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How To Get Over Your Inane Fear Of Taking A Dump Next To Transgender People

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When I went to my office bathroom this past Sunday, I encountered something terrifying that led me to run out shortly after I entered.  

I heard someone taking a huge dump. A rest-stop-during-a-12-hour-road-trip sized dump. And I want no part of others people’s poo process.  

It’s why, my freshman year at Lincoln University in PA, I timed my eliminations for the evenings, when the janitors cleaned the stalls of the least used academic buildings.  Letrell wasn’t taking any dumps in anybody’s communal bathroom in Frederick Douglass Hall.

It’s why, when I take long trips, I take anti-diarrheal meds to shut that whole thing down, because I’m not trying to do number two in a rest stop bathroom, even though I know damn well that method isn’t healthy.  

It’s also why I do not understand all the hysteria behind who’s using the toilet in public bathrooms. There is no logical reason for anyone to be concerned with the gender identity of the person excreting filth and flarn behind a dirty, busted stall door. But that is exactly what has happened over the past year, as the North Carolina transgender law has become a polarizing issue, with “people who are right” on one side and “people who are wrong as hell” on the other.

Anyway, if you do happen to be one of those people who are wrong as hell, please pay attention.

1. Be Honest About Your Fears

You are not worried about sexual predators. The only reason you are opposed to sharing your dumping grounds with transgender people is bigotry.

You think, for whatever reason, that something is wrong with transgender people.  You think they are sinners. Or you think it is icky. But that is the only reason you think the law passed in North Carolina is good, or the order to open up bathrooms in schools by the Obama administration is bad.

And you are using the “rape” excuse, because you don’t want people to think of you as a bigot.

Transgender does not equal pedophile. It does not equal rapist. They are not coming into the bathroom to abduct your children. They are coming into the bathroom because they just went to Chipotle (like you) put too many beans on their burrito (like you) and are there to have the remains of those beans violently exit their bodies (like you).

The other idea floating around – that pedophiles will use the law to abduct children under cross-dress disguise is absolute foolishness.  And it also is a sad reflection of how clueless this nation remains about who actually commits the majority of assaults in the nation.

While random assaults and abductions do take place, they are significantly rare in comparison to other cases involving people known to the victims. The greater threat to you or your children isn’t the person taking a pee in the next stall. It’s the person in the next pew, or in the pulpit. It’s the person in front of you, or next to you, at the parent-teacher conference. And frankly, it’s the person at the next picnic table at the family cookout.

Shit, statistically speaking, it’s you.

2. Be Reasonable

Guess what? You’ve already been sharing the bathroom with transgender people for years. In many cases, you would probably be freaked out more if some transgender Americans actually followed the logic of the inane North Carolina law.

Furthermore, there is no way of enforcing a genital-based ban anyway – at least one that people would be comfortable having. You think airport security is intrusive? Well, imagine airport bathroom security. We don’t even want to take off our belts. Imagine…well…just imagine.

3. Take a deep breath, and stop worrying about who’s in the bathroom with you.

What you need to worry about is what the last person who used your stall left inside or around the toilet bowl. Because that’s the one thing that’s truly terrifying about public restrooms.

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Dr. Letrell Crittenden

Dr. Letrell Crittenden is an Assistant Professor of Communication at Robert Morris University, and a board member of the Pittsburgh Black Media Federation. He studies and writes on issues related to diversity and inclusion with the media industry, and community journalism.

  • Janelle S

    I mean, if you’re in a public bathroom, maybe deep breathing isn’t the way to go, but I’m with you on the rest of it.

  • It’s hard to defend the traditionalists here, but they do have a point, that the “culture wars” won’t allow them to articulate. If all is true, and s3x itself is irrelevant as a categorization in comparison to gender, which is in essence how bathrooms are divided into male and female; shouldn’t all bathrooms just be unisex? Since after all identity is so fluid, that it’s almost futile to approach it objectively?

