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Kinda Sorta But Not Really Movie Review: Think Like A Man

Let me start out by saying this first and foremost: I was not paid to do this. At all. Not even for any of the tweets that I sent out in support of the campaign for this movie. I just wanted to get all of that out of the way before we get started. Yes, I was actually compelled to do this from my soul.



I was invited (along with all of the 50-and-over crowd in DC) to a screening of Think Like A Man, the movie based on the book of almost the same name Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man by Steve Harvey. Steve Harvey was there as was Michael Ealy. I was actually on a panel at Howard University with Michael Ealy earlier in the day along with Jasmine from The Jasmine Brand. That was fun. That’s one of the fun parts of this whole successful blogger schtick, you randomly get chose to be apart of cool and interesting things with famous people that get hundreds of women to line up for 75 slots.

On to the movie. I know you all won’t believe this, but…

…it was a really really good movie. Like, it was actually good. As in the type of movie that is well worth you shelling out money to go see. I went into it skeptical as all hell because well, it’s Steve Harvey and its based on a book where a man constantly refers to the box as “the cookie”. And yes, that did come up in the movie numerous times. But you know how we keep waiting for a Black romantic comedy that is worth seeing?

Believe it or not, Steve Harvey is the one who delivered it to us. Not only is it hilarious, but its extremely well written and get this…I actually FELT Meagan Good’s character. She did a really good job of acting in this movie. No more of that non-sensical non-sense we attribute to her roles. Nope. Earlier at the panel with Michael Ealy, he said that she delivered a great role in this movie. Now, I know its his job to sell the movie, but he wasn’t lying. She did a bang up job.

What made it a good movie?

Glad you asked.

For one, the VERY thing we complain about Tyler Perry movies is the lack of good, or even decent, writing. This movie was extremely well written. It was hilarious thanks in part to Kevin Hart who was literally non-stop laughs. Romany Malco (you all remember him from 40-Year-Old Virgin) was also hilarious. Those two characters alone made it worth the laughs. But wrapped underneath the comedy was a movie about relationships that not only worked but looked and felt very accurate. I know that I felt myself cringe a few times because I know I’m guilty of various mentalities and things that I saw.

Real spit, Terrence J was even entertaining to watch. And folks LOVE to clown Terrence J. And the fact that Turtle is supposed to be banging a somewhat drugged out (in a good way…ya know, educated chick who likes bong hits way) Gabrielle Union didn’t even seem out of place. It made sense. Read that again.

The interesting thing that I took from this, and I wonder if women will, is that despite what we tell you all all the time, men actually want their boys to win at love. So even when we tell our boys to do stupid stuff, we actually do hope that he finds a good woman and manages not to blow it. And that’s the case in this movie. The guys all come across as real friends who want their boys to succeed…we just keep getting caught up in man-sh*t. But at the end, what alllllllllllways happens, we find ourselves better off with a woman by our sides who does cause us to step outside of our comfort zones.

Believe it or not ladies, guys do like…and love love.

And in some kind of twisted ridiculousness, we always end up attempting to do right despite ALL of our best efforts to not do right. If we reaaaaaaally like you.

There’s something for everybody and I actually enjoyed it. Look at that, I actually enjoyed a movie that I went in expecting to hate and treat like a random Black movie. It turns out, we finally got a good romantic comedy that we can look to and watch. On purpose.

From Steve Harvey. I know…its still taking time to sink in for me too.

Point is, I think you all should go see it. And I really mean that. Even the most skeptical of us. It’s both a chick flick and a guy flick in one movie and believe it or not, it works. It’s got romance and shenanigans. Fun and folly. But above all else, relatable entertainment. Kind of like…40-Year-Old Virgin for ninjas.

Swear I didn’t get paid for this. And I still am telling you to go see it. It opens nationwide on April 20th. This ain’t a Tyler Perry movie. It’s a good movie. All the way through.

If you don’t like it you can blame me and I’ll take you to the movies some other time. But this is one Black movie I think we should all support. I’m even going to go see it again.

Panama’s Rating: 5 out of 5 Afropicks.


PS: And for those interested, check out the extended cut of Episode 3 of Madame Noire’s “Ask A Black Man” featuring Panama Jackson. It’s the sex episode and home to the epic side-eye courtesy of VSB P.

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  • Jay

    You’re too positive P. I need a movie review from a snarky, cynical, more assholish cat Champ before I shell out 20 plus. I’ve had bad experiences with movies full of young, extremely, good looking black people.

  • Well, I think that I will check it out on GP. (Do people still say GP?)

    I went to High School with Romany so I have to support his projects!

  • Aly

    Thanks for the review P. Don’t know you, but somehow I trust your taste in movies- go figure :-) (Btw, you don’t have to convince us that you didn’t get paid, we believe you!)

  • xLadyTx

    I planned to see it anyway because I absolutely love Kevin Hart & the previews were hilarious. Thanks for the review! This may just be the movie that tells Tyler Perry that he needs to have a few seats.

  • Justmetheguy

    Man, the only thing about such a glowing review is that only disappointment can come from setting the bar of expectation soooo high. Plus I agree with Jay, you’re the more positive of the dynamic duo, so I’m still not all the way sold..but then again a shorty did ask me to go see it with her so at least I won’t go in worrying about wasting my ducats. Hopefully I’ll agree wit you

  • Eh, I’ll catch it on cable at the end of the year.

  • Chanelle

    Alright I guess I will go see it…..I said I wouldn’t but since you gave such a good review I will.

  • ncvirgogal

    I don’t know why people like to clown Terrence J. *shrug* yeah he’s corny and goofy looking but he’s doin’ thangs! lol and he attended THE BEST HBCU in the mf’in country!

  • Terrence J in a movie is a TSUNAMI waiting to happen. Megan Good-URRRRRGH!
    @PJ-You gave such a glorious review that I am tempted to believe that you didn’t get paid, you got a movie role offer. I don’t blame, I too would take the glorious route so that my name is among those in the Pearly Gates of Heaven!

  • Val

    I just don’t really like the idea of comedian turned relationship counselor. I think Steve Harvey is laughing at Black women for buying his stupid book and I think he’ll be laughing at us if we go see his film.

    I bet Steve Harvey, along with me, can’t believe that Black women would actually take relationship advice from a guy who has been married fifty-eleven times.

    And also you said you weren’t paid to write this review one too many times. :-)

    Anyway, maybe if the dollar dvd bootleg guy has this on a triple movie dvd along with CB4 and Girl 6 and I can talk him down to 50 cents, I might go ahead and check it out.

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