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I Will Never Underestimate White People’s Need To Preserve Whiteness Again

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There is an understandable inclination to believe that by voting for and ultimately electing Donald Trump, White people (particularly working class White people) voted against their own self-interests. After all, this is a man who became a billionaire by swindling and defrauding and sometimes just outright not paying people exactly like them, and there’s no real evidence that a Trump presidency will be much different for them than the Trump industry has been.

This is not particularly untrue. But it misses the point. As I did.

It  — and in this context, “it” would be “the entire election season and today’s reaction” — reminds me of a story about Dorothy Dandridge. While visiting a hotel in Las Vegas in the 50s, the iconic entertainer dared dip her toe into the all-White swimming pool; an act which made the hotel management so upset — so disgusted by Dandridge’s toe contaminating the water — that they subsequently drained the entire thing.

Now, this story has never been confirmed to be true. But America’s racially antagonistic foundation, history, present, zeitgeist, and legacy makes it believable. Because there are many, many, many other stories — hundreds of thousands of them — of White people being so appalled and repelled by the presence of Blackness that they willingly and enthusiastically did something that would seem to go against their self-interests. And its with this context that the idea of a pool being drained — a painstakingly long and messy and arduous and expensive process — just because a Black person roundly considered one the world’s most beautiful women got her toenails wet becomes a plausible story.

Of course that happened. Because it happens all the time.

In this election, White people did not vote against their self-interests. They may have voted against a self-interest — a few actually — but not their most important one: The preservation of White supremacy. Retaining the value of a Whiteness they believed to be increasingly devalued superseded everything else. Including their own livelihoods; their own physical and financial well-beings; their own Christianity; their own agency; their own money; their own educations; their own futures; their own children’s futures, their own country’s legacy; their own country’s status with the rest of the world; their own environment; their own food, air, and water; their own rights; and their own lives.

And please note that I am not including any qualifiers. For working class Whites. Or Whites from rust-belt cities. Or White men. Or White people who didn’t graduate from college. Or rural Whites. Or Midwestern Whites. Or Southern whites. This is on ALL White people. Who are complicit even if they didn’t vote for Trump. Because they obviously haven’t done enough to repudiate the mindsets existing in their families and amongst their friends; possessed by their co-workers and neighbors; shared during private holiday gatherings and public city townhalls. Who have shown us that nothing existing on Earth or Heaven or Hell matters more to them than being White and whichever privileges — real or fabricated; concrete or spiritual — existing as White in America provides.

I admit, I underestimated them. Of course, I knew of the presence of White supremacy and the appeal of perpetuating it. You can not exist as a Black person in America without at least a rudimentary and peripheral understanding of it. What I didn’t realize, however, was exactly how powerful this want to retain Whiteness is. I assumed, wrongly, that enough of them would value their own lives, their own humanity, more than the need for White supremacy to be preserved. But I failed to realize how intertwined these things are for them. There apparently is no point in even existing without existing as White. Whiteness is past an identity or status. It is their oxygen, their plasma, their connective tissue.

I’m trying very hard to find silver linings today. Some source of comfort or consolation. But I can not. Maybe I will eventually. But right now, this, the idea that White people are so possessed with clutching and cultivating and elevating White supremacy that they will endanger and outright sacrifice their own fucking lives to do so, is all I can think about. And if they feel that way about their own lives, how do you think they feel about mine?

Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for GQ.com And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at damon@verysmartbrothas.com. Or don't. Whatever.

  • wakakaja

    “Whitelash” the word of 2016.

    • TeeChantel

      Van Jones, man. I felt for him. I feel for us.

    • Geechi_Luciano

      Van Jones sitting there holding back his tears hit me. Hit me like a ton of bricks.

      • Janelle Doe

        we were all Van…

      • I think I cried enough for him.

        • DSmooth

          @ KayTee…with your cute self!!! Lol

          • Why hello there! ??

            • DSmooth

              Bless your heart…you are a sweet heart, as well as a cutie pie! Now that is what you call a Win-Win Situation!!! Lol (Have a Great Day!)

      • A.P. Millz-CT

        The white lash Van speaks of does that include is wife? Her relatives? I am so tired of these color struck black men acting all confused and upset about white supremacy when they practice it themselves! Do you remember what he said about Michelle Obama?? He said she isn’t classically beautiful.. lol

        • LoveTrenia

          Sigh. So, there’s this.

