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I Think Mother Nature Might Be A Racist

Only a racist mother nature would create a tree sculpture modeled after a Kanye West fantasy: a white ballerina with blotchy legs.

By now, everybody in America knows that an earthquake hit the East Coast yesterday. The epicenter was about 90 miles away from Washington, DC and tremors could be felt in Cleveland, Detroit, Philadelphia, NYC, and Boston as well as the Carolinas.

Allow me to place my conspiracy theorist hat on.



Now I’m not sure if you’re aware of this or not, but if those areas I named probably contain a solid 60 percent of the Black population of America. I was at work doing my civic duty and being a quality worker bee when my motherf*cking building shook. File cabinets moved. White people investigating tripped over things that tip over when the earth moves. The Blacks were either under desks or halfway home by the time the quake was over. I’m mixed so I was conflicted.

By the way, I’m aware that in West Coast cities you all sneeze at what happened today to us here on the East Coast. And fair enough, it might have been slightly blown out of proportion by the more dramatic media types. But the major difference here is that we are not ready for an earthquake around here. So the entire city of DC basically nutted the f*ck up. I’m pretty sure that nan individual had the slightest idea what to do. Buildings that aren’t supposed to sway…swayed. Basically, it was like a small scale FEMA response to an emergency involving minorities. The city was ensnarled in ridiculous traffic. People lost their minds and freaked out. I used a word like ensnarled.

Oh, mother nature and racism. Now this earthquake alone isn’t nearly evidence that Mother Nature has a problem with the coloreds. But…

…this Sunday is the dedication of the finest monument and memorial  you ever did see. It is the dedication of the Morehouse Man of the Millenium Memorial on the National Mall; the monument that shuts down every possible argument about which HBCU has made the most substantial contribution to mankind. Yes, this Sunday (and all week here in DC) people are coming to and fro to view the greatness that is the Dr. Martin Luther Tha King, Jr’s greatness. No Kanye.

And who but who is supposed to be raining on our parade of Blackness?

Motherf*cking Irene. First there was a fish named Wanda. Now we’ve got a hurricane named Irene making her way up the Eastern Seaboard threatening to ruin the third most significant day in Blackness behind inauguration and the day we found out the DC Snipers were Black.

An earthquake AND a potential hurricane…in DC…in the SAME week that Dr. Kang is supposed to be commemorated for the world to see?


THEN…to make that even more f*cked up, random and various sources are rumoring that Will and Jada are breaking up. Black love, the strongest natural fore on the planet is being attacked…AGAIN!!!! Of course, Will and Jada have denied such reports but what are they supposed to do? You deny until you are ready to say sh*t on your own terms. Granted I have no idea if they’re breaking up or not…but again…




That’s three natural disasters directly affecting the Black community in the course of one week. So what that Irene is losing steam…what if that ho comes back???? My weatherman who is NEVER right is the one who said that Irene is on the way out. This f*cker said we’d only get 5 inches of snow all last winter and I think it was the snowiest winter on record ever in DC.

You might ask yourself why I continue to listen to a weatherman who never gets the weather right. That would be a good question that I do not have an answer to. He’s funny.

Speaking of racism…I hear that the creator of that Nivea ad that got pulled was a Black guy. Le sigh. That’s like that scene from Fighting Temptations when Cuba Gooding’s character figured out how to market malt liquor to the hood…only the exact opposite. I swear, I wonder sometimes if white execs are like, “it can’t be racist, a Black guy made it!!!” Can’t lie, that would be my defense if I was white too.

Anyway, do we have a case here? Is it possible that Mother Nature is trying to sabotage the King Memorial?? Is Mother Nature the man??

Is Mother Nature racist?!?!?!

Talk to me!


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Damon Young

Panama Jackson is pretty fly for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future.

