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I Think Mimi Really Just Wanted To *CENSORED* On Camera, B

If you are a person who both has a Twitter account and are in any way plugged into Black Twitter then your day was full of the most hilarious ridiculousness of the Mimi vs Nikko (and I call a versus because there are shower rods involved, that almost makes it a competition) sex tape that “leaked” via, well, whoever it leaked via.

Hi. I'm Mimi. This is going to go bad quickly.

Hi. I’m Mimi. This is going to go bad quickly.

But let’s start at the beginning. The supertrailer, a 4 minute and 35 second teaser, for season 3 of VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta hit the internet recently, followed by news reports from TMZ that the sex tape being discussed by Mimi and Nikko (Mimi had the nerve to sound concerned at one point like, “I have a daughter”) and then Mimi and Stevie J, had been procured by Vivid Entertainment. For those not in the know, Vivid has had a pretty good run in the past few years of cornering the pr0n tape markert, though I felt they slowed down a bit since sex tapes kind of became like a 40 degree day. Basically, nobody cares anymore. Anyway, Vivid was the conduit under which most tapes were released to the public. Vivid would pay a handsome sum for it and then let the dogs out. Proverbially speaking, of course.

Anyway, within what seems like hours, stills and a trailer of the tape’s best moments had hit the Tweets.

Now one thing we all know is that the Internet has no chill. But before we get to that, let’s talk for a minute about two people in particular: Mona Scott-Young and Mimi Faust.

Mona Scott-Young might actually be the devil. I’m almost convinced she has made it her singular purpose to be the producer of any and all content that places ninjas in the worst light possible. Folks still have to show up to be filmed, but for all the non-sense we talk about Tyler Perry at least he’s attempting to be positive. He may fail miserably. In fact, Tyler Perry is Julian from Wheel of Fortune, he is squandered opportunity at its apex. But Tyler Perry is making money attempting to do something positive.

Again. Attempting.

Mona gives zero f*cks. I can’t even be mad because I watch the trainwrecks. She’s an opportunist and I’m apparently here for it.

I am the problem.

photo 1 (1)Which brings us to Mimi. Oh, Mimi. We all wanted this woman to win. We wanted her to rid herself of Stevie J and move on happily. As much as she annoyed me – though to be fair, they all annoy me – Mimi was the one with some sense. But she just couldn’t not make bad choices. And it seems she hit the bad choice (but big payoff?) lottery. Now, I’m only calling her tape a bad choice because when you see folks who seem to have some sense, you want them to be able to win the old fashioned way. Plus she’s like 45. She shouldn’t have to resort to this type of stuff in her life at this point. I mean she has a maid service!!!! But somehow, her interesting looking boyfriend who once gave her a fake Rolex and who she cursed out managed to get back into her good graces and panties and they decided to pr0n it out for the cameras in order to profit in some form or other.

Which is odd because they’re kind of already on a reality show which seems like the ceiling for relatively non-talented individuals who are connected to people who have been somebody’s in a past life. But these folks chase the fame because well, what else do they have going. But be careful what you chase.

Which brings us back to the Internets. Which have no chill. Maaaaan listen. Between Kid Cudi’s terrible decision to wear a crop-top sweater while performing at Coachella…

Quick break in the action: N*ggas is wearing capes, skirts, and crop tops now? These might not be the last days, but something is foul in the state of Denmark. Out damn spot!

I’m assuming that Mimi thought a sex tape might bring some positive notoriety. Basically, she may have thought this would Kim K her life. Except…Mimi is an old hasbeen who is only famous because of this show. And her fame is limited to a certain segment of the world community: the shadows. So I don’t really know what the point is. However, what’s done is done. And once you sow…the grim reaper shows up.

The Internets is the grim reaper. The slander. The shade. The lack of f*cks. It’s Disneyland for n*gga technology. And the Internets have not disappointed. A few leaked stills and then we were off.

We’ve got this pic:

Kind of looks like what Mimi was doing.

Kind of looks like what Mimi was doing.

Then this one:

What happens when you try the Mimi special at home.

What happens when you try the Mimi special at home.

Then this picture because slander:

Stevie always finds a way to win.

Stevie always finds a way to win.

Then the worst one of all, folks really have no chill, b. A shoutout to their kid:



I don’t know why these folks set themselves up. Mostly because I don’t know what is to be gained when you’ve already maxed out your status. And we are a brutal bunch. And by we, I mean anybody with the chance at making fun of somebody else with little to no repercussions. Basically, people online. Mimi isn’t going to make it to cultural icon. But she will get meme’d the f*ck out. She already has been.

See here:

photo 4

Ya know, I wonder if celebrities feelings get hurt by this stuff. They can always fall back on “but I’m rich” but they all aren’t. And they have feelings too. I get my feelings hurt sometimes. And it hurts when people boo.

In terms of Mimi, she won’t even make it to community icon. Now, granted, there will be those folks who say that she’s a grown woman, which is true. She has the right do what she wants to. She can make all the tapes and sell them to all the world. But she’s not a pr0n star and from what I can tell that’s not her goal in life. Also, why go this route now? There really is nothing to win. Which means she probably just really wanted to f*ck for the camera’s, b.

