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Jared Kushner Is A Thug

Dominique A. Pineiro/DoD via Getty Images


Thug has become such a ubiquitous dog whistle for a certain type of uncomfortable Blackness — and by “certain type of uncomfortable Blackness” I mean “all Blackness” — that the whistle is no longer necessary. Nothing is coded, nothing concealed, nothing cloaked. Those who use it in this context can’t even feign to deny anymore that they’re employing it to evoke a certain type of imagery; that they’re specifically attempting to a stoke fear of a Black person (usually male, but occasionally female) whose appearance, actions, and attitudes exude a latent criminality. They say thug, and we’re supposed to immediately picture anyone ranging from Colin Kaepernick (because tattoos and uppity) to Kanye West (because Taylor). Which is a great piece of semantic propaganda, as the arbitrariness of that distinction creates an ever-shifting goalpost where anyone Black could be a thug. The only immovable criteria is them perceiving us as a threat. Equally and perhaps even more importantly, it also hides their thuggishness in plain sight; criminalizing sagging jeans and braided hair and Homewood while the thuggiest thugs are actually in boat shoes and Patagonia fleeces in the Hamptons.

And perhaps no single public figure embodies this dichotomy better than Jared Kushner, the thuggish ruggish backbone of the Trump family. Even Donald, the Cheeto-tinted charlatan that he is, has a certain translucent shamelessness to him that prevents even the dumbest of us from regarding him as anything but a man who plays dirty and embraces dirt. He’s a shitheel who knows he’s a shitheel and wants everyone to know it too. Kushner, on the other hand, looks and sounds and dresses and walks like someone who goes to Trader Joe’s for the ambiance. He’s a Subaru Outback with sentience. The kid whose nickname in high school was “Butt Plug” or “Asthma Boy.” If Donald Trump was born on third base, his bitch-ass was born in J Crew.

He’s also a slumlord. The publisher of a tabloid with a tuxedo. Completely ensconced in the criminal activities of his father-in-law’s family. Oh, and he might have committed treason. He looks like he should be asking some server somewhere for gluten-free ice chips, but he’s actually Avon Barksdale with a Lululemon charge card.

Take a good look at this soft-pedaled fuck. He is a thug. This is what a thug looks like. If you see him, cross the street. Lock your windows. Close your doors. Exit the elevator. Hide your daughters. King Kong aint got shit on him.

Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for GQ.com And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at damon@verysmartbrothas.com. Or don't. Whatever.

  • Wild Cougar

    I was just talking to a coontastic cop in court today about this. He was reading Uncle Ruckus act like he was born for the role. I told him: Every time a cop says he’s afraid, he gets to kill somebody. It doesn’t matter if the person actually had a weapon or was an actual threat. The cop just has to perceive a threat and that the fear be deemed reasonable by the powers that be, correct?

    What’s a reasonable fear? The community decides. The community in power says Black skin is threatening, scary. So they’re gonna agree that fear of this skin, without anything else, can create reasonable fear, right?

    So what is that legally? That completes all the elements of assault. When you create the reasonable apprehension of physical harm.

    You people have made living in Black skin a continuous ongoing legal assault. Being Black is illegal, punishable with death.

    So you chose: if you can’t beat the genocide, join it.

    • Alessandro De Medici

      Only in American Legal Jurisprudence can the euphemism of a “reasonable fear” exist, and at the same time be used as a legal justification for an unreasonable act.

      “I was reasonably fearful for my life because he was acting like he was on PCP…so I unreasonably shot him five times to feel safe”

      • Wild Cougar

        Then he got salty asking me what I was in court for. I said I don’t have to tell you sht. I’m the plaintiff in Daffy Duck vs the state. You not gonna interrogate me in the damn hallway like a suspect cuz you lost an argument.

        • Cheech

          Dang, WC. You sound like someone I’d like to have a beer with.

        • AzucarNegra

          He had any hair or skin left on his body when you were done with him?

