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I Wonder If Obama Is Tired of Jay-Z

121105_obama-jay-z-4x3.photoblog600Imagine for a moment that you are President Obama. Of course you aren’t because if we pull out your wallet, it will not say “Bad Motherf*cker” on your license. However, for a moment, you can pretend to be.

Now imagine that while in the midst of being President Obama and doing something actually important, a staffer says, “um…sir, I realize that you are busy and I’m really sorry to have to bring this to your attention but, well, your friend Jay, um, Mr. Jay? Jay-Z? Well, he released a song called “Open Letter” talking about his trip to Cuba – which I know you didn’t have anything to do with, sir – but he kind of said that you did…I couldn’t quite follow, I’m more of a Brad Paisley fan myself…hey have you heard “Accidental Racist” by Brad and LL Cool J? I think you’d like it, sir. Either way, Well, CNN picked up the Mr. Jay-Z song and so did Fox News and well, you should listen.”

Obama: FUUUUUUUUUCK. Someboy get Jay Carney’s ass in here.


I’m a Jay-Z fan. Always have been. Always will be. I also wouldn’t mind if he were to fade into blackness with his beautiful songbird wife and stop rapping. I know lots of people like “Open Letter”. I am not one of them. I think its boring. It’s just Jay saying what Jay says: “I’m rich. I can do what I want to do. I know Obama. I smoke crack in the bathroom. I don’t really know shit about politics but I like to say things that sound like I do. I own things that I don’t really own. I could flood the streets with drugs if I wanted to. Y’all gon learn (everything you already know) today.”

Except it’s not nearly as good as it would have been 10 years ago. But he’s happy now. He’s got a child named Blue Ivy for goodness sake. Only happy motherf*cers and white people (who are generally happy motherf*ckers) name their kids sh*t like Blue Ivy. Clap for him.

Moving on.

Barack Obama is a powerful man. Jay has long compared himself to the top of any game. Jackson, Tyson, Jordan. Game 6. But my guess is that very few of these individuals give two f*cks about Jay-Z. Clearly they know who he is but Michael Jackson was too busy being Peter Pan to call him back after that “Rock My World” remix. Unless you’re Charles Oakley, I don’t think Jordan gives any f*ckes. And Tyson? Well, Bolivion called. He’s there.

But Obama? For some odd reason there seems to be a sincere mutual respect between the two. We all know that rappers want to be ballplayers and ballplayers want to be rappers. Well now that our President is Black (no word on the blue Lambo), there’s a good chance that we have a man in power who wants to be both a rapper and a ballplayer. Except he’s cooler than everybody else. So rappers of a certain cache, like a Jay managed to finagle their way into his good graces, likely via Beyonce.

Well, out of that “friendship” or whatever it is, Jay being the rapper that he is – status rapper – pretty much makes it a point to let us know how rich and famous he is nowadays and seems to namecheck Obama a lot. Which is cool. But it has to get old at some point right? If I’m Obama, and I keep hearing all these references to me in music, etc, I’m sure I’d probably be like, “give it a rest”. But its not harmful and not enough to cause any real chagrin.

Plus, I’m going to be out of the White House in a few years and likey trying to sign to Roc Nation. So you tolerate the incessant name drops and associations, which you couldn’t stop anyway. Plus, aside from Jay himself, it’s mostly other people doing all the ridiculous speculating. It was all good just a week ago…

…until you have to call in your motherloving press secretary to make a statement that Jay-Z didn’t get any clearance from the White House and went through the necessary channels through the Treasury Department like everybody else. Not only that, Beyonce recently released “Bow Down” a song that I’m pretty sure made Michelle roll her eyes like the Chicagoan that she is and take Sasha and Malia’s subscription to the Beyhive away. Now Jay drops his own version of “Bow Down” and I’m pretty sure Michelle texted Barack from across the West Wing with some, “Yo, tell your man to chill, B”.

I remember reading some uberstupid article in the NY Post (I believe) entitled, “Obama’s Jay-Z Problem” which ridiculously claimed that Obama’s relationship with Jay was irresponsible given Jay’s past. It was dumb because I’m fairly certain that given the nature of powerful people in this country, if you pull back the curtain, most of their associates are of the less than stellar variety.

