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Internet Troll Lebron James Opts Out, Heat Fans Pawn Jerseys

Lebron James (Andy Lyons/Getty Images)


The top three likely destinations for Lebron James, new free agent, basketball icon, and maven internet troll.

1. Miami

I honestly don’t think he’s leaving. Just wants to put some fire in D. Wade’s belly. And by “put some fire in D.Wade’s belly” I mean “convince D.Wade to start working out again and stop making 3am runs to Wing Stop and the 24-hour Chipotle.”

2. Cleveland 

Still, fuck Dan Gilbert today. Fuck Dan Gilbert tomorrow. And fuck Dan Gilbert forever.

3. Dallas Cowboys

Because why not?

  • chivalrous1won

    hahaha I for one hope he cuts and runs…..although it’s highly unlikely….I’ve been in Miami coincidentally since 87 and the bandwagon fans are annoying….you couldn’t drive anywhere without seeing Heat magnets, bumper stickers and window flags….now *crickets*

    • It’s getting really chilly for Miami now. LOL

      • John Shannon

        I thought when the fans Boo’ed the Heat TWICE and Left after just the 3rd Quarter in the Finals it was chilly…… Sounds like Chicago traded Nicknames with South Beach this Summer lol

    • CamCamtheGreat

      Ugh. GTFOH. I’ve never understood this line of thinking. I am also a SoFla resident (since ’86…so there!) and the complaints about the “bandwagon” are ridiculous. The home team is the home team. You’re SUPPOSED to root for your home team. The “bandwagon” is for the out-of-towners that want to rep. If you live here, you’re supposed to root for the Heat. And as a Heat fan, you’re supposed to take all the support you can get. That’s what it’s all about.

      The bandwagon was made for people that root for a team when they have no connection whatsoever to that particular city…and for college sports fans who want to claim a school they never attended. End of list.

      • chivalrous1won

        read your statement and it’s easy to understand my line of thinking…..”supposed to support the home team”… arse! and there are lots of bandwagon residents….oh AND I hate all Miami teams (even the panthers) with the exception of the U….so what you gonna do to me since I don’t “support the home teams”? not a damn thing but break your keyboard replying to this

        • CamCamtheGreat

          If you hate all Miami teams and you live in Miami, you’re a bandwagon fan for whatever teams you happen to support. That’s how it works.

          • Kema

            *puts on glasses* according to ze urban dictionary a bandwagon fan is “Anyone who claims they are a “fan” of a particular sports team, even
            though they had no prior support for/interest in the team until that
            team started winning. These types of fans only show playoff interest,
            have probably never watched a regular season game, don’t own any type of team merchandise, nor would they buy any.”

            • CamCamtheGreat

              I can’t really rock with that definition. But to each his/her own, I suppose.

              Personally, I don’t even believe in the bandwagon. Support who you want, don’t support who you don’t want. But if you’re watching other fans to make sure they’re doing it “right”, you’re facing the wrong direction. The action’s on the COURT and anyone claiming to be a “real fan” (like they’re getting brownie points or some ish) should be paying attention to the game.

              “What you eat don’t make me sh-t” and all that…

              • Kema

                I think that’s the standard definition of bandwagon. lol! Any who according to that definition I am a bandwagon fan. But not really. I follow Lebron. If he goes somewhere that would be my next favorite team. :-)

                • John Shannon

                  Still <3 you tho ;)

        • CamCamtheGreat

          And I’m not gonna do anything to you. This is an Internet forum. Miss me with the tough talk.

      • Kema

        “You’re SUPPOSED to root for your home team. The “bandwagon” is for the out-of-towners that want to rep. ”

        So I guess us VA residents are just a$$ out, huh?

        • CamCamtheGreat

          lol If you don’t have a team, that’s a bit of a different story. Find the 2 or 3 closest teams to you and pick one.

          • Kema

            *roots for my Lebron-y* no :-p lol

          • Paradigm

            o_O dafuh?

      • John Shannon

        Wait, so you were rooting for Miami when Jordan was playing?????? Okay -_-
        Be Honest………………………

        • CamCamtheGreat

          LMAO …What??…

      • Msdebbs

        THANK YOU!

  • CamCamtheGreat

    I don’t understand people who think he’s actually going back to Cleveland…and I won’t understand Lebron’s decision-making skills if he actually does go back. Clevelanders must have very short memories; suddenly, no one remembers Dan Gilbert’s temper tantrum or the manufacturing of “F*** Lebron” shirts en masse.

    • John Shannon

      Gilbert may have been Crazy, but I Loved It, and I’m not even a Cavs Fan

  • Epsilonicus

    I can’t front. I want him to go back to Cleveland only for the storyline it would create. That is the kind of marketing the NBA cannot buy… or can it? ;-)

    • John Shannon

      As the Resident Clevelander, us REAL FOLKS Don’t Want Him Back, we are the Opposite of Robin Thicke. We aren’t Cavs Fans, Indians Fans or Browns Fans; we are Realists and Pride comes before Winning.

  • st george doesnt exist

    I really agree on 2. I dont know why people want the brother to go back to that entitled crying troll of a owner. He wrote that letter, let his funky ass die by it.

  • Msdebbs

    I hope he stays but I understand it’s just BUSINESS if he goes any where but LA..

    Dan Gilbert is a beech nigha and needs to grow up. His reaction to Lebron leaving was deplorable and ridiculous.

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