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It’s Official: Bill Cosby Is Out Of His Gotdamn Mind

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Bill Cosby is out of his gotdamn mind.

This is the only thought that went through my head this morning while watching a fuschia pajamas-clad Cosby address anonymous fans on a rotary phone in a video intended on winning back the public. Because, when watching a fuschia pajamas-clad man who’s been accused of dozens of rapes address anonymous fans on a rotary phone in a video intended on winning back the public, “this dude is out of his gotdamn mind” is the only reasonable thought that can go through your head.

And, once you accept that Bill Cosby might very well be out of his gotdamn mind, things start to make sense. Black is still black. White is still white. Big Sean still sucks. And you can finish your lunch.

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Damon Young

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  • Alikeh Jackson

    I dont really know what I just watched, and I dont really know how to feel about this…

  • h.h.h.

    Big Sean still sucks.

    now i can’t take your musical opinions seriously anymore.

    *shakes head and rides off into sunset listening to “All Your Fault”

  • Kimwrites

    But…but…IDFWU is my joint tho. Can I still hang out here?

    • Jetty

      True life the new album Dark Sky Paradise Snaps!

  • Wild Cougar

    I concur. I’m not watching it, but just based on the description………wait. Where in the hale do you get a rotary phone? Is he showing off antiques or his nurse put him in pajamas and sat him down because he said he wanted to talk to grandma…..on the REAL phone……the one they keep when he thinks he’s 8 and wants to wear his fuchsia pajamas insists on talking to people in the grave.

    I told ya’ll. The old folks used to call that being given over to a reprobate mind. You do wrong so long God lets you run out of grace and you lose your mind right before you catch some painful disease and go to h*ll.

  • Pinks

    A bunch of talking that amounts to not much.

  • Helios Screed

    This would be sad, if it wasn’t for his drug connections and controlled desire for medicating women to the point of unconsciousness and illness. What if one had gone missing or died? Jeesus.

  • keepinITreal

    where’s theres smoke there’s fire! AND as my grandmother use to say: Everyone is not telling the same lie!

  • JanuaryBabe


  • “2) You misunderstand, Cosby played only to conservative white ideas that if blacks pulled up their pants, racism would go away. That the black community’s issues don’t come from institutionalized racism or issues like red-lining, but from rap music and 40’s.”

    This is patently false; Cosby said in an interview with Paula Zahn, broadcast on CNN, that he was well aware of racism and the like, but that Black folk had to address internal problems before they could meaningfully challenge the things you’re talking about; I quote:

    “ZAHN: And their accusation is, in talking about the problems in the black community the way you have, you’re basically, they say, saying blacks are their own worst enemy. True or false?
    COSBY: Am I saying that? Not all. And I love my people. And I want my people to answer the call of our ancestors and the people who got an education and went to historically black colleges, graduated from medical school, law school, engineering school, in the face of odds. And I’m saying to these people, I don’t think you know your history. Somebody has got to teach you.

    ZAHN: You call these people your people. And yet, some people out there perceive you as this highly successful billionaire entertainer. What the heck does he care about us for?

    COSBY: They don’t bother me at all.

    See, I grew up in an African-American neighborhood. And that’s why I fight so hard in the way I want to for the equality, because I know that some of us are just as ignorant, just as brilliant, just as savage, just as tender, just as warm, just as cold. We can match anything that the head honcho has to offer. And what I want them to do, those people who are dropping out, is to at least be given the word by their parents, by their elders that they can become somebody, make them work, make them think. For instance…

    ZAHN: You don’t really care who you tick off now, right? You have been accused of absolving white racism by some of your critics.

    COSBY: Well, you see, they misread that.

    When I say I don’t care what white people think, I mean that. I mean, I’m addressing my people, period. I’m telling you, I want all this loud profanity in the street stopped. You have got to stop and think. I want the 55 percent dropout rate stopped, period. It’s epidemic. I want people to think about choices. I want you to begin to see yourself as somebody. I want you to stop doing things that are detrimental to your getting at least an education with a high school credential.

    I’m talking to the people who are dropping out. I’m talking to the people who are thinking about dropping out.

    ZAHN: But in confronting the victim the way you have in such a public way, it has led to charges that you are blaming the victim and that you maybe aren’t fully acknowledging the economic conditions that led to the way they live or the racism perhaps that’s put them in that situation?

    COSBY: I am of the theory — and I do not stand alone — that the victim has to be told to get up and fight, that the victim has to be told, must be told, to respect oneself, and that the word somebody.

    Very, very interesting, in “On the Waterfront,” the line from “On the Waterfront” that sticks out, and anybody on this earth knows the line, that everybody says, I could have been a….


    MARLON BRANDO, ACTOR: I could have been a contender. I could have been somebody.



  • Big Sean raps about being a rapper and sounds like the dude at Sprint that lets you make payment arrangements with $15

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