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How Many Different Jobs Have You Had?



I was asked recently what I’d like to do if I could have any job I wanted. That answer usually centers somewhere around wanting to be the person who finds music for movies; a music supervisor if you will. I’ve always thought that would be a grand job for myself as it puts two things I love – movies and music – together and allows me to search and find new musics daily. That sounds exciting. I’d also like to teach. If teaching paid more I might take that leap. I’ve always said that if I were to win the lottery, I’m gonna go straight Dangerous Minds on that ass, minus the white savior angle. Or maybe I’d go back to graduate school and get a Black man’s Ph.D. in sociology so I could wax philosophical on various documentaries about the plight of the Black man and write books about everything and nothing at the same damn time that would somehow be considered a scholarly work more because it exists than because it sheds any light on anything. Oh, I’d use big words too. A lot. Big words and Black struggle would be gangbusters.

Maybe I’d do a combo of all three: get aPh.D. in everything and nothing and still make appearances on documentaries that will be skewered on Twitter, leave it up to me while I be living proof to kick the truth to the young Black youth, AND find new musics for movies on the side. Somebody get me a lottery ticket stat…and Jerome…WHERE MY MIRROR AT?

Right now, however, I’m a worker bee. I work in one of those places doing one of those jobs where even people I’ve known for years often remind me that they can’t believe I work here or do this for a living. What is it that I do? It’s not in my nature to be mysterious, but I can’t say who and I can’t say why. I remember running into a guy I went to college with a few months back. I told him I’d just gotten off of work and he said, “you have a real job? I thought you were one of those folks who gets paid purely for living this fabulous life you display on IG.” Something along those lines. I’m definitely paraphrasing. Point is, he was surprised I had a “regular” job. Sometimes it surprises me too.

This short convo I had that ended up with a roundabout reference to Morris Day and The Time, did get me to thinking about all of the jobs that I’ve had. To me it feels like a lot. To you it may feel like a little. But we all we got. CMB. I will list my jobs in order, excluding my current employment situation. It’s more like a lituation.

1. Sonic

My first job ever in life was at Sonic. You know, the American drive-in. Let me tell you something. I was not cut out to work at a fast food establishment. Hell, I’m possibly the only person in America who applied for a job at McDonald’s and didn’t get a call back (or a job). Do you know how demoralizing it is to NOT be able to get a job at McDonald’s. People have often said that if you don’t get your grades up you’ll be stuck working at McDonald’s. That was supposed to be a sure thing. Nope. Luckily I was, like 16, and had my whole future ahead of me. I worked at Sonic for 3 weeks and literally did not go back one day. No notice. No call. No nothing.

2. Papa John’s

I worked at Papa John’s for the last three months of my senior year of high school. I LOVED this job. I was working with friends. I learned how to make special sauce. I took orders, threw dough in the air for like $4.75 an hour and never had to deliver anything. I worked for like 3 hours a day, 4 or 5 days a week. When I graduated from high school, I wasn’t sad that I was leaving my friends behind, I was sad that I had to leave Papa John’s. I kept the shit out of that work shirt.

(Break – Got paid to be in a summer program. Not a job per se, but a brotha got pizzaid.)

3. MCI Worldcom

Much like many college students of the day before you could find out how to get screwed by companies online, I worked in a call-center trying to get you to switch your long distance carrier to MCI so that you could pay 10 cents a minute for domestic and 25 cents a minute for international calls to Canada and Mexico. I offered to cut people’s yards, got told that I sounded like I had a strong back and was propositioned more than I care to admit. I SUCKED at selling people shitty long distance. This was obviously before cell phones ruined the long distance carrier business. The good thing about this job was that the women were on FLEEK out that joint. It was like the day job for all of Atlanta’s strippers, bartenders, and random other assortment of hot women. I caught a girlfriend while working there. That situation ended up in a total scandal. Maybe I’ll tell that story one day though methinks some stories are best left for the memories.


