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Investigative Report: Do Light-Skinned Rappers Really Have An Advantage?


Despite his status as The Human Itis, I actually don’t harbor any dislike for J. Cole. I think he’s a genuinely talented rapper who seems to have a decent head on his shoulders and has managed to carve out a bit of a niche for himself. Yes, he tends to turn me into a narcoleptic, but I think that’s more my doing than his.

Lemme put it this way: I’d probably be more of a fan if he happened to be relevant in 2000 instead of 2013. Now, though, I’m just not as carnivorous of a rap fan as I used to be, and Cole’s music isn’t distinguishable enough for it to resonate with me.

Anyway, Cole made a few headlines last week when expressing his feelings about intra-racial colorism, and how being light-skinned has helped his career (as well as President Obama’s).

In Obama’s case, I think he has a point. It’s no coincidence that the first Black president and the three Black male politicians with the best chance of being president one day—Cory Booker, Deval Patrick, and Colin Powell—all received A’s on their paper bag tests. (Ironically, while the biracial thing has been a plus for Obama, he probably wouldn’t have the same type of unwavering support from the Black community if his wife was also as light. You can disagree with me about that, but you’d be wrong.)

Rap is a little trickier. So tricky that the only way to see if J. Cole is right is to examine each of the four most popular lightskinneded rappers today—J. Cole, Drake, T.I., and Common (Sorry, Joe Budden. I guess Kendrick’s not the only one to leave you off the list. I’d apologize to French Montana too, but I’m not sure he can read.)—and see whether their complexions have helped their careers.


J. Cole was a mixtape darling for years before anyone really knew what he looked like. And by “anyone really knew what he looked like” I mean “women knew he existed.” But, while his history may suggest that his looks had no effect on his success, that would discount the Mixtape/Backpack Corollary, which states the following:

All rappers who first made their name on the backpack/mixtape/freestyle battle circuit are generally assumed to resemble the construction workers from Fraggle Rock until proven otherwise. 

Basically, it’s generally assumed that rappers who could be considered backpackers are considered backpackers because they’re not charismatic/attractive enough to be more popular. And, when a backpacker is found to be tall, lightskinneded, and not bad looking, it’s a pleasant surprise…at least until you realize that the reason why he wasn’t more popular was due to the fact that all his long-time fans are currently in comas.

Verdict? Yes, his color has helped his career, but only because of a generous helping of “you’re better looking than I thought you’d be” points.


At first glance, this should be the easiest examination on the list. He is the country’s preeminent light-skinned icon, and will soon join Al B Sure, El Debarge, and Terrance Howard—whose 2005 may have been the best light-skinned year in light-skinned historyon the Light-Skinned Mt. Rushmore.

But, while much of his fame is undoubtedly due to women fawning over his flurry eyebrowed lightskinndedness, I actually think his look has been more of a negative than a positive for him.

Why? Well, for one simple reason:

Drake is a great rapper. 

I know, I know, I know. The only time “Drake,” “great,” and “rapping” should be in the same sentence is “Drake is really great at wrapping his arms all the way around you when he hugs.” Despite his popularity, he is a perpetual punchline who is often cited as the primary example of the pervasive bitchassness permeating the rap game.

But, regardless of how you feel about his widow’s peak, wardrobe choices, whine sessions on wax, and the fact that he somehow always manages to look wet, beneath all of that is a foundation made possible by the popularity of his mixtapes—mixtapes that featured some legitimately standout rapping. This standout rapping has continued on his albums and most of the tracks he’s been featured on in the past three years.

Yet, his persona has made it near blasphemous for anyone not a 19 year old college sophomore to publicly admit he’s good at rapping, and his look—seriously, if you drew a picture of Drake, the color of the crayon used to shade in his face would be “brunch”—definitely contributes to that.

Verdict: Yes and No. Yes, because his light-skindedness allows him to murder Amanda Bynes’ vagina. No, because just the simple act of writing that Drake was a great rapper caused one of my testicles to bounce.


