lack of legal obligations.

            That said, Fizz can’t just say F Moniece when it comes to visitation. Forget about the morals around that, though that’s a big issue. Until and unless Moniece terminates her parental rights, she has the legal right to peace out for a few years, then just show up one day for her son. Like my lawyer told me, a non custodial parent doesn’t have to exercise parental rights, but may do so at any time of their choosing. And terminating custodial rights unilaterally without a conviction is very difficult.

            I say all of that to say that it’s worth Lil Fizz’s while to put up with the bullshit for a variety of reasons.

            • Asiyah

              He’s made several efforts to reach out to Moniece.

            • PDL – Cape Girl

              “That said, Fizz can’t just say F Moniece when it comes to visitation”
              “Until and unless Moniece terminates her parental rights, she has the legal right to peace out for a few years, then just show up one day for her son.”

              Nah, I hear you but if you say so and if you allow. If you’re dragging azz and I’m stuck carrying the full load, you can believe EVEN WITH VISITATION, that you won’t walk up and just jump back in. I speak what I know. My kid’s dad would pop up with that visitation mess every so often and I politely shut it down. I would tell him, take me to court and let’s battle it out there. Naw, he didn’t want to do that. Bump “rights.” You get ghost, stay ghost. I live in the land of “do right so things will work to your favor.” It’s never failed me.

      • but her pitching in doesnt help the motherless child issue and that was her point. shes never gonna be Kam’s mother no matter how much she participates (which she clearly wants to do) but its unfair of Fizz to suggest that is somehow a solution. All Marla is saying is hold Moniece accountable. Its her kid. Rightly so.

  • Brass Tacks

    I prefer periodically reading your recaps and gathering a mental gist of the season-arching f*ckery.

    That being said, the most valuable piece of intelligence I gained from this synopsis is that Nick Cannon has a record label. Why does Nick Cannon have a record label? And why is it named NCredible Records, like the general public can name one song/album/producer/label mate not named Nick Cannon?

    • You marry Mariah, you get a record label. Pretty sure it was in the pre-nup.

      • Brass Tacks

        Hmm… That actually sounds legit, Cogito. I’m not knocking his hustle. He’s been very successful in alot of his endeavors, as of late. I’m just stating that I have neva, eva, eva heard anyone say they were checking for that new Nick Cannon album.

        • What self respecting rapper ends up working with Nick on something that isn’t comedy? Nick couldn’t sell albums that came with naked pics of Mariah.

          • Sigma_Since 93

            If Nick’s giving points on the album.

      • I’m sure Nick Cannon learned something from Mariah. Plus, like Brass Tacks said, he has a track record with this management ish. I’d at least give him a shot with someone.

  • ChellZ

    “the episode ends with Amber going to the studio looking like a blue USB flash drive to confront Milan who is laying down vocals to another song nobody will ever hear.
    Next week? Moniece confronts her mama and Milan and Amber fight over a man who only wants one of them.”

    I’m hyperventilating.

  • Lil Fizz is singing my truth. I’ve been in the same spot as dude with the grandmother, and I’ve learned that those conversations are a complete waste of time. If my ex-wife wanted to be a mother, I wouldn’t have to beg her for it. And the grandmother on that side doesn’t really recognize how bad ish really is. If anything, she’s co-signing a lot of the denial, as my ex has been allowed to hide the fact that she doesn’t have custody. (The funny part is that I’m still friends with a lot of my former in-laws, and they see the pictures I post with my daughter solo.)

    I really feel Fizz’s pain. It’s bad enough finding times on the weekend for myself when I work a regular 9 to 5, and a consulting gig I can do on weekday nights and weekends when I’m not turning up. When you’re in the entertainment business, and every other night has some function you need to go to in order to maintain your career and feed your son, that hurts on a level you don’t really understand. Even as the primary caregiver, you’re still a man who wants to provide for your family. Having to make that Sophie’s Choice every night while knowing you staying at home is taking food out of your child’s mouth is painful. It’s bad enough staring at my daughter while I work and conducting massive parts of my social life via text. I can only imagine the pain he feels, knowing that he has no support to do what he needs to do to maintain his career.

    • Guest

      He has a mama that can help…he will survive. It’s only one child.

      • Asiyah

        Who? Todd? or Fizz? Because if it’s the former, the mom isn’t much help. If it’s the latter, you have a good point.

        • Guest

          Fizz. Fizz was living with his mother with the baby prior to getting his house in the last season. That’s a beautiful thing. I don’t know what Todd got cept a butload of misogynist ideas.

    • harsh but, welcome to the life of so many single mothers.

  • PDL – Cape Girl

    I can’t fault or blame Marla for her response to Fizz. You make babies, they are yours….your responsibility. And as much as it would be ideal if kinfolks pitched it, they’re aren’t obligated. Grandmas, gramps, uncles, aunts, cousin….just you and that other half. I could be a bit more understanding if Moniece’s “issues” were holistic. She’s elective in areas where she struggle. The hot box, getting booed and booking career opportunities, she’s on point and functioning I might add. When it comes to taking responsibility for her son there’s always one thing or another. Frankly, I think she’s leaned on folks far too long. Lemme tell you, I understand young Fizz’s dilemna and the hurt he feels. He can’t lay that on her mom though. He should caulk it up to experience, being the only available parent and raise his son.

    My mom said it too, you get one, it’s yours. I told my kid the same and I was not playing. If you make it, create it, come up with it, own it. IJS When my mom and others said kids take a frontseat, they weren’t lying. Single parenthood ain’t no joke, but it can be done.

    • I see your point, but it’s not exactly a one-to-one experience.
      Being a single FATHER is a different experience than being a single
      MOTHER. Now I’m not going to sit here and say that there are no
      advantages to being a single father. I get a lot less judgment,
      particularly from the opposite $ex. (I wouldn’t say none, but a lot
      less.) I’m not a part of the Moms club where they gossip over this,
      that and the third. I can conduct my social life with a relative amount
      of freedom when I don’t have my child.

      On the flip side, there’s
      the constant sense of having to prove that yes, your situation exists
      and is real. It isn’t like you can call your boys and holla at them for
      craft and activity ideas for your kid. Things like finding about
      doctors and kids parties and all sorts of other things becomes a
      challenge. And good luck trying to get your child invites for playdates
      and birthday parties, or telling your child why you just can’t host a

      Of course, you can throw money at those problems if you
      have it, but then it almost feels like you’re paying a h00ker to be a
      mother to your child. Taking a child away from their mother *feels*
      evil, even if you logically know it’s the right thing to do. Yes, Fizz
      is in a position to hustle up the bread for a nanny, but that is like
      the Girlfriend Experience of child rearing. I’m saying all of that to
      say that a single father relies on his family network for nurturing way
      more than a single mother, and that a dude whose just told go get a
      nanny feels completely alone in the child rearing game.

      • PDL – Cape Girl

        You are preaching to the choir. I raised my kid by myself. I gave up my girl’s outings, and social life pretty much most of my kid’s childhood. I’m not saying I didn’t get a day here or there to do things but honestly most of the time raising her I did it with hardly any time off. It was by the grace of God that my salary kicked into full gear I’d say midway. Even so I always had to pay for everything. I got child support sometimes sometimes not. Her dad? Meh, no lie, if we couldn’t smash and do things his way, he didn’t do nothing.

        I certainly understand his plight and every single parent because been there done that in every sense of those words. Still all of this is what being a parent is all about. It’s about choices. You take it in stride and you step up. No way my kid was going to lack anything (physically, emotionally, etc) because of someone else not pulling their weight. A couple years in, I understood that it was what it was. I stopped crying and hurting about it and really I reach a point where it no longer bothered me.

        • First, I caught the edit. Everything after “…that it was what it was” wasn’t in the original.

          Still, I make a point to date because kids notice when you don’t do anything for yourself. As much as you say you’re doing everything for your child, that stuff leaks out. The last thing I want my daughter to think is that she was a burden to be sacrificed for. She is a child to be loved, and if doing me makes it that I am constantly present with my daughter when I’m with her, that taking care of me and my daughter are the same thing.

          Still, it isn’t even about dating. Sometimes, I just want to kick it with my boys, or have a night out. Recharging like that helps me help my daughter. I make sure my daughter doesn’t do without, but all things in moderation.

          • PDL – Cape Girl

            It was there…lol. A couple of other things were added. I think in essence, all of us single parents would agree that it is sacrifice.

          • Guest

            It’s all the same Todd. No one has a bigger pity party than the other. Unless your kid is like in a wheelchair and has a feeding tube or something.

            • PDL – Cape Girl

              Yes, it is…..exactly. ONLY under these type circumstances would I step in. Don’t get me wrong I’d love spending time with my grands when the time comes, but that’s my choice. I’m not obligated. Shoot if I didn’t partake and get bucky while that child was procreated, then you ain’t laying it on me.

    • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!

    • Guest

      The problem is he can not fathom a parent, let alone a woman truly just not wanting to be bothered with her own offspring. Now this isn’t always a black thing or a money thing with women, some just don’t give a sh*t no matter what. The problem isn’t that she is a present, dysfunctional, poor parent who needs some emotional therapy and guidance. Shoot there’s Crackhead mama’s that eventually come crawling home to their children. This b.itch just DOES NOT WANT TO BE BOTHERED. There is no magic key or code to this dilemma, there’s no labrynth. She just does not care. Don’t blame her mama, her daddy, her big fat granny with the holes in her panties. Moniece is Moniece’s problem.

      • PDL – Cape Girl

        I could not have said this any better. Plainly stated, she don’t want to raise her son. Everybody else been doing it….why should she be bothered? Fuzz need to call it what it is and move on.

        It strikes as trifling and suspect she’s able to shack up and get her man and mom to meet yet she can’t get it together to help raise her son. How is it that you and your mom can’t have an adult discussion concerning heck anything but you want her to meet and approve and your boo-daddy?

        She’s a bum.

        • Guest

          They live right next to each other. She could be a convenient chuckle cheese mom…..skipping the school runs and soccer practices and doctors appointments and all the things that make parenting a chore. She doesn’t desire to be with him. It’s not a case of knowing how to parent, we come from homes that had dysfunctional parents, alot of us don’t know how to love but we still out there dating and trying because the desire is there. She has no desire to be with her son OR try.

          • PDL – Cape Girl

            All true

  • Tashema Shanae

    I want to give my two cents but I can’t get pass the USB Flash drive comment

    • QuirlyGirly

      Girl, I hollered at that comment cause it true!

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