Sure I’m talking about it right now and so is Twitter, but fame like this is short-lived. A footnote on the colon of Black History. It doesn’t matter beyond its immediacy the day we all see it (and it’s leaked which means this won’t matter by Thursday). Grown women can do what they want, but she always portrayed herself as being above the rest of these women who engage in the sex for money industry. Well the formal one. And yet here we are.

So I come to you, humbly, curious about what does one who has reached their zenith stand to gain. Why put yourself before the Internet firing squad for what really amounts to attention that doesn’t translate into even bitcoins? At least the Internet got fun out of it. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t better for it. But nobody wins.


And Mimi actually lost.



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Panama Jackson

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  • Buks

    I woke up to the memes this morning and they haven’t let me down yet. I don’t need to see the tape, don’t care to, all I want is more shenanigans from Black Twitter and the Interwebs. And you hit it on the head P, she just wanted to bust it open for a camera because she really has no other reason to “leak” a pr0n tape at this point in her “career(?).” Club appearances ain’t paying well? Molly the Maid service going under? For why Mimi?

    • Tentpole

      That is what YOUPORN is for

  • TJ

    For starters, I LOVE you guys for this mid-day post. This isn’t a substitute for tomorrow, right? Lol.

    It’ll be interesting to see if distributing the tape will be lucrative for Vivid, considering there’s free “entertainment” all of the Internet, and someone is bound to counterfeit it. I don’t think it’ll be as lucrative as Vivid suspects it to be.

    The producers definitely have a hand in all of this. We see what you did there Mona!

    Mimi took one step forward when she “left” Stevie J (I still think she can set firmer boundaries without compromising the quality of co-parenting Eva is receiving), but like 10 steps back when she started to date Nikko. You’d think a 40-something entrepreneur, “famous” and mother of a toddler who just ended 15+ years of concubinage would be more mindful of who she dates. Nikko and Mimi aren’t equally yoked. Nikko is a baby–chasing a music career in a city filled with music career chasers, who, when we first met him, lived with a roommate and publicly disrespected Mimi in the previous season. Other than the sex, how would Nikko be a value-add to Mimi’s life. Then again, I’m just a viewer. They might be in love for real. What do I know? Ha!

    • panamajackson

      It wasn’t supposed to be a subsitute for today, but we decided to put it up at the time for relevance. And I decided that I wrote two posts with 6 hours of each other. I’m out.

      • Lea Thrace

        slacker :-p

        • panamajackson

          LOL. Do you know how many words I wrote about Mimi? I’m spent like Nikko.

          • Lea Thrace

            Time to get some Gatorade and vitamins in you. Come back ready for round 3 tomorrow!

            • Sahel

              Am walking away from this too

  • Bob Makihara

    I think this is hilarious. They called it a “secret sextape” but this joint has 200 different camera angles,zoom-ins and great sound quality. This is a pr0n.

    P.S: That must be a strong a** shower curtain rod.

    • Jay

      We all know what “real” s*xtapes look like. Like my cousin said on FB today… “A lot of yall women judging Mimi have s*xtapes floating around and U.E.O.N.O.”

      • Tristan

        Got that smartphone propped up on the lamp she ain’t eem know it

        • Jay

          Teddy bear record in HD and she’n eem knowit…

          • dtafakari


          • Sahel

            I know a guy who uses a drone to get a bird’s eye view

            • Val

              Guy = Sahel

              • Sahel

                Not cool Val. Me and you are cool,remember

                • Val

                  Yep, we’re cool. I’m just busting your chops, as they say. After all you are my trusty side-kick, right?

              • Jay

                Genuine lol

              • Sahel

                I can’t believe people are up voting propaganda

        • Ricky

          that’s creepy.

      • PunchDrunkLove

        And this is why, when everything is all gravy with you and ya boo, that you keep it in perspective. Folks get awwwfully salty sometimes when things go awry. If you record it, just know it can be leaked, copied, shared zipped, you name it. Just tell ya boo there are other creative ways to let him or her know just how special they are, without doing something that can potentially compromise your job, reputation, etc etc etc

        • Sahel

          Revenge tapes,Israel is trying to pass legislation to lock people up who do that on purpose

          • PunchDrunkLove

            I kinda agree with a law, if it can get passed. Folks get mad, and they want to go for the jugular. IMO, if folks are grown enough to pull out the tripod, then be grown enough to keep you feelings in tact, that you don’t go on a revenge binge, pulling out all the stops, posting tapes and pics.

            • Sahel

              It won’t get passed. The net is like the wild west. If you allow yourself to be filmed,you have effectively signed off any rights. It’s a kettle of fish trying to legislate the net outside of hacking

              • PunchDrunkLove

                If you allow yourself to be filmed,you have effectively signed off any rights
                Sooo true. That’s why I said keep it in perspective and manage your own self. Think before you leap

                • Sahel

                  Yup. But you know love is a wildcard and we are in the era of self obsession.

                  • PunchDrunkLove

                    Most definitely!

