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I Think Suge Knight Killed A Guy.

I’ve been plenty mad before in life. For instance, last night while watching Scandal, I felt myself saying “what in THE fuck?” is happening here and in my life way more than I intended to. Shonda Rhimes trolled the shit out of everybody last night. I needed a cigarette and had to listen to Rage Against The Machine after it was all said and done. It felt – to me, at least – like some indy filmmaker attempting to get his break onto the small screen commandeered the writing room and the directorial chair and shot a mini-movie that was equal parts Inception, Inside Man,  Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, and every terrorist plotline of the past 14 years. It was like Taken minus Liam Neeson. Yet.

This made me upset. You know what else made me upset? When I didn’t get my motherfuckin’ chicken sandwich at Checkers because they gave me a fish sandwich instead. I didn’t want no fish sandwich. I wanted a chicken sandwich? Do you know I know this? And by this I mean that I didn’t want no fish sandwich? I didn’t order no fish sandwich. I ordered chicken. That also pissed me off. Same as the ending of Unbreakable, Straight Outta Brooklyn, and War Of The Worlds and the ending of Oz.

All of those things upset me.

But none of those things upset me enough to want to follow them and run them over with my car. But I’m not Suge Knight. I haven’t lived that man’s life nor walked a mile in his shoes. Grant Hill may or may not still drink Sprite, but it’s 1993 again in these streets because Suge Knight is out here making news headlines for nefarious reasons.

Apparently, while on the set of the NWA biopic, Straight Outta Compton, set for an August released (!!!!!!!), Suge got into an argument or altercation with two men. Two men who were both over the age of 50, mind you. Then again, they were 1) in Compton and 2) considering the individuals these folks run with probably all ex-“somebody” in the life of crime individuals. Judging books by covers I haven’t seen? Why, yes I am.

So there’s a good chance that some of these niggas got old beefs or what-have-you. Suge Knight seems like the type to have beefs with any and everybody he’s ever met. But I ain’t one to gossip so you ain’t heard that from me. Anyway, ALLEGEDLY, Suge and the two gentleman get into an altercation and Suge gets in his car. The two fellows head to get something to eat and motherfucking Suge FOLLOWS them (pre-mediated much?) to a burger spot where he proceeds to hit them with his car THEN back BACK over another of them, effectively killing him.

The confrontation began about 3 p.m. Thursday when Knight and two unidentified men began arguing on the set of “Straight Outta Compton,” a biopic about the group N.W.A., said Capt. John Corina of the Sheriff’s Department’s detectives unit.

Witnesses said the truck hit the men, then backed over them before leaving the scene.

One of the victims, 55, died, and the other, 51, suffered undisclosed injuries, Corina said. At least one of the victims was a member of the film crew, he said.

Blatt said his client was being attacked by a group of men, and, while trying to get away from his attackers, accidentally ran over the victims. 

Nigga. You do NOT accidentally run over a person the second time. You MIGHT accidentally hit somebody trying to get away in a fearful fashion. But driving BACKWARDS over them AFTER you hit them going forward. Naw, b.

But, do you know who does stuff like that? (Well, aside from the obvious answer of Suge Knight.) Niggas who ain’t afraid of jail. In fact, you almost have to LIKE jail to do something like that. You’re Suge Knight. You think the police AIN’T gon’ find out it was you? You’re already PROBABLY on the way back to jail for something else (he is). The only person who seems to like jail more than Suge is…who?…let’s say it together.



Also, think about this. Do you know just HOW personal running a motherfucker over is? Like pre-meditatedly? You want people to suffer. I’ve seen people get hit by cars before. On accident. I’ve never seen somebody hit somebody then back up over them to make sure the job was done. That doesn’t even sound like a money beef. That sounds like family beef gone terribly awry. That’s that Kane fucked the hoodrat, with the Jimi on extra tight but got her pregnant anyway and her cousin who got Jada Pinkett’s little brother killed in Set It Off AND raped Ebony in Player’s Club done came back blasting type shit. That’s that “its worth it to go to jail shit”. I’m not bult like that. Then again, I’ve also never been THAT pissed. Like I feel like Suge said a one point, “I’m going to kill you motherfuckers” to them and they just didn’t believe him. And yet, here we are.

Do not piss off Suge Knight. Then again, my guess is you can probably say what you want at this point, he should probably not ever come home ever again.