Perhaps no other rapper in rap history has a bigger distance between “the type of rap music he creates” and “the size you’d expect a person creating that type of rap music would be.” It still amazes me that some of the hardest, thuggest, and most gas face-inducing music of the last decade was made by someone who can fit inside a woman’s Timberland.

This in mind, there’s no doubt his light-skinnededness has hurt him.

I’m sure he’s aware of his (lack of) size. And, when you combine this with the fact that lighter-skinned men are often considered to be “softer” than their darker-skinned brethren, the 44783293 gun charges he’s received over the past several years start to make sense. But, while gun charges are usually boons to the careers of other rappers, each case has made T.I. considerably worse at rapping. It’s a paradox where his light-skinnededness made him harder off record, indirectly leading to him kinda sucking on record.

Verdict: A resounding no. After starting out as a southern Ice Cube, Tip is a predicate charge away from going full Bruce Jenner.


Verdict: Yes! Dark-skinned rappers who go eight years without releasing relevant albums don’t go on Bill Maher, don’t give invited to the White House, and damn sure don’t date Serena.

—Damon Young (aka “The Champ”)

Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at Or don't. Whatever.

  • nillalatte

    You early homie. Good job! :D

    • Sageyk3

      erg…umm. Yah. Howdy.

      • nillalatte

        Hello stranger… errr… Sagey boo. Muwah.

  • iamnotakata

    I’m going to roll with ughhh no…See Jermaines light skinned entitlement card got him feeling some kind of way apparently….last I checked being light skinned in the rap game isn’t exactly viewed as a favorable thing….see Drake. JCole is generally well like however I wouldn’t look at him and say he is extremely successful….the biggest/most popular, and successful rappers right now are not light brights…see Ross, Diddy, every other ATL rapper besides TIP, and then of course G.O.A.T. Tupac and BIG..

    • JayIzUrGod

      He’s confusing being seen as attractive with his light-skin advantage. But that has nothing to do with his rap career as far as I can see, just simply his connection with the ladies

      • J Cole is adorable in the “awww look at him tryna handle my kitty with tenderness” kinda way. I dont think he’s attractive, nor would he be invited into my love box. He’s just….precious. And his music isnt bad, just doesnt get me hype about ANYTHING. Nothing to complain about, but def nothing to write home about. He’s the McNugget of the rap game.

        • JayIzUrGod

          Bahahha @ McNugget. What a way to reduce a man into a puppy. You have such a way with words.

          • you know I’m right….aint nobody falling over themselves to get no damn McNugget…but when all the other stores are closed, a box-o-nuggets is soooooo clutch

            • Sahel

              If Bunni turns up missing,check with A.P

              • I didnt say anything bad tho :-)
                I live in the land of Wishaniggawoods, I hope AP comes for me :-)

            • JayIzUrGod

              Point taken. On another note, when are you starting your career as an erotic novelist/life coach?

              • I was a social worker and s3x ed teacher for 4yrs, soooooo does that count? I dont think I’m a novelist, Im better with a paintbrush than I am with words

        • kidvideo

          Hello Kitty…

          • I think I prefer calling it a Pikachu lol **pika pika**

            • kidvideo

              Im from the Voltron era…can i call it a “Ro-beast”?

              • Can I call it the voltron force?

                • kidvideo

                  Even better…

        • Todd

          The thing is that not every woman wants to get blown out the frame. He seem like the type of dude women want to settle down and marry. Hard enough to put it down when it needs to be, but otherwise a respectable dude.

    • JhaneSez

      I think Jermaine is using Big Sean as a main point of comparison and he should stop ~JS

    • rachellem

      I think the question should really be what are dark-skinned rappers popular for? Are they popular because they conform to stereotypes?

    • MusicHead

      Wayne the GOAT.

  • I’m here to defend Jermaine’s honor as resident fangirl…..