        • Objection

          I am so tired of these color struck black men [and women] acting all confused and upset about white supremacy when they practice it themselves!

          I fixed it for you. You can thank me later.

          • Gruff McGruff

            Agreed. Every time a black woman perms her hair, she’s practicing white supremacy.

            • La Bandita

              No it’s not. Now when she puts on a wig, maybe

            • Connierhofstetter

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        • Cleojonz

          So being married to a white woman makes him not still a black man? and father of brown children? Don’t do this.

          • A.P. Millz-CT

            Don’t do what? Call these hypocrites out?? Nah, I’m going to continue to do so. Van is color struck. I’m sure that’s why he married his white wife! Considering a woman that is the same color he is he doesn’t consider “Classically Beautiful” Men like Van are for civil right for black men it doesn’t include black women! Now, he’s upset, hurt, confused and mad as f, huh? His wife probably voted for Trump too..

            • Cleojonz

              Hypocrite why? Because he fell in love? He’s still speaking out for black people, still championing the rights of black people. Shouldn’t matter who he is in a relationship with if he is still putting in the work for black folks. If he was Clarence Thomasing I’d see your point.

              • Courtney Wheeler

                the issue with the black family is that men with means are not interested in their black female contemporaries. this leads to wealth disappearing..this leads to a lack of growth in the black community.

                • Cleojonz

                  That’s not my issue here. I am specifically talking about questioning his blackness and his right to be upset about the outcome of this election just because he happens to be married to a white woman.

                  • Brother Mouzone

                    That questioning of blackness thing seems to only apply here when it comes to BM/WW. The same people doing the questioning never question how “down” a Black WOMAN is who’s married to a wydude.

                    • Brother Mouzone

                      Not Black doesn’t mean white. The survey said non-black…some brothas marry black Hispanics, Asians and other “non-black” women. Also, remember..a lot of Hispanics call themselves “white’ all over this world when they’re brown as me, which is something to consider with these numbers. 12 percent on the other side is pretty high too, and most of that 12 percent is whitey white white…lol.

                    • uuuuummm black Hispanic IS BLACK.

                    • Brother Mouzone

                      To US, not to THEM or the census.

                    • Brother Mouzone

                      Those Dominican, Cuban, Puerto Rican brothas in baseball that are as dark or darker than me would cut your throat if you called them “black”. Look at Sammy Sosa today compared to when he played.

                    • You can put 56366347543 dots… you’re commenting to a BLACK Hispanic woman.

                    • troubleman

                      Black Women Who Date/Marry
                      White men

                      Sharon Leal
                      Venus Williams
                      Whoopi Goldberg
                      Josephine Baker
                      Diana Ross
                      Roxy Roker
                      Zoey Saldana
                      Garcelle Beauvais
                      Alfre Woodard
                      Erica Alexander
                      Keery Washington
                      Robin Givins
                      Alice Walker!
                      Sanaa Lathan
                      Maya Angelou(What!?)
                      Halle Berry
                      Paula Patton
                      Janet Langhart
                      Thandie Newton
                      Stacey Dash
                      Naomi Campbell
                      Mariah Carey
                      Mary Wright Edelman
                      Lena Horne
                      Aisha Tyler

                      Josephine Baker.

                      Sharon Leal

                    • joe

                      Very true!

                • La Bandita

                  Yes, they’re giving their money back to White men.

                • Christian Hutchinson

                  you want to play this game?

                  Becoming of “means” equals accumulation. Today is my wife and I 10 year anniversary. When we met I had no degree, no car, no TV, no cable, or internet.

                  Today we own 13 houses and have 5 cars 2008 or newer.

                  For so many reasons Black Females don’t give Men with a plan/goal of advancing through society in a positive way lots of time. Yea I could have married a Black Female after we were together 6 years and lots of ground work had been laid. But I was always taught you leave with the people who brought you.

                  • Guest

                    What? Black women always give broke guys a chance. Most black men, sadly, are relatively broke. If you had a problem landing a black woman, it was not because you did not have money.

                  • 1. Did you say “black FEMALES”?

                    2. It’s hard for me for to believe that you’ve acquired ANY wealth when you have an incredibly limited grasp of the English language.