After MCI, I was over calling people for anything. So I found a job that was still customer service, but folks were calling me. I ain’t have to sell nothing? I just had to answer the phone? Bet. For over a year and a half while in college, I worked at this company called SERTEC. I started there in, I think, the beginning of my junior year of college. They were paying $10/hour, which at the time was a lot (hell my rent my senior year was only $270/month – shouts to Gates Park Crossing aka Kosovo on the West Side of Atlanta).  Who was calling me? I’m glad you asked. You know how you go to a fast food restaurant drive thru and get shitty service and you see a phone number to call to tell about your service? That was us. For nearly ALL fast food restaurants. They have different numbers to call, but you’re calling the same place every time. I could talk to folks from Burger King, KFC, McDonald’s, Arby’s, etc. You ain’t calling corporate, you’re calling SERTEC. Similarly, have you ever been behind a semi and saw a sticker that says, “How’s My Driving? Call 800-xxx-xxxx”. Yep, that’s us too. I also loved this job because I worked with some up-and-coming rappers, current strippers, and lots of college students. My boss was a rapper (he’s not really doing much now) with a row of gold fronts. I had this job until I graduated from college. I also won employee of the month once while there!

5. Intern at my current place of employ

But I ain’t one to gossip so you aint heard that from me.

6. RA/TA/Teacher at the University of Maryland – College Park

So this job overlaps for quite a few years. While I was in graduate school, I worked in a summer program geared towards getting minorities into public policy and international affairs funded by the UNCF Special Programs and State Department. For two years I was an RA living in a dorm during the summer program. For 6 years though, I either taught or was a Teaching Assistant for the following classes: Public Policy Writing, Intermediate or Advanced Statistics, Intermediate or Advanced Economics. They were equivalent to 300 or 400 level college stats or economics courses. I LOVED teaching. Still do. There’s nothing like explaining Pareto Optimality using drug references and realizing you need to lock your door so nobody walks in while you’re explaining to your class how to cook crack. I’m not proud of that, but that did happen one day. Who knew so many colored kids didn’t know anything about selling drugs. Color me surprised. Also, I made some lifelong friendships out of this program. Becasue of this job in the most serendipitous fashion ever, I ended up with a girlfriend three years after the first year I did the program.

7. Reasearch Assistant and Analyst

I worked for a research center while in grad school focused on data and statistics relating to young civic learning and engagement. I cleaned a lot of data, ran a lot of regressions, and found out that Diddy actually was effective in getting people out to vote. That last part isn’t true. Well I didn’t determine that through my work, anyway.

8. Current job


9. Club Manager

At some point, I started my first blog. That led to me meeting this fellow in DC who felt like I might be a good host for his open mic. That turned out to be a match made in ghetto heaven. Well that hosting gig ended up with me meeting the club owner who needed some help running the night club upstairs. My boy who had me host host open mic told the owner how responsible I was and how he didn’t even have to show up and the night would run smoothly and lo and behold I became a club manager. Which was fortuitous and tragic because I had JUST finished bartending school in hopes of getting a bartending gig. I wasted $600 bucks only to walk into a job leapfrogging bartending. But, managing a club required me to bartend a lot anyway. I made A LOT of tips on…certain nights. I also loved this job until I didn’t. It got SUPER mundane after a point. People think club life is glamorous. And it can be, but you know how folks all eventually tire of going to the club. Imagine if your whole job is be there…even when you’re over the club scene. Lots of perks #doe. LOTS.

10. Freelance writing

We don’t even need to get into this one.

This has gotten long – which, ya know, TWSS – and interestingly I’ve had the same “regular” job for over a decade, whereas I know people have who have changed jobs multiple times. So talk about yourself, how many jobs have you had?

Panama Jackson

Panama Jackson is pretty fly (and gorgeous) for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. He refuses to eat cocaine chicken. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future. You can hit him on his hitter at

  • LeeLee

    My dream jobs are Speechwriting/Fiction Author. In the meantime, I’ve worked

    1) The Limited-Still my fave store
    2) Macy’s
    3) Bath and Body Works
    4) Blockbuster, R.I.P.
    5) Paralegal
    6) Entry level editor
    7) Media Analyst
    8) Currently,……. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what I do.

    • RIP Blockbuster

      • h.h.h.

        RIP to RadioShack as well

        *pours out some bottled water for both of ’em*

        • Radioshack outlasted all the other electronic chains clap for em

          • Best Buy is staying alive though…somehow.

            • Lea Thrace

              Only a matter of time though.

              RIP Circuit City too. That was my joint!