              • esa

                ~ If you allow yourself to be filmed,you have effectively signed off any rights.

                this is not true. the only way to sign away your rights is have a legal contract stipulating those rights have been granted.

                anyone distributing photographs or video taken in private must have a signed model release in order to distribute it. the issue is that most folks dont have lawyers but those who do will enforce long-standing legal precedents.

                • Sahel

                  Perhaps,but one will simply state that he or she did not post the photos or video. That they were hacked or stolen. The legal wrangling can go on for days.

                  • esa

                    doesnt matter tho. the site is financially responsible for any usage. and the legal wrangling doesnt go on for very long unless the person who is liable enjoys paying more money than necessary to lose the suit.

                    • PunchDrunkLove

                      If only folks were on the up and up and did the honorable thing. I get what you’re saying. I agree, technically.

                  • PunchDrunkLove

                    Exactly! And frankly when folks are hell bent, legal ramifications aren’t always top of mind. I mean we get it and know there are legal boundaries, but that’s just not how things fall. We wouldn’t be having this conversation nor topic if everyone operated inside of “how they should act/respond.”
                    Again, don’t place your self in a compromising situation if you don’t want the legal fight.

                • jimbo_slice1

                  Not true if you allow someone to take your picture or video it can be used unless they sign something saying it cant. Just like going to an event once you purchase ticket its assumed that you recognize that your face and likeness may be seen on TV, Kiss cam, News papers etc. In other words not participating is the only way to avoid it

                  • esa

                    if the photograph or video is taken in private, anyone without a model release is putting themselves at risk by distributing their work without the consent of their subject. that said, most people do not file lawsuits unless libel or profit sharing is an issue.

                    i do know that you do not need a release if the photo or video is taken in public, tho you can still be sued if the usage is for profit and the subject is not compensated for use of their image.

                    as to going to events, i do not know if this falls under public or private space, but it is likely the venue owners/renters have these details worked out in legal terms in order to avoid lawsuits.

      • Kema

        Lots of footage on home.grown.freaks has that ‘you’re being taped and U.E.O.N.O.’ feel

        • Sahel

          Man,home grown freaks is insane. I enjoy the ones from the south. Those accents,man




      That was my first thought.

      This professionally edited “amateur” tape that was clearly shot with top-of-the-line electronic equipment. Looks like an intentional publicity stunt to me designed to increase visibility.

      I blame Kim Kardashian’s a$$(no pun intended) for this. She has these vapid, talentless people out there thinking they all can launch a profitable brand from a sex tape….

      • Epsilonicus

        Actually Paris Hilton was the firstto do the famous off sextape thing

    • PhlyyPhree

      The only thing that makes this check tape hilarious is that everyone is more concerned with that Shower rod and where they can get one.
      I wish I could buy stock in a shower rod company right now. They’re about to be the new stripper poles.
      Actually, she probably got that move from one of those strippers now that I think about it. They all hang from the ceiling these days.

      • afronica

        I didn’t know about the chex tape at first, and my tl went ham with the shower rod riffs. I was like, “Shower rods? Twitter is sooo odd sometimes.”

      • sharitaatx

        I need some stock in shower rods too!

  • Lady Ngo

    In the trailer for LHHATL she said something about after a while you don’t even notice the camera is even there” with a big old cheshire cat grin. Clearly making a pr0no was the game plan from jump. All that boo-hooing and “but i have a daughter” “somebody leaked it” nonsense is just that.

    Note to self: find out where that shower curtain rod came from, find out who installed it, have placed in master bath of future home!

    • Perverted Alchemist

      “Note to self: find out where that shower curtain rod came from, find out who installed it, have placed in master bath of future home!”

      Uh…Home Depot? (Not that I would know, of course…)

      • dtafakari

        Gotta be made of adamantium.

        • Sigma_Since 93

          Stop it!!!!

        • Perverted Alchemist

          Yeah, that rod looked very sturdy

          *looks around and thought about what the f*ck I just said*

          • Sigma_Since 93

            The way she was riding the D, the rod needs to be sturdy.

            • Perverted Alchemist

              Her balance was impeccable!

          • Sahel

            Hehehehehe, am walking away from this one

            • Lea Thrace

              whoa. you know the conversation has taken a sharp turn when Sahel walks away…

              • Sahel


            • Perverted Alchemist

              You should, Sahel…you should…

    • Tristan

      Showers usually have stone behind them so u need them special blue screws to mount…. But i have a sliding door shower so I’m speculating.

      • Perverted Alchemist

        “Showers usually have stone behind them so u need them special screws to mount….”

        Unintentional dirty joke alert!

      • afronica

        I think they’re called mollybolts mebbe? I don’t think they would be sturdy enough for this, though.

    • Todd

      Word on the curtain rod. Now to convince either a WNBA chick to beat or to find someone willing to wear skrippah heels in the shower, ’cause bruhman is tall!

  • Yonnie

    This was funny (as was last night’s Twitter), but I find it interesting/telling that this whole post was about Mimi & why would SHE do this & how the video makes HER look… as if she was in the video by herself.

    • Yoles

      is there a negative blowback for men having hetero coitus on film????? real question… if this dude has kids is anyone thinking about his kids and what they will think??

      • Yonnie

        That’s my point.