  • Kidsister

    As for the quake, once we figured out that it was an earthquake and not just our raggedy building doing the Harlem shake, I think I trampled some people on the way out of the office. It was not a game…That traffic on the way home tho…?! My normal commute is 45 minutes and thats heavy traffic. It took me 4 hours to get to my neck of the woods. I was some kind of pissed…

    About Mother Nature being a racist, you make an interesting case but I can’t call it…

    • GypsyCurl

      I don’t understand why people thought it was a good idea to go home during an earthquake. Common sense tells you to get (walk/run = no vehicles) to the nearest safe place (a threshold, under a table, etc.). And once it’s over, get back to work. Since it was just a tremble, you didn’t even need to run for cover.

      Ho hum. That’s just the San Francisco in me.

      • Nell

        This kind of sense isn’t common in DC. We didn’t grow up doing earthquake drills like students in California likely did. We don’t have the architecture that Japan does to withstand something like this. So of course, people freak out. Many of us tried to go home. I didn’t bother. An episode of “Saved By the Bell” told me to get in a doorway. LOL!

        But I don’t blame people for being frightened.

        • GypsyCurl

          Life lessons from Saved by the Bell! LOL I remember that episode. Of course, Zach wanted to be under the same desk as Kelly :(

          • Nell

            That must be another episode. How many earthquake episodes did they have? LOL! In the one I remember, Zack, Tori and Mr. Belding’s pregnant wife were stuck in an elevator and they had to deliver the baby.

            • GypsyCurl

              I remember that one too. Yea the one that I am referring to is an earlier season, without Tori (she sucked), where it was just a drill not an actual quake.

        • http://twitter.com/#!/NewYork2VA NY2VA

          This was completely outside of my frame of reference. Until yesterday, no one has ever even mentioned what to do during an earthquake. We have drills for evey other kind of natural disaster, but not earthquakes. I figured I was safe in an interior room because there were no windows, but I wasn’t really sure. I was hook for a hot minute, but I had to stay calm so that my son wouldn’t freak out.

          • Yoles


      • CNotes

        “Common sense tells you to get (walk/run = no vehicles) to the nearest safe place (a threshold, under a table, etc.). And once it’s over, get back to work. Since it was just a tremble, you didn’t even need to run for cover.”

        Wow, you’re really smart!

        • http://www.wildcougarconfessions.com Wild Cougar

          This is what you are taught in areas where earthquakes are common. Which is the result of years of research and public education campaigns. Different from common sense. Unless you mean common among people who live near you.

          • CNotes

            Agreed. I was being sarcastic at how ridiculous it is to say that something so isolated should be “common sense” to all. I live in D.C. and yesterday, I did not follow any of the aforementioned common sense practices that GypsyCurl provided. Why? Because as you said, different from common sense. Don’t mind me. I’m sensitive today. : )

            • GypsyCurl

              No need to be sensitive, since my comment was lighthearted. You just missed the part about living in San Francisco, which negates what I said about common sense. #IamreallysmartnoreallyIam

              • CNotes

                I gotcha : )

                • Squeak

                  You good?

                  • CNotes

                    Yeah, I’m good Squeak! Nice Avi!

                    • Squeak

                      Preciate it. Nice smile.

                    • CNotes


            • DQ

              I didn’t follow them either C. Didn’t know them to follow them, which freaked me out (freaked a lot of people out actually).

      • http://verysmartbrothas.com Panama Jackson

        I don’t know. While I agree with you on what you should do etc….to expect that people who have never ever gone through anything like that before would react rationally is just not reasonable. In my office…i watched the whole damn place shake. And this sturdy building i’m in is like a bomb shelter. Yes, the WHOLE BUILDING.

        my first reaction was: i need my keys cuz i need to get to my kid.

        And while you’re right, it wasn’t that serious…you kind of don’t know that while it’s happening. that’s hindsight.

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5FR1LGsT7E TheAnti-Cool

          Alladis. So very true.*

          *I’m still laughing at the jokes and stories doe. :D

        • http://twitter.com/#!/NewYork2VA NY2VA

          “my first reaction was: i need my keys cuz i need to get to my kid.”