    • TheCollinB

      Just talked about this on Monday but yeah, bathrooms should just be stalled bathrooms for anyone to use. Family bathrooms are kind of a thing now so if you have a squad I think public family restrooms still would serve a purpose but yeah, just 1&2 together in unity.
      I do remember being at a grocery store once and a guy went into the womans bathroom. A young girl was in there and she ran and got her dad before the guy could leave he caught a sever case of #thesehands which were only reserved for messing with people’s kids. Had worldstar been around back then I’m pretty sure that fight woulda had 15000000000 unique views.

      • miss t-lee

        I always like to see the family restrooms at places.

      • As a single dad of a daughter, the family restroom is so clutch!

        • Charles Johnson

          fam so where you take the little one when there’s only male v female restrooms?

          • Depends on the crowd level. If it isn’t too bad, I just let her go at this age. If it’s bad, well, make it happen captain and head to the dude’s room!

            • Charles Johnson

              i always wondered if they’re really little would you to them men’s or women’s, now i know.

              • Me

                I remember my older brother not getting his male public restroom privileges until we were halfway through elementary school. Until then, me, my mom, and my brother made public restrooms a family affair. Never thought anything of it until this thread since I wasn’t the one in the “wrong” space, but I’m guessing he has opinions on the matter especially since he was never a small child.

        • LMNOP

          I’ve had dads ask me to bring their daughters to the bathroom even though I’m a complete stranger. That would terrify me,

          • Kas

            Seriously, as if women can’t be shady.

          • Now that I don’t do. The only times I’ve done that is either on trips with friends and family (for obvious reasons) or in a few rare circumstances where security won’t let me take her in, in which case I make THEM take her in and out.

            • LMNOP

              Good call, Todd.

              And no one thinks twice about boys going into the women’s room with their moms. We do have doors though, which is nice.

          • AnswerMe

            I remember having to change in the men’s locker room at the Y with my
            dad because I was too young I guess and my mom wasn’t with us. Sure I saw a few dang dangs but it wasn’t traumatizing.

          • Amazonian Midget

            I worked at Walgreen’s during college, and I had a young dad ask me to do that. I’m glad he could sense that I’m a trustworthy person but that made me super uncomfortable. I’d never.

            • Kas

              Completely unrelated. Are you small for an Amazon, or a tiny Amazon employee?

              • Amazonian Midget

                Neither actually. I’m one of the taller “little people.” Two inches too tall for it to be legal (and for me to get a scholarship for it), but when you see me, you can’t really tell.

                • Kas

                  Googles definition of little people height limit.

                  • Amazonian Midget

                    Yeah…I’m pretty short.

        • Epsilonicus

          Family bathrooms tend to be cleaner

    • Boom.

  • Brass Tacks

    *Clears throat*


    • Kas

      No to the law or no to people not using the bathroom that corresponds to their birth certificate?

      • Brass Tacks

        No to whatever this is. Im all for forward progress, but this seems to be doing a bit too much..

        So Ill just agree to disagree or whatever.

        • Kas

          I’m not looking to fight. I can see both sides of it, and I’m good with agreeing to disagree.

          • Brass Tacks

            I kknow you’re not, Kas

            But this whole “transgender” issue and any transgender plight is not my convent.

            I would be trying to create brownie points if I said I cared what someone who willingly swapped their gender felt about discrimination. I feel extreme discomfort at the idea of a Bruce Jenner type following my daughters into the women restrooms.

            I would also feel a certain way at the idea of a transgender person going into a males bathroom and then trying to cap about #transhaming if/ when someone seems confused by their presence in said bathroom.

            • So then perhaps you should rely on solely using the restroom you own. I think a parent feels uncomfortable when their child goes to a restroom alone. Period. A cisgender woman can molest a girl just like a cisgender man can do the same to a boy. That’s the inherent fear. Focusing in on transgender people doesn’t do anything other than point bigotry at an oppressed group.

              Fun fact: you’ve been using the same bathrooms as transgender people for your whole life and it hasn’t been an issue until this recent B.S came up.

              • Brass Tacks

                My rhetoric points to bigotry because I don’t readily join hands and sing Kumbaya for the transgender community?…Ok.

                No one is denying their right to vote. Redlining districts based on their communities. Crafting experiments to inject viruses into their general populace. Or..idk…Stringing them from weeping willows.