                    Don’t come here being disrespectful to black WOMEN half a$$ knowing how to write.


                    • Bleep Gilliam

                      Thank you!! I don’t even comment, but I appreciate VSB for allowing us a safe space. Lorde knows we need it.
                      Stop playing with and disrespecting black women!!

                    • Thank you, brother!!! <3

                  • Bleep Gilliam

                    Nah bruh.

                • Scout Wellsrain

                  The majority of black women just ain’t wife material. In looks, demeanor, or in any other way.

                • cvxxx

                  That makes no sense. Wealth is produced by applying oneself to the legal mean of accumulation of money. That would entail work.

                  • Untld1

                    Thats only part of the equation. There’s this thing called “opportunity” that may prevent one or more groups of people from achieving that wealth and not the other. If you are a part of that group that doesnt have to worry about this, i can see why you missed it or don’t understand.

                • JB

                  Not true at all

                • pammy

                  Great point Courtney. The BC doesn’t want to address this great wealth exodus via black men with money (don’t want to call them successful because they have one element of it) marrying out and degrading black women.

              • A.P. Millz-CT

                I’m not going to play this game with you. You know exactly what I’m trying to convey here.. Van speaks for black men that has white wives! Van speaks for black men NOT black women! If Van were for the progression of black people he would be married and had children with a black woman.

                • Johnny Boy

                  What are your prerequisites for a Black man or Black woman to be considered down with the progression of black people.

                • Gibbous

                  I’m a black woman and I heard him loud and clear!

                  • Noirluv45

                    That’s not surprising. Many Black women ride for Black men who don’t ride for them. I’m not saying you’re one of them, but so many others do. But, hey, you are entitled to hear him.

                    • Gibbous

                      I don’t have to “ride for him” to hear the words coming out of his.

                    • Noirluv45


                • JB

                  Again, a ignorance statement that you can’t validate because it’s an assumption. And after last night we should be careful about how we approach assumptions

                • T. Jones

                  This is really some stupid shyte and you should stop. I’m a Black man with years in the struggle with a Black wife and Black Kids and Black employees, two Black cars and a Black emeffing dog. I don’t give a damn who this cat is married to and if you’re about struggle and progress you shouldn’t either. On the other hand if you’re about petty reality show BS that only serves to distract and deconstruct while the moneyed white man who is your real enemy laps you again- then you go right ahead. The rest of us will take knowledge, power and sustenance from any quarter and continue to fight for what’s ours.

              • Duff Soviet Union

                “He’s still speaking out for black people, still championing the rights of black people”. Black men, to be more precise.

            • you’sajoke

              Omg. I’m so sad that you found this site. B0ssip crazies have infiltrated this site. Now I’m just waiting for lipstick alley to join.

              • A.P. Millz-CT

                Awww you’sajoke :) How have you been, love? lol Have you handled all of your sexual confusion that’s was haunting you in the past?

                • you’sajoke

                  Waiting for you first cuz you’re one to talk. A sad day that someone like you found this site. Keep your behind over at b0ssip. This site doesn’t need people from there spewing crap.

            • JB

              So because of who he chose to marry, he’s blind to the backlash all around him? That s wack and ignorant

            • Yaaaas!

            • Untld1

              Are you mad just because he married a white woman? You think because you marry someone white, that the challenges of a black man just suddenly disappear? What exactly makes him a hypocrite?
              You sound like a person that yearns for the days of segregation.

          • Courtney Wheeler

            obama would have never ever ever won if he was married to a white woman. so yes it matters.

            • Cleojonz

              That’s not what we’re talking about here though is it?

            • MyAlterNegro

              Yeah cuz racist White men and people like you would’ve crapped on him.

              • Courtney Wheeler

                i have no idea what that even means. you dont know me. I stated my belief. Don’t believe me — do a survey

            • Ivy Lobato

              or if he did and spoke and acted like trump. you would have lynched him for that. so yes dear white people please educate yourselves and watch netflix; 13th. It is all about yr 13th amendmand and counts for the poor whites too

            • Scout Wellsrain


            • logwarrior

              Didn’t hurt Clarence Thomas from getting on the Supreme Court.

          • Gus Hughes

            It was amazingly ignorant wasn’t it?

        • Gibbous

          So, what are you saying about me then? I’m a black woman adopted and raised by a white lesbian woman. I have three white siblings and 4 black siblings.