          That’s it right there! Since my son was with me, I made a conscious decision to stay at work when everything died down because I didn’t want to be on the road with the rest of the frantic parents. There was no cell phone service so people were going nuts because they couldn’t check in with their childcare providers. I was like, “Yeah… we’ll just hang out here. Let’s go get some apple juice.”

        • Royale W. Cheese

          It was definitely potentially dangerous. Quakes plus any urban area with gas lines, gas stations, glass windows, high pressure water pipes, etc. is a recipe for disaster. The same building that might protect you could kill you. It’s only funny in retrospect.

          We on the East Coast may be able to take friendly jokes from the West Coast in good humor, but I’m sure our Haitian brothers and sisters wouldn’t find it amusing. *cue Debbie Downer sad trumpet*

          • GypsyCurl

            @Panama: Definitely have to think about your child’s safety. That’s no joke.

            @Royal W. Cheese (Pulp Fiction?): “Quakes plus any urban area with gas lines, gas stations, glass windows, high pressure water pipes, etc. is a recipe for disaster. The same building that might protect you could kill you.”
            —-I wouldn’t want to be outside with all of that happening either. What no one wants to tell you is that there is really not a safe place when an earthquake hits (Hence, Haiti’s devastation). If people knew this, they would always freak out when an earthquake hits. #SendinglovetoHaiti

            • GypsyCurl

              My comment reminds me of the the scene in Fight Club where the guy replaces all of the emergency brochures of people with calm faces with emergency brochures of people with scared faces. It’s all a ploy.

              Adding to Panama’s conspiracy theory…We are told certain things in order to keep us calm and passive.

            • http://twitter.com/fixedwater fixedwater

              “What no one wants to tell you is that there is really not a safe place when an earthquake hits ”
              This is what I was thinking the whole time. Please note, I ran for a doorway but after the building stopped moving, I grabbed my purse and headed to the stairs. But seriously after standing outside with everybody else and no one providing any kind of directions, watching the street full of people, I knew that no more work was getting done. So I went home and I beat all that miserable NY Ave traffic. DC traffic was a mess but I got to watch it on the news.

            • Royale W. Cheese

              Pulp Fiction, you got it!

        • DQ

          I think that’s what freaked alot of us out. We had NO clue what to do. I mean was in my house jab stepping towards the door and towards the bathroom because I had NO idea if I should try to run or hunker down? Was it safer in the house or on foot? How long was this going to go on? Was it going to get worse? Should I grab some water and supplies and run? Had no clue.

      • Ro

        I thought the fact ppl were actually getting in their cars and driving home during a whole entire earthquake was absolutely the most hilariously ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of. My twitter timeline was going bonkers.

        I text my momma and she said “chile i was sleep. you woke me up for this mess. call me later.” However, she did go to the mall soon as it was over to “relief shop” cuz she was so traumatized. lol.

        • sunshyne84

          lol People here barbecue after hurricanes.

          We’ve never had an earthquake, but I wouldn’t think trying to drive home would be safe, but okay. *shrugs* If you have kids then I suppose you would want to go get them. (although my mom didn’t think to come get me from school during 9/11 like half of the other students *rolleyes*) Everyone else….

  • dont$leep

    For some reason when you said Conspiracy Theory, I thought you were gonna go in about HAARP haha

    • keisha brown

      i saw this on twitter. what is this HAARP

      • Katrina

        HAARP = High Frequency Active Auroral Research program. They test different sh*t related to…the whatchamaspeheres. People are suspicious of HAARP in general. It doesn’t help that they’re funded by the Air Force, Navy and other defense related programs.

        • Katrina

          BTW-I’m the queen of worthless knowledge not conspiracy theorist. I just like to know stuff.

  • Corey

    Everybody was up here freaking out. I didn’t even know there was an earthquake until stuff started getting evacuated. I was in the car by the road and the car was shaking and I just figured it was wind from passing cars shaking me. No biggie. I think this was my first quake and I gotta say I ain’t impressed. :/

    • Corey

      “I’m mixed so I was conflicted”
      Ahhh the mulattoes crack me up!

