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It Turns Out Safe Sex Is Just As Enjoyable As Unsafe Sex!

I love that there’s an article or study done for nearly everything under the sun. You might have to search long and hard, but I’d bet all the money in Prince Harry’s pocket that if you wanted to know the average size of the middle toe on Botswana fisherman who only work on Tuesdays in July, there’s some study out there for it. Granted, that’s pretty obscure.

Well, along the lines of studies that focus on things people ACTUALLY want to know, a professor at the University of Indiana-Bloomington, determined what might possibly be the most “duh” statement on the planet: men and women enjoy sex just as much with condoms as they do without condoms.

The jury’s out on the study that asks about how it feels, which is where most of the debate actually happens.

Researchers reviewing an online questionnaire of the sex habits of men and women from 18-59, found participants consistently rated safe sex as ‘highly arousing and pleasurable’ – the same score as unprotected sex.

Dr Debby Herbenick, from the School of Public Health-Bloomington, Indiana University, who led the study said: ‘This may be because men are more likely than women to purchase condoms and to apply condoms.

‘However, it’s important for more women to become familiar with the condoms they use with their partner so that they can make choices that enhance the safety and pleasure of their sexual experiences.’

While this should be both promising and exciting information to those who work in the latex and condom industry as well as safe sex advocates, I seriously doubt a study like this is going to make anybody go out and grab a jimmy that wasn’t already going to use one.

Here’s why, we already know that sex can be just as enjoyable with a condom as it can be without one. Without can feel better, however, I’m sure all of us have used some condoms that were so thin that we questioned whether or not the condom had come off (sometimes it had, sometimes it was there doing its duty). I remember when the Durex Sheikh condoms dropped, those things scared the bejesus out of me because they never felt like they were on. Whereas Lifestyle condoms on the other hand well, let’s just say their motto should have been Lifestyles “Just say yes to pregnancy!”. Not a fan. Trojans have been consistently at the top of the game forever and they have some ultra thin ultra sensitive brands that give you that “raw” feeling as well.

There’s no substitute for peace-of-mind. And those individuals who need that are always going to use condoms. Then there’s the contingent who has already eschewed condoms in their relationships and shot of sexing some new thing for the first time, they’re not going back to condoms either. This study is great fodder but it’s also common sense and won’t tilt the tide in one way or another.

But I’m glat it exists for the younger kids to be used in sex education so that you can convince them that it will feel just as good and be safer. So maybe that could be one positive, if it helps keep a jimi hat on the wang of some petulantly curious 16-year-old then maybe its all worth it.

Then again, you don’t even need a study for that.


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Panama Jackson

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  • chameleonic

    …..uuuuuum okay look. just because i was reviewing todays comments and wondering if its really possible to find love in these e-streets, does not mean i was thinking about you. or anyone else for that matter. i was just hoping to privately entertain my heart. but its like…1030 and vsb is shut down sooooo. maybe ill be honest honest.

    i personally would not wanna use condoms. it takes away the sensuality and intimacy of a man in my womb. i wanna feel everything and i wanna feel like were comfortable enough wheeere maybe its slightly really enjoyable to um, you know. maybe i wouldnt mind the mess and the sounds if maybe a man wanted to…maybe. stay in. and keep going. maybe id like that sorta thing. its possessive of my womb from my own perception, possessive. and sexy.

    but, this is the thing about s*x in general. and im frequently attempting to allude to the fact that im fat and ugly and out of shape and my self esteem doesnt exist and i have a myriad of stress related illnesses ranging in levels of urgency. i really would never do anything with a man until he paid for me to be pretty and allowed me to get myself together. sorta like how you dont see your bride on your wedding day until shes all beautiful and walking down the aisle. im just not in good health or physical condition and ive never even really been feminine, especially for mating purposes.

    i wanna be claimed but with no advances and no looking until im gorgeous. because as messed up as i am now and as crappy as i feel about it, i can say im actually kind of gorgeous. i have nice natural genes i just need to put the effort into myself. and i dont want a man to see such a private, gritty struggle.

    so! if were gonna talk condoms at this late hour let us talk about the process. ive always had it in my mind itd be like ‘miss congeniality’ where they put her with a beauty coach and all these specialists and they put her in this like huge facility and made her over. or like. pre season football camps. they have medical staff and facilities, gyms, pools, coaches, those people who watch your progress and then organize your contracts, housing units. theyre all purpose facilities. maybe i could go to something like that. and then i could walk out like in miss congeniality. sexy. heels. tight little dress.

    full blown whore.

    like….the worst kind. the i love this man and i respect this man and ive been waiting so long to be held like this, kind of comfortable whore. my hearts in this lip service kinda…anyway…condoms. maybe what im forwardly wanting to say is im REALLY f*cking h*rny and i swear to god on my life im gonna die if someone doesnt get me out of here. i dont care if you have to pull the cash out of the crack of the devils a*s, i swear to god you better have a secret stash of f*ck me money because i am just out of my mind repressed in sexuality. dear god i might even say please and start begging. [*throws hands in the air*]

  • chameleonic

    lol. if i were a normal person i could probably walk out of my house right now and be the happiest girl in the world with you. =( im gonna go lay in my bed and cry.

  • Book2

    I beg to differ…No sex

  • Wild Cougar

    #teamcondoms I like being in control of what happens in my life.

  • YeahSo

    Yes children… Fine, sexy, exciting women/men are never as fine, sexy or even remotely as exciting after they’ve made you a father/mother before you’re ready or given you an std… Strap-up every time. #teamcondoms

  • chameleonic


    [*pushes everyone out of this post*]

    poooour the wiiiiine. light the fire.

    girl your wish, is my, command.

    i submit to your demands.

    girl you need only ask…

    ill make love to you!

    like you want me to!

    and ill hold you tight,

    baby all friday night;

    ill make love to you.

    when do you want me to?

    and i will not let go til you tell me toooo, ooooh!

    [*stands on the kitchen table singing into a candle*]

  • Tentpole

    This is strictly a generation issue. Those born before the 80’s lean toward no condoms because that was the norm. Those who came into world during the 80’s and beyond we’re raised into the condom culture.

  • Tippydoowop

    No jimmy…

    No kitty….

  • Royale W. Cheese

    Team condom. Too simple and beneficial *not* to use.

  • Royale W. Cheese

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