          If I love my white siblings as much as my black siblings am I perpetuating white supremacy?

          Unless you show receipts to the contrary, I’m not one to condemn any person for marrying the person they love. I see no difference between your argument against Van and the arguement vs. the Lovings.

          I’m already a wreck here and you’re going to be mean to people because of who they love? Really??

        • Mary Burrell

          And he made those insulting remarks about Michelle Obama.

          • grownandsexy2

            For reasons known only to the people making them, right from the start, everyone with a so called discerning eye made comments about Michelle’s looks. I distanced myself from a co-worker because she called Michelle ugly.

            • Mochasister

              It was her Blackness that bothered them the most. She was and is an unapologetically Black woman who doesn’t fit their very narrow image of an attractive Black woman. Also, she has more education than a lot of these white people. Her kids are attractive and haven’t wilded out like the Bush girls. Many white people don’t like it when Black people do or have something better than them.

        • RBS

          So because he married a white woman means he believes whites are superior & should dominate society? Because that’s the definition of white supremacy. I must be missing something… And if you actually took the time to understand the context from which he was speaking, you’d know that he was referring to the “classic beauty” of the mainstream relative to the time. When have black women ever been the standard of beauty in the country?

        • Dnice744

          You really don’t understand that who one loves and who one is in love with are not mutually exclusive.

      • La_Dee_Da

        Michael Strahan looked like he shed a few tears before Good Morning America aired.

      • Beau Oh

        Idk how I feel about him when he’s married to a white woman.

        • JB

          It should have nothing to do with what he said

      • logwarrior

        I know, I almost pissed myself laughing.

    • Mary Burrell

      Van Jones used that word, it’s weird to me that he would use that word and he has a white spouse.

      • I wonder how his house feels after he used that word right about now lol

      • I find it weird that black folks have their panties in a bunch because black people are saying love black people.

  • PriceIsRightHorns
  • Th e saddest part is if/when Dems get a chance to restore whatever will be left of Obama’s legacy, it will surely be in that white man’s image. Ain’t that America.

    • Other_guy13

      Sounds about right

    • grownandsexy2

      I feel bad for POTUS. It’s like everything he worked so hard to achieve in the face of opposition will be lost.

  • Other_guy13
  • dadumdee

    “This is on all White people.” I’ve been saying this to people, them especially, all day. They have to hold this L and fix this problem.

    • Other_guy13

      White People: “what problem”

    • HouseOfBonnets

      according to them it ain’t ish to fix.

  • HouseOfBonnets

    In light of recent events the office of HOB is currently taking all qualified dm’s through her inbox. Suitors can be domestic or international and must pass a extensive background check (the wonder twins don’t play that). Interest include enlightening conversations on a wide variety of topics from national news to one hit hip hop wonders, non profit work, southern hip hop, having two jobs working hard and being a bad broad, video games, Groupon getaways and secretly studying to become one of the best dancers to step out of kod Miami’s plus sized network. The window of opportunity is limited so slide in today!


    • Hmmm

      • HouseOfBonnets

        Gotta get in where I fit in…..I can still leave a impact either way.

    • NonyaB?

      “Being a bad broad” ?

      Get it HOB! ?

    • Mochasister

      He is much too younv for me to be looking at him the way that I am looking at him.

  • First, the Bradley Effect is REAL!

    Second, what you said has always been true. Jim Crow is the biggest Red that ever was. Racism redistributes income. Always has, always will. That so many White Progressives are blind to this amazes me. Like, do you ever visit middle America?

    Three, it’s obvious that White people are scared by social change. They see Jay Z and Beyonce live these glamorous lives on TV, while their towns are in epic decline, ravaged by hunger and heroin. (Sidebar: Beyonce on the Country Music Awards probably helped Trump.) That old welfare program symbolized by the Stars and Bars isn’t paying like it used to. And now, they have a hope of it coming back.

    We all know what’s coming. All of those government programs that I was supposed to trust was safe despite massive overreach because of continuing Democratic electoral victories are now going to be weaponized. I know I’m right, but it gives me cold comfort to recognize that.

    • Question

      This. I don’t fear Trump. He can mess up some things but whatever. Congress is gonna get bold and as soon as Trump makes a nomination and said person is confirmed, folks are going to be lining up with identity politics cases.