          • h.h.h.

            man the Shack was my go to spot when i needed those audio cables!

            and i feel like i got my first phone contract through a RS spot

            • RadioShack was definitely my go to ill pay a few extra dollars because i don’t want to wait for Amazon store

          • miss t-lee

            Made me think of Circuit City…that was my store!

  • Charlisia Nwachukwu

    As for dream jobs –
    I love marketing because it lends itself to my other 2 goals..
    1. Own a restaurant, a whole in the wall where people hangout. Think Starbucks but with really food on the menu.
    2. Own a Non-profit servicing young women 13-17

  • Brandon Allen

    1. 0-21 Traveling around the east coast working festivals selling cheap ass balloons, Silly String, and women’s clothes. (Unity Day, PR Parade, Bergen Street [Newark])…Assorted other events.

    2. 16 – Subway -That sandwich stink never leaves.
    3. 16-17 CVS – Worked with high school girl girlfriend (Bad Choice)
    4. 18 – 21 RA at Morehouse – Seen ALOT of crazy shit.
    5. 19 – Intern at a small ass CBS station doing what they thought was news.
    6. 22 – TA at UCLA – Students weren’t as smart as they thought they were.
    7. 22 – Intern at Overbrook Entertainment – Met Jada, didn’t meet Will.
    8. 23 – Intern at LA Clippers – The last gasp of the Sterling era.
    9. 24 – Film Instructor at Miami Dade College – Students just as smart as UCLA
    10. 24 – Theater Manager at Miami International Film Festival – Saw NO movies.
    11. 25 – Working at Media Non-Profit for the Deaf/Blind

    Here’s my resume. Somebody hire me please!

  • PunchDrunkLove

    Life of Georgia (can’t remember the title) – 16 years old, 3 hours a day, I think $67.00 a week after taxes. I typed some stuff…lol

    Atlanta Board of Education – Tutor: remedial summer school students. Can remember what I made but it was over $100 (after taxes) every two weeks. That was the bomb job!!! A sea of cute guys everywhere…lol I think that was the first year they combined summer school.

    RTI Communications – Telemarketing. That job sucked!!!

    Dun & Bradstreet – Prepared claims for litigation.

    Current job – Finance

    Part time gigs over the years…Macy’s (twice), Sears (man o man, we use to have a blast on the weekends), some other place where we took credit card orders after hours….Coach, Aerosoles, Sur La Table, some sort of geek catalog, and a few other swanky names. That was nice extra change, but I couldn’t hang with the hours. I did it for two holiday seasons. I quit the second go ’round

    I don’t really have a “dream” job. My job now is pretty cushioned. I can’t complain. Been here a loooooooooooong time. Lord willing, I’ll likely retired one day from here….unless displaced or something like that.

  • Let’s see…

    Michael’s – Junior year of High School – Mo luvs the crafts (and still do)

    Credit Union – Senior year of High school (Co-Op program) through Sophmore year of College. Significant pay jump and I got out of school 2 hours early to work

    Professional Student – Sophomore – Senior year of college. I legit told the dean that if he wanted to me to go these conferences and be a shining star, I needed more coins…he obliged

    Gillette Intern – Interesting experience, good pay. Bascially a reason to be in Boston for the summer

    EY Intern – Great to be woo’d by a company. Offered to pay for my masters AND offered me a lovely starting salary

    Auditor (EY) – Saw alot of interesting things. Counted inventory at a lightbulb facility, a garage door manuafacturer and watched a man ‘map’ a mountain of coal. Helped with the salary cap package for the Redskins and learned more about the postal service than I ever wanted to know.

    Currently a financial analyst for a Clinical Research Organization – Cool gig, pretty flexible, good pay. I also etch glass/paint kids furniture on the side and that’s been pretty good too.

    • HeyBooHey

      Inventory was probably the best part of auditing for me. I did a hospital and counted pills. Did a Manhattan mini convenience stand and counted bags of chips. Did a NJ Audi care dealership and clearly counted cars. The manager there liked me and tried to show off by driving me around in the new models all day

      • I always got terrible inventories. That coal thing? Nobody bothered to tell me so I’m outside, in winter, in my business casual. I had to throw away my shoes because there was coal everywhere. I counted clothes…and they didn’t close the store (DISASTER), I counted medical supplies…again, while the facility was open.