                So, I’m sure they are happy to know YOU will be front and center protesting for their rights to be…whatever. But me choosing to sit this one out because I don’t agree with it, doesn’t make me afraid, lacking knowledge, or lacking compassion.

                Just unbothered.

                • Come on now, don’t try and put one groups plight against another’s. Also, some of those transpeople are black and brown and have been redistricted, lynched, and experimented on. Transgender people get killed left and right in this country on the basis of them being transgender and it goes largely uncared about by the overall society.

                  No one is asking you to go out and protest. I’m simply asking that you wash your hands when you leave the bathroom and don’t worry about the transgender person walking into the bathroom.

                  • Brass Tacks

                    I was using that description because you alluded to oppression. Which I just dont see. Marginalized maybe, but oppression? Nope. Aint no grand system putting forth laws to stop them from doing anything other than playing hopscotch with public restrooms.

                    I guess if we are saying let people be who they want, that will also apply to the Rachaels Dolezals of the world as well. Otherwise all of this really just reads as a nice lil dog and pony show.

                    Again, this isnt something I feel we need to go back and forth on because I dont really care enough to care. My thoughts on the trans community were practically zero before this post and hopefully any new thoughts will be dissolved back into the void by tomorrow.

                    We will have to agree to disagree on this one my good man. Save that gusto for when some tranny needs your support in the real world though. Im sure they’ll appreciate it.

                    • NIk

                      You sound transphobic, or at least very ignorant, and uncomfortable with that so youre trying to seem unbothered instead but using the word tranny and the ridiculous “hopscotch” comment and ignoring and belittling the widespread oppression (which is a strange thing to do since you claim to not care or take note of anything happening to trans people yet feel comfortable completely discounting their struggles) of trans people just shows that you are indeed, actually, transphobic.

                    • Brass Tacks

                      I’m not here to discount anyone’s Path. My feeling is we only have ONE shot at this thing called living. So I will never actively hinder or try and disrupt anyone’s wave. But that doesn’t mean I should be expected to like or cosign everyone’s struggle, anymore than I can expect everyone to like or cosign my own.

                      I really am done with it though. Lets just dead it and agree to disagree.

                    • Epsilonicus

                      If people are killing you because of that identity, I would say oppressed is an accurate term to use.

                    • Brass Tacks

                      -Yea cuz trans people are really out here getting bodied like its COINTELPRO OPS back in the 60’s.-

                      All im saying is we live in a world where we all have to navigate the possibility of death just because…. So pardon me if my well of sympathy for that particular group doesn’t go as deep as say: The Trayvon Martins of the world, or any brotha that will possibly die by the hand of another brotha.

                      My energy is spent on the things that matter to me. I can’t fight everyone’s battle and why would I actively fight for something I don’t even agree with? If that makes me a phobe.. Well I guess ill be that to those that need a target.

                      But I really would like to move on to the next topic.

                    • Epsilonicus

                      Is the death as organized? No. But you still gotta worry about getting stomped out in the streets. Sorry its oppressed. And that oppression is codified.

                      I am not saying cape. And stating that someone is oppressed is not caping. But you being more than just dissmissive

                    • Brass Tacks

                      I didn’t even want to GET into it in the first place. i knew my view on this site would cause people some discomfort. But as stated earlier, I was responding to Kas.

                      People wanted to know more so they got more. If they don’t like it. Or it not sweet going down

                      *kanye shrug*

                      Sounds like a personal problem.

        • Lamar Latrell

          The problem I have is that the effect, if followed, is that you want to see someone who *looks* like they’re in the wrong bathroom. I’ve got several trans friends. And while I wouldn’t care, I would think twice if I saw someone who appeared as a woman washing her hands next to me after I’ve used the restroom.

          • Brass Tacks

            I’m not actively *looking* for anything but a vacant urinal when I’m in a public restroom.

            But if I were to suddenly one day identify as a woman, does that automatically qualify me to walk in a woman’s restroom and use it? Who gets to decide how much of a “woman” I need to be/look like before I get to use said facilities? And would they be wrong for being apprehensive if nothing about me checked out as feminine?

            These are rhetorical questions and I really didn’t intend to go this deep into the topic. I was simply expounding a little more on my original comment at the request of Kas.