      • Yoles

        is that so??

        • Corey

          Oh yes! You too! I haven’t heard a good Yoles story in quite a while.
          *impatiently waiting*

          • Yoles

            i sure don’t have any natural disaster stories… i do have getting caught in a flash thunder storm in a white button up blouse and creme colored skirt w/black lace undies… but that doesn’t seem to fit this occasion ;) LMAO

            • Corey

              LOL! The judges will allow it! (Pending photographic proof of course)

    • CurlyTop

      What did you want from the quake?

      • Corey

        Not a damn thang. I’m perfectly ok with not being caught in major catastrophes. I’m tripping over how everybody else was acting like it was the end of the world.

        • nillalatte

          True story… back when you were in diapers… LOL… Memphis was supposed to be hit with a quake. I called the building I worked in which was 27 floors up on top of a hotel. The engineer laughed at me asking, “So, is this building going to still be standing in an earth quake?” Yeah, that was comforting. When we had fire drills everyone laughed cause I was first out of the office. My boy from the ATL died when I told him…”Hell yeah, I’m out. You ain’t gonna see my arse on the news hanging 27 floors with a sheet for a rope!”

          • Corey

            Yeah that had to be a good minute ago. I don’t recall any quakes in TN in my lifetime. We get some twisters though!

            • nillalatte

              Nah, it was a prediction. You know, like the rapture, but you can never predict those things. On the twisters… know ‘em well. Was home in ’98 when they rolled through downtown taking out the Titans stadium under construction at the time. Lady from Boston was filming the twister coming through downtown and said, “Is that a tor-na-do?” I was like “hell yeah, get your arse inside fool!”

          • CurlyTop

            OMG! Nillalatte, that’ss too funny. I would probably be the same way. We had a bomb threat at my high school many moons ago and they evacuated us to a parking lot way off campus. While the teachers were trying to get us to walk in single file lines all the black and hispanic kids were running to their cars. I was just mad I had to take the bus home.

            @Corey, everything is now a sign of the world ending, I get you bro. I’m amazed we/they ain’t blame it on Obama yet.

            • nillalatte

              Ah! compared with my high school where it was cool to be cool while walking out of the building. We loved fire drills. Most would end up in a huddle passing and most never came back! ;) Dare I tell that I was the computer geek that input attendance for official school records. Yeah, I had lots of ‘honorary’ friends. LOL

            • Corey

              You know that ish coming. “He poured his fried chicken grease down the drain and the heat and lubrication caused the tectonic plates to shift!” or some other ignorant azz ish. I’m waiting for it.

              • kingpinenut


  • CurlyTop

    “So what that Irene is losing steam…what if that ho comes back????”

    How you gonna call a hurricane a ho? Lol! As a Floridian, this is actually something we think when hurricanes are in the Atlantic. We stay praying they don’t hit Fl. But Mother Nature or whomever gave us the only state that sits directly in the path of every hurricane. Aw sh*t, I just looked at the projected path for Irene, ya’ll DC ninja might be S.O.L. Good luck Northern ninjas!

    • http://verysmartbrothas.com Panama Jackson

      yeah…its looking like its trynna come up here and ruin our King day.

  • R_G_love

    Yeah…suspect if I must say so myself.

  • http://www.anythingbutstyle.com Shaynanigans


    mmmm, hilarious.

    And the Will and Jada rumor shoke people more than that earthquake today. Had everyone questioning loves existence. If a black couple with tons of money, super talented kids, and allegedly the freedom to sleep around can’t make it then what hope do the rest of us have? No really, people crying this question out loud on the bus this afternoon. Serious stuff.

    • kingpinenut

      “freedom to sleep around”??!!

      Hold the phuck up?!!! Dayum yo….

      • Todd

        Yeah. It’s the worst kept secret in Hollywood since Ricky Martin came out the closet. Real talk though, don’t let all that stuff fool you. People can be some crazy ninjas behind closed doors. I’m not saying Will and Jada are, but we don’t go home with them at night.