        • HeyBooHey

          They never closed anything when they scheduled inventory anywhere, so the count was always crazy off. Drove me insane smh. Bless you on that coal count, I’ve heard of people having to count silos of sand, tractors for John Deere, but COAL?!?! I’d have just handed them my clipboard and dueced out smh

  • OSHH

    My dream job would be “Style Ambassador and Taste Maker Extraordinaire/ and philanthropist through the arts.

  • h.h.h.

    dream job: King of Amestris/Secretary General of the United Nations/Owner of a Bowling Alley – “Nice Split”

    previous jobs (in no particular order because #streetswatching) (note: 1 of these jobs i actually did not do; why did i throw it in? #StreetsIsWatching)

    1) puppy care provider – doing this made me into a dog person, (not dogs > humans person tho) i can probably identify 80-90 of the top 100 dog breeds, still remember that baby rot that bit in with love, most unique dog we’ve sold (puli); most expensive dog (surprisingly, French Bulldog)
    2) kid’s foot locker – promised myself i’d never do retail after that
    3) assistant campaign manager for a mayoral campaign (so close, but his lack of personal discipline screwed it up)
    4)residential services for a college – loved the environment and the projects i worked on
    5) p.a. for the world wide leader.
    6) current job – working with the Sith Empire, property acquisitions (“We have a Death Star. Don’t make us Use It” this phrase surprisingly helps negotiations)

    • What made you leave the Worldwide Leader? Got sick of the TV business?

      • h.h.h.

        halloween prank…TP’d a bigwig’s house for talking smack about Auburn football #WAREAGLE

        • Wow

          • h.h.h.

            hey they took it to a level of disrespect…and as a fan of the SEC…i had to ride for my ninjas cuz i’m down for my ninjas. *drops that Snoop/C-Murder instrumental*

        • Didn’t know you rode or died for Auburn like that. Then again, I found out a distant relation of mine is being feted by Nick Saban himself, and a bunch of friend went to Bama so…*awkwardly offers to shake hand*

          • h.h.h.

            *sees you trying to offer up the left hand handshake*

            *takes it as Kevin Hart disrespect*

            *reminds you that he knows Luca Perry…#Frosty #Spoon*


        • miss t-lee


      • h.h.h.

        lemme stop playing @miss_t_lee:disqus , @disqus_jaQFOkPNbv:disqus, and @disqus_yH1xJ83lxP:disqus …

        there was no TPing of any big-wigs house, that was me pulling your leg. from my time there, the overwhelming majority of employees are from the NE (northeast, new england) so if anything, you’ll see redsox, yankee, pats, giants, syracuse fans.

        main reason i left was distance, which is a longer story that is best discussed over IHOP. #ButterPecanSyrup

        • miss t-lee

          You have to stay with the original story told…lol
          And yeah…that butter pecan syrup is that junk.

  • KMN

    Loving this topic…
    My dream job: Tenured professor of Africology/writer
    1- when I was 14 I worked as a secretary at my mother’s job: she worked with the mentally ill…i learned a lot of paitence with that job.
    2- Walgreens cashier…sr year of college
    3- Cashier at Target and a local grocery store and project crew (aka the cleaning crew) of my dorms…women are some nastyassheffas…the ish i’ve seen in bathroom. that job didn’t last long.
    4- i worked at my late pastor’s gas station 3rd shift while i was finishing up my degree…my and my bff used to go out the side door and get high while i was waiting on customers coming from the fast food joint next door with italian beefs and grape faygos lol
    5- bank teller and supervisor – i LOVED this job…i was about 21…and would’ve still been there but i got robbed at gunpoint and almost killed and then my daddy died a week later and them bastids didn’t want to give me time off for his funeral…(and these dumbasses didn’t even get away with that much…they only got 40k and could only salvage 10k after the dye packs went off…i had 3/4 mil in the vault…dummies)
    6- teacher/Title I teacher/lead middle school teacher
    7- summers off from teaching – GE Medical admin assistant, US Bank, M&I Bank, State Farm Bank
    8- my current job in finance…I’m still trying to figure out how i got this job. i want from needing it to hating it to finally getting hired permanently and loving (the benefits) it, then loving it, then hating it, to finally liking it again and not wanting to choke a 2520 when I come into work lmao
    9- I’m still working on my PhD for Africology…that’s a process and a half and I feel almost too old to do so at 38 lmao…but I’m going to do it. I’m also trying to revamp my side shea butter hustle…but that’s another life. Oh and I forgot about being permanent caregiver to my mom who is disabled and just had a stroke as well as a disabled daughter…
    I need a raise dammit lmao

    • #4: So you’re a Chicago native, huh? Deny that foolishness you people call Pizza!

