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What Y’all Not Gon’ Do Is Come For Janet Damita Jo Jackson

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Unless you live under a social media rock, you are likely aware that it was reported very recently that (as Alex Hardy refers to her) Saint Janet Damita Jo Jackson and her husband, Wissam Al Mana, have split after 5.16666667 years of marriage. You also know that Janet Jackson is reportedly worth $175 million (according to reports, natch) and Al Mana is reportedly worth nearly a billion (according to reports, more natch).

You probably also read or read somebody repeat the statements from that TMZ article about how many prenuptial agreements have length of time markers, typically 5- or 10-year points, which, once reached, delineate how much money a particular spouse will receive in spousal support, etc.

THEN you read that, much like Paul Wall, Janet had the internet going nuts because according to an ashy meme, Janet waited until the 5-year mark to cash in on a speculated ass $500 million takeaway from the entire ordeal. According to a Page Six article, she looks to maybe receive $200 million IN AN AGREED UPON agreement. Of course, the sources are “family” who maybe talk too much. Maybe.

Point is, we’re all without facts. Yet, without facts, niggas jumped out the window. My timeline has been inundated with shade towards Janet for being a gold-digger that’s going after buddy’s money. Janet Motherfucking Jackson, who has done nothing to anybody but give us Rhythm Nation 1814, the Janet album, beaucoup gorgeous pictures, the cutest adult laugh of all time, the Rhythm Nation 1814 mini-movie that starred a pre-Kaine Tyrin Turner, some super questionable but “aww, she tried” acting in Tyler Perry films Why Did I Get Married and Why Did I Get Married, Too?, and a basket of other kittens that we should all be thankful for.

But nope, some folks (read mainly men) decided to jump on the Janet as moneygrubbin’ woman who is out for a man’s dividends train. And since all clowns love a good parade, the suspect police was out in full force feeding each other like Gremlins after midnight.

I don’t know Janet personally. I’ve been to several concerts and if I squinted real hard, I might could make a case that she was singing to me, but I’m probably making that up. For the most part, I’m just a guy standing in front of a television screen (or tablet or smart phone) watching an artist that has been a literal part of my entire life who is befuddled, Plymouth rock landing on me confused by how idiotic so many people seem behind this. Sure there are some jokes. That’s fine; ain’t no celeb above some humor at their expense. But there are actual people, and news outlets, with fallacious accusations and whimsical non-sense rooted in abject conjecture and nincompoopery.

Janet Jackson is already rich and has been already rich longer than many of us have been alive. What she look like comin’ after the pockets of a man she clearly didn’t have to marry for money. If Janet walked away from her marriage without a dime more than she brought into it, she’d never want for anything ever again. Yet somehow, this woman worth nine figures is on some gold-diggin’, comin’ in the game on some modelin’ shit non-sense? Even the Page Six article states, quite assholishly, that due to the terms of the prenup, she’d “net” $100 million if they were married for 5-years and it would double if they had a child as if this was purely a business decision. Puh-lease. This woman had a kid at 50; that could NOT have been an easy pregnancy. I imagine she was there for the long haul but also knew that if something went wrong she and her child would be okay.

And let’s be real, prenups protect both parties. But they both agreed to them for reasons.

Even more stupid is all of the reporting –and a pox on every outlet reporting about “typical” prenups in relation to Janet and Wissam’s without nary a document to support it – about their prenup. Ain’t nobody seent it. And if anybody had, it would be all over the net. You know it. I know it. But every source is quick to tell you what they believe is in it. And what family source is leaking the AGREED UPON TERMS? And for why? Yet, to quote the 754th greatest R&B group of all time, Portrait, here we go again. Even Waldo Geraldo Faldo wouldn’t be so asinine in his judgement.

Yo two hos and a bottle of rum if you get that joke.

Why don’t people want other people to be great, b?

It really annoys me whenever I read and hear statements (typically by men) about feeling completely duped by the system for child support or spousal support. And don’t get me wrong, I get why we don’t think every judgement is fair, and for every woman out there just trying to get what’s necessary, you get the wife of Mike Epps out here asking for like $109k a MONTH in support and that’s just ridiculous. But every situation isn’t that one and most of the recipients of spousal support (which can be men too) are getting it for purposes of actually taking care of their life and children. As it should be.

But this rush to label women in these situations as gold-diggers or harlots who are just out to run a man’s pockets is unfair, especially in this case. Janet is GOOD money, fam. She probably still has checks she hasn’t cashed yet. She can go make more. Folks are outchea waiting for that next tour.

Point is, y’all need to lay off Janet. She ain’t did nothing to nobody but make our lives better and sometimes act in Tyler Perry movies which has the opposite effect. However, she’s also rich with long money. Stop projecting.