    • Jay

      I honestly can’t say why I don’t mess with Cole like that. I have a lot of his music and I’m always pleasantly surprised when I get bored and put him in rotation. Dude is talented. I gotta defend Drake and Tip tho as a hip hop head. I still think that most of the talent is underground but Drake and TI are definitely two of the most talented commercial rappers doing it… Even though it’s fun to make fun of Drake **shrug**

      • MusicHead

        Go look at my comments about Cole musically that’s why.

    • Shamira

      I’m right here with ya, AP!

  • You’re going to catch some heat from the J. Cole fans. I like some of his music. I heard “Problems” just after getting pulled over in South Carolina a few years back. That second verse resonated like a mf-er. In my opinion, J.Cole is like a poor man’s version of Nas (very poor relatively speaking). His lyrics can be as inspiring as his delivery is not.

    Drake is not a good rapper. If J. Cole’s delivery is boring, Drake’s delivery is annoying. Plus I defy people who think he is a good rapper to recite some verses from memory. You can’t do it. Maybe you can remember a line or two with the accompanying terrible ad-lib, but that’s about it.

    I don’t even consider Common or T.I. rappers anymore. Maybe T. I. to some extent, but Common ‘s been gone. The moment you start with that “experimental sound” ish or date Erykah Badu, it’s all over. You might as well record that country song that no one wants to hear and call it a career. I think their light skin definitely helps them in the acting biz though.

    • “Plus I defy people who think he is a good rapper to recite some verses from memory. You can’t do it. Maybe you can remember a line or two with the accompanying terrible ad-lib, but that’s about it.”

      I can spit any verse from any mixtape or album he’s put out. Try me.

      • By people, I really meant the hardcore hip hop heads. And by hardcore hip hop heads, I really meant the fellas :0) Seriously though, I’m not talking in absolutes here. I’m sure there are some (make it ) Rain Man/ Rain Woman types who memorize entire albums and can recite them at will.

        Let me make my point with another example. Take Lil’ Wayne for example. He’s been rapping since the 90’s. He’s still popular. If you ask most people knowledgeable in Hip Hop to recite a verse (or even a few lyrics)from him that’s not currently or recently been getting spins, it’s crickets. Unless you’re a diehard fan, you’re not going to remember any of his work in ten years just like most people now can’t remember any of his work from ten years ago. Drake, Lil’ Wayne, etc. make what I would consider “disposable art” (shout out to Masta Ace). And even die hard fans are going to forget that garbage once it falls out of style. Now I could be wrong. Where my No Limit soldiers at? They were everywhere in the late 90’s. I couldn’t get away from them. I wonder how many people could recite a Silk the Shocker verse or even a Master P verse that isn’t a grunt. :-)

        • Put “Wobble Wobble” on and I bet money half of VSB can recite Silk’s verse without blinking lol

        • LMNOP

          lol, by “people” you meant “men.” o.O

    • Jay

      I’m sorry but you’re wrong about Drake. I can recite TONS of lyrics if need be. And the fact that you compare TI to Common makes me think that you’re a causal hip hop fan at best. Tip’s last album is a classic. He basically grandfathered the mixtape game in the south, left it alone, and still dropped a classic mixtape 2 years ago audaciously called “F#ck A Mixtape”, another instant classic. Like Pharrell said “TI is the Jay-z of the south”. Like Hov, he could rap until he’s 50 because his street creed is undeniable… Family Hustle and all.

      • I don’t get it, are rappers not people beyond their music? T.I. can’t have a family just because folks want him to have “street cred”?

        • Jay

          Having a family and being a real person only becomes a problem when your street cred is fabricated. The Family Hustle is more of a testament to his authenticity.

          • But I’ve seen various people try to use his family as an Achilles Heel of sorts that holds him back from being “about that life”. Dude is a convicted felon and I doubt he’s got anything to prove by heading back to jail.

            • Jay

              Various people are idiots. I don’t know how else to say it.

