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Love & Hip Hop and The Proposal

Beware, there are a lot of strong faces in this picture.

You know how women tend to map out their weddings? Even the most hardened, thugged out, stabbin’ ninja woman has some vision of her wedding. And the proposal? Yeah, they all have an idea of what they’d like it to look like. Sure reality and fantasy may never collide but the idea, the hope, is always there. And I’d bet double or nothing that Chrissy’s ideal proposal looked nothing like the pisspoor one that Jim Jones gave to her on the last episode of vh1’s academic and rigorously brain teasing show, Love & Hip-Hop.

If you know Black people. There’s a solid chance that 78.5% of them all watch Love & Hip-Hop every Monday night. That number includes 100% of video hoes as they all view the show as comeup central.

I’m half surprised that Jim didn’t just throw the box at her and say, “gotcha b*tch. Happy now?” I’m being hyperbolic but he didn’t even kneel down. And he tried to play this cool, detached, somewhat pissed role cum captain save-a-ho at the end with the sweet gangsta thing that went terribly wrong. And do you know why? It’s impossible to be hardcore when proposing to a woman. It’s one of the moments in a man’s life when he’s truly vulnerable. It’s like putting up a Christmas tree. It is completely ungangsta to put up a Christmas tree. You ever seen a jolly thug? Some random ninja with a Santa hat and a .45 tucked into his waistband while laying tinsel every so gently on a fir? Smiling? While sipping on some eggnog and eating oatmeal raisin cookies? Exactly. Let the thug go. Jimmy…couldn’t do it. He basically handed her a box, said “do you want to marry me?” and then feel proud of himself for giving her what she wanted. Except the whole time he didn’t even really look like he wanted to be there.

Except…she didn’t care because she’s been waiting for that ring for some seven years so she was just happy to get it. Except now what? Except, right. Which begs the question here, does the proposal matter that much?

I’m only asking because if you’ve been waiting for seven years (or three or four, or whenever she proposed to him) to the point that you keep grandstanding, talking about leaving and having your oddlyfaced friends help you pack up stuff from a house that you really don’t want to leave with a life you don’t want to give up, do you even care how he does it? Or are you just happy that he does it. And I’m inclined to believe that Jimmy wasn’t trying to give a dbag proposal. He just didn’t know how to pull off thugged out and vulnerable man at the same time. And real talk, calling it a dbag proposal might be overstating.

Which brings me to some more overstatements: Love & Hip-Hop is one ridiculous ass show. So Jim Jones proposal makes perfect sense. We have one of the most unattractive attractive women on the planet in Emily, a woman who’s been chasing Fabolous since before he could misspell it seems. And she just can’t get it right. Then there’s Olivia. Bless her heart. You may remember her…actually,  you probably don’t remember her at all. First she tried to get us to “Bizzounce” years ago and we didn’t. Then 50 Cent tried to convince us that she had star power…DURING HIS HEYDAY. Think about that. Even when 50 Cent was on TOP of the game he couldn’t convince us to care about her.

This from a man who made Tony Yayo relevant. Again, think about that. Kimbella, oh Kimbella. I’m sure she’s hot. I’m sure I don’t find her hot. Maybe its because she annoys me so much. Though not as much as Teairra Mari who for the life of me has contributed nothing to the world aside from a great rack and the song “Sponsor” featuring Gucci Mane, which, I actually loved. But on this show…pointless.

Yandy? She mildly amuses me but only because she’s just somebody else who latched on to the Jim Jones bandwagon. Nancy, love her. But I tend to like crackheads. And then there’s Chrissy.

I cannot stand her. Many women I know love her no-nonsense attitude….except when it comes to Jimmy. Honestly, if it wasn’t for all of her instigating and fighting, I’d hate her more. But alas, she keeps bringing the gun to the knifefight so she does possess value.

Look, the show blows. There’s too much boohooing over men that don’t want them and then too many talentless women attempting to be somebody in the world. There’s really no reason for this show to exist.

But at the end of the day, Love & Hip-Hop makes me realize that despite the fact that I’m not rich, apparently me and Jim Jones could live in the same neighborhood since there seem to be a plethora of tiny ass houses right next door to him. (Seriously, did homeboy have his house built in a neighborhood full of 2 bedroom homes?) The problems that these broads have are not unlike everybody else’s problems except they’re potentially more ridiculous because all of their fame is due to the men they’re associated with. I find it so interesting how many women love these shows considering how they fly in the face of nearly everything women get so pissed at men for saying.

These women are the living embodiment of a Tyler Perry movie without a script but women tune in every Monday with reckless abandon. THEN talk sh*t about the terrible Tyler Perry movies and how they do a disservice to women everywhere. Okay. Alright.

What’s the draw? I don’t know. But the next time any of y’all who love these shows tell me Tyler Perry is selling us out…I’m going to throw my show at you or one of those bottles Kimbella threw at Erica Mena. And then I’ll have Chrissy yank your lacefront.

So real talk…why the hell do people love these shows so much? Don’t tell me the drama…it can’t be that simple? And speaking of the proposal to Chrissy, does it matter or is the fact that it happens that much more significant in general?

Talk to me…what’s with the love for Love & Hip-Hop?


Damon Young

Panama Jackson is pretty fly for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future.

  • http://iamyourpeople.com/ I Am Your People


    Anybody seen Yoles? I remember someone posted a while back she had been in the hospital. Is she ok?

    • Hawaii

      I’d like to know as well. Was JUST thinking about her earlier.

    • Yoles

      Awwwww im blushing from forehead to clavicle… I’m missed :D

      I was in the hospital back in Oct 2011, I’m fine thx for asking.. I got a new job and have been working the graveyard shift which is kicking my tail in numerous places… i’m back tho!!!

      • Todd

        Yay! Glad to see ya back! :)

      • kid video

        Countess Yoles tha vampire…good to see u posting again.

      • http://verysmartbrothas.com Panama Jackson

        so what youre basically saying is ninjas get the mad late pass on this one.

        • kelz

          Making me wait for you…making me feel guilty about being with someone with money….testing my love on regular basis…can’t go anywhere without you just isn’t what I call romantic but when u see that it works for other people and watch the drama unfold it’s easy to get caught up in vicious melodramas like this like watching a train wreck you just can’t stop watching…I actually like Chrissy after continued episodes because she is misunderstood and called a mean girl but shit happens in life that we have no control over leaving her having to defend herself protect herself and having to create her on destiny with so many odds against her she coming out victorious even if it ain’t Prince Charles, she didn’t give up on love and if you can’ t understand that then I can’t explain it any better…Having to grow up without parents to defend or protect will either kill you or just make you stronger and fight for whats yours.

  • http://www.awordorthree.com Crystal Marie

    I’m not trying to be a hipster, I’m just being honest.

    I’ve never seen this show before. If it wasn’t for Twitter and this blog post, I’d know nothing of it. This article doesn’t really make me want to search through my On Demand options and see if I can catch an episode. lol. Community, Modern Family and Reed Between the Lines works for me.

    But I will say, I don’t have my wedding or proposal planned in my head. All I know is I want a one strap sleek ivory Grecian dress a la the film 300. But that’s about it.

    Am I some kind of freak? Are my estrogen levels off? I don’t know…. I hope the comment section proves I’m not alone here…

    • http://PresidentialTelevisionandFilm.com Monk

      “Modern Family” is arguably becoming one of the best sitcoms of all time, in my opinion. I also actually like “Reed Between The Lines” and feel like it’s get a bad rap. However, “L&HH” doesn’t fall in the same category so you may be better off not tuning in.

      • GypsyCurl

        Love Modern Family but don’t like the new “Lilly”. She is not cute. The old Lilly was adorable.

        • http://www.styleillusions.com WIP

          LOL, glad I’m not the only one.

        • https://twitter.com/#!/deatoya Dee

          She had to start talking though…

      • Justmetheguy

        Yeah, Modern Family is watchable. Can be funny at times. That Spanish chick is foine as hayell, but she overacts and over does that accent (I ain’t even Latino and I can tell that). Other than that it is a pretty good show. I only saw Reed Between the Lines once. It did seem like The Champ (I believe he was the one that wrote about it on here) was saying to some degree. They do try to be a lil safe and politically correct, but it’s not a bad show at all. Seems like if I got used to the characters I could watch it. L&HH is Real Housewives of Atlanta all over again. After the 2nd season of RHOA I told myself I can’t do it again. As much as I wanna have a reference point to talk to black women that I don’t know, I just can’t do it anymore. I feel my brain cells dying every time I watch it (same goes for Jersey Shore which somehow I used to watch).