      Affirmative Action.
      Voting Rights Act.
      Voter ID laws.
      Abortion access (which has been made into an Others’ issue).

      • Sigma_Since 93

        “Congress is gonna get bold and as soon as Trump makes a nomination and said person is confirmed”

        I’m not worried about Congress, I’m worried about States getting bold. Before you had the Justices as a backstop to thwart some of the foolishness. With those seats opening up, I see the Supreme Court allowing some bad laws to stand and the revision of other laws to our determent.

      • GrownAzzMan

        Why couldn’t more people see that???

    • Asiyah

      “That so many White Progressives are blind to this amazes me.”

      They are willfully blind. That is why out of all people they are the ones I’m most angry at; keep ignoring us when we speak. This will be the result.

      • esa

        they’re not blind. they are complicit. they play blind to hide their hand.

        • Asiyah

          I think when you’re willfully blind, you’re complicit. I have no respect for them and don’t want any “progressive” in my life. Cut out.

          • esa

            fair point. and to the second item, quite agreed.

        • Kate

          I want to say as a White Progressive bi female, that I hear you and I see you. I am angry. I stand with you. I know so many people who are not complacent, who have not been complacent in the years leading up to this. BUT I know so many more who have stood by and done nothing to prevent the cycle of oppression and daily struggle of so many people. I could tell you my story and try to convince you of how fervently I stand by you, but I know this is NOT about me, It never has been, I ask instead that you hear my words. My privilege allows me a lot of things including the ability to recognize that your voice needs to be propelled much farther than mine can- not just because we are not on the same side- but because the message should not only be accepted coming from a white person. This sickens me more than you can imagine, but I know my sadness and hurt is nothing compared to what so many people within this community and other groups have experienced. I just wanted to chime in that there are many people who are on your side, trying to figure out how we can play a role in this while respecting the need to take a back seat and continually look in the mirror to see our role in this. I am angry and I stand with you.

          • Kate

            **Not just because we ARE ON THE SAME SIDE***

          • Blueberry01

            No shade, but this is NOT the time for your therapy session. Just say, “you hear us” and that’s it.

            • Kate

              I hear you.

              • Blueberry01


          • esa

            ~ My privilege allows me a lot of things including the ability to
            recognize that your voice needs to be propelled much farther than mine can-

            but .. you don’t know me. you don’t know my reach.

            if you are truly sickened to the core of your soul, you’ll beware presumptive thinking and speech, for it reveals hidden pathologies that all the world can see but yourself.

            i do recognize that indoctrination is a beast, so i will give you the benefit of the doubt. i recognize that when people lack awareness, in their efforts to strive towards it, they make mistakes. this is fair. the key is to learn from it.

            if i may offer a bit of unsolicited advice: consider yourself an uninvited guest is someone else’s home. spend more time listening than speaking. and when you speak, employ grace above all.

            • Kate

              My point was to say I hear you. So I’ll leave it there. Thank you for the conversation.

            • Mary

              Giiiiirl! You ain’t said nothing but the truth. Well said!

    • blogdiz

      Re Bey at the CMA a white woman actually said they are trying to take Country music away from hard working white people ” ???
      That is how deep the delusion is in this the great USA the land of jazz, rockn roll R&B and Pop ( which is just watered down r& B actually ), The land where the banjo that helps give C&W its twang is actually from Africa played here first by slaves
      I Need a nap

      • You’re right, but as someone else put it, Beyonce invaded those White people’s “safe space”. In their view, everything is Black music and weirdo music, and country is their last redoubt of common White folk. They feel mad that they aren’t the ruling class anymore.

        • Cleojonz

          Which is so ironic because most country music is crossover now. They all want to cross like Lady Antebellum or Taylor Swift. If they closed their eyes and listened rather than watched the performance, that song was more country than some of the other country artists that were nominated and performed that night. Keith Urban’s song was a ballad and that Chris Stapleton sounded like he stepped right out of a black church. Their logic is so faulty 97% of the time.

          • Sweet Ga Brown

            The mad she delivered a true country song and had Dixie chicks up there singing. It’s only a matter of time before someone remakes her some then it climbs the country music charts.

            • Cleojonz

              Yup. If it was any other country music act, it may have been lauded but since the Dixie Chicks won’t roll with the status quo, it was a wrap.