Panama Jackson

Panama Jackson is pretty fly (and gorgeous) for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. He refuses to eat cocaine chicken. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future. You can hit him on his hitter at panamadjackson@gmail.com.

  • Glo

    Also, I’m pretty sure that the motivation for the split had less to do with the 5 year mark and more to do with the fact that they recently had a child (and children have a way of making people rethink their marriages).

    • MsCee

      Lissen, I was all for marrying my daughters father until he became my daughters father.

      • Glo


      • CrayolaGirl


      • Precious

        I had the exact same “ah ha” moment. Sadly. Lol. I was out by the time that she was 6 months old.

        • MsCee

          I’m pretty sure I had a change of heart right there on the dayum delivery bed. Probably the reason I’m low key terrified of getting pregnant again until I’ve been married for like 15 years…I gotta reallllyyyy know the person.

      • Michelle

        My friend is going through this exact situation, at the moment. She claims that she didn’t know that her husband was a life-long member of the “No, Ma’am” club, alongside Al Bundy. Of course, every one in out sista-gurl circle side-eyed the f!#$ outta her, when she claimed that he had “switched up” on her. I knew the moment that he was a chauvinistic, fboy for years.

        • Ess Tee

          Them blinders, boy! They can do a number on folks.

        • MsCee

          Give your friend a break. Try to be supportive during her low point. SO many of my “friends” dogged me out behind my back when I was in this situation it was crazy. The fact is that love is blind, and NO woman is exempt from falling victim to its bad side.

          • Janelle Doe

            Hugs ( you may not need them but I only recently started getting into giving them)
            And yes, I shall be kind to friends in situationships

            • MsCee

              Good, we seriously never know how deep each others needs for validation, male attention etc, may go. We all hurting in some way, shape, form or fashion. Just because your hurt doesn’t manifest itself the same way mine does…doesn’t mean I don’t need/deserve your support.

      • Robert Dotson

        Damn…..just Damn…..kids bring out the best in most people…but not ALL people.

    • CrankUpThe_AC

      Why is that?

      • MsCee

        For me, being young and dumb played a major part in why I was in the relationship to begin with but when I gave birth to my daughter it’s like 30 years of wisdom was given to me instantly and I finally realized that what a terrible person he was…much less a father. You get reallllll particular about who raises or has any kind of involvement when it comes to influencing your child’s entire life.

        • Jae Starz

          Real particular!

      • grownandsexy2

        Cause kids can put a strain like nothing else on marriage. If the marriage is already strained, then it’s a wrap.

  • cyanic

    Manet is a fake and a fraud. The first sign something was off is when she broke up with her puppeteer and ghostwriter. After that he sued her for being a liar since you never she was never secretly married nor had a daughter with her first light skin hubby she gave away to her older sister to continue on with her career and away from that low key gangster family of light skin thugs.

    Her marriage to this foreign prince is a sham for both parties. She left when she had guaranteed monies coming her way.

    • MsCee

      Shade throwing goals

      • cyanic

        Former fan who calls out others for not leaving the sunken place.

        • Damn…what did Janet do to you to drop the hammer? I know that ghostwriter/husband situation was BS, but why the other ish?

          • cyanic

            When you are only as good as your narrative creators and they leave or were fired and you start to suck it means at your best you were someone else’s idea of special. Even Mike could go forward without his handlers. Janet became super mediocre real quick when we uncover the wizard’s curtain.

            • Janet isn’t the first act in R&B or pop to be a studio baby. Why her compared to the cast of thousands who’ve done the same?

              • cyanic

                I didn’t Stan for those from boyhood.

                • Blueberry01

                  Oh, so in other words, Janet’s musical trajectory disappointed you because it didn’t pan out the way you hoped. That’s understandable. Unfortunately, this happens too often in real-life – and I’d wager to guess it happened in your ACTUAL life – so it burns a little deeper.

                  Or, maybe you have unrealistic expectations of how certain females that you hold in high regard should act.

                  It always sucks when we find out our role models never could quite stay on those high pedastals that which we placed them…

            • Blueberry01

              So did Mike. Invincible wasn’t that good.

        • Freebird

          Only men go there.

          • cyanic

            Did you not understand Georgina was also hypnotized there?

  • I just mentioned this on my page…I’m like shorty been independently wealthy for decades…But I guess none of that matters. Not to mention, from what I understand her husband set those terms. Not she.

  • Court

    I don’t believe naythan that comes from a “source” or a “close family friend”. Damita Jo is notoriously private. Her first child is still hidden somewhere and most of her family never knows what she is doing. Her mama might have a clue, but Janet hasn’t trusted any of her brothers outside of Mike. Rebbie may know. Yup, the only people that know are Ma, Mike, and Rebbie and they ain’t saying shiyat.

    • Jacqueline

      Entertainment Tonight said that her mother was at her home and her husband disrespected her mother, but that could be made up because, people know how she is about her mother.