Then again, because it’s Suge Knight, he turned himself into the police…smoking a cigar.

Suge Knight, ladies and gentlemen.

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Panama Jackson

Panama Jackson is pretty fly (and gorgeous) for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. He refuses to eat cocaine chicken. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future. You can hit him on his hitter at panamadjackson@gmail.com.

  • Keisha

    MAN!!! I thought the same thing last night when I first heard about this! Like really? I don’t know who is worse…him or OJ?
    Scandal…was…different. We said we wanted something else…Shonda delivered. Next time we’ll have to be a bit more specific. I got lost at one point and then it all started making sense again. Didn’t feel anything like a Scandal episode…we’ll see. Shonda’s new show, The Catch, sounds interesting though…

    • Damon Young

      suge knight is definitely worse. he is literally a one man crime spree.

      • I just wanna know whos gonna play Suge in a movie….

    • Andrea

      I just wasn’t in the mood for ‘something else’. I just wanted to watch a nice, normal episode of Scandal. Is that too much? Haven’t Black people suffered enough this year.

      • HeyBooHey

        No. Which is why Shonda came through and threw an entire level of “IDGAF about y’all’s feelings” and gave us that episode. When Nana was done in, I clasped my hands and knew Shonda wasn’t f*ckin with us no mo smh

  • Epsilonicus

    I don’t wanna say anything thats going to get me killed so…

    Ninjas gonna ninja, no matter what.

    • Rachmo

      Yeah you have your face as your avi so drive slow

    • ED

      “ninjas gon ninj”

  • Nicholas Peters

    It’s not the 1st

  • “…but it’s 1993 again in these streets because Suge Knight is out here making news headlines for nefarious reasons.”

    Not only that, but gas prices are low as fcuk right now! We really are in the 90s.

    • Sahel

      And Bush and Clinton are running

    • KKay

      Please don’t mention gas prices. On a personal level, I cheering along with everyone else (I drive an SUV), but on a professional level, I want to lay down on the floor in the fetal position. We had the big L-O at my company today.

    • Heavens2Murgatroid

      I’ma be the first nig acting all pissed when gas goes back up to $2.50, like I didn’t see it coming

  • MeridianBurst

    “I’m so fifth key to the right of the caps lock.” – Suge Knight

    Where was the logic in testing someone like SK triple OG? What goes through someone’s mind when they see someone like Suge who has the history that he does? “He’s probably kidding. I’m gonna try it and see.”


    Guarantee you that n*gga said cut it out cuz he’s still on parole from the last person he allegedly buried, didn’t wanna get in trouble, and they were some overzealous dumb*sses still tryna hold on to the glory of their youth, and flicked his eyelash, so he hit them with a car. That is self defense. Someone flicking your eyelash warrants running them over with a car. Twice. idcidcidc. I’m airbrushing a shirt for him as we speak.


    • Angel Baby

      LOL bwahahahahaha “flicking your eyelash”!!!!!!! Seriously trying not to literally laugh out loud right now!!! But right?!?!?!?!?! Leave that dude alone! Don’t make eye contact! Move along! LOL

      • Heavens2Murgatroid

        “Don’t make eye contact!” Like he’s a wild dog. Lol

        • MeridianBurst

          Suge Knight comes around and you just have to scramble for seats like a game of musical chairs is being played. He is a full out goon.

      • MeridianBurst

        lol! You always have to make eye contact. If you bow your head and stare at the ground it makes you the weak one, then that person knows that YOU know you are powerless.

  • KB

    Suge Knight is just….I dunno man!

  • amina

    I think Suge and Cheney need to become homies. Because they are both so gangsta. Dick Cheney shoots his friends in the face and then they apologize. Suge has been implicated in more murders than a little bit. I’m telling you BFF’s.

  • amina

    i’m being moderated? POR QUE?

    • ED

      Suge is watching

      • amina

        [Grabs purse and runs out the door]

  • uniquebeauty79

    Take the key to his cell and toss that bish in the middle of the Bermuda some where…

  • Val

    If I got on a plane and Suge Knight was on that plane I’d be like, get me the h*ll off this plane! Bad things ALWAYS happen around that guy. Always.

    • miss t-lee


    • Considering he never dies….Suge is the “black box” of gangsters. If hes on a plane, and its going down, you better piggy back ride that mofo. Hes the only one gonna live.

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