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Jon Stewart’s Take on the SAE Fraternity Chant Gone Viral Is Great.

Don’t believe me just watch.

Panama Jackson

Panama Jackson is pretty fly (and gorgeous) for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. He refuses to eat cocaine chicken. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future. You can hit him on his hitter at

  • CrayolaGirl

    You are correct. Great.
    (I got a bit angry watching the collection of excuses roll off tongues so easily.)

  • godizus

    I’m really going to miss Jon when he leaves the show, I hope his next endeavor is as impactful.

    • Neka W.

      He’s an executive producer on The Nightly Show with Larry Wimore, his work won’t be too far from view.

  • KB

    I’m sick of Faux news and conservatives/apologists and their continued attempts to whitewash the issue of race/racism here in America. You douchecunts cannot be that d*amn dense.

    • MrsRivera

      It’s fox news bread and butter to pander to the terrified whites that cling onto racism like a warm blanket on a winters night. To admit racism would mean you have to deal with it. Without fueling hatred with ridiculous out right lies those people would have to focus on something else. Like a party that’s robbing them of all things possible from money education to actual freedoms right under their noses. God forbid.

    • Fox nor MSNBC should be allowed to call themselves news. Infotainment is more like it.

      • To be fair, when in time, was news ever not infotainment?

        MSNBC and FOX news are just more blatant.

    • moderation

    • Fox News is in the entertainment business as are all the other news networks and their purpose is to reinforce the biases of their audience, as is all forms of TV news. If you’re a hardcore liberal, you got to MSNBC. If you view yourself as a Centrist or Independent you watch CNN. They feed identity i.e. the narcissism of their audience, which is at the core of their success, anytime they don’t, they lose numbers. If you feel like you should be informed but you don’t really care, you watch local news, ABC, CBS…blah. If you’re into conspiracies and don’t trust either the right of left, you check out Alex Jones and RT. If you’re an elitist and think America is unrefined and filled with stupid people, you check out BBCNews…this is the magic of Advertising.

      Joe Scarborough, Bill O’Reilly and the rest of those who make the “It’s Hip-hop argument”, don’t believe that and could care less: they are paid actors: however, there audience needs a BS rationalization not to be on the same side as progressives, on an issue, so that’s how you get: “Oh, it’s the rappers fault!” Does it make sense? Nope! Does it have an effect? Hell yeah: youtubers now have an angle to talk trash.

      This is American media, for the sake of sanity, try to remember it, so you can see how the hustle game is being played and don’t get caught up in it.

  • CrankUpThe_AC

    In other news, the Earth continues to rotate 15 degrees an hour.

    Lol this doesn’t surprise anybody. We’ve all grown accustom and immune to the snake like charm of “nice” white folks in the work place or at school. Best advice I ever got was “Keep your head on a swivel.” Thanks Unk!

  • Kam

    YASSSS to Jon Stewart ( he will be sorely missed when he retires).

  • minxbrie

    Every time I hear about racist white people, all I can think “And water is wet.” I’ve literally hit the point where nothing surprises me for longer than 5-10 seconds.

    That being said, I once again have no regrets to getting the fraternity on my campus suspended and shutting down their “Jamaican Me Crazy” party last year. I hate frat boy culture.

    • MzzPeaches

      The only thing that annoys me more is the shock that other white people display when they see these things. Chile bye, I live in the deep South and grew up knowing my great-great grandparents. Nothing surprises me cause I’ve heard much worse.

      • uniquebeauty79

        Southern girl here, too. I mean, I am not surprised by ANY of it. It’s sad because it’s more expected that surprise when you are immune to the bs already.

    • Jacob Herrington

      How about you learn to mind your own damn business? It’s just a party. Who cares if it’s offensive? Just a bunch of people having irreverent fun.

      • Walrusesneedlovetoo

        How about you get off our site you jello belly walrus? What brought you here? You look like the type that was teased all througj grammar school and have channled that nrg to our group in an attempt to make yourself feel better? Am I right? Yeah…Now go belly flop dat azz into the sea of bs with all your other fat racist and pasty fat blobs. DISSMISSED!

        • cakes_and_pies

          *Ugly Laugh*

          • Adriannan Nonyo

            Awwww man, I made an ugly laugh too.

        • PivotTable


      • MzzPeaches


        • InezPerez

          He 2edgy4me brah

          • Jacob Herrington

            Am I wrong? Tell me how People of color, is any different from the term colored people. How does changing the position of the words and adding “of” make it more or less offensive.

            • heyheyno

              Pretty sure white people came up with both phrases so ask them.

      • Cleojonz

        I think you’ve wandered into the wrong space here.

      • uniquebeauty79

        Were you on the bus, too? You sound like you condone this.

        • Jacob Herrington

          No. i don;t condone what happened on that bus. There is a huge difference between chanting racial slurs, and having a frat party with a cultural theme. The former is reprehensible, the latter is just drunken fun.

          • uniquebeauty79

            don’t talk to me. your ignorance is so ignorant it may be contagious.

      • st george doesnt exist

        or you can learn to mind your business by not spreading your damn racism all over infringing on people and being an offensive a ss?? hmm can you do that?

        • Jacob Herrington

          I am not spreading racism. I have no racist ideology. Offending someone is not infringing on their rights. Segregation and genocide are infringing on people’s rights. There is a difference. I hate everyone equally!

      • minxbrie

        LMAO I love it when irrelevant white people think I care about their 2 cents!

  • pls

    they will never admit to a problem of racism because then they’d have to change it.

    • NomadaNare

      And that would put every facet of the entire American way of life into question as righteous, just, deserved, or possible. They’d have to legitimately consider some sort of way to compensate for all the damage done to entire groups of people as a matter of course, like maybe some sort of restitution, redress, recompense, or repayment for something.

      • pls

        …and then they’d have to stop being racist! I whole heartedly believe they don’t have a problem with paying reparations. the problem comes in changing how they think. it can be done, but for what? they got it set up just how they want it.

  • Julian Green

    It’s 2015 and too many people STILL aren’t ready for this knowledge.

  • Andrea

    “Same motherf____rs that talk about racism doesn’t exist are the same
    mother______s shaking our hands, giving us hugs, telling us how you
    really love us,” Striker said. “F!ck you phony-azz, fraud-azz b!tches.”


    *This REALLY resonates with Me*

    • Sylqué

      He was delivering a word, he was.

  • The media loves these stories where people argue about words! They amount to nothing and change little. Arguing over the “how” the Ferguson police department and Municipality is to change and deal with it’s problems of racism as well as debts at the same time, is something that will be avoided like the plague and at most will be addressed in passing.

    • Cleojonz

      Maybe they wouldn’t be in debt if they didn’t feel like they needed to outfit themselves like the military lol.

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