      I really hate it when celebrities who are generally private have to go through this mess.

  • Evorgleb

    Im just saying. If I was ready to get out of a relationship but staying in that relationship one more year would get me like $200 mil. Even if Im already rich, guess who is still sticking it out a bit longer? This guy.

  • Kenton Campbell

    It seems ever she got pregnant and it became her “LFD” it’s okay to drag her. Ridiculous .

    • Roz

      What is LFD?

      • Kenton Campbell

        Last Fuckable Day. You think fella talking this smack when she was 20? 30 ? 40? But turn 50 and and put on a hajib ???

  • IDontKnowAnyMore
    • LMAO! I just died.

    • #shotsfired Damn, that’s cold. *smh*

    • Roz

      I’m ready, Lord. Take me.

    • Val

      Oh my.

      • Janelle Doe

        See Val?
        This is where I come to learn the shade and the petty ;-)

    • Madam CJ_Skywalker


  • GeeKayGee

    What has always confused me about the “gold digger/gold digging” idea is that a lot of men use money and the prestige of their job as a significant benefit for dating them. However, if a woman chooses to date/marry for those things, then she’s a bad person? When you flaunt your money and/or job prestige and use it to hook a woman, but then get mad that she expects to reap the benefits of that…it leaves me confused.

    • Diego Duarte

      Comment completely unrelated to Janet Jackson here, but here’s my take on the matter.

      It takes two to tango. Yes, quite frankly there are plenty of men (mostly above their 50s) who use their money and prestige to date “attractive” (read here young) women. Men who do this are not so in for “love” as they are in for the idea of dependency, and proprietorship. These are the same type of garbage men that only marry trophy wives. They don’t want a SO, they want a trophy they can show off at the yatch club. From experience, these type of men don’t just date ONE gold digger, they date several and are usually cheaters, liars and prone to domestic abuse. Trump is a good example of “sugar daddy”.

      Then there’s the women who date this type of men. First off, yes, they are equally as guilty as the male. As I’ve said, it takes two to tango, and these women (women like Melania) who know they can avoid hard work altogether on account of their looks, know exactly what they’re doing. They’re in it for the short-long term ride, meaning here their end game is to marry the guy and then cash in on his inheritance. They seldom have any type of affection or attraction towards the man they’re dating. As a matter of fact, when given the choice, they will absolutely bail on sleeping with the sleaze-bag because they have no affection towards him whatosever (hence why Melania sits in Trump Tower while Trump sits in the Oval Office). I can guarantee you with 100% certainty, Trump’s boning somebody else and Melania is too aware of this, but she doesn’t care as long as it’s not her.

      Women like Melania aren’t victims because, more often than not, they wreck homes just so they can avoid hard work. Gold diggers don’t care if the man is married and has children, they will relentlessly go forward and claim that money in any way they can. And I’m not excusing the piece of garbage that bails on his family, I’m saying she’s no victim. I’ve seen it countless times. They don’t care whether the school or college fee is due next month, they don’t care whether the children are eating, they don’t care if the children clothes are torn and haggard, they will flat out get their “sugar daddy” to spend thousands upon thousands on luxury sh*t, without remorse, even whilst being aware that the guy isn’t paying child support.

      Janet Jackson is no gold digger. But gold diggers are far from being saints. They are equally as bad as the men that date them.

    • NonyaB?

      The key behind anger at gold diggers is that despite what they say, those yelling loudest are doing so because they want and believe they’re entitled to the gold digger and are mad they can’t command it. Otherwise, why the concern when 99% of the time, the gold digger and gold diggee both know what they’re getting into? And if the digger is supposedly horrible, then critics shouldn’t care because they in all their integrity would never go for such a superficial person, so why the noise?

      I agree: Prenups are good for all.

    • And it be the brokest, po’est fools worried about some gold-digger coming to take half of the $236 they’ve managed to accumulate in savings throughout their lifetime. FOH.

      • Bellaknows

        “Half of the $236” Here lies Kim, she was a good Mom, a nurse and lover of these VSB comments.

      • DEAD!

      • Half of $236 hurts more than half of $236,000.

      • Robyn


  • Jacqueline

    I must be a fool for thinking that the only reaction to this should be sadness. Two people found each other, got married and were blessed with a baby with most likely the only egg a near 50 year old women would have to spare; had a healthy baby and three months later separate. That is sad and only the two of them know what happened.

    Also, leave Penny alone!!!

    • Monica Harris

      Agreed. I was disappointed to hear this? news

    • Namia

      Thought i was the only sad one…especially when love transcends age..pity really.

  • MsCee

    This whole things reminds me of that meme where its like “Dudes swear they baby mama be living off their child support” then its a picture of a check for $3.00. LMFAO

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