        • Deeds

          Secret?? I thought they openly admitted they had an open marriage.

          • Justmetheguy

            ” Secret?? I thought they openly admitted they had an open marriage.”

            Yeah, I thought so. Apparently kingpinenut didn’t get the memo tho lol

            • kingpinenut

              man….i stay on the out….for my own good! lol

              I can’t be gettin vexed every time somebody splits up….

              but that “you dip your tip in my wife” shiaaaat

              hell nah HELL NAH

        • kingpinenut

          I know what life was like at the end of my old street baltimore in the 90’s. Them mofos tappin each others wives, husbands, dogs – any dayum port of entry.

          “Kang, come on down!”, they says.

          “I’m cool right where I am, carry on”, says I.

          *kid of the 70’s and vividly remembers those grown up “garden” parties*

          I don’t follow gossip rags either…. ignorance is sometimes bliss.

    • Yonnie3000

      “Had everyone questioning love’s existence.”

      You ain’t NEVA lied!! When the earthquake hit, I had just come back from lunch where I heard the Will & Jada rumor. I almost cried and had just finished swearing off marriage when my building started shaking. On the floor, under my desk, I yelled, “You have got to be fucking kidding me!!” In my head: First Will & Jada… Now this. I was definitely more shaken by the rumor than by the hurricane.

      • http://verysmartbrothas.com Panama Jackson

        I was going to write an entire post today about how odd i thought it was that folks were SO caught up in the potential of a divorce between will & jada. black love really needs therapy cuz it slike ninjas grasp at hope via celebrities. i still might write it.

        • Yonnie 3000

          I’m guilty. And you should definitely write it.

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5FR1LGsT7E TheAnti-Cool

          Please do so I can hate on black love some more.

          • http://www.pinchmycheekie.wordpress.com Cheekie

            I double-dog dare you to wear a tshirt that says “I hate Black Love” on it… and go somewhere where educated kneegrows dwell. That would (unfortunately) tickle me.

            • Dee

              YES! And take pictures!

              (The phrase ‘Black Love’ irritates me for some reason)

            • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5FR1LGsT7E TheAnti-Cool

              That would tickle me too actually. :D

              I just may get the courage to show up at the next VSB box social held in Chicago with this t-shirt on.

              (heads to Google to see if she can find one)

              • http://www.pinchmycheekie.wordpress.com Cheekie

                Deal! Howie Mandel also says “deal.”

            • http://uphereoncloud9.wordpress.com/ Wu Young, Agent of M.E.

              Cheekie, I would buy TAC the shirt saying “I hate Black Love” and let her wear it to a poetry slam. We know damn well educated kneegrows aren’t going to step to her. They’ll just side-eye the sh*t out of her, then go home and write a blog about it. The hilarity of the side-eyes would have to be YouTubed though.

            • Royale W. Cheese

              That’s so snarky it’s funny. I’d hang out with her wearing a shirt that says “I hate black unity”.

  • Aleyah the Great

    ummm no i don’t think mother nature’s racist. i did read somewhere that all this is george bush tryna make a comeback though.

    • Watch the Throne

      Mother Nature Doesn’t Care about Black People!

    • http://twitter.com/_boron Boron the Negromancer

      Keep guessing.

      *hurriedly throws a sheet over his Quake-o-matic, Tempest-tron, and Breakup-bot*

      Ah ha ha ha!

      If you will excuse me, I must go: I have a morning meeting with the Grinch, the Once-ler, and a few other associates. Sayonara!

    • SmyleeFly

      QUAKE UPDATE: We’re just getting new information out of D.C…. evidently this earthquake originated along the George Bush’s Fault.

      • SheWhoMustbeObeyed


  • theeclectic

    You forgot to add that Nick Ashford died..the single person keeping Blue Magic and Dax in business

    Kim Kardashian manages to falsify the claim that you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife


    The Help is STILL doing good in the box office

    I think more than the elements hate black people

    …its safe to say black people are having the best worst week ever…

    • bumilla


      i love everything this comment chooses to be.