            I wont make that mistake again. And lets just agree to disagree.

            • Lamar Latrell

              I know you said it was rhetorical, but that doesn’t necessarily absolve you of the responsibility to consider that. If you have lived your life feeling wrong, and finally muster the courage to start accepting who you are, it’s not a decision that happens overnight. It’s not a decision that happens over the course of a week.
              The process of transitioning is exactly that: a transition. There is a reason it’s a called a transition and not a change. You don’t change your gender like you change your clothes. “Oh, today I’m feeling female. Today, I’m feeling male.” (Unless, of course, you’re gender-fluid, in which case, there’s a different transition, and one that’s predicated on the similarity between the two and blurring those lines, because you probably don’t feel like either, but I don’t want to put words/experiences into anybody’s mouth/life.)

              The idea that someone “suddenly” decides that they identify differently is based on the fact that they don’t know anyone who’s gone through that process. So, rather than me preaching, ’cause we can agree and disagree alright (and it’s clear we do), let me recommend to you that you make friends with someone who is in the process of transitioning (or find out that someone you know already has). Understanding someone else’s experience might open your eyes to the idea that the argument (of suddenly identifying as someone else) is specious.

  • CamCamtheGreat


  • Val

    Well, as for the North Carolina law, it just makes no sense. That law states that people have to use the bathroom of the gender on their birth certificates.

    Which means that a person who was born in a male body but has transitioned and is now a woman will have to use the men’s restroom. And conversely a person born in a woman’s body but who has transitioned and is now a man will have to use the women’s restroom. Bigotry and fear have overridden common sense and logic.

    Also, if people are afraid of child molesters they need to consider that child molesters haven’t been sitting around twiddling their thumbs waiting for the chance to dress as the opposite gender to then molest. That whole issue of this being a way for child molesters to enter bathrooms is a classic straw-man argument period.

    And finally, folks need to take a deep breath and realize that there is a good chance that they’ve already used a restroom in the presence of a transperson and didn’t even know it.

    • Unenforceable laws are the root of corruption.

    • miss t-lee

      “Also, if people are afraid of child molesters they need to consider that child molesters haven’t been sitting around twiddling their thumbs waiting for the chance to dress as the opposite gender to then molest”

      Child molesters ain’t even gotta leave their houses these days to have encounters with children.
      Shidd, a middle school principal here just got arrested for texting an 11 yo, and her mother found the texts.

    • Amber

      It’s just a law to get people riled up to commit crimes like assault those that they suspect are transgender. It’s so silly.

      • Val

        Silly and dangerous.

    • The issue is a classic political football that only comes up during an election year and NC’s governor is up for re-election.

      • Val

        Yep, they don’t have same gender marriage to debate anymore so this is the new debate. I wonder what will be next?

        • It’s a long time until November so who knows what b.s they’ll cook up.

        • Also, there’s the fact that the Republican Party in NC caught the governor being funny with the money right before this popped off. Hmmm…

          • Charles Johnson

            you already know

    • #buildthatwall

    • iByron

      Exactly. According to NC’s law, this guy should be in the ladies room:

  • The whole bathroom thing is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. At best, it’s a last gasp attempt by the social conservatives to remain relevant before cutting themselves off from the mainstream permanently. They’ll always be around, but then again, America has survived the Amish for the past 300 years without too many issues.

    At worst, it reminds me of the politics of lynching, where the ones making a show of defending the Virtue of White Womanhood were the ones populating Black America with light skinnededness. It makes me how many of these dudes are humping some transwomen on the low and want to keep the scent thrown off.

    The thing is that every generation, there’s a sea change in social attitudes. Middle America is much cooler with gay and Trans folk then they were 30 years ago. Eddie Murphy had to apologize for that Raw routine in the early 80s that no one batted an eyelash at then, and comedians wouldn’t dare cross dress for laughs these days. Times have changed. Either roll with the times or politely step aside.

    • Amber

      That’s the problem. Middle class whites feel so unduly out upon that they can’t step aside. They’re taking their country back… makes you wonder wth are they doing in these publi bsthrooms that they always want to segregate.