      • Hugh Akston

        Yep there is a normalization to it all if you stay here long enough

        • Alessandro De Medici

          Sometimes you wonder if the judges, prosecutors and police officers who rally for this stuff, read 1984 as kids, and were like:


          • TheUnsungStoryteller

            Yeah…that was their inspirational book.

      • cedriclathan

        Put in those terms, it’s even more fucked up than it sounds.

    • Suit

      Not to mention black people never really get the presumption of being unarmed. I’ve heard judges back up shitheel cops because a fist can be considered a deadly weapon; kinda moots the distniction between being armed and unarmed. You can’t leave your hands at home. Plus if you run from the police it creates a presumption of guilt. It’s a mess.

      I do what I can, but every day some dumb scotus precedent nibbles away at the 4th amendment and it just gets harder and harder.

      All I can say is, y’all do what you gotta do to not get shot and then call me afterward. We’ll make it work.

  • Alessandro De Medici


    Any OKC fans here?

    Looks like Turkish Hitler is trying to fuck up your season:


  • Cheech

    Happy Memorial Day weekend everybody. Stay safe out there.

    • Tequila and grilling right after I take this nap!

      • AzucarNegra

        MM how did your interview go?

        • Went well- I’m actually touched you remembered!

          I have the final interview/performance tasks on June 15th. And then after that they’ll let me know if I’ve got the position!

          • cedriclathan

            You got plants you bringing, right? Just bring yo dam plant to the interview, and say, “Leme’ sit this right here while we chat.”

            • Lol, not a fan plant fan. I do want to hang Captain America’s shield on my office wall though.

  • wypipo

    If the Justice Department published an annual report on embezzling the way they do homicide – then people would know who the real thugs are. Slice those numbers up by race, gender, and age of the victims and the perpetrators. Then we’ll see who engages in criminality disproportionate to their percentage of the population.

    • Khalil Jannah

      Nope. Doesn’t fit the narrative.

    • CParis

      Great idea. That’s a sporting event White guys could dominate, help them get their pride back. ?

  • AzucarNegra

    Kushner is proof that attending certain schools does not translate to bring smart or bright, just that you are able to buy your way through world.

    • Mary Burrell

      I need that on a tee shirt.

      • AzucarNegra

        Lol. Hey girlie. You were MIA. Glad you are back

        • Mary Burrell

          Working crazy hours and all I can do is sleep.

          • AzucarNegra

            I know the feeling. That I can relate too.

    • TheUnsungStoryteller

      Or you are smart/bright to fool alot of people into thinking that you’re doing them a favor…that and making them think you’re a Christian.

      • Lucille A Bluth

        The Kushners aren’t Christian though.

        • TheUnsungStoryteller

          Oh lol…I just assume

    • Rastaman

      Anyone can get into Harvard with a $2.5M donation from their convicted felon father.

  • AzucarNegra
  • cyanic

    Upright YT are more dangerous than the shoe-less roaming trash we catch a whiff off or see roaming the local mall or multiplex.

  • Alessandro De Medici

    Lol random, but kind of funny:


    This is why America is going down the drain (Jehovah Witnesses smh)…


    • AzucarNegra

      You’re going to be fully immersed in your faith once again?

    • Over 25. With a baby face. Kill it with fire.

    • Brooklyn!?!?!?!?!?! Mos and Kweli know about this?

  • AzucarNegra


    In representing everything Europeans hate about America, Trump simultaneously confirms everything they want to believe about themselves. After all, Europeans have always looked down on Americans in the manner of a learned uncle who cannot conceal his jealousy at the banker nephew with that hot babe on his arm. In other words, they suffer from what psychologists call an inferiority superiority complex.

    • Alessandro De Medici

      Lol, the fact that the word “vulgar” was not used once, shows an American wrote it.

  • Zil Nabu

    I imagine that Kushner has “Thug Life” tatted across his midsection.

    • BrothasKeeper

      Nah. It’s on his lower back.

      • Val

        Yeah, he definitely has a tramp stamp.

        • cedriclathan

          A “Trump” stamp.

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