    • Hawaii

      Hmm… you’ve listed some sh*t that makes me believe Pan Jac is really on to something here. (~ _•)

    • Bella

      Lmaoooooo… a terrible AND terribly astute conclusion, theeclectic. Smh

    • keisha brown

      full of win.

    • http://twitter.com/_boron Boron the Negromancer

      …its safe to say black people are having the best worst week ever…

      You are welcome.

    • http://www.becauseimwrite.com muze

      i love this comment. it’s so true. sadly.

    • http://naturallyalise.com/blog/ Naturally Alise

      …its safe to say black people are having the best worst week ever…

      this seems legit. les sighs…

  • http://epiKurious.yolasite.com Khrissy

    Ok Panama…this one had me cracking up!

    Im in CA and i must admit we have been out here makin all kinds of jokes at yall expense. But youre right… The buildings out there are not “Quakeproof” so i suppose a lil sympathy is in order.

    As far mother nature being a racist….uhhh yea. One Word… AFRICA! As much as I would love to visit the motherland someday, it doesnt exactly have the most sought after climate ans vacation potential.

    • http://twitter.com/sweetdivalove Mia

      “…the day we found out the DC Snipers were Black” <<<<< I was 125% sure (like the baby mama's on Maury) that this man was gonna be a deranged White man. But nooooo it was a Black man and his son. O_o

    • http://twitter.com/sweetdivalove Mia

      Aww man my whole comment didn’t post! Anywho…..my friend who is from Oakland had nothing but jokes about us Ohians freaking out about the quake. Lol. However, here in Columbus I didn’t feel nary a tremor. Lol

      • http://epiKurious.yolasite.com Khrissy

        The funny thing about it is that even in CA we still freak out about quakes. Even tho they try and quakeproof stuff its still shakes and falls apart if the quake is big enuff so I can imagine it being scary in a place where it never happens

      • http://theothersideofphlyy.blogspot.com PhlyyGirl

        So I’m in Dayton and I felt my chair shake….and thought it was just my stomach rumbling extra hard or something. Meh.

    • bumilla

      As far mother nature being a racist….uhhh yea. One Word… AFRICA! As much as I would love to visit the motherland someday, it doesnt exactly have the most sought after climate ans vacation potential.

      REALLY, BOOBOO!?!?? you about to make me get real loud up in this mother because there are 54 countries on that block of earth and i’d venture to say that nearly half of them have some of the best beaches and freshest food you will ever taste. unless you’ve done some extensive travel on the continent, i’m really going to need you to re-evaluate that statement, apologize, and generally back up.


      yours truly,
      Founding Member and President Emeritus of the African Council, D.C. Chapter.

      • http://epiKurious.yolasite.com Khrissy

        Ummm did u not see the part where i said I would love to visit the mother land?!?! I think you are hoppin on the defense for nothing. I made a statement that Africa was not commonly sought after. I am fully aware of the beauty that is Africa but in mainstream white America you hear of people goin to all of the commercial places and Africa gets a bad wrap. People think of it as one big hot dry desert with starving children and dirty water. Just like all a racist sees is what they think they know. So do me a favor tone it down a notch because we can both get “loud”

        Have a GREAT night!

        • bumilla

          my bad, ms. khrissy. you’re right. i should’ve never commented to someone who has no idea of what they speak in the first place. ;)

          • Yoles


            • http://ladyngo.blogspot.com Lady Ngo

              im sittin here tryin to figure out what that face would look like in real life lol

              • Yoles

                its a semi screw face with one almost completely closed eye but it doesn’t look like a wink.. not at all

              • http://twitter.com/#!/NewYork2VA NY2VA

                It looks like the nervous twitch of the unstable. Yoles, you aight over there lol!

                • Yoles

                  yea im ok… i read your comments & they grounded me… thx sis

          • Justmetheguy

            Bwahahaha! I like this Bumilla character. That exchange was great. Long live confrontation! Boron and I are chuckling and rubbing our hands together “Gooood. Let the hate flow.” lol

            Justmetheguy CEO of Angry ninjas inc.

