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Key & Peele Take The Blackness Challenge With VSB



Last week, Damon and Panama gave Key & Peele part one of the Blackness Challenge, which tested their Blackness by taking them through the Blackest Name in America tournament.

This week features part two of the challenge, a clip that prominently features Kool-Aid, Black church ladies, semantics, and “motherfucking shark movies.”

Key & Peele airs tonight on Comedy Central at 10:30. Tune in for more hilarity.

  • Meridian

    1. Purple
    2. Mufasa
    3. I would’ve said Amazing Grace.

    • The 9-9…& the 2000

      3. If not Lift Ev’ry Voice & Sing, it could’ve been Before I Let Go by FB & Maze

  • GemmieBoo

    i still can NOT with Key and those braids lmbooooo

    • AlwaysCC

      i imagine he would sling them the same way if he had actually grown them from his head lol

      • The 9-9…& the 2000

        it would be majestic, esp if he put beads on the ends.

    • Sadly, I know men who still have those braids.

    • Tonja (aka Cheeks)

      I swear those braids are another character in this video. Braidy Jenkins.

  • Soula Powa

    I got them all right (kinda). I only knew the first 2 lines of the 2nd verse of Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing. For all the times my Blackness was questioned, IN YO’ FACE! LOL.

  • nillalatte

    I was yelling at the video… GRAPE! GRAPE! How y’all not know it’s GRAPE?!!
    I wouldn’t have let them win. I’m too competitive.

  • Brandi

    This is like THEE dream interview! LOL

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