  • This is excellent. I’m like since when did being transgender mean you’re a pedo? And Trans ppl BEEN using whatever public restroom they want. This discussion is foolish. And child abductors BEEN abducting…and shall continue sooooo what has ANY of this to do with bathrooms other than like you said. Bigotry.

    • Amber

      I think these law makers see that they lost the gay marriage fight so they are looking for another marginalized group. They just going down the list.

      • Charles Johnson

        nah, everyone is gonna assume trans peeps are pedo. that’s how they convinced many that the only way to be was if you were molested, a stereotype that still exists today.

        • Amber

          They said the same thing about gay men leading boy scouts.

      • Right? No one cared about this ever before.

  • miss t-lee

    “Guess what? You’ve already been sharing the bathroom with transgender people for years.”

    Exactly. This all of a sudden an “issue”.

    I try to avoid public bathrooms like the plague, and it’s not because I care about who I might encounter in them, it’s because them jumps are disgusting. And, as a lady, it’s not so easy logistically to do what you have to do, when you don’t wanna touch anything.
    I honestly could care less about this non-issue which is basically fear mongering at its finest. Like, there are much, much bigger fish to fry in our cities, counties, states.

    • I call myself the Queen of Pee Holding. I’ve held out for familiar lands for periods of time that would astonish peasants. All this bickering over a room nobody REALLY wanna be in, in the first place.

      • miss t-lee

        Girl…I have designated safe spots. Even here in our building. On road trips I have the same places that I stop because they’re known to have pristine facilities.

        • Heck, I’m a dude, but when I attended Rutgers, I had designated spots and times for number two, and I very rarely deviated from it.

          • miss t-lee

            You ain’t gotta sit down to pee though, homie.
            I get what you’re getting at though.

            • Amber

              Yeah it’s so much easier for men but I have mastered the squat for all situations.

              • miss t-lee


              • Cleojonz

                Yeah I can’t do #2 in public restrooms. Not ever. I’m not squatting to do that.

          • Brandon Allen

            Gotta take that elevator up to those lesser traveled floors.

        • KB

          In my younger years (high school and college) I would hold it in until I got home, but these days, nah. I will pretty much use a public restroom anywhere as long as the bathroom isn’t a sh**ty, disgusting mess. Ain’t nobody got time to be walking around with the “I gotta sh*t” stank face all day because you don’t want to use public restrooms.

          • miss t-lee

            Like I said…designated spots…lol
            However, sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches.

        • AnswerMe

          I try to seek out Wawa for facility needs on the roads, hotels too.

          • miss t-lee

            Hotels are definitely good money.

        • Buster Cannon

          Hotels always have the cleanest bathrooms…always.

          • miss t-lee


          • Kas

            Comforters and cups in the hotel, not so much.

            • Val

              And hotel TV remote controls. I always put mine in a ziplock bag before I use it.

        • Buccees for the win, when we’re on road trips. If not, I’ll take a Love’s break

          • miss t-lee

            YOU KNOW!
            Buccees be so dayum clutch!

            • They have the cleanest efffin restrooms EVER.
              You can get some BBQ.
              and Your Staple snacks.
              At this point the restrooms are a bonus!

              • miss t-lee

                Bucces is so, so appareciated.
                The fact that you can walk up in the restroom and there’s like 100 stalls all clean.
                And then I can get a breakfast taco and some beaver nuggets for the road?
                I’d hug it if I could.

      • Charles Johnson

        i peed on myself a couple times trying to hold it in

        • LOL it happens man. If it’s a small slip…I’ll be like “it was worth it”

          • cakes_and_pies

            No lie, if you scratch the back of your calf, the urgency goes away. I’ve used this technique a lot of times

            • BeautifullyHuman

              That’s interesting. A friend told me if you say “environmentalism” if you have to take a deuce, the urgency goes away too. I’ve tried it and surprisingly, it works.

      • Photoshop’s a helluva drug

        I held off peeing for 46 hours because I got locked up OMW home from work and was stuck in county. And take a dump in public?????? Naw my body won’t even respond. So yeah I really don’t care who uses what. Heck every concert and half the clubs I been to women were in the men’s room.