            On a more serious note, stop talking about how great Africa is. You’re making me more and more upset that my trip to Ghana last month got cancelled :(

            • bumilla

              there there, angry.

              don’t let the mayans fool you, the black stars will still be there this winter, next summer, and decades after that to welcome you with open arms and a fresh plate of curried banku.

              • lioness

                Bumilla- are you from Ghana too?

      • Righteous

        Wow, I don’t think she meant it like that. I think she just doesn’t know. I mean, most Americans, black, white or other, have no idea.

    • http://yahoo namia

      Africa has the best climate..most of it any way..we do not have cases of the world is ending kind of weather

    • Righteous

      Actually, Africa does have the most sought after climate and vacation potential, ask any European. We don’t know because we are halfway across the world, but Africa is way more beautiful in many places than the carribean any day. Mombasa, Djibouti, Zanzibar. Check it out, you will be surprised.

      • bumilla


        thanks for the input. in re this comment and the one above, i definitely busted my blade out too early. it’s just that i can’t always do that “teachable moment” ish with people who fail to moisturize their brains with some facts prior to spouting off statements that at best come across as misguided. nevermind that i’m generally sensitive about the homeland.

    • lioness

      Khrissy- go visit Ghana (my motherland) trust me, you’ll love it! Great food, friendly people, beautiful beaches, we get a lot of tourists. Hell I’ll even give you my mum’s phone number, she’ll cook something delish for you :) It’s hot as he’ll over there though.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5FR1LGsT7E TheAnti-Cool

    Being from Chicago, I have found Mother Nature to be a moody btch but I can’t say she’s a racist btch.

    I will say that I believe Father Time hates 2520s. I mean, our Black don’t crack but their White well…I’d much rather have Papa T on my side any day.

    • http://pinchmycheekie.wordpress.com Cheekie

      Fabulous points alla’round. Mother Nature is CONSTANTLY on the rag in the Chi.

      But I’m curious…

      Who does Baby New Year hate?

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5FR1LGsT7E TheAnti-Cool

        I think he hates everybody cause all babies are inherently evil. Cute, but evil.

        • bumilla

          babies aren’t evil, TAC! just illiterate!

          • http://twitter.com/#!/NewYork2VA NY2VA


          • A Woman’s Eyes

            Not the baby graduates of the “My Baby Can Read” program LOL

    • bumilla

      role model, what good time gon’ do me with tectonic plates doing the Dougie in my area? football season just got rescheduled and sh!t. i’m looking forward to sundays full of jeebus, my favorite off hours strip club, and some wings. (#dontjudgeme this place has every game on every sunday!)

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5FR1LGsT7E TheAnti-Cool

      Also, as a hater of love, especially black love, I don’t get the whole kerfuffle over Will and Jada.

      Is it cause Jada said “divorce is not an option” and therefore we will be hearing about some sort of murder/suicide thing soon? Now that’d be worth a fraction of a fck to me. Otherwise, meh.

      • kingpinenut

        kerfluffle…..ain’t heard that in a min….lmbao

        • http://pinchmycheekie.wordpress.com Cheekie

          LOL, yeah it’s a great word. One of those that sound like what it means. Love.

    • CurlyTop

      Co-Sign on Father Time, lol. If this is 25 in the melanin deficient world http://tinyurl.com/3zcad29 I’ll keep whats coming to me.

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5FR1LGsT7E TheAnti-Cool

        Don’t blame alladat on Papa T. LiLo has lived a hard, fast life and every mile of it shows. She’s more like 40 in Hollywood years.

    • nillalatte

      Stop talking bout my daddy! Damn it TAC. You gon’ make me grow more gray hair! :D

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5FR1LGsT7E TheAnti-Cool

        Nuh uh. I will not be taking the blame for anyone’s gray hair. Tell your pappy to let you be great. :lol: