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Let White People Hate Obama!

“If I don’t like it, I don’t like it/that don’t mean that I’m hating…” ~ Common, “The Sixth Sense”, Like Water For Chocolate

That quote has little to do with anything but I felt it appropos seeing as it uses a derivation of the ubiqitous since 1997 word “hatin'”. So getting straight to the point, why do Black people take it so personally when white people do not like Obama or his policy ideas and goals?


Last week, long-time VSSer Miss Patterson sent me a link to an article about a doctor in Florida and a sign he placed on his door that basically said: if you support Obama’s health care plan, then kick rocks in Jesus sandals, beyotch. Or something like that, I may have gotten part of it wrong. But check the article .

The sign on a Florida doctor’s door couldn’t be much clearer: “If you voted for Obama … seek urologic care elsewhere. Changes to your health care begin right now, not in four years.”

Dr. Jack Cassell defended his actions in a story in today’s Orlando Sentinel, saying he’s not actually denying care to anyone who comes to his office for treatment but wanted to send a message to people who supported the president’s health care overhaul efforts.

“I’m not turning anybody away; that would be unethical,” he told the Sentinel. “But if they read the sign and turn the other way, so be it.”

Dr. Cassell is a douche. But I really can’t be upset about his stance here, especially considering that he’s not actually going to turn anybody away who walks into his door. While Miss Patterson and I agreed on his being a d-bag, the fact is, I fully support his right to be one. And specifically because this isn’t about race. But it went there. And it highlights a problem I think we have in this country at times. While 99 percent of the time if something can be about race it is, this is the 1 percent when its not.

Dr. Cassell, and seemingly half the nation, do not agree with Obama’s “health care plan” (in quotes since it is only Obama’s in his saying to Congress “go fix health care”). It’s a contentious issue to say the least. So much so, that on Twitter, thousands of people actually watched the vote, something most members of Congress wouldn’t do if they could help it. Of course, upon all of the Republicans voting it down, shouts of racism flooded the marketplace like Noah showed up with 2 pigeons and Mike Tyson. And while I don’t think this had much to do with race and moreso to do with vastly different points of view (I really don’t know where I stand on it, I’m not a big fan of basically being taxed because you are alive, which is what is about to happen), Black people took this as a personal affront to Obama.

So the f*ck what?

I find it so curious how we are quick to defend the actions of our President just because he’s Black. He signed up for the job with a target on his back. It’s his job. And the nice white people who didn’t vote for him for various reasons (ranging from him not being American to him being Osama Bin Hussein Akbar’s third cousin and Reich) will never like him, no matter what. Why do we care so much? Why do we care that people don’t like Obama? He’s the president, it’s his job to be hated. Dubya perfected Presidential hate.

Then there’s the other side of it, Obama really hasn’t done much of sh*t. Everybody thought change was going to come and the most delusional actually believed it could happen in a year.

Ok. Alright.

Not to piss in his Wheaties, I know change takes time, but you have Black folks defending him like we know his moms. I say let people hate him. Write the check before the baby comes, who the f*ck cares? In America, folks disagree with policies all the time, especially health care. There’s a reason Clinton couldn’t get it done and his attempt flipped Congress back over to Republican control. Clearly it’s contentious. But my people, sometimes, when folks don’t like sh*t, it’s actually policy, not just the Black man shepherding it through.

Plus, they got a right to hate him if they want. I hate a lot of y’all ninjas farm animals. You don’t hear me complaining do you?

So I’m just wondering if you could help a brother out, why do we get so mad when white people hate Obama??


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Damon Young

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  • sanen85

    I think it’s partly because so many have attacked Obama simply for the color of his skin, and it’s hard not to assume of top that it is the reason for people disagreeing with him or just disliking him. Another part could be simply because he is the first man of color in the White House. Therefore, he is going to be viewed as a representative of us. If he f*cks up, I’m sure we’ll never hear the end of it. Basically, we more or less have to have his back, our that’s probably the collective thought. We just need to learn to judge and think for ourselves.

    • sanen85

      @sanen85, or that’s the collective thought. Not our.

    • themagicman


      I would have to agree. We ARE more or less related to him. Or at least we might as well be. He is OUR representitave wether we like it or not. At my first job, I was the only black person on the entire floor (roughly about a thousand ppl). Not to mention the only minority period ( I had to rep for all ‘sets’, Asians, Hispanics, Africans, etc). At this job, I was constantly questioned about black issues as they related to the most popular black person at that time, Flavor Flav. (I know, I know). Not to say that this is right, but if a non-black was going to lump me with someone, I would much rather it be Barack, than Flavor Flav. All that to say is when we defend the POTUS, we are defending an extension of ourselves as black folk (no Tavis Smiley).

      • Tom

        Good answer.

        • WIISAD

          Damn good answer!

    • Ruth

      I have NEVER complained about the color of this pres’ skin. That seems to be brought out over and over by all the blacks who fell to their knees at his first words. However, I DO NOT like what he has done TO this country, and the fact that so many people can’t seem to SEE that he doesn’t CARE about ANYONE who is just your “average citizen”. You don’t take offense at someone coming into our FREE society, and naming people CZAR of various posts? You don’t take offense at him APOLOGIZING to those who would see YOU and the rest of us all put out into ditches like animals, and being so “concerned” about terrorists who actually are ATTEMPTING TO DO HARM here, maybe to YOU if it happened to be in the right spot? ANYONE PAYING ATTENTION? This man is NO GOOD FOR OUR COUNTRY, and by process, that means not good for anyone who is thinking that they are probably going to be here for the duration of their lifespan, which the longer obama stays around, the SHORTER it is going to BE! Take THAT to the BANK! Wake up and pay attention and stop being distracted by BS that is INTENDED TO TAKE YOUR MIND OFF WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING to our country and potentially to us. There really IS an agenda going down here, and it is ugly, to say the least. I only pray that we can get through this alive. If not, well, some of us KNEW BETTER!

      • Tom

        Appreciate your intelligent insight. Well stated.

  • Leila

    I have no problem with people opposing Obama’s healthcare plan, but labeling him a communist, socialist, and the anger at him is what makes me mad. Obviously, it’s more than his policies and I know race plays a factor.

    • http://presidentialtelevisionandfilm.ning.com Monk


      You definitely have a right to be mad about the name-calling just as much as they have the right to not like or even hate Obama. I guess my question would be: Why let the name-calling and all the racial nonsense get to you? (And by “you”, I’m referring to people in general who feel directly insulted because of this)

      People called Bush and past presidents a gang of unfavorable, harsh names…it kinda comes with the territory. Did we expect things to be different with Obama?

      • Darth Paul

        How can you say the vitriolic attacks are NOT based on his race? These people are obviously whipping themselves up into a typical white panic and a cursory glance at so-called tea party rallies yields more than random racist signs and paraphernalia. These same idiots turn around and see a black face and equate it with the administration without even knowing your politics. How is it bemusing that a black person would be offended by such thinly-veiled attacks?

        • Ruth

          That is a stone lie that tea party rallies have racist signs and “paraphernalia”! There have been PLANTS who have tried to cause trouble, and then when investigations were done, were proven NOT FACTUAL! I see more BLACKS indulging racist issues than ever I do whites. For instance, there aren’t white people going driving through parking lots with a sub-woofer blasting out some kind of bs noise about hating F**KNG black people, and saying OUT LOUD TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD “DAMN BLACK PEOPLE” and so on. HOWEVER, there was such an incident just yesterday in a WALMART parking lot, a young BLACK man was cruising through and had some serious hate beats pumping through his sound system, saying things so filthy I can’t repeat them. This is not isolated, and overt behavior gets bolder and bolder, and white people are NOT doing any such thing. White people are not “keeping black people down”…. black people seem to do a great job of it all by themselves. White people couldn’t begin to “make UP” the things that black people do! And by the way, PLEASE explain to me why young black men can’t seem to wear their PANTS ON THEIR BUTTS with the ZIPPERS CLOSED? What is the message there, going round with pants down all the time? Is that a PEACE message…or a “piece” message?

      • http://www.sistersoundoff.blogspot.com Cheekie


        “Did we expect things to be different with Obama?”

        Well, yeah, because his (and any of his melanin blessed supporters’ in Congress) attacks have a racial level to it. That’s a huge difference, IMO.

      • Pe. Riche.


        Former President Jimmy Carter even made public statements citing racism as the reason for President Obamas harsh and unfavorable treatment from the public, as well as from other members of the government.

        • Cee

          @Pe. Riche.,

          Yeah, but even Pres. Obama came out and said that was incorrect and to not put a racial element in every debate.

          • WIISAD

            That’s because he wants to make it about policy and getting America thinking in terms of getting this country back on track. We have been at war for ten years and in that ten years we have managed to rack up so much debt that we had to borrow money from China. Let that one sink in.

        • R.A.G


          let’s not be naive… he had to make the “politically correct” move there – I’ll go all in & bet my entire hand that in his heart of hearts he was happy Jimmy called that ish out.

          • Tom

            But, lets not be gullible either. Comments from past presidents concerning the public’s perception of the current incumbent are always rich with insight into the public’s condemnation of their actions whether its race, intelligence, decision-making ability or whatever.