      • I’m talking whole verses, not a lyric or two here and there. Ten years from now I doubt anyone will remember any of his “raps”. But I can recall entire verses from Rakim, Ice Cube, etc. and they’re more than 20 years old. Drake makes disposable music…which is fine…but don’t kid yourself into thinking he’ll be considered great or even very good in the long run. And it’s o.k. to disagree, people argued with me when I said the same thing about Master P and those garrish looking/sounding albums. I’ve seen this all before.

        And I’m not comparing Common and T.I. other than to say their rapping careers have taken a back seat to their acting careers. Common much more so than Tip, but it’s happened. And maybe this is because rapping isn’t as profitable as it once was. Champ called T.I. the Ice Cube of the south. What’s Ice Cube known for these days? Doing Coors commercials and trying to get Chris Tucker to appear in the next installment of Friday. :0)

        And is a fan of Drake really calling someone else a casual hip hop fan at best? What’s next? I’m a casual fan of RnB/pop because I think Justin Timberlake is a hack i.e. not original(that is not to say he has no talent)? All right, so be it. :-)

    • “In my opinion, J.Cole is like a poor man’s version of Nas (very poor relatively speaking). His lyrics can be as inspiring as his delivery is not.”

      *shots, missiles, cannons, AK-47’s and streetsweepers fired*

      • Kema

        I agree with this opinion of J. Cole but I am only a vag owner. *Shrug* What do I know?

        • There are women who feel the opposite of what you do. Don’t let them hear you say that…

    • Buuut, I actually LIKED Electric Circus…and Be…and Finding Forever. welp, guess that makes me a Common Stan.

      I am NOT a fan of Common-the-actor, though. Him in Hell on Wheels is mehhh.

  • afronica

    “I’m sure he’s aware of his (lack of) size. And, when you combine this with the fact that lighter-skinned men are often considered to be “softer” than their darker-skinned brethren, the 44783293 gun charges he’s received over the past several years start to make sense.”

    Before Chris Brown beat down Rihana, I mentioned to my then boyfriend that something was wrong with Chris Brown. I thought he looked like one of those kids that gets tons of isht about being soft because they’re light-bright. Although his PR team was really pushing the bow-tied, well-spoken, good guy image, to me he always looked like if you said the wrong thing to him, he’d jump yo ssa.

    Same syndrome, different genre.

    And I can’t stand Drake because I can’t hear his lyrics behind that whiny, nasal voice of his. Yes, it’s a case of not being able to hear the message for the delivery. Am I the only one?

    • “And I can’t stand Drake because I can’t hear his lyrics behind that whiny, nasal voice of his. Yes, it’s a case of not being able to hear the message for the delivery. Am I the only one?”

      Not helping matters is his insistence on working with Noah “40” Shebib- whose production makes him sound more whiny than he already is. Ever notice that Drake’s best songs are the ones not produced by 40?

      Case in point:

      Lord Knows (produced by Just Blaze)
      Fear (produced by DJ Khalil of Self Scientific)
      Show Me A Good Time (produced by Kanye West)
      Think Good Thoughts (produced by 9th Wonder)

    • 321mena123

      Chris Brown was never well spoken he just smiled a lot as a kid.

  • Jay

    I think that TI has little man syndrome combined with over compensation from being yellow. Unlike everybody else you named, he is a hothead who is no stranger to street violence. He doesn’t belong on this list. As a resident of the A, it’s known that he is and always had been about that life. When this was brought into question by Shawty Lo, TI responded with the greatest southern diss song EVER. Neither Drake nor Jermaine could or would pull this off.

    • Val

      Yellow? Lol. Okay, break it down, Jay.

    • To’Mas Que Fuego

      Yeah man, T.I. is living proof that having little man syndrome AND yellow ninja overcompensation are necessary (or at least highly effective) when you grow up around a lot of black folks. If he wasn’t so fiery, reckless, and thuggish he wouldn’t be nearly as successful as a rapper. He might still be a successful rapper though. He’d still have a shot as an actor though. I still remember that line from my favorite T.I. album (I’m Serious) before anybody outside of GA or FLA knew who he was.