But most of those people don’t have associates who run their mouths via songs that end up on CNN talking about getting clearance and selling drugs on the streets of the US either. Which would be enough to annoy anybody. Yes, Jay we know…Obama f*cks with you the long way, but now you causing the man unnecessary press conferences when he has real problems to have. Not stupid sh*t like that. And talking about hanging on the beach together instead of taking care of the nation’s problems…no matter how “fun” it sounds isn’t that appealing from the Obama standpoint. And since the song is a point of contention, well the scrutiny is all warranted.

Which for Obama, is a stupid f*cking problem to have. But a problem nonetheless.

So it got me to thinking, do you all think Obama is tired of Jay an the incessant associations, etc?

What do you think? Is Obama tired of Jay-Z?



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Panama Jackson

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  • Given that this is Obama’s YOLO term, he might think this isht is hilarious

    • Todd


    • YOLObama don’t care, YOLObama don’t give a sh t

      • WIP

        I was going to say you should register that somewhere but looks like it’s already out there…

    • I don’t know. Like wouldn’t you be irritated if you had to actually make a statement about a throwaway rap track? I’d be mad. And you know Obama curses. lol. Somebody got an earful.

      • ct

        yeah bruh i would be hot. Its kinda hatin if you think about it. Even if Obama did know about the trip and gave you the ok, you gonna put him on blast and tell everyone how your boy hooked you up once you see the heat that coming down? On top of that Jay-z always talks about not giving a fu*k about what people say but it seems like he’s gettin real tender right now.

  • dabigpodina

    I believe Pres feels like any other man when another man keeps your name in his mouth…Uncomfortable. Jay must see Obama as a father figure. It makes me uncomfortable how star struck he is. He still the best though.

    • KMN

      “Jay must see Obama as a father figure.”

      That’s an interesting comment…but aren’t they like they same age? That’s the part that scares me lol


    • IcePrincess3

      Rite! It’s like Tip said, “don’t be a groupie, keep it moving….”

      • WIP

        But if you’re going to be a groupie and hang off a proverbial “sack”, isn’t Obama the guy to do it for?? Don’t we want people to aspire to be like the president- in most contexts wouldn’t this be a good thing?

        • Joanna

          Considering the idea of Jay-Z as president of this country makes me want to move to Cuba…no.
          But, generally, yes.

        • i dont know. jay still talkin’ ’bout flooding the streets with Chief Keef’s cocaine. which im sure Chief Keef has already snorted.

    • Rewind

      I like that idea, one of the top celebrities in the world star struck by one of the most powerful people in history, looking up to him as older advisor.

      • sounds like a reality show in the making.

        • Rewind

          It’s like Celebrity Apprentice but with actual celebrities.

    • I’ll bet Obama is worried Jay gon’ call him for real once he’s out of office. Like, hey…you trynna play ball, O? You can’t see my handles. Nets!

  • I, personally, think niggas blew this shit out of proportion. Then again, Nicki Minaj randomly said she was voting for Mitt Romney an everybody got their panties in a bunch.

    If it’s said in a rap song, I generally tend to not believe the shit that’s being said…even when it comes to Rick Ross date raping women. Like…I’m only going to be so affected by what niggas is saying on beats.

    Idk what Obama has on his mind, but he’s a fan of Jay-Z. It’s not like Jay just name drops Obama and Obama is like “who are you, rapper nigga?” Jay probably feels alot of kindship to Obama since he did alot to put that man in office.

    And think of it this way, he said Obama gave him the clearance. But if everybody knows it’s the Treasury, what’s the point in feeling anything? That’s why I liked dude’s response when he said, “I guess he couldn’t find anything to rhyme with Treasury.”

    Niggas just need to relax.

    • a boy and his demondog 06


    • Rewind


    • I liked Jay carney’s response too. But wait…you gon’ say none of this shit matters…and then say Jay actually helped put him in office? In the same comment?

      Something don’t add up.

  • nillalatte

    We all tired of JayZ. You tired, I’m tired, Obama HAS TO BE tired. Jay, do us all a favor… to the left!