    • carlo

      he the first affirmative action pres. elected by the media help.and a commie.

      • Ruth

        THANK YOU! THAT is the issue, NOT the SKIN COLOR! BTW, Good ol’ Dubbya was paving the road for him…and I WAS NOT amused by HIS antics EITHER! We are not facing good times for the people in general, and that means ALL OF US OF ALL COLORS. Can’t anyone SEE that the reason obama was put in? He was INTENDED to make division! IF everyone is b*tching and fighting about inflammatory emotional issues, then the REAL stuff gets done underhandedly, and it is being done TO US…ALL OF US. Believe me – when the REAL “fit hits the shan”, there won’t be any picking and choosing. Anyone who is just the average citizen is cataloged by “those up there” as nothing more than “useless eaters”…and the top 1% doesn’t want to feed us. THEY might not have enough to WASTE if WE have anything! Yes, he is SOCIALIST. Yes, he is Muslim. Yes, he hates all of us equally. He has already promised the Russians to back off our national defense just as soon as he can “get done with this election thing”. He said that over an open mike. Think he was kidding? He has more in common with PUTIN of RUSSIA than he does with ANY BLACK PERSON in America! BET ON IT! He will USE you, and then he will FLUSH YOU, just like toilet paper.

    • WIISAD

      I agree. They demonize the man at every turn. Is everything he stands for or attempts to implement not good for our country? If the other guy wins in this election I am going to be looking real hard at these same people who want him out when the roller coaster ride continues on the same track and we find ourselves in an even worse predicament.

  • Candice

    Hmm, this is tough.

  • meka

    Reasonable people can disagree. I have no problem with people disagreeing with the POTUS on issues. If you were a fiscal conservative under Bush and jumped around screaming about deficit reduction through those tragic eight years, then I have no quarrel with you.

    If, however, you are a convenient fiscal conservative i.e. gave Bush a blank check to start and maintain two wars, supported earmarks for your district to support the dirt industry, then hell yeah, I got a problem wit’chu.

    Most important, I do expect the POTUS to garner so respect from those across the aisle. Unfortunately, many of them have been unable to decry the racism that emmanates from a segment of their party and engage in civil discourse, which is allegedly a part of democracy. Allegedly…

  • P.

    “So I’m just wondering if you could help a brother out, why do we get so mad when white people hate Obama??”

    Simple: because a lot of us take basically any white opinion, whether valid or not, of anything Black as an affront to the entire race. I do it; I can’t stand hearing white people talk about Black folks.

    But more importantly, I quote that Common line several times a month. I can’t stand how “hater” has become one of those words that’s been thrown around so much that nobody knows what the f*ck it means anymore. Ninjas really need to learn the difference between not liking (or more common in my case, not giving a f*ck) and hating. That word and its variants account for half of the words that make me want to punch people in the face when they say it to me. The other half is made up of “swag” and its variants.

    • AtypicalLibrarian

      @P., P, can I please come sit near you? I totally agree with your entire post and the fact that you abhor of words like “hater” and “swag” and their “variants” is like extra added bonus points.

  • Candice

    I agree with both Leila and sanse. But I also have to say, that there is a misunderstanding with some black people. They cant seem to differentiate crazy radical whites folks from common sense white people. Some white people have legitimate reasons to why they hate or dislike Obama. I personally agree with them on some of their reasons. Sometimes black people can be so sensitive.

    • Wuyoung Agent of M.E.

      “Sometimes black people can be so sensitive.”
      Co-sign. Considering what we’ve been through in the new world you would think we would have thicker skin. This always puzzled me.

      • SoBelle

        @Wuyoung Agent of M.E.,

        “Considering what we’ve been through in the new world you would think we would have thicker skin.”

        Have been through and still suffering the repercussions of– that’s what brings the sensitivity.

        • http://uphereoncloud9.wordpress.com/ Wu Young Agent of M.E.

          True. I see what you’re saying. I’m not advocating that we take on the attitude of the Israelis, but we’ve had a hell of a time in America that has left us scarred a bit. We should look at each of those scars, remember how we got them, and then use this knowledge to delineate real threats to us, our people, and our country. I think we would be better for it.

  • http://perfectpointguard.blogspot.com/ J. Delicious

    i blame “group think” word to Erykah Badu.

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  • http://victoriainkenya.blogspot.com/ ViK

    I’m not mad at that doctor. Had I planned to go to him, I know to take my money elsewhere.

  • Candice

    Can we change this to post.
    Let Black People Hate Obama !

    • http://nnhbb.blogspot.com Anna Renee

      @Candice, Don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing!! LOL