    • Cleojonz

      My youngest has the WORST habit of wanting to always go to the bathroom in public. Even though we always make them go before we leave the house. My older girl is a camel, she never has to go and I think it’s because she hates public restrooms, I will hold it even if I DO have to go because eww. Not the little one though, it’s like she has to leave her mark or something.

      • miss t-lee

        Hahahah. Your youngest one sounds like my bestie’s daughter. No matter where we go while we’re out shopping she has to go to restroom.

    • I never thought about who I was going next too until I heard about the protests in Charlotte…then my aloofness set in.

      Public restrooms are horror shows. Even the ones in my office building are nightmarish. Like truck stop bad.

      • miss t-lee

        Truck stop bad? Dayum homie.

        • I don’t know who raised these people but they failed.

          • miss t-lee


            • I mean wild animals have been known to practice something approximate to sanitary and cleanliness so I’m not putting that on the wolf homies.

              • miss t-lee


      • Multi-Hundredaire

        My office has 11 damn floors and I still struggle some days to find a clean bathroom. And somewhat of a tangent, but when there 3 stalls, all empty and you go to the end one…..why as if by magic does someone STILL take the middle stall? Seriously? You just gon’ walk by the empty one at the other end, and park next to me, huh? I ain’t hear for conversation. In fact, I sometimes bring my earphones just to drown out all noise.

        • Lea Thrace

          Middle stall takers ARE THE WORST

          • Multi-Hundredaire

            I don’t understand it! Are you lonely? Hate to break it to you, but you gon leave lonely too. I always feel like bumping the dividing wall, just to express my displeasure.

          • lissa_the_cocoa

            Statistically, the middle stall is the cleanest – they tend to be the least used. Also, we’re in STALLS. Why do you care if I’m next to you? I can’t see you and I ain’t trying to talk to you. What if the first stall is gross?

        • Buster Cannon

          Can’t be worse than the dude that violates urinal code:

        • Buster Cannon

          Can’t be worse than the dude that violates urinal code:

          • Multi-Hundredaire

            Bruuuuuhhh. You fall into 1 of 2 categories. 1) I know you and we can pick this convo up in just a few minutes OUTSIDE, or 2) I don’t know you at all and wtf made you think sidling up next to me at a urinal, was a great place to strike up a convo?

      • Detroit Skater

        “Even the ones in my office building are nightmarish.” <<<< you speak truth! i work with some of THE nastiest women. like for real who raised you?!!!! they often wonder why i don't attend pot luck functions…if you nasty at work you even worse at home. your hands are not clean if all you did was turn the water on then right off. i mean they are roll my pant leg touch NOTHING w/o tissue in my hand nasty. i can't stop cussing b/c of who i work with. just NAS-TY!

        • Our suite is on the second floor but 2/3 of the office moved upstairs while the first phase of our renovations were taking place and the ninjas who work on the third floor are capable of the worst crimes involving bathrooms. I feel you on the women too because the ladies I work with have the same thoughts as you.

    • Dee Squared

      Funny I listened to two colleagues debate this ad nauseam.. if it’s right or wrong, do you want the transgender person using the bathroom next to your girls ( we are all moms of daughters). Finally, the debate broke and they asked “Square, what do u think”. My thoughts were very simple…I absolutely hate using the bathroom outside of home & sometimes the office(depending which cleaning crew is working). My daughter always seems to need the bathroom at Starbucks or ShopRite, which the thought of said bathrooms while I type made me dry heave…jus a bit. My concern is:
      – lets use this thing n be out
      – is there tissue,
      – washing hands,
      – sanitize hands
      …then leaving, QUICKLY!

      I have no concern with what’s going on next to me…and haven’t we been using the bathroom next to these folks so far? Dunno, but these politicians are gonna stop making up problems and not providing some sort of solutions to existing REAL problems.

      • miss t-lee

        This a non issue if I’ve ever heard one. Like…really.

      • Sigma_Since 93

        Slow Clap!

        You are my hero!

      • Cleojonz

        “Dunno, but these politicians are gonna stop making up problems and not
        providing some sort of solutions to existing REAL problems.”

        ALL OF THIS!!!