        • http://mrweethomas.wordpress.com Wee Thomas

          That’s no accent. That’s her real voice.

          • TeeNikki

            Yeah, she really talks like that LOL.

      • http://www.3110VirtualAssistance.com Mary

        I LOVE “Modern Family” and “Reed Between The Lines”! I’m also a Tyler Perry Fan :-)

        I watch Love& Hip Hop, too. The proposal was whack, but not because it was a dbag proposal. It was whack because she (Chrissy) called his (Jim’s) bluff. She wasn’t gonna really leave. How can there be ANY proposal after a threat?

        If the ends justify the means, then go #TeamChrissy; however, I think SHE set women back 50 years with her whining and complaining about this man not marrying her. Her position has been “Jim should marry me because I’ve been putting up with his crap for seven years and I DESERVE a ring”. Even though he (Jim) takes care of her (Chrissy) and pays all of her bills; funds her “habits”, including shopping sprees, hair dos, travel, etc., she has no job nor any discernible skills with which to market herself and generate an income, they have NO CHILDREN together, she’s rude and disrespectful to his mother, and is apparently threatened by any attractive woman who enters her space and who is doing ANYTHING positive with her own life outside of the dude who’s giving her peen – I can go on and on ’til the right break of dawn, but I think I’ve made my point.

    • http://twitter.com/fiveisthenumber fiveisthenumber

      I’ve never seen’t it either…twitter and FB is always buzzing with the nigorance…

      • morganizm

        nignorance may be my new favorite word.

        • Justmetheguy

          Yeah, totally stealin nigorance lol. I just can’t feel like I’m watching a show solely because so many others in my community are watching it too. I just don’t see the difference between RHOA, Basketball Wives, L&HH, and even Mob Wives. I understand that I’m not their target demographic though, so I guess as long as they bring enough ppl entertainment and laughs then I won’t complain. However I’m with Petey, you same ninjas better not be complainin about Tyler Perry ne more lol

      • http://fourpageletter.wordpress.com keisha brown

        *also swipes nignorance

      • xLadyTx

        “nignorance” = (c) <— my "copyright" symbol lol. I'm stealing that too!

    • En Squared

      I don’t have my wedding or proposal planned in my head either.

    • AfroPetite

      Modern Family = win I cannot wait for the next season.

    • GypsyCurl

      I was forced to tuned in to this ratchedness during the holiday while visiting family. My similarly ratched sister loves this show. Does the ratched attract the ratched?

      • Black Bandit

        Dead @ does ratched attracted the ratched

        Thanks GypsyCurl. I needed the laugh

    • Amber

      Love Modern Family but I haven’t been able to get into Reed Between the Lines and Community. I

      • http://www.styleillusions.com WIP

        I made an effort to watch Reed…I just want them to get Theo some bigger shirts.

        • http://twitter.com/tylerg_thomas tgtaggie

          I think Theo just likes to wear smedium shirts. lol.

        • http://www.awordorthree.com Crystal Marie


      • http://www.twitter.com/randomnimrod RandomNimrod

        Community is great. It gets better as the show goes along tho. Keep that in mind if you watch it from the beginning. Its on hiatus now tho. That sucks rhino bawls.

      • A Woman’s Eyes

        There’s something going on with the lighting, color and set design for Reed Between the Lines because the two episodes I struggled to watch left me feeling like I was on an acid trip that took commercial breaks…and I’ve never done acid.

    • http://verysmartbrothas.com Panama Jackson

      you embarass me. you embarass yourself.

      step your blackness up.


      • Angel Baby

        Okay! I have some guilty pleasure reality shows (Bad Girls Club and Love Games..LOL). However, all the other shows I just catch clips – mainly because of all the gossip sites and blogs I frequent. Maybe once in a while I’ll stop through one changing channels, but it’s whatever. The point is to not take any of these shows too seriously.

        The proposal wasn’t that bad considering the people involved and their relationship. If I’m being empathatic (which I usually am) it was cute for them!

        Tear…Toni Braxton’s “I love me some him” playing…hahahah j/k

      • devyboo

        thank you Panama!!! LMAO

        I watch the show because its hilarious and entertaining. I don’t get into fights with anyone, especially not my friends and to see people on TV doing it is fun. I watch white people do their version of the SAME ish as well!!

        and I have never imagined my engagement or my wedding…just the marriage part…..