      • TeeChantel

        #lies Giordano’s is amazing.

        • But…it isn’t pizza! Et tu TeeChantel?!

          • TeeChantel

            They got me fooled then. I’ll go back to Chicago just to get some of it.

        • StillSuga

          With Lou Malnati’s as a close second. I wonder if there’s some place in the Chi you can get mild sauce on your deep dish pizza?

          • So that’s what the Illuminati is fronting itself as these days. :)

          • LeeLee

            I actually like Lou Malnati’s better. My mouth is watering as I type this……….:)

            • TeeChantel

              A new spot? I’ll need to try it out.

      • KMN

        LMAO actually Im an Arkansas native transplanted to Milwaukee…close enough to Chi but no cigar…i’m all about that dairy, that cheese, that beer (not all of it…just some of the local flavored sweeter brews…) and brats…ughbrats….cheese brats.
        I’m a Wisconsinite to the fullest lmao

        • Don’t forget about the Cream Puffs

          • KMN

            See…this is where I have to turn in my Wisconsin card…because i cannot eff with cream puffs…i had one and was like oh. that’s it.
            lmao…it was like semi sweetened lard mixed with a bit of cream stuffed in a dryass pastry lmao…i’m golden with that…and the fried beer/butter situations lol

            • My…..Heart….is …breaking. LOL! Keep your card, I guess cream puffs aren’t for everyone.

              • KMN

                no not me hell no lmao…they need to come better for me…but give me some cheese curds. or some FRIED cheese curds??!?!?!>..oh ill be a fat girl all day long for those lmao

                • This is funny because I HATE strongly dislike cheese curds. They squeak when I bite into them and that bothers me.

                  • KMN

                    OMG that’s the best part of them lmao…so you need them fried…give me some cheese curds, summer sausage…ugh and a berryweiss??!…summertime lol

        • miss t-lee


      • Word, casserole ain’t pizza B

  • miss t-lee

    Can ya’ll give my comment free? Pretty please?

  • As for dream jobs….comedy writer or front office of a sports team

    • h.h.h.

      yo if i could…i’d do a comedy news show…or a radio show…4 guys…4 aces…

      but i’m not a standup comic…so i’m relegated to lettin’ the wit fly on social media

      • Same here, i have timing down but no type of stage presence, i rather chill behind the scenes

        • h.h.h.

          i could see you writing for larry wilmore behind the scenes, or the tonight show

    • Aly

      You’d be a really great comedy writer. You should go for it!

    • uNk

      You should rally up all these IG comedians and try and create a comedy skit show or something. Be the fundamental writer, because those ppl have mad presence lol

      • MeridianBurst

        Seriously, this is a really cool idea.

        • uNk

          Really though, as much popularity as they have i feel like if you had the best ones on board, you could pitch this idea to a network

          • MeridianBurst

            One of those popular twitter cats just landed a job on MTVs Guy Code. There’s this sketch artist on youtube, Jimmy Tatro. He was a relatively important character in a few big budget movies. Dormtainment got a deal with Comedy Central. It’s completely possible to take people off these platforms and turn it into something, so, to create a comedy show around it wouldn’t be that far fetched. He could even work on it on the side while he maintained his real job. Also, Tristan is just really f*cking funny. I say go for it.

    • Val

      SNL needs you, badly.

    • I love how none y’all saw it for my second dream….*uses Sports Management degree as a clipboard and jots down ideas*

      • MeridianBurst

        BOL!!!! I’m sorry! Well, you could totally create jobs for women handing out towels to the athletes after showers, or measuring muscles, perhaps organize a team of athletes to feed grapes to said women like how Mayweather has that group. You could make the male version for women. Just tossing out ideas here.

      • HeyBooHey

        Absolutely agree. I need a hook up on toweling off the athletes. Spares them the trouble & saves their strength for the field

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