      “She f*ck wit me cause I got big dreams. Along wit a face she think she seen on the big screen”

      I can count on one hand the number of chicks I met who didn’t think he was attractive (including women who weren’t normally into light-skinned guys).

      • Oshun

        TIP coming live from the VIP ISSSSS absolutely delicious.

    • Darrian

      t.i is not overall lightskin he is a tan(butter pecan) like a tawny complexion like the color of the butter pecan ice cream or like the color of the honey nut cherrios which is a very pale golden brown. I mean he is light skin compared to a average brown kin person or dark skin person but overall he is not light skin and shouldn’t be placed in the same category as a high yellow, yellowbone, redbone(copperish/peach) complexion) as a light skin person.

      • MusicHead

        That nigga LIGHTSKIN..yellow foh. lol

  • DG

    Slightly off-topic, but not really…

    Is it just me, or is Drake constantly trying to give the Zoolander pose in a lot of his photos?? Take a good look at dude’s face…is he pouting?? Ya can’t call it “blue steel”….maybe “beige steel”…IJS.

    • Val

      He has the semi-duck lips thing going on in the photo above. Not attractive.

    • Oshun

      drake is super unattractive, but back before anybody knew who he was, I SAVORED his interviews. SUPER fantastically articulate, until he got signed by the gremlins, and all went downhill.

      • MusicHead

        Very normal guy & women are caught up in the perception of him & image they find him attractive…oh and he got money can buy you some little upgrades appearance wise real talk.

  • I Am Your People

    I don’t know if light-skinned rappers have it better, or if dark skinned ones (I’m looking at you A$AP Rocky and Lupe Fiasco) have gotten more headlines for their f*ck ups than their melanin-deprived counterparts.

    Anyway, I’d like to shout out Huny Young for the best quote on Drake in the history of EVAR

    “drake so soft, man, damn. look like somebody sketched him with pastels.”

    • NomadaNare

      -“Drake the type of n*gga that has two bar mitzvahs”

      -“Drake the type of n*gga that wipes front to back”

      • I Am Your People

        I just….just why…I can’t…

      • To’Mas Que Fuego

        Them joints never get old man.

        “The type of n*gga that ties his shoes without bending his knees”

        “The type of n*gga that sit Indian style while gettin head” LMAO!

        “The type of n*gga to lick his finger before he turns the page”

        “The type of n*gga to help his ex move into her new n*gga apartment”

        Man these could go on for years! He’s just too easy of a target. Reminds me of one of my friends from college. It just doesn’t feel right NOT to make fun of him. People bond off of fryin this dude, and it makes his fans defend him harder.Plus he stays relevant due to being such a great punchline. His existence is an asset to the black community cause laughter is therapeutic lol.

        • Abu Husain

          You have to read Big Ghost Chronicles. He’s always going in on dude.

          “The Harvester of Pauses”
          “This ni99a could pollinate a flower with his breath”
          “The Merchant of Cuddles”
          “The Patron Saint of Tenderness”
          “You know you soft when chicks be showing how to do makeovers on YouTube to look like you.”
          “Son probably weighs about 190 or 200… N at least 50 of those pounds gotta be due to female hormones alone yo.”

          He goes in on a bunch of other rappers too.

        • WIP

          “The type of n*gga to lick his finger before he turns the page”


        • Kema

          “The type of n*gga that sit Indian style while gettin head” I find this one interesting for some reason.