    • AnswerMe

      Definitely seen a manly woman who I suppose was in transition in the women’s bathroom before and it only startles me because I don’t see it on the regular. Never have I felt threatened or repulsed by it. I don’t agree with people using children as an excuse to why this should be prohibited.

      • Amber

        But that’s the thing there are plenty so called manly women who were born female. Lately I’ve read a couple stories about folks chasing some naturally born women out of restrooms

        • miss t-lee

          See. You get this sh*t started, where does it end?

      • miss t-lee

        I have also encountered it a time or two.
        I just washed my hands and peaced out.

    • Ess Tee

      It really is all of a sudden an issue. It’s as though these lawmakers learned for the first time last year that transgender people exist.

      • miss t-lee

        Say it.

    • Careful she bites

      FOR YEARS!!! and i know many a man has shared a restroom with a woman (or two) who decided the wait for the ladies’ room was too long and headed straight for the men’s room.

    • LMNOP

      Every single time I’m somewhere with along line for womens and no line for the mens room, at least one woman will go into the men’s room. It’s just not that serious

      • miss t-lee

        Yup. I think.we’ve all seen it, or done it…lol.

  • DBoySlim

    Two things.
    1. All public bathrooms should be single stall. I’ve been to places that had individual private stalls. No gender was assigned as this would have been redundant.
    2. Shout out for the Eddie Murphy reference.

  • But…why is no one trying to stop registered s*x offenders from using public restrooms? IF that’s the issue…which it isn’t…but IF it were.

    • Val

      Right. QTNA

    • ChokeOnThisTea

      True. Or people with certain diseases. The list goes on.

      But, I think the difference here is that bathrooms are already acceptingly separated on the basis of se x (male or female) and transgenderism deals with se x, so….thus the debate.

      Maybe that’s the thing. Bathrooms are divided by se x. Not gender. But that gets tricky too. Never mind me. I’m just thinking out loud.

      • Kas

        There are decent arguments that can be made for both sides. However, I’m #whatevermakesyoucomfortable

        • ChokeOnThisTea

          I don’t know where I stand to be honest. The problem is, what makes one person comfortable, makes another uncomfortable. Can I be honest though?

          Intellectually-wise, I’m like, a slow yes on this. Gut-wise, I don’t really know. Don’t shoot my head off, but I’m not entirely comfortable or sure.

          • Kas

            I’m good with that answer. I’m not good with some of the other answers being voiced in this comment section. So Kas up in here fighting. Honestly, I don’t feel that deeply about it.

            • ChokeOnThisTea

              Oh, I just started scrolling. I haven’t seen the crazy ones yet.

              • Kas

                Nothing too crazy, just not well thought out.

          • AOM

            I would say that there are already laws on the books to prevent all the “bad things” that people claim that this law is supposed to prevent (assault, rape, etc.). The people who break those laws aren’t suddenly going to fall in line because of this new law. I can’t take a stand behind a law that doesn’t even solve an existing problem.

            One thing I wouldn’t do, though, is legislate based on “comfort”. In my integrated neighborhood there people who openly talk about how black people make them uncomfortable, and I know that if they could pass laws excluding black folks from their bathrooms, they would (as we have seen in the past…). Since I could never support that, I can’t in good conscious support a law that makes someone else the same victim of that line of thinking.

            The fact that someone is uncomfortable with WHO YOU ARE (as opposed to what you are doing) I think should never be a basis for legislation.

      • I thought they were separated by gender? Because basically…if you LOOK like what a female traditionally looks like…but you AREN’T…who would stop you from going in to the women’s rest room? And wouldn’t you going into the men’s room be look at oddly…

        • ChokeOnThisTea

          Touche. But women who look masculine (both cis-gendered and trans-transgendered) are gonna catch he ll by this definition. I already read a case about it a week ago where a “masculine-looking” cis-woman was wrestled to the ground or something for entering a women’s restroom.

          • I can’t…but that’s why this law is dumb. Without genital verification…how would we know what’s what? And…who is gonna do this verification? And is EVERYONE down to flash just to use the facilities? Like…there are so many moving parts here that it’s mind boggling.

            • ChokeOnThisTea

              Agreed. Y’all are actually helping me make sense of this because I didn’t know what to think, to be honest.

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