    • http://delaneydiamond.com Delaney Diamond

      @Crystal, Modern Family is the truth. I love that show! I never miss it, and tonight Benjamin Bratt is back. You should check out Last Man Standing, too, with Tim Allen. Two shows I don’t miss. And I haven’t planned my proposal, either. Although, I do know I’m getting married on a beach in a flowing, white, nontraditional gown. Lol.

      As for L&HH, never watched it, and don’t intend to. These reality shows embarrass me. It started on MTV with Real World and spread like an out-of-control cancer from there. It seems all you have to do is put a camera in people’s faces and they start getting “real.” Realize, too, that these episodes have been cut down from hours and hours of tape so the “best” and most “exciting” scenes are being shown.

      Since I don’t watch the show, I don’t know Chrissy, but I’m pretty sure that even though she finally got the ring, she would have preferred a nice proposal–no matter how long it’s been.

      The proposal is about nostalgia and romance. You want a story to tell your friends and family. The fact that this was taped, she would want to rewind the tape and look at it again. But based on what you’ve said, she and Jim Jones will probably want that tape destroyed.

    • http://fourpageletter.wordpress.com keisha brown

      you are not a freak.
      as a wedding planner, let me tell you that the majority of brides don’t come to me with it all planned out. they have things they like based on other weddings (or dont like), but this notion that we’ve planned the thing from the age of 5 IS A MYTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • http://panamaenrique.wordpress.com Malik

    I have never seen this show in my life. I haven’t regularly watched reality TV since the original 2 or 3 Real World vs Road Rule challenges on MTV. So I don’t understand anything that was said here.

    • http://www.awordorthree.com Crystal Marie

      I am not ALOOOOOONNNNEEEE!!!

      • Todd

        I am here with YOUUUUUU!

        Seriously, you’d have better luck asking me the best heavy metal albums of 2011. That’s how much Love and Hip Hop matter to me. :)

        • Justmetheguy

          Todd, Malik, Crystal Marie thanks. You made me feel better. I swear yesterday when they started talkin about it on this very blog, I felt like I was crazy for not being interested (in the slightest bit) in the show. There are just too many actual shows with a plot and good writers that I have to catch up on (Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Modern Family, Dexter perhaps) that I can’t tune in to RHOA hip hop version. But hey, again, as long as we all find a way to be entertained

          • Fashionably Late

            Mad Men is amazing.

          • Ashley Mariah

            Love Dexter!

    • Raqi

      Lol! I fall into this category. I haven’t followed a TV show since college, so I don’t know what any of this is about… honestly, I couldn’t even pick Jim Jones out in a line up. I’ve heard the music, but not sure if I’ve seen the face.

      • http://www.todisspits.blogspot.com MicTheMessenger

        He’s the one who looks like he was raised in a Mexican labor camp with no showers, razors, or guys who braid hair.

    • Keisha

      Yeah, me neither…

    • DQ

      I don’t watch these shows either. What are their names? Surreal Housewives, Basketball Jumpoffs, Jersey Wh0res, whatever they’re called I don’t watch them. But I can always tell when they’re on because my Time Line gets littered with references to them, at which point I begin filtering.

      • furious_styles

        You forgot Vapid Vixens.

    • http://verysmartbrothas.com Panama Jackson

      What do you people have against your Blackness?

      • A Woman’s Eyes

        I think you mean our ghetto-ness, P Jack. We have different degrees of it, and for some of us, it is non-existent, remember? lmao

    • SunaoButterfly

      Yeeeeah I kinda hate television. Aside from turning on Food Network or HGTV for background noise sometimes, the only shows I still watch regularly are Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. #yeshrug

      • Kimmy

        I’m watching it right now reading this…..LOL!!

  • http://vanityinperil.com Vanity in Peril

    Didn’t see the proposal. Don’t really follow this one. I think all of these shows on VH1 exist for the sole purpose of keeping John Sally employed. They must pay him in vegan meatballs and singles.

    • http://www.womenaregamechangers.com Women Are Gamechangers

      That comment about John Salley is so hilarious and really makes me think its true. LOL!

      • http://vanityinperil.com Vanity in Peril

        Every time I see him hosting an after show special I just look at the screen and wonder “what is it you WON’T do?”

  • http://pinchmycheekie.wordpress.com Cheekie

    I tune into this show for the same reason I tune into anything of this “caliber.” Ratchedness is probably the purest form entertainment. Not only does it provide entertainment on its own, but it lends to commentary provided by funny folks at their funniest. Seriously. I haven’t seen more reglah mofos who bring A-Game professional level comedy than I do on Twitter during these type of shows.

    Oh, and that proposal? Yeah, Chrissy’s tears were definitely more on a “FINALLY” thing than a “YOU IS SO ROMANTICAL” thing. Because… um-mer-ruh… Jim asked her if she’d be his wife using the exact same tone as a man would ask his girl if she pooted.

    • Bukky

      “I tune into this show for the same reason I tune into anything of this “caliber.” Ratchedness is probably the purest form entertainment. Not only does it provide entertainment on its own, but it lends to commentary provided by funny folks at their funniest. Seriously. I haven’t seen more reglah mofos who bring A-Game professional level comedy than I do on Twitter during these type of shows.”

      I lead a reglah and simple life and try to avoid coonery, ratchedness, and tomfoolery in my everyday existence. Shows like this are for pure entertainment. I used to clown my girls who were faithful reality show watchers, then I actually watched a couple shows cause I was tired of being left out the loop on twitter, fbook etc. The hijinks on these shows are better than soap operas and chick lit books. It’s like a bad accident you can’t look away from.

      • http://pinchmycheekie.wordpress.com Cheekie

        ” It’s like a bad accident you can’t look away from.”

        And Bingo was his name-o.

      • KaramelKesh

        Yea…what you said! I know I shouldn’t watch, but…I just can’t help myself!

        • Jean Givan

          Yep, yep! I used to not watch them but am now an avid watcher of the RHOA and Love & Hip Hop. I haven’t ventured over the the football or baseball wives. But I know from watching Mob Wives it’s not just a black thing. Some of those white women go in!!! It’s the drama, the guilty pleasure and watching them get their grind on, quite a few of them are becoming quite the savvy biz women in the process. I follow some on twitter and become exposed to things I would have never otherwise considered. Good insight & info. A daggone shame some of the women carry themselves that way but interesting to watch – dynamic.

    • http://challyshares.tumblr.com Nei Jae

      This show fills my weekly quota of ignant tv.I thoroughly enjoy my twitter and facebook feeds when itt’s on.

      • DQ

        I admit that these shows are really no worse than the 3 ring circuses that are Maury and Jerry Springer but I don’t watch those either (for the same reason).

        People who makes fools out of themselves who aren’t doing so following a script do not entertain me much. They just remind me that the zombie apocalypse is not far off.

        • Justmetheguy

          Yeah, I’m wit u DQ. I get enough ratchedness and nigorance (told you I was stealin it lol) from my facebook newsfeed everyday, I don’t need that type of entertainment. I guess I get why yall watch it though…I guess. And yeah, good comparison, it reminds me of Maury and Jerry Springer in a different format. I guess the main reason I’m able to not be pulled in is because I’m not really a twitter user. That explains a lot

          • DQ

            I’m gonna need some royalties for the nigorance reference. It ain’t personal, it’s business… and it’s a recession. Pay up. LOL

    • http://PresidentialTelevisionandFilm.com Monk

      “Ratchedness is probably the purest form entertainment.”

      Sadly, realest words have never been spoken. *logs onto WSHH*

      • http://verysmartbrothas.com Panama Jackson

        so true so so true.

    • Hawaii

      DITmuthaf*kinTO! And Cheekie, you on time out for that last sentence. Had me crying laughing over here… cause it’s true, sadly.
      All of VH1’s shows are pointless. Hell, VH1 is pointless but I continue to tune in. :|

    • http://www.styleillusions.com WIP

      The biggest problem with that proposal- didn’t she already propose? I like the way you showed up out of nowhere and snatched her up though.

      • http://pinchmycheekie.wordpress.com Cheekie

        I think she acknowledged that she was engaged and he really wasn’t. In fact, like his proposal, his answer to her proposal was on some brush-off ish like, “I gotchoo” or “I’m down.” Some mess like that. lol

        • CNotes

          I believe his reponse to Chrissy’s proposal was……..”I’m witchu”. smh

          • http://pinchmycheekie.wordpress.com Cheekie

            YES! It was bothering me that I couldn’t get the exact phrasing. That’s it! SMDH…

      • http://verysmartbrothas.com Panama Jackson

        she did propose. but its like she said…

        she was engaged. he wasn’t. lol.

    • Amber

      “Jim asked her if she’d be his wife using the exact same tone as a man would ask his girl if she pooted.”

      LMAO and crying!

    • http://twitter.com/itztrizz617 Tristan

      “Jim asked her if she’d be his wife using the exact same tone as a man would ask his girl if she pooted.”

      I’m done *Breezy voice*

    • xLadyTx

      “Jim asked her if she’d be his wife using the exact same tone as a man would ask his girl if she pooted.”

      Ma’am! lmaooo

  • hehe

    I really hate black twitter and gossip sites for luring me back to this ratchet arse show. Panama I’m so with you, I can’t STAND that loud mouth no ambition shrew Chrissy! Seriously what do ppl see in her? She’s 42 with no job who fought a woman for no good reason. Also have to agree with you on Emily not being attractive with her no style but working as a stylist. Like most of the women on that show I can’t stand Emily’s weak ass. Kimbella to me is the most likeable.

    • hehe

      Also I agree with u abt the Tyler Perry comparation. I gave up hating him long time ago but I’m utterly confuse by the flack this guy get from women who watch LHH and the likes. These reality shows are worse than anything he produced and everytime I look at them I hate myself lol. Dayum you twitter for being so entertaining when these reality shows comes on.

    • GypsyCurl

      All of those women are weakminded and delusional. The men that they claim are their men don’t claim them. Who wants to be in a relationship like that? Those women very insecure.

      • http://www.shay-d-lady.com shay-d-lady

        All of those women are weakminded and delusional. The men that they claim are their men don’t claim them. Who wants to be in a relationship like that? Those women very insecure.

        no one wants to but a lot of chicks are.

      • http://verysmartbrothas.com Panama Jackson

        you know…i’m not sure if these women are weakminded. i mean maybe they are but i think the real culprit is that in the back of their minds, they know that the men they’re attached to is probalby the best in the “lifestyle i want” sense that they’re going to get. they’re attached to “powerful” men and don’t want to have to go back to being some random ex-video ho jumpoff. women do it all the time. latch on to something and refuse to let it go until it murders them.

        • Amber

          So true. I watched the first episode of L&HH of the first season and quickly saw that it wasn’t the type of show that I thought it would be and didn’t watch anymore. But anyhow on Monday I watched two episodes only because I had nothing else to do. I was thinking about how these video girls particularly the somewhat successful ones must have it hard when they’re no longer in demand so they must work hard to keep a money man. Because what are they going to do next? I doubt they could really cut it at a 9-5.

          • A Woman’s Eyes

            Which reminds me. Will the reality show execs create a show for them when the money runs out and they have to work regular jobs?

    • http://www.styleillusions.com WIP

      I actually like Kimbella too. The way she speaks annoys me to death, but she seems like a rational, stable person.

    • OutrageousFlair

      I’m constantly telling my guy friends who tune in w/ their girlfriends or who “twatch” during the show that women really do not sit around and cry this much. Yes, my we talk about our problems, but damn! I think the last time we all sat around and cried together like these women do was during finals in our first semester of law school!

      • http://verysmartbrothas.com Panama Jackson

        fyi, “twatch” sounds like Twitter’s pr0n site.

  • MObetta

    I am actually a fan of this show (apparently in the minority, thus far) …and I have no intelligent idea why. Every week I tune in just to say Olivia is a hater with more issues than a few. Same goes for Kimbella (why are they and Yandy airing their mama and daddy issues on the TV all willy nilly? who does that?) and all of her double standards (you can come at Emily about her man but Erica can’t come at you about yours? the audacity!). And to lament this Chrissy Jim relationship foolishness. But the more that is leaked about her, well, as long as the cash is still flowing, I’m not surprised she’s pushed her self-esteem to the side. Apparently, that’s how she rolls.

    But that proposal? Definitely made for TV. It cracks me up how Yandy has been Jim’s manager for all of these years and all of a sudden when the TV deal happens, she quits. AND Chrissy has been shacking with Jim for 7 yrs and all of a sudden now it’s been too long and she’s ready to leave. Same for Emily. And Olivia, ma’am, just have a seat. We don’t know you and regardless of what Rich Dollaz tells you, we don’t want to know you.

    To wrap this up, I really have no real reason for continuing to tune in week after week. I am ashamed. I just like to maintain a certain level of ratchet in my lifespace? Who knows. But I will be tuning in next week to see what happens next.

    • http://challyshares.tumblr.com Nei Jae

      You and I both, love. You and I both.

    • En Squared


    • Tellylonglegs

      “To wrap this up, I really have no real reason for continuing to tune in week after week. I am ashamed. I just like to maintain a certain level of ratchet in my lifespace? Who knows. But I will be tuning in next week to see what happens next.”

      That’s exactly how I feel…can’t explain it.

      • Mona Joy

        “”To wrap this up, I really have no real reason for continuing to tune in week after week. I am ashamed. I just like to maintain a certain level of ratchet in my lifespace? Who knows. But I will be tuning in next week to see what happens next.””

        My sentiments exactly!

    • http://globetracer.wordpress.com She Traces

      How about when Rich Dollaz said he’s INTRIGUED by Erica Mena? What? Intrigued by what’s in between her legs, not what’s coming out of her mouth….definitely.

      • Hawaii

        Exactly! Could he not hear her? Had his sense of seeing overpowered his sense of hearing THAT much??

    • sunshyne84

      Mob Wives back!

      • OutrageousFlair

        Right!…so excited! lol

      • CNotes

        YESSSS!!! Love Mob Wives!!! Can I just say that I LOVE to hear Drita cuss. When she calls someone a MoFo, you feel that ish in your bones! LOL!

        • http://www.styleillusions.com WIP

          I think Drita would get “drug” by Karen.

          • CNotes

            Without a doubt! LOL!

    • http://www.styleillusions.com WIP

      LOL, I’m a fan too. As I mentioned below, it’s the new world soap opera. I remember my mom and her friends going crazy over General Hospital and All My Children. I can remember being made to watch Bold & the Beautiful because the baby sitter watched it everyday. Same thing here.

      • Kema

        Thats how I feel… I use to watch All my Children and some others with Granny… These ‘new soap operas’ are more interesting to me. Ratchet or whatev

    • OutrageousFlair

      Don’t be ashamed! You watch ratchet television, so what? I’m sure many of us have been on WSHH and just KNEW a video would be filled with all types of f*ckery, but we clicked and watched it anyway…and we continue to click on those videos regularly….same thing in my book…lol

    • http://www.greenafrodiva.com Green Afro Diva

      me too

    • http://twitter.com/sweetdivalove Mia

      “I just like to maintain a certain level of ratchet in my lifespace?” Yes. Yes. Yes.

    • http://verysmartbrothas.com Panama Jackson

      I am actually a fan of this show (apparently in the minority, thus far) …and I have no intelligent idea why.

      that might explain everything right there. its like the big bang theory or something.

      your comment is beautiful.

    • Curious Capital

      Lifespace has earned a place in my vocab. As for the show, people kept tweeting about it which gave me no incentive to watch. One night while flipping through the channels, I came across the infamous fight and that got me hooked. To answer PJ, the difference between this and Tyler is cost. L&H comes with my regular cable subscription. I’m not paying to see this in a theater. As for the proposal, if she’s happy then cool. It was raggedy in my opinion, but I’m not about trying to convince someone to marry me. I don’t lead the life of the chicks on this show, so I’m entertained and then go back to CNN.

    • immakinuwait

      Hear hear. I can’t explain it, but its the very same reason I tune into the Real Housewives franchise. I don’t care where on planet the dysfunction lies, I’m there. On another level, there is a certain amount of empathy and “poor baby”-ness that I feel, watching these women. I mean sure, they are wearing the flyest brand names and sky-high stilettos, AND throwing down like hood-rats (use your words ladies) but like a moth to a flame—there go I. Side note. How come no one is complaining about the Kardashian franchise. I think all their shows are the pits. Talk about an exercise in brain-cell killing activity.

    • Jean Givan

      Nah, I’m w/u, in the minority amidst the people who are not feeling the darker side of some people. I guess, there are a number of reasons I watch, @ first ashamed but now unabashed…. It makes me realize that “looks can be deceiving” (once again) – One wouldn’t usually expect women who look nice to behave (and speak) so badly. Hopefully, it helps guys when they’re out fishing for women to re-think what they’re going for. And, it makes me appreciate the friends I have more.

  • Loving Me

    I’m part of the 22.5% of black people that doesn’t watch this show (or any of the wives/love/vh1 shows… except T.O’s show) but I’ve been proposed to a few times and the one I accepted was oddly similar to this one… I should’ve said no but that’s another story. Honestly and seriously though, the proposal doesn’t matter all that much in the grand scheme of things and I’m sure she doesn’t care at this point if it was romantic or not. Now should they not last, then she’ll look back and trip off the way he basically tossed her the ring

    • http://pinchmycheekie.wordpress.com Cheekie

      Imma be honest and say that all I did was stare at that avatar. For a long time. It’s distracting. Praise Him.

      • En Squared

        Wait…. is there a comment… next to the avatar…. o_O

        • Tx10inch

          Who authorized my avi w/o tellin me?

      • xLadyTx

        *looks at avi*

        Oh my…

      • http://www.styleillusions.com WIP


      • Todd

        *looks at AVI*

        *looks at job interview schedule*

        *looks at P90X equipment*

        Sigh…time to schedule a triple set for the next few weeks.

      • http://fourpageletter.wordpress.com keisha brown

        stop objectifying the man!!

        • http://pinchmycheekie.wordpress.com Cheekie

          Ain’t it Lenny Kravitz? Because I keep squinting tryna figure out who it is. Yeah, THAT’S why I’m staring…

          ( ._.)

          • xLadyTx

            Yep, good ol Lenny…

            • http://pinchmycheekie.wordpress.com Cheekie



        • Todd

          Hey, it’s rare that men get objectified. We are not objects of desire, but people of action,. Let us enjoy the shift in roles for once. :)

    • CNotes

      (Stares at the avi)

  • http://twitter/com/PenelopeSanchez Penelope

    :: steels my countenance for the Panama shoe, as I harbor equal parts Tyler Perry hatred and L&HH adoration in my being ::

    • http://verysmartbrothas.com Panama Jackson

      as long as you acknowledge where you’re going wrong in life.

  • Averagenius

    I had never seen the show until 2-3 weeks ago. My friends told me I had to watch, it was their one “ghetto vice”. My first episode was when Kimbella met Erica. I will guesstimate that my new desire to catch reruns of this show (I have other things i watch during it’s normal time slot) can only be summed up by the trainwreck phenomenon. I want to look away….but, I find myself slowing down to peep the wreckage. SMH. I’m going to read a book to counteract this foolishness.

    As for that lack luster proposal, I’m taken back to that one clip that hit the web last year where the guy proposed to his girl in the club after having a poor man’s Rueban Studdard serenade her on stage. He was on one knee. She gave him a serious #sideeye and mouthed “You can’t fix it like this.” Annnnnnd, I feel like that’s what Chrissy should have said. If she already considered herself engaged (since apparently she asked him to marry her already) and her concerns were about him not being availability emotionally, not including her in his business (what IS her role in that….other than pushing Yandy out?), and not taking her side when she has beef with his co-workers & mother, The Ring Don’t Mean A Thing. Zolziack.

    • Hawaii

      Oh, you must read a book after viewing this show. It’s the only way to come back from being brain dead due to the annoying voices.

      • http://www.styleillusions.com WIP

        LOL, Activities to counteract watching L&HH:
        Preparing taxes
        Drafting legislation
        Honestly, that’s why I stopped watching Bad Girls Club. I genuinely felt dumber after watching it.

    • http://verysmartbrothas.com Panama Jackson

      you bring up an interesting point…a lot of women view the ring as some sort of problem solver to all of their angst about everything else. even though its a temporary bandaid. sure you “got” the man now…but you still have all the sh*t that comes along with him that you were complianing about before. i think many women become SO obsessed with getting to that beginning-of-the-race-finish-line that they become completely oblivious to the fact that maybe that dude just aint the man you want him to be.

      • GirlSixx

        “i think many women become SO obsessed with getting to that beginning-of-the-race-finish-line that they become completely oblivious to the fact that maybe that dude just aint the man you want him to be.”

        Wellllllll… *waveschurchfan*