          • To’Mas Que Fuego

            Not only is it suspect, but it CAN’T be comfortable. Defeats the whole purpose of gettin head lol

      • LadyIbaka

        “Drake the type of nigga who would cry when chopping up carrots because he doesn’t want the onions to feel like they ‘re ugly or something…” HYPERVENTILATING!!!!! *literally SCREAMING with laughter*

        “drake the type of nigga that says time out in a fight” *done!**

      • -“Drake the type of n*gga that wipes front to back”

        And at this very moment, Terrence Howard just wept…

  • Oshun

    Jcole analysis

    Can Jcole fight? Can he mean mug? Does he have street credibility of having been shot 10,000 times and lived to see another day? Does he have a baby mama, what about drama? Oh lawd. Answer to all these are oh noooes. He should be an Abercombie & Fitch (sp?) model… AP, your boo needs hoodification. He needs to fight Jay-Z! That’s what he needs to do-then folks will pay attention.

    Drake analysis
    He stay emoting (rappers ain’t supposed to emote, at least not in the manner he does). He is signed to the gremlin crew

    Common analysis
    Jail, baby mamaZ, mean mugs, got street cred. He is light skinned,but his light skinned is gansta certified!! Watchuknowaboutdat.

    • Val

      “rappers ain’t supposed to emote”

      That should be a t-shirt or a bumper sticker. Lol.

      • Jay

        I’m sorry but its funny when we talk constantly about everything that’s wrong with rap then we $hit on a rapper as soon he does something different or unexpected. IJS.

        • Val

          Yep, I agree, Jay. I actually like to see people branching out and forming new sub-genres of hip hop or at least finding new topics to rap about. But, a t-shirt with that line on it would still be funny.

        • Oshun

          Drake is just extra…he is not doing anything revolutionary really.

          • why was it ok for LL Cool J to be lightskint and appeal to women back in the day but Drake gets chewed out for the exact same formula??

            • Different times. Back then in the mid 80’s to early 90’s, being light skinned was the in-thing.

              • kidvideo

                New Jack City effed that up…thx alot Mr. Snipes

                • 1991- the year when being light skinned fell out of favor with the American public, LMAO!!!

                  • kidvideo

                    *cue New Orleans funeral music*

              • rachellem

                Interesting. I guess it goes hand-in-hand with rap’s transition into the gangsta/dope dealing makeover after the early 90s and dark-skinned was considered more edgy?

                • Pretty much- and also add in the whole Black nationalist era factor- WITH A KEY!!!!!

                  • kidvideo

                    Brother J was ahead of his time.

                    • He was…how shall I put it…vanglorious!

                    • kidvideo

                      And Dr.Dre stole their idea of rappin over George Clinton/Parlament tracks.

                    • BlueWave1

                      No way. Dre was sampling P-Funk going back to the DOC’s first album in 1989.

            • Kema

              Well 99% of his fans did wear heels. :-)

    • Ok a few things:

      Jermaine comes from a small military base town in North Carolina. Crime in Fayetteville isn’t like crime in NOLA, NY, or any major city. His mother worked at a post office his whole life, he went to college (graduated with honors), has had steady girlfriends, and no children. He raps about what he knows and for him that’s love, struggling to get out of “Fayettenam” and dealing with issues associated with HIS life. Him trying to be “hood” isn’t necessary at all for him to be a rapper.


      • Oshun

        You go girl, defend your boo thang! Shooooo, if folks were talking tihs about Rick Ross, I too would come out with gunz ablaze!

        • I won’t have y’all come for Jermaine Lamarr Cole in this manner and slander his good name. Ninja ain’t did nothing but be positive and original and yet folks refuse to let him live.

          • Oshun

            Girl….he put us to bed, literally. That’s what. His rap delivery is like a monitor in hospital when somebody dies, _____________________________________________ flat completely.

            • I disagree

              *sharpens machete and smiles sweetly while asking you if you’d like some sweet tea*

              • Oshun

                lmao!! Imma let you and Jermaine be great. Yes, please and thanks. I’d like a pitcher, if you don’t mind. Thanks..

                • Good lol and you can have as much as your heart desires!!

              • Jay

                She finna shaaaave Mista!