            • Ra

              Plus, Beyonce is actually born in Texas. This proud country woman been reping her hometown in popular music for how long now? She has never shied away from this part of identify or her country accent/style even when she’s loudly criticized and call dumb for it.

              • grownandsexy2

                I love Beyonce’s southern drawl. I keep remembering the award show where she and members of Destiny’s Child led Terrence Howard and Magic Johnson up to the stage and the way she said, “Come here baby” in that drawl. I’m a woman and I thought it was sexy as hayle.

        • Mary

          Word. That crossed my mind too.

    • Blueberry01

      “That so many White Progressives are blind to this amazes me.”

      Nah, they always known this. They just didn’t want to acknowledge that their ability to get ahead in life wasn’t influenced by their race.

      “(Sidebar: Beyonce on the Country Music Awards probably helped Trump.)”

      I think it just reaffirmed who his true supporters were. It gave them an opportunity to spew their hatred at yet a new target.

    • Bushw1ckbill

      Are you not one of those who could not vote for Hillary? But now you want to blame white people

  • Leggy

    I hope your principle votes help y’all get through these four years.
    Not in the mood to really rationalize sh it. I’m mad. And I’m really over it. Going to just log out and enjoy people in real life.

    • Asiyah

      This again! Come on! Donald won. And the 3rd party candidate who made a tiny, minute dent is also a white male with weird ideas. The people have spoken. They want white men with weird ideas.

      • Leggy

        It wasn’t tiny or minute. In many of those swing states she lost she lost with less than 3000 votes. But I’m not doing this with y’all today. Leave me alone and let me be mad. Have a nice day.

        • Asiyah

          I’m mad too, but the truth is they spoke. They either want Trump or Johnson, both white men. This victory is for them.

          You have a nice day too.

  • Sigma_Since 93

    Looking for the silver lining

    Corey Booker 2020???

    • Other_guy13

      He need to come out first

      • NonyaB?

        Why do you think he’s in the closet?

        • Other_guy13

          Who has he dated? Even a white girl never picked him up by now…sounds intresting esp for a Politician…very seldom are the bachelors

          • NonyaB?

            What if he has dated but kept it private – makes sense to keep private until getting married. He did say in 2013 that he was straight.

            • Other_guy13

              It’s just odd

      • mssporadic

        Leave Bae alone! Warren Beatty didn’t get married until 1992. Cory doesn’t need to rush.

      • grownandsexy2

        How would that work? If elected, would his spouse be “First Man”? I’d vote for Cory.

    • The Democratic bench is short, and a huge part of this is the Black political establishment’s fault. They stifled the next generation to keep up their cash flow, and look at the results. They banked everything on the presidency and lost. Meanwhile, look at how Booker and Obama came up. They had to rely on White people from outside of the community for resources, and had to actively fight the Black establishment. Now, they have all these sinecures from which they can steal, all while looking the other way while Black Millenials get the shaft.

      Man, I can’t WAIT for all those Black politicians to die! Since we don’t hold them accountable, the Grim Reaper will have to do the work. They can all go f*ck themselves with a Bowie Knife.

    • mssporadic

      I’m need more time to prepare to be FLOTUS! Probably 2024.

      • tgtaggie

        I don’t think he’s checking for women at all. Lol. Like I told a few folks this morning, the dems ran an inherently flawed canadiate from the start(like the reps did with Romney). Ppl just don’t like Hillary. And we can’t change that.

        • mssporadic

          His majorial and senate campaigns were contentious and he’s not well-liked in NJ. His opponents would have uncovered any male lovers.

    • Brother Mouzone

      If he wants to be in the mix by 2020, he’s going to have to get married soon! His choice of spouse will be crucial.

  • Giantstepp

    “I’m trying very hard to find silver linings today. Some source of comfort or consolation. But I can not. Maybe I will eventually. But right now, all I can think about is the fact that White people are so possessed with clutching and cultivating and elevating White supremacy that they will endanger and outright sacrifice their own fucking lives to do so. And if they feel that way about their own lives, how do you think they feel about mine?”

    I wrote some stuff here as a comment, deleted and made edits, only to decide that your quote above captures my mood and feelings perfectly. I’ll let you do the talking for me here but would like to add a hearty “CHURCH”….

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