    • Petitekayee


    • curlygirl

      That’s what I thought when I read the title. Who ISN’T tired of Jay-Z. I need the Carter’s to take a page from the Pinkett-Smith’s and semi-disappear until their offspring are old enough to put out an album or act in a movie.

      • Joanna


    • iamnotakata

      Yeah I really need Jay-Z to find him a couple of seats and have them all.

      From the representing athletes, to him thinking he now has presidential status because his wife was allowed to lip sync during the inaguration. And now this whole Cuba fiasco. I am more then over him.

      Why he can’t just do like Diddy and throw live a*s parties across the 50 states. Then get on the mic screaming about Ciroc…and then kindly exit stage left..

      • Rewind

        Because now’s the time to capitalize off his name before he actually becomes 50.

        There’s no real rapper that’s ever been able to hold on this long nor be as heralded as Jay. So if he’s the first, there’s no proof rapping is really going to work for him anymore after he reaches a certain age , so he’s making sure he creates a business dynasty to fall back on.

        Yea his face is everywhere but its not his fault the media is on his ball sack.

        • Helluva

          Or that you, REWIND, is “on his ball sack” as well. Grown ass…

    • See, I know folks had Beyonce fatigue, I didnt know Jay fatigue existed.

  • Dignan

    Obama’s got 99 problems and Jay Z is one.

    /Sorry. I’ll show myself out now.

    • IcePrincess3

      Omg! I jus made the same corny reference down thread. You & I crack ourselves up rotfl smh :-)

      • Dignan

        You can definitely tell who the white people are on this website. smh

        • Kema

          Ya’ll are so cute! Squeezes Dignan & Ice in my Elmira arms.

          • IcePrincess3

            Aaaaw luv u too kema

        • camilleblu

          dignan, if you see this message – BE SAFE and have a great journey!! i already told you that if i can get nigerian scam emails damn near every day, you can surely drop us a line now and then ;)

    • LMAO. boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Marshal

    This is just another faux pas issue for people, especially hte media and Republicans/Conservatives/Blac folk to want to associate POTUS with “bad tastes in people”:

    Rev. Jeremiah Wright- while he may/may not be of the Marcus Garvy or Black Panther mantra of Black Nationalists, he didn’t say anything in his sermons that weren’t at least Partly True, and if the Right can have the Franklin Grahams and Westboro Churches on their side and don’t condem THEM………..

    the Late Derrick Bell- who coined the Critical Race Theory and was a professor at Harvard when POTUS was a student. He protested and quit many schools for Women’s Rights, and was not a threat to anyone truthfully, but that didn’t stop Tucker Carlson, Hannity, O’ Rilley and Limbaugh from slandering him while he wasn’t even dead for 36 hours

    Common- Enough Said

    Barack Obama Sr.- NEVER KNEW the guy, but from hearing Newt Gingrich and GOP Co., he was a mastermind and Apoclyptist who orchastrated with his White Mother and her family to do a Manchruan Candidate with POTUS the day and year he was born

    Shirley Sherod- She was Lied on by Dumbass Dead Andrew Britebart and had even the NAACP throw her under the bus for a clear and edited tape of her speech

    There ar eplenty of other people I can name that POTUS knows or has associated with and the Media and Republicans have trashed or criticized in proxy of the President for one reason and one reason only- People are Still Shocked there is an actual Black President of the United States, the Blatant and Sublte Racists can’t handle it and there are Black folk that are either of the Cornel West and Tavis Smiley steez that can’t be practical and realistic about the political climate, OR they are the worship-POTUS-like-he-is-God variety and will give him passes like Peton Mannin or Tom Brady.

    It is very, very sad and the lady got owned by Carney after her stupid question, a “seasoned” reporter but she suddlenly forgot that ONLY the Treasury Department grants permission for people to go to Cuba????

    • iamnotakata


      • minxbrie

        I mean… I really have to question the value of the news in the States. Is Jay-Z releasing a song that references Obama reallyyyyyy that serious? Conservative media outlets just thrive off of making little ish into big ish.

        ‘Bama needs to call his boy up and tell him to just sit down for a second.

        • minxbrie

          Oops, this wasn’t supposed to be a reply! There needs to be an edit button in the comments section…

        • Todd

          I see your point, but at the same time, from what I’ve seen of Canadian politics, it would be odd for a Canadian artists to mention a politician unless it was a blatantly obvious protest song. It’s funny how you guys to the North are so aggressive polite, if that makes any sense. It’s probably the trait that makes you so distinctively Canadian.

        • esa

          ~ I really have to question the value of the news in the States.

          propaganda is in high value. advertisers pay good money for it.

        • Rewind

          That’s the thing, love.

          America doesn’t have news or journalism.

          We have gossip with politics sprinkled in. That’s all.

          • esa

            with all due respect, i beg to differ. there are a few respectable sources left here, such as Bookforum, Artforum, the New York Review of Books, The New Yorker. i also think Bill Moyers does good work. and i like writers like kris ex. i havent dealt with the media in a couple of years so i am short on current names to drop.

            it’s cherry picking season, but hey, the blossoms are beautiful. you gotta weed thru the press releases, but there are still good people producing stories.

            • Rewind

              I’m not denying there aren’t authentic journalists out there and real publications that still actually care about the news. Maybe I should have worded it differently. But it is well beyond clear that the general American public is not interested in the news, which is reflected in the mainstream media.

              Even having 24 hour news channels has done nothing but turned into a gossip fest on crack. When people like Walter Kronite, Dan Rather & Tom Brokaw, men synonomous with the news all decided to step away from mainstream media, it was a sign of what things turned into.

    • SweetSass

      YES! I came here to say this. They keep trying to associate people to Obama to tarnish his image but usually it is a bunch of bull in the first place.

    • Shalonda282

      I totally agree. This entire issue is lost on me. The last time I checked China was still a communist country but we still deal with them. So the concern that he (Jay) went to a communist country isn’t really valid. The new problem is that he mentioned the president’s name in a song, but every rap artist today mentions or alludes to the Obamas.

    • Yeah, I tend to agree. But that would give more credence to Obama being like, “chill b…let me ride this term out THEN i’ll sign the paper work.” *throws up diamond*

  • I don’t know if Obama’s tired of him but I SHOLE iz. I was done a whole Memphis Bleek ago.
    Sidebar-has no one noticed Jay has leeched off/killed more careers than Diddy, or is it just me? At least the Puff only sent one man to jail.
    Also, “Water for Life”.
    Oh, and “Bow Down” is the song you get when you let Bey write the whole thing herself.


    I think they made their songs together one high-@ss night. I’m waiting for the “Being Bey & Jay” show on VH-1 to cement their ratchet.

    • naturalista88

      “I don’t know if Obama’s tired of him but I SHOLE iz. I was done a whole Memphis Bleek ago.”

    • DG

      This comment is full of win….you even worked in a Memph Bleek reference…HA!!

    • WIP

      This is hilarity- although, I don’t know why people keep riding “Bow Down”. It’s like one-quarter of a song. Sounds like it was just for fun.

      • Cause thats what people do. You think they actually do work at work? What would be the point of that?

        • werd…i do NOT get paid biweekly to do work lmao….i get paid to sit at this computer and read blogs and shop for headbands and do HW. #YOLObama.

          • Kema


    • Rewind


      that’s what I say to your Memphis Bleek shot. Meanie.

    • I dont know…Jay ain’t as bad as Puffy. Puffy also sent one man searching for Jesus. That counts for something.

      If you look at the Roc-a-fella roster, most of them cats were too street to ever really get past where they made it.

      • Well, at least Puffy didn’t absorb your flow after leeching you to career death, lol

      • Sent one to Allah, too.

  • IcePrincess3

    Obama got 99 problems, but a bragging rapper aint one lmfao

  • IcePrincess3

    All jokes aside, I think jay z is wack for that one. He’s doing the absolute most. To use panama’s phrase, he’s “lost his edge.” All that name dropping is corny; it’s a turnoff. Jay z is so beyond bougie now. Up in that JT song talkn bout, “it’s truffle season.” Have a damn seat. Do u think hood folks, (or any non-foodie for that matter) knos what a damn truffle is? They prolly think it’s those chocolate candies rotflmao. Idk if jay z is annoying Obama, but he damn sure annoying me. That’s why he desperately needed kanye to prop him up on watch the throne. Ain’t nobody checking for no solo jay z song anymore. Go sit down somewhere with a bottle of Opus, and Cuban cigar from your trip, and count your millions while Beyonce twerks for you. *End rant*

    • AfroPetite

      +1000 All of this LMAO

      • VanDCamp


    • Latonya

      I agree Jay and Beyonce are becoming annoying, they better come it down before the illuminati gets tried of them.

    • Marshal

      For objective sakes, there many rappers/MCs that name drop- Nas, Weezy. Drake, etc………

      I guess if the person you name drop Doesn’t Know You Well it’s alright??? :-/

      • IcePrincess3

        I mean, in a way yea. We all no Rick Ross don’t kno noreaga. A name drop is IS when u actually do kno the person, but it’s still considered to be uncouth. Jay jus seems like he’s trying to hard. I’m not feeling him as a rapper anymore. I’ll still bump his classic stuff, but dats about it. And God help any athelete that signs wit him. What sports agent college did he go to? Lol

        • AfroPetite

          Only a fool would sign a sports contract with him. Hell, J.Cole has been on the cusp of “breaking out” for the past 4 years under his Roc Nation label. I’m an avid fan so I’m always up on the things Jermaine does but Jay could be handling him better than he is.

          • IcePrincess3

            +1 on the j cole thing. That dude can rap. Also I don’t care for the way hove turned his back on beans & freeway. He wouldn’t last 5 seconds wit beanie Siegel wit no security around lmfao

            • Marshal

              Welp, they chose Dame over him, ssssoooooo………. SOL for them I guess

          • Sweet GA Brown


            I think he’s a great artist. And his music isn’t the only thing I’d like to be up on. Ijs.

            *take a slow sip of water

            • Charcoal Burnt Brother Lover


              Pray do tell on these other THANG(s) you’d like to be upon.

              • Sweet GA Brown

                I imagine a live performance of “In the Morning” being sung to me…in the morning by Jermaine then other things follow.

                • Todd


            • AfroPetite

              Mhmm ;-)

          • That’s cuz y’all actually think J.Cole has superstar potential. He does not.

            • Keith


            • Shalonda282

              Pause. J Cole definitely has star power. The problem is that his style is slightly similar to Drake, Wale, and a few others but his rhymes are so much deeper than theirs. Most importantly he is so damn sexy and number one on my list.

    • Rewind

      Aint nobody checking for a solo Jay-Z song?


      Have you been to any of his concerts?

      It’s one thing to be tired of the dude. He’s been running his mouth for almost 20 years. But lets stick to the facts. Nobody has clout or done more for hip-hop to the point where he’s not really worried about the hood like that man.

      • Define “done more for hip-hop” in jay terms.

        • Rewind

          In his early days, he was a trendsetter. From throwback jerseys to button ups, to saying “holla back”, from Ace of Spades champagne to Maybachs, Jay was usually one of the first to do all of those things and make them popular. .

          One of the first rappers to have a clothing label that not only was profitable, but actually lasted more than 2 years.

          One of the only rappers in history to perform at Carnegie Hall. One of the only rappers ever interviewed by Oprah. The only rapper to ever have connections to an American President. Only rapper out currently who still has financial ties into an NBA team (all the other guys took their money out).

          I can keep going and maybe some of my information is sketchy but seriously, there’s no reason to downplay whats happened over the years.

      • hugs n kisses

        I’m sorry but I have to agree. If I was given only enough to buy 1 album and there was a new solo Jay on the shelf, I would be staring at the shelf for other options

        • Rewind

          Well that’s fine. There’s plenty of people out there. I’m just saying that clearly he’s in demand since plenty of people still buy his stuff.

  • nomadanare

    For some reason, I feel that this is oddly appropriate. :) http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=zQ-hPNrKdZI&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DzQ-hPNrKdZI

    • Eps

      This video made my morning!

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