      • Sahel

        LOL,this is like Val with Alicia Keys. All bases covered,man

        • Val

          Nah, I don’t know where AK’s mom worked. :-)

          • Sahel


        • I never understood why people wanted J.Cole to be this hood, trap music rapper when that isn’t what he was raised up as. Yet as soon as someone comes through rapping about kilos and oz all of a sudden they need receipts, references from every ninja on the block, and a resume with the amount of people they’ve killed.

          No, miss me with all that hypocrisy about street credibility and being a trap ninja.

          • Val

            *knows AP is throwing shade at Rick Ross*

            • ol’ rent-a-cop arse ninja. I’ve probably been around more pharmaceuticals than him and that’s only in trace amounts……..*side eye*

            • Anita Baker? (Not that it’s a bad thing, mind you…)

              • love me some Anita. Her voice is like warm apple pie on a cool autumn day

                • kidvideo

                  She makes some of the best music to clean up the house on Saturday mornings.

                • She better drop that new album RAT NAH!!!

                  • Val

                    Didn’t she just release a new album earlier this year?

                    • Nah- just a new single. Her album keeps being delayed and due to the recent death of George Duke (who worked on the album), it may be delayed yet again.

                • Rachmo

                  Omg me and Ms. Baker. Whew I love that woman to death. Her voice is so damb comforting.

          • To’Mas Que Fuego

            Who wants him to be that though? His main appeal to me is that he’s not that (but he still doesn’t come off as cotton candy soft). Oshun was just being a goofball as usual. She didn’t really mean that.

            • But there are a number of people who actually do share this sentiment though. People are out here trying to trap and be the Gucci Mane of their hood. So yes, people do want that life who see it as a means to garner “respect” and excessive amounts of money. I know of people who are in NC right now serving as middle men between folks who run stuff up in Jersey as well as the outskirts of NYC. This obsession with being “hood rich” is very very prevalent and very very real.

              • To’Mas Que Fuego

                Oh no doubt. I’ll give you that, but they can kill that noise. They’re being overshadowed on the grand scale of things. The day of rappers only being allowed to be thugs and dope dealers are gone whether ppl like it or not. Cole, Drake, Kanye, Kendrick etc; are more relevant than many of the others and a lot of that is BECAUSE they don’t follow that same tired script.

            • Oshun

              AP, you holding it dowwwwwwwwwn. He should marry you!! Whew!

        • Todd

          I can’t wait for the $ex tape featuring you two. Oh, and I’m negotiating with Girlfriends Films for Val. ;)

          • Sahel

            Val is a FREAK,she will sign on asap. Me,not so much

    • Msdebbs

      Yes to all that!

    • “Drake analysis
      He stay emoting (rappers ain’t supposed to emote, at least not in the manner he does). He is signed to the gremlin crew”
      To be fair, Murs does the exact same thing as Drake, but no one says anything about it. I mean, if we’re going to be honest, “The Pain” and “Silly Girl” aren’t too far off from what Drake is doing right now.

  • NomadaNare

    I agree with Cole, light skin privilege is real in these streets. I think instead of looking at light skin cats, lets examine dark dudes that didnt get put on despite being mad talented. Case in point: Phonte. Many a classic song and nary a peep in the mainstream. Meanwhile Drake can mumble about his patented bitchassness and win. What I’ve found is if you can listen to a rapper acapella, he’s aight. You can’t do that with Drake.

    • Phonte and Big Pooh weren’t signed with Jay-Z either. They weren’t ever going to get mainstream play without the help of a major label or artist backing them. Foreign Exchange as well. Great albums they’ve been putting out but still, underground is where they’ll stay.

      • “They weren’t ever going to get mainstream play without the help of a major label or artist backing them.”

        Here’s the problem though: They were signed to Atlantic for the release of “The Minstrel Show”. Things probably would have turned in their favor- had it not been for the whole BET